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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    On the surface it seems reasonable to me. I don't see how the sales rep could have filled in a VIN when it wasn't clear which car you were buying--or if a car was even available. And it turned out it wasn't. It appears your sales rep is doing his best to find you the car you want. If he were trying to cheat you, he would be trying to sell you something on his lot instead of continuing to search for a car. And it doesn't look like you have given them any money yet, so where is the scam?
  • Thanks Backy - I agree...I just wanted to make sure. I actually did give him $1500 (half of my money down on the car) via credit card. The original plan was that he was going to get Car A from a nearby dealership. Hence my deposit. When the car was on their lot, he would ask me to look it over, verify it's what I wanted and then give the other half of my down payment. Plus, as I said, I actually have a sales agreement with all but the VIN of the car on it.

    Can they pull cars from anywhere in the country on, say a truck as long as the dealership is willing to trade?

    Also, originally my car was to have 300 miles or so on it. If it comes from further away how do I handle that?
    1. They went to more trouble to get i don't want to pay them more.
    2. It's not a "new" car should I pay less?

    I would have thought by now that these cars would have been more widespread. Anyone know how long it takes to get from factory?

    Sorry for all the questions...this is my first new car experience and I'm in love with this car...I just hope I can get it. ;(
  • lorrralorrra Posts: 3
    Speaking to the question of transporting your car from another dealership... if it's important to you that it be trucked in, get it in writing! My experience: after confirming verbally with two people on the sales team that my car would be trucked in, I was shocked to find my beloved car with about 400 miles on it... it had been driven in from Chicago to the Detroit area. AAAAAHHHH!!!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    I hope you didn't make it obvious to the dealer that you are in love with this car. ;)

    Good thing you gave them the deposit on a credit card--you can file a complaint with your card company if there is any problem getting the car, and they will investigate for you and help you get your money back.

    If the dealer cannot honor the original agreement, then you are within your rights to cancel the agreement and get your deposit back.
  • Well, I definitely said it was a car that I prefer.

    At any rate...I spoke with him this morning and he said he's not getting call backs from the dealers that have the car I want. He also said that he ran the criteria for my car on the search and they were able to find more in either the dark gray or silver. So...I'd accept those colors as well.

    I guess the question is, how long do I wait before I cancel the contract?

    And...any word on how long it's taking to order from the factory these days?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    First you need to find out if it is even possible to "order from the factory." That may be possible with Nissan, but it is not possible with some makes--dealers get what they get.

    As for how long you wait, that depends on your patience and the terms of your agreement with the dealership.
  • calebu2calebu2 Posts: 2
    I'm curious about the Edmunds TMV pricing. In the past I have had trouble getting to that price with the dealer. This time I walked in they seemed more than happy to give me a SL with the convenience package, mats, splash guards and kick plates for 16500 (incl destination charges) which was a reasonable amount below the TMV price.

    Did Edmunds' get persuaded by the dealers to up that price so that customers felt happier?

    In the end, the dealer was convinced that they could get me back in the financing, offering me a choice between a lease with an effective APR of 18% and a loan with an APR of over 9%. Having excel on my phone helped change that one and they finally gave me a loan at the rate I could have gotten from Capital One.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,924
    TMVs are by necessity averages. So it's always possible that some people will get better-than-TMV pricing and others may not get the dealer to go as low as TMV.

    Here's what says about how TMVs are calculated:
  • lemonhaterlemonhater Posts: 110
    Well I was able to negotiate the price of my SL to 16500. It is equally equiped with the execption of the mats. However I also had to use the capital one tactic to get the rate down to 7%. They were tring to get me at 10%!
  • hbfeverhbfever Posts: 13
    I have a story for everyone. Bear with me it's a long one, but worth the read.

    This happened to me about 4 weeks ago. I live in Tucson, AZ...110 miles south of PHX. At the time I was looking to purchase a Versa and no one in Tucson had an SL model. So, I went looking in PHX. ABC Nissan called me back with some okay pricing on an SL, CVT, ABS. I asked for the out the door because I wanted to put $1,200 down on the vehicle and finance the rest thru USAA. He replied...$17,125. I decided to take it. The guy even drove the vehicle down from PHX to deliver it to me. Upon the final signing of the paperwork, there was a discrepency in the price. I thought it was going to be 17,125-1,200=15,925. His numbers were 18,325-1,200=17,125. I told him I would meet him half way. He wouldn't do it. I reviewed my budget and offered 18,000. He still wouldn't do it. So, I sent him back to PHX.

    I got a call from his manager an hour or so later to see how the deal went. I told him that there was a miscommunication in the final price. The guy then goes into the make me feel bad for not purchasing the car rhetoric. I told him it was an honest miscommunication between a motivated buyer and seller. I tried to remain civil and unemotional as possible.

