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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • roland4roland4 Posts: 1
    Finally after 3 weeks of searching for this car, i got it. Is a sapphire blue 1.8 S with:
    Splash guards
    Floor mat set
    Power package
    Aluminum kick plates
    ABS package.
    Dealer had it for $16,154 in montgomery, AL. Now, my local dealer wanted to charge me OTD $15,886 for a base model (Auto trans, floor mats and kick plates)but after talking and talking with montgomery, i got it for $15,196.62(OTD price) with all the extra i just mentioned, they even delivered to my front door (105 miles away)
    So far, i really cannot comment about performance on this car cause like i said, i just got it last saturday so i'm just commenting on buying experience for now. I do highly recommend Jack Ingram dealer in montgomery, they were really helpful and professionals all the way. I do not recommend Lloyd Nissan in Panama City, salesman was kind of rude and smart***. Anyway, thats my buyer experience and i did it all trough internet till last 3-4 days then i started dealing trough the phone with montgomery and Panama city (Big mistake on that last one)
  • sk545sk545 Posts: 2
    Ok, I am not really sure what a dealer is supposed to charge for a documentation fee, but here is the "deal" i am getting:

    New 2007 Nissan Versa 1.8S Sedan Automatic + Power Package (power windows, locks, ABS).

    Price: 14,500
    Rebate: -500
    Subtotal: 14,000

    Now, we have the rest of the fees:

    Tax: $700 (seems ok)
    Documentation Fee: $444 <<----What the hell??
    License and Fees(fees again?): $94

    I know that doc fees vary from state to state (maybe dealer to dealer too??), some even have laws. I live in MA, so what should i be realisticly be paying for doc fee? Is $444 too much, if so, how far can i haggle to lower it?

  • nimmimnimmim Posts: 1
    We just got an SL w/ convenience package and floormats and Maintainace Pack(4years/60000) and Lifetime Tires for $17,700 OTD price.

    15700 -- Price the dealer gave us
    -500 -- Graduate discount

    15200 + TTL + Maintainance pack = 17700
  • molly01molly01 Posts: 2
    I spent two weeks working online with Nissan dealers from Sarasota to Orlando to get the best pricing. I had an '03 Murano SL I wanted to trade and I thought that the local dealer where I bought it would give me the best deal, but wanted to check them all. It took some wrangling and we walked out and talked to a couple of other dealers, but our preferred dealer called us back yesterday and we were able to agree on a price and a trade. We purchased an SL hatchback with the convenience package, floor mats, kickplates and splash guards for $15822 plus about $200 in TTL so my OTD price was just a bit over $16000. I got $16000 for my Murano (I still had two years to pay on it). I would have sold it myself for around $18000 or maybe a bit more, but the tax savings, wanting to get the .7% financing, and not have the hassle of selling it myself won out. I think I got a pretty good deal and I look forward to getting my new little red car in the next couple of days!
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    Doc fees seem way to high. I asked my dealer how much they charge for doc fees and it was only $45.
  • versa s hatchback, automatic, power door/window, keyless entry, floor mats, truck mat, splash guards, first free service.
    my tax rate is 7.75%
    the docs and fees are ~$210
    $500 rebate,
    Total OTD will be $15K even.
    option to finance over 3 years at 0.7%, which we would take (<200 charges over 3 years)

    haven't actually bough yet, but that's the quote I have.
    how many of you had an internet quote, and then it wasnt honored when you got there?
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Some states regulate the maximum allowed doc fees by law. If they are allowed to charge whatever they want, then they should be required to post their fees in plain site on the windows.
    Maybe that would cause them to self regulate their prices out of embarrassment or to compete with other dealers.
    "Yes, Mr. dealer you can ask for $1299.99 for doc fees and dealer prep, but you will have to post it on the window sticker."
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    15K with TTL is excellent. even without it is still a great deal. With those options, the car is about 17,000. That's greater than 2,000 off!
  • really? this is for the S, not SL.
    there are several dealers saying they can do this price, and one offered to knock off $80 to $14912, OTD. When I go to the site and look at the inventory of these dealers, I notice some of them only have a car with both power and ABS packages in white. i wonder how up to date the nissan site is. i would hate to make a wasted trip or feel I was being baited. anyone out there with bad internet buying/quote experience? I want to test drive and buy, maybe with financing. I was told it could take 2.5 hours total, which seems really long. If I preapprove the financing maybe it could go a lot smoother. there must be a versa sale over here if this price is relaly so great. I am in CA.
  • Just purchased my new versa S hatchback , automatic transmission, ABS package, power package, floor and trunk mats, splash guards. my tax rate is 7.75%. OTD price was $14.9K. Financed for 36 months at 0.7%, which comes out to ~$160 over the 3 years. So total was about $15.06K.

