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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mike767mike767 Posts: 20
    Where did you buy your versa from?
  • I am currently negotiating a 2007 Nissan Versa SL CVT Hatchback. Convenience, ABS Sport, Sun Roof and basic add ons. I am currently at $16,120.66. Out the Door. I think this would have been a great deal earlier in the season but I am not sure now that it's year end. Any thoughts? Any one bought one recently?
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    what price should i be looking to pay for a 2007 versa SL with convenience package? I live in upstate Ny (70mi north of NYC).
  • I have some calls in on some 2007 S models. Many dealers up here in Buffalo don't have any left---I'm seeing a few more 2007 SL's than S models. The 2008's are all over the place.
  • We wanted a 2008 Versa SL with Convenience package , ABS and a couple other options.
    We are in KY and finding a car with the ABS package was like looking for a needle in a haystack.
    We went to several Nissan dealerships and finally chose salesman Steve R. at Hudson Motors in Madisonville, Kentucky to represent us. He was eager to find what we wanted and his manager was willing to deal on the price :)
    Steve finally found our car at an out-of-state dealer , arranged a trade , and we got our car for $300 over Edmunds invoice price. This dealership sends you out their door with a super clean car and a full tank of gas.
    An added bonus was that I could pay to have it licensed as I was writing the purchase check. We bought 8/29/07 and received the plate by mail 9/1/07 :D
    If the car itself is as dependable as the dealership we should be very happy Nissan owners.
    Having ABS and the other safety features really kept the cost down on insurance :)
    I'll report on gas mileage after we've had the car a month.
  • New 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback Automatic Transmission:
    Power Package
    Floor Mats/Trunk Mats
    Splash Guards
    Aluminum Kick Plate

    $13250-$500 Rebate + $599 dealer fee + $250 Tag and Registration +8.50 Battery Fee +861.25 Tax

    Total Price of Vehicle $14468.75

    I was also able to also get the 4.9% financing at 60 months. This deal was in Orlando Florida. I haggled quite a bit and it was the end of the month. Always remember to be courteous enough to post prices after negotiations since Insideline is one of the best tools I have seen in order to judge real market price of a vehicle. So please keep it alive. TMV on this vehicle is $14923 without taxes, registration, and dealer fee.
  • I wonder what the $599 dealer fee is for?
  • The dealer fee doesn't really matter what is it for, all I care about is bottoming out the price. He says he could not take it out so I made him lowered the price of the vehicle. The only thing that I keep seperate in negotiations are tax, tag and title because these cannot be changed. I displayed them in the forum because different states have different taxes.
  • New 2007 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback CVT:
    Splash Guards
    Floor Mats/Trunk Mats
    Aluminum Kick Plate

    $14682 cost of the car after the $500 rebate
    +$218 title and registration
    =$14900 total out of the door cost

    1.9% 36 month financing

    There are no sales tax in Oregon. None of the dealerships I went to had the so called processing fee.

    This forum helped me a lot in figuring out what was a reasonable price for the Versa. The car had 5 miles on it when I bought it. I bought from the dealership that gave me the least hassle. They did try to get me to sign a loan document that didn't factor in the $500 rebate but I caught that. I'm going to assume it was just an honest mistake.

    The other dealership I went to started the quote at $19000 which included dealer markup. I walked out right away. I know the dealer markup is just a number to make people think their final price is a bargain, but it's truely insulting to the buyer's intelligence to quote that at the 2007 model year clearance. Most dealerships start the quote for 2007 models at invoice.
  • New 2007 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback 6 speed:
    Splash Guards
    Floor/Trunk Mats
    Aluminum Kick Plates

    Purchased in Idaho for $14,500 total before 6% sales tax. I could have had it for less ($14,000) but the exact package I wanted was 450 miles away on a dealer's lot in Oregon and had to be trucked in.
    The salesmen were a real experience. I walked out because they wouldn't do it for $14,5 but when I got home the phone was ringing.
  • Hi, first time posting but I have a deal on new 2007 Versa S Hatchback auto with power package for $15000 OTD.

    Dealer is in Fort Lauderdale. Considering the 08's are out, still room to haggle?
  • I went to get a 2007 Auto Versa HB 1.8S base and ended up with 2008 with all options instead - power, abs, cruise, floor mats, aluminum plates, splash guard - basically everything. :surprise:

    Out of door for $14,800 in Illinois on 8/31, just before dealership closed for the night.