    No hassle experience. wonderful service, friendly and honest. didn't try to push anything on me. Had credit checked prior to going over there, to make sure I would get the 0.7% rate, and to save time when I got there. happy woth the versa so far.
  • I just bought a Versa two weeks ago from a dealer in the Worcester, MA area. I got the Versa 1.8 S with 4-speed automatic transmission, power package, and ABS (also splash guards and floor/trunk mats) for $14,000 ($32 below invoice).
    Nissan currently has a $500 rebate and the dealer threw in a $690 discount to get from the sticker price of $15,190 down to $14,000. The dealer charged me $274 for a documentation fee. Nissan then gave me .7% APR on the financing.
    I paid a 5% sales tax and $65 for transfer of registration and title, which we all pay in Mass, regardless of the type of car we buy. It was a no-hassle experience, but I had done a great deal of research before visiting the dealership.
    I was also interested in the Honda Fit sport with a sticker price of $16,500. The Honda dealer implied that they were getting full sticker price and that financing would be at current bank rates. I saved $2500 on the purchase price and about $1500 on financing charges, for a total savings of $4000 over the cost of the fit.
    The Versa has to be the the best buy on the market today!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • keystone2keystone2 Posts: 1
    2007 Nissan Versa S with automatic transmission, Splash Guards, Power Package and ABS Package. No trade. $14,064 (excluding tax, registration and document fee.)
  • rennie4rennie4 Posts: 55
    looking to get a versa at the end of the month. I want an SL CVT with the convenience package plus abs. What price should I shoot for?
  • Greetings all!

    I just purchased a 07 Versa Sedan S with power package!! Took my 05 Sentra in for a oil change, was looking at the Versa, they gave me a deal I could not pass up!

    I got the car on July 24th, alread have 1,000 miles on it. I liked my Sentra, but this Versa wow! Great car! Have not taken it over 4,000 RPM yet, due to break in, but this car has pep, does not downshift as often as my Sentra did. Comfortable, lots of room, feels like im in a full size car! Fun car to drive too!

    Transmission - 4 speed

    Good Job Nissan!!!

  • boqibamaboqibama Posts: 25
    Removing versa top dashboard panel seems not easy. Can anybody pass me the procedure to do so? I want to upgrade the two small vents on the top each side.
  • versameversame Posts: 2
    Car description
    Nissan versa 1.8 SL
    No Floor mats
    No Kick Plate
    Convenience package(bluetooth, key-less)
    6 Cd Changer
    No ABS
    Price: 15,500+ doc fees+tax+interest=18,069

    I decided to buy a NISSAN Versa SL 1.8... I went to several dealerships, and everyone pricing was around the same thing. I got a lease 179/month, with 3,000down. Final price for the car was 15,500.....I went to 4 Different dealership until i got this deal. They told me it was a great deal, and that they lost money on the deal. I am just not sure wether it was a good deal or not. 15,500 with Tax, title, fees, and everything else came up to 18,069. But im not sure wether or not the deal was reasonable. I just want to know. Do you guys think i got a great deal on the car or NO. In a 24month lease i would end up paying 7,589 dollars. and the BUYOUT Price 10,921. Thats at the end of the lease, if i wanted to buy the car after 2 years. For some reason i just felt as though i could of gotten a better deal. But i dont know......
  • I just bought an SL Sedan in Sandstone this weekend from West Covina Nissan. I had a good experience there, particularly with the Internet Department. Previously I'd been to a few other dealers in search of the color and configuration I wanted. I had generally good experiences everywhere except for Santa Monica Nissan, where I was lied to (the entire sales department insisted to me that ABS was standard despite my protests to the contrary).

    I called the West Covina Dealership looking for an SL in Sandstone with just the ABS package when I spoke with the internet dept. she informed me that they didn't have one with only ABS, but they had a fully loaded model. I told her that was really more than I wanted to spend, but she offered me a price I couldn't refuse so I was there the next day buying the car.

    This is what I got and what I paid, let me know what you think.

    Versa SL Sedan in Sandstone with CVT Transmission, ABS Package, Conv. Package, Sunroof, Satellite Radio, Splash Guards, Kick Plates and Floor Mats.

    MSRP is 18,315. I paid 16,389. With California Tax, title and fees it was 18,024 OTD.