    Easily could have brought down another $300 or so - Dealer tried all tricks mentioned on the websites and succeeded in some aftermarket sales !! (another posting some day)
  • Just an opinion - always insist on out of door price quote -do not take price + doc/TTL as the quote. If they give you excuses, don't buy them - Nissan prices the versa, not the steering wheel + tires + cruise + exhaust etc. But, be fair to them, have something specific in mind model + options, down to the color.
  • I agree with you, Just for research purposes should you break out the price. That is mainly because in these forums and website it really depends in what state the TTL that are going to be imposing. You should find this information in your state vehicle registration office or website. Also be set with the options with the vehicle and research in this forum the prices that are paying for the car with the options you have decided. Every other fee is crap to me it is just a way to inflate the price of the vehicle. Once you have found this information have the range in which the vehicle is worth. Your job then should be is to strive a little bit better than this. One more word of advice is to not do it alone, but find a good friend that is very smart at haggling and help you keep your interest. Two sets of eyes in one document is better than one. Just remember that the dealers job is to make the most profit and your job should be is to get it at the lowest price. Research will help you reach this magical number that nobody knows. Of course this is my opinion also sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.
  • I agree. A quote of $1 for a car is meaningless if the dealer processing fee is $15,000.
  • I am working on a deal on a 2008 versa with the convenience pkg, xm satellite, sunroof, audio pkg, full matts and guards plus aluminum kick plates. This price does not have the 500 cash back because it is a 2008 model. Should I go for it? Or can i get a better deal?
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    I have my Versa for over one month (8/3/2007) now and still have not received my license plate and title, is it normal? East Charlotte Nissan said I am OK continue to drive. Is it legal to drive?

    Called them a few times, either said already mailed out a couple of weeks back or diverting me to people who did not answer.
  • It Could be normal It has happen to me in the state of Florida, but I don't know how the regulations are in North Carolina. In the state of Florida they issue you a temporary tag. This tag expires in 30 days if this happens the dealer should provide you with another temporary tag. If you don't pick up the tag you could get a ticket for expired license plate. Sorry I don't have info about your state. But keep pressing on getting your title and tag.
  • I am getting these quotes:

    S model with the Power Package, floor/trunk mats, and Splash guards 13,500.00. Plus approx 1,350 more for and OTD figure.

    SL model with a Convienience Package, ABS, floor and trunk mats, and splash guards for $15,949.00. Plus approx 1,600 more to get an OTD figure.

    (There is a $750 dollar rebate on all model Versa's or financing starting at 1.9%-$3.9%. If we do the cash back, I need to see if the price includes that or not.)

    Would you pursue either vehicle at these prices?
  • Getting quote from several dealers for

    07 1.8S HB, auto with power package

    The price I want is 14,500 out of door (include 8% tax), is it too much? Cause they don't seem enthusiastic at all.
  • This is a reasonable price - not sure of the city, but, it is reasonable out of door price for a 2008 as well. Looks like the dealers do not have too many 07s left and hence the lack of interest. Check with them about an 08 instead
  • 2008 versa HB 1.8 SL (Black)
    CVT automatic
    splash guards
    floor mats
    aluminum paneling

    before tax and tags is ~$16000
    after taxes and tag (NY longisland) is ~$17300
  • poughkipsee nissan offered me 16,499 with conv package and 17,499 fully loaded minus the sport package. 16,000 without the conv pack may be a little high. try to knok off 300.
  • Ok, what about this price that I found advertised in our local paper?

    2007 Nissan Versa 1.8 SL
    Msrp $16,425
    On sale $12,999

    Is this a good deal? I'm hesitant because I looked on and searched local inventory and found it to be black with beige interior :(
  • For an SL it is a little too great a deal. An new 2008 SL would start at about 15,500 and go to about 17,000 or so depending on equipment. I think that is either a misprint or an attempt to get to into a higher priced car.

    For an S that would be a great price, but the s doesn't have an CVT. The only other reason why it should be that low is because they are desperatly trying to get rid of the 2007 versa but that seems a bit extreme. The other reason it would be that low is if it were used.
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    Too good to be true. Must be a used one or a trap to get you started.
  • After 2 evenings reading all the posts on this forum about shopping for a Versa, I was armed to go car shopping. I filled out the "get a quote" part of this website and soon after received a phone call from the internet dept of Hanlee Nissan (Davis CA). I told the saleswoman "I've been researching the Nissan '08 Versa 1.8 SL hatchback with stick shift, and the only add-on I want is the ABS package. I would like to buy one for dealer invoice. That's $14,900. And I want it in silver" She checked inventory and told me that the only one on the lot that matched what I wanted, also happened to have a whole long list of other stuff. I backed away from that, saying I didn't want to pay for a lot of that stuff I really didn't want. Then she said, "What if I could get you the vehicle we have, but at the price you want?" Again, I backed off a bit, saying "but it's a lot more expensive and I know you couldn't sell it for $14,900", to which she said, "but if I could, would you be interested?" Well, duh! So I drove over there, found the vehicle, test drove it, really liked it, then decided to see what she could do. It all went so quickly. She asked me, "did you think I gave you that price just to lure you in here?" I hadn't thought that, but I realize some dealers would have done that. She said she was a woman of her word, stuck out her hand and said "congratulations on your new car!" This is what I got for $14,900: The 2008 Versa 1.8 SL with 6-speed manual, plus:
    convenience package, splash guards, five-piece floot & trunk mat set, aluminum kick plates, rear roof spoiler, and ABS package. Sticker MSRP was $16,900, and when I came home and ran the Edmunds pricing report, the Invoice figure was $16,136. Buy paying $14,900 I was able to get a $1236 savings off invoice, and $2000 savings off MSRP. I'm very happy.
  • Quick question...

    was that the "out the door" price, or the price before taxes, etc?
  • wglwgl Posts: 1
    Has anybody got experience buying a Nissan Versa in Hawaii, expecially outer islands? I am looking new or used. Have seen one new Versa S 2007 (automatic, plain jane) for 12 k. Let me know your experience/thoughts please. WGL
  • It was $14,900 before CA state sales tax and DMV license & transfer.
  • I'm looking at a new 2008 Versa SL CVT HB with the following options:
    Splash guards
    SL convenience package
    Floor/trunk mat set
    Aluminum kick plates
    Rear roof spoiler
    ABS package

    Sticker is $17,900. I can get it for $15899, after $500 rebate. The misc dealer fees total $349.95. The only additional OTD cost is taxes, which can't be avoided.

    Is this a good deal? The $500 rebate ends in a couple of days..
  • Got the Versa 1.8 S HB 6-speed w/

    power package
    splash guards,
    trunk/floor mats
    ABS package
    front/rear alum kick plate

    $14500 OTD after $500 rebate.
  • melzmelz Posts: 5
    I'm from Houston and I just bought my 2008 Versa S with 4 speed automatic last night with power package, floor mats, aluminum kick plates, splash guards and cruise control, metallic grey color for $13500.00 OTD which I think is an excellent deal.

    Here's the breakdown:
    MSRP : 13760.00
    Rebate : Regular rebate
    Rebate : College Grad rebate
    Sales tax : 781.88
    Misc. fees: 208.12 TT&L and misc fees

    What do you guys think?

    This is from Sterling McCall Nissan in Stafford.
  • melzmelz Posts: 5
    Somehow the figures for the rebates were removed so I am posting it in again for clarity:

    Regular rebate : $750.00
    College rebate : 500.00
  • irismgirismg Posts: 345
    That's pretty much what they're going for here in Oklahoma City. I'm thinking it's kind of nutty to pay more than that regardless of the options. In fact Hudiburg Nissan is advertising a specific stock number for either $12.9K or $12.7K.
  • 13,600 for 08 versa S trim HB w/
    ABS, power package, cruise control, splash guard, full mat, kick plate.
    M grey.
    It's this one acceptable? Or try to get a couple hundred off?
  • you have to tell us whether 13600 is before or after tax, license, etc.
  • It is OTD price.
    Then, is this one OK? Should I continue haggling? Seems dealers are not enthusiastic about it.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    OTD is nondescriptive. Taxes on that car can vary from 200 to 1400 depending on state. Also what are the dealer fees and msrp?

    The fact that dealers aren't enthusiastic about haggling is nonremarkable.

    About $2000 off a 16500 versa is a pretty good deal.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhh
    shouldn't OTD price include everything including tax, misc fee?
  • Yes, OTD... "Out The Door" means just that... Out The Door... everything included, tax, destination fees... everything.

    I spec'd out my Versa and told the dealer my OTD price. They then adjusted the numbers so that car + extras I wanted (ABS, rear spoiler, mats, etc.) + tax + destination + whatever else, came out to be my OTD price exactly.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    That's what it means, but if you post OTD prices in this forum without including a break down of how much of the OTD price is your local sales tax and registration/license fees, it isn't helpful to those reading your post.