    Like I said I wasn't planning to get so many bells and whistles, but now that I have them I couldn't be happier.
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    I bought Versa S with the power package (no floor matts, no ABS) at about $400 more than the TMV as a result of the $699 Administration Fee. Make sure what they will charge for +++ (or TTT or TTL) before negotiation of any prices and don't show your driver license nor credit card and don't let them see them before the price is finalized.
  • inharmswayinharmsway Posts: 153
    What is a $699 adm. fee for? And why should you not show the dealer your drivers lic. and credit card?
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    They said $699 was for paying their salaries (the girls, the managers, the sales etc) and overhead and all car sold there paid the Admin. fee. They will rather reduce the car price in order to get this $699 Admin. Fee.

    Once you show them credit card and D.L., they will lure you (with almost keeping these cards for nearly 2 hours) until you buy the car from them.
  • We will be ordering a Versa through a dealer on September 1st..the dealers next allocation date.
    He tried his best to find the car we want at another dealer, but could not locate one, so we had to special order.
    I have also searched using Nissan's locator in KY,TN,MO and
    IN and had no luck.
    We are getting the Versa SL with CVT , the convenience pkg., ABS, floor mats and splash guards. Black with the charcoal interior. It seems the only option he could not find was the ABS.
    Does Nissan not make any with ABS unless it is by special order ?
    Is there a reason for that ? A problem ?
    I've searched online and can't find a red flag ...but I am hoping some of you people might be of help. I don't want to order ABS if it will be a headache.
    Also reading the threads ...what is Maintainace Pack(4years/60000) and Lifetime Tires ? Is this something offered as you write the final contract ? If so , how much do these extras cost ?
    Thanks !
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    Personally I will not be bothered with ABS. ABS can be a safety device to avoid skidding during wet weather or snowy weather but it will also increase braking distance, especially when its about to hit the car in front of you, the harder you brake, the worst it became as it release the brake avoiding locking of wheels with the result, you hit the car in front of you. In this case, you would prefer not to have ABS. I won't mind if its free or easily available at a low cost!
  • I am new to the forum, but have been reading avidly what you all have had to say for several months. I had salivated over the Fits six months before they even got to showrooms, but now refuse to beg to buy a car. So, I have explored several options, including the Scion xD and the Versa. I really want a hatchback with decent or better fuel economy.

    I'm looking now at the inventory of 2007 1.8S HB, MT, and wondering if it is even possible to buy one of these (or even a 2008) without power DL, W, etc. Maybe an odd question, but I drive a 1990 honda civic wagon (alas, great engine, but lots of things breaking) and a working radio is a luxury for me! Although very convenient to have these upgrades, I wouldn't particularly miss them. I am also looking to keep the price as low as possible. Plus, seems that Power DL, W, etc. just are one more category of things that can go wrong. Finally, if the Power Package isn't really an option, then why not make it standard?

    FYI, I live on Long Island and am looking at dealerships in Suffolk County here.

    Would appreciate your thoughts.
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    Power Package and automatic transmission are options with the 1.8S but not the 1.8SL. You can get it around $12K but the radio and CD player is standard. You might be disappointed with the mpg you can get from this car.
  • Right, I have the Versa literature here and understand what comes with the 1.8 S and what doesn't. But it seems that the dealership that I visited in person, and the inventory that I saw on line, all show the 1.8S with the Power Package. The dealership that I visited said that they add it to all of the Versas. So, I suppose that I could order a 2008 without it if I want?

    Is there a mechanical reason that the Power Package is necessary if one wants ABS? The literature says that to get ABS on a 1.8S, one needs the Power Package. The entire options packaging system is pretty fixed, if you ask me, i.e., really limits choices. I like Toyota's system of being able to pick single items.

    In the Civic wagon, I get about 34-36 on the hway (w/o AC, which doesn't work anymore); not sure what I get around town. I still think it sad that the options for a good, fuel efficient hatchback are so slim 18 years later (than my 1990). In the Real MPG strand of the Forum, it seems that drivers find decent mpg after about a year....
  • lena8lena8 Posts: 9
    I 'm wondering the price you paid. Is that inculde all the rebate from the dealer?

    Please let me know . I'm thinging about buying one Versa SL.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • mike767mike767 Posts: 20
    Went to open road nissan to purchase the ebay listed versa s for sale W0QQitemZ110161589247QQihZ001QQcategoryZ150116QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewI- tem and they would not stand by their add. First they told me it was either 1.9 or 500 rebate. The incentive includes both. Then I went on the lot and found a car. They advertise any options all colors. I found a particular color and told them I want that car. The sales person said ok. Once I mentioned the letters abs, the guy told me it was sold and cannot have that car. The other sales person said it wasn't sold and it went on for a few minutes. Bottom line is I would rather do business local than deal with these people. There low price was too good to be true.
  • samncsamnc Posts: 44
    You save $2k on eBay and no haggle!
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