    If you say "I paid $16300 OTD and that includes the local sales tax of $876 and state registration fee of $133," that would let others know how much of your posted OTD price is going towards taxes and government (not dealer) fees.

    Everyone else could then subtract your local fees and calculate what OTD would be in their own area.

    There seems to be two types of posts. One post where the person isolates the sales price of the car without mentioning they also paid the dealer $650 for "doc fee" or didn't include the destination charge. The second type of post is where people only post "OTD" price that has their local sales tax jumbled in.
    Both are not clear or non-applicable to people not in the same county/state.

    Even after all that, when a trade-in was involved and not disclosed in the post, that makes the whole deal a bad comparison to anyone else's post because of how much the trade-in may have influenced the whole thing.
  • I just bought a white (beige interior) Versa S Auto Hatchback in February. I used edmunds and the internet to solicit bids from various dealers, but I ended up buying from the first dealer I visited in real life. Nissan's website makes it easy to search dealer inventories so you can contact the internet sales manager and ask about specific cars on the lot (though the posted inventories can be a little out-of-date). The deal I agreed to was not the best offer I eventually received, and in fact, I probably could have gotten $200 or more off the deal I did agreed to. The car was swapped from another dealership. I eventually got much lower quotes from other dealers for cars on their lots, but I had already agreed to buy this car, and the dealership I did business with responded very quickly, they were totally upfront, they got the exact car I wanted quickly, and they treated me very well. They made a mistake in their offer, but they ate it. (Of course, I let it drop that I had gotten lower quotes, so they were eager to sell me the car quickly.)

    2008 Nissan Versa Auto Hatchback Invoice $12,981 (edmunds is wrong here).
    Splash guards
    Floor/trunk mats
    Power Package
    Aluminum Kickplates

    MSRP $15,620 (including destination)
    Invoice $14,905

    My price $15,085.74 (should have been $15,105 - their mistake)
    Doc prep $55
    Total sale $15,140.74
    Sales tax $1173.41 (7.75%)
    State fees $169.75

    Total $16,483.90
    Rebate ($750)

    Cash from me: $15,733.90 <-this was my OTD quote.

    The Versa seems to be a good value. With 1000 miles, no problems so far.
  • versa7versa7 Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2007 SL Sedan with 6M last May with ABS, Convenience Package, Moonroof We have 15K on it and love it! I was on the Nissan website looking to see what may have changed for 2008 and it looks like the 6 speed is not even an option on the SL sedan. Anyone know why?
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    Just sharing my deal on a new 08 Versa SL Hatchback with everything on it...
    it has...
    Sports package
    Convienence package
    Ipod hookup
    Aluminum kick plates
    Frosgate sound system (which sucks)
    XM radio
    Sun roof
    Fog lights
    and anything else that can be ordered with this car.

    MSRP was $19530

    I got it for 15625 +TTL

    Out the door price was $17250.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    I'll give the details of a purchase today, in case this helps anyone in their negotiations.

    Purchased in Western PA a 2008 'S' Automatic Hatchback, Magnetic Gray w/Charcoal interior.

    Vehicle has MSRP of 15,490 including the options of Power Package, Cruise Control, ABS Package, 5 piece mat set, splash guards, and destination.

    Price was 14899, less 750 cash back rebate to the dealer = 14,149.00

    Sales tax was 990.43, Doc fee 55, DMV 73+

    Total cash due to drive off, was 15,267.93

    Looked seriously at Honda Fit, and Toyota Scion XD....Versa won out due to value (at least my perceived value). Others somewhat considered Matrix, Vibe, Yaris
  • Anyone ever have any experience buying new cars from Carmax? Since this supposed to be a "no-haggle" price, why would I buy from a dealer? Pros - Cons appreciated. (I live in Central Maryland).
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    A reporter from a large daily newspaper who either just bought or traded-in their smaller vehicle (Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Toyota Corolla, etc.). If this is you, please respond to [email protected] with your daytime contact information no later than Friday, April 18, 2008.
  • woods77woods77 Posts: 23
    Hi Raven, I have not bought a new car from CarMax but I have bought a used car from CarMax. In some ways it is great not having to haggle, but some prices at CarMax are not as good as you may think. Still my overall buying experience was a good one. Hope this helps.
  • podunk503podunk503 Posts: 45
    2008 Versa SL Hatch CVT with conv pkg and abs.

    MSRP $17285

    Dealer quote $15,801 with all rebates plus dmv fees.

    Think it's good. I've noticed not much room between invoice and MSRP on these cars.
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