    The next morning, at 8 a.m., I receive a call on my cell phone. This is the transcript of the conversation: "Hello. Yes. " and then he hung up. I immediately re-dialed the call and got the voicemail for the salesmen who drove the car down the afternoon previous. Needless to say I was extremely irrate. I called the dealership and asked for a manager or supervisor and read them the riot act and asked that they destroy all the personal information of mine that they had. I also called the police and filed a report. The manager of the dealership called me back and said that they had a sit down with the salesmen and "wrote him up". I persistently asked her why any of her salesmen would engage in such behavior over a deal gone wrong. She offered no real explanation and talked around the topic.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but where I work, if I threatened a customer...I would have been canned on the spot. Anyway, just wanted to share this little gem of a car buying experience.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    funny, I also live in Arizona, but over here in little cowtown Willcox. My story involves a Tucson Mitsubishi dealer. I wanted to get a 2008 Lancer GTS...he offered to meet me in Benson, halfway, and he'd bring a '08 Lancer GTS for me to test drive.

    Well, come that day and that time and he didn't show! Turns out he drove a Lancer GTS over to the Tucson Air Show that day and "totally forgot about our meeting in Benson."

    Well, long story short, I bought a '08 Lancer GTS from Avondale Mitsubishi, on the border of Phoenix.

    This guy went into an e-mail tirade about me mistreating him. I kindly reminded him of our meeting. He told me that I would have to take my Lancer over to Phoenix just to that dealer(I bought from) for service because he wouldn't let me get serviced there in Tucson or Sierra Vista, another 10 miles further from me than the Tucson store is.

    I e-mailed another salesman whom I have been in contact with for months and he told me that that guy was full of hogwash and that I could take my Lancer GTS to the Tucson or Sierra Vista or even Phoenix dealer if I so desired and to ignore this clown.
    Funny how some people can be so blind to their own faults and instead see red when things don't go their way in sales. They should have much thicker skin than that to sell automobiles.

    Anyhow, I won't belabor this post any longer..this thread is a Versa thread but I have followed the Versa for a long time too and couldn't resist commenting after reading your post, hbfever.

    Oh, I love my '08 Lancer GTS, BTW. :D

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,172
    Well the funny thing is the Following Nissan Dealers are owned by the same group, ABC, Peoria, Pinnicale and Midway. They are all owned by the same automotive group, but I have to say, I got treated the same at ABC and Midway, very bad last year. But excellent at Peoria and Pinnicale (scottsdale). I have never had a bad time with the sales people at those two dealerships. Its very funny how they can be owned by the same group and treat customers differently. I took my Versa to ABC Nissian for Service and was treated very well tho, I would never buy a car from that dealership or Midway...

  • hbfeverhbfever Posts: 13
    Next time I buy a car, I am going with an auto broker. I already loathed the process of buying a new car, that experience broke the camel's back. Sorry to stereotype, but why are most car salesmen absolute jackasses? In my book, they are down there right next to e-mail spammers.

    On a positive note...I ended up buying my Versa from Thoroughbred Nissan in Tucson and was treated very well.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Carsdirect and Carbargains are good to use. Carsdirect's fee/commission is bundled into their price quotes for the dealer they work with in your region. Carbargains charges you a fee directly and they obtain new quotes from several different dealers and let you specify which dealers you want quotes from. You see every dealer's quote in writing and can go to any of them or none.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,172
    Well I never deal with the floor salesman, I use the Fleet/Internet deparmtent. They are none pressure sales, and I have always gotten the deal I wanted...
    Most of the work was done via e-mail..

  • Hello every one
    I live in TORONTO CANADA , I have just signed a lease on a 2007 VERSA SL with CVT transmision , for 19,500 + tax = 22,230 $ CAD. I would love to know if it was well negociated??
    Thanks for replying
  • ckriszckrisz Posts: 1
    Going today to pick up my new Versa S hatch.

    Versa S
    6-speed manual
    Power package
    Floor mats


    Baron Nissan in Greenvale, NY. Low-stress, no-hassle.

    My method was to basically call almost 35 dealers in the area. Got the runaround at Bayside Nissan (quoted me $12,035 to get me in the dealership, walked immediately when they came back with $13,700). Next up was Baron, and they didn't pressure or do anything "car-dealer-ish." Thumbs up. I think the price is good for the car I'm buying.
  • danmc15danmc15 Posts: 1
    Just got a Versa S last week. With AT, powerpack, kick bar, mats,...Price paid $14,256. This was a "special deal" through the corporation I work for so should have been somewhere around invoice price.
    FYI, had a terrible experience with Dorschel Nissan here in Rochester. I recommend avoiding for another dealer.
    So far love the car.
  • I got my Versa S with MT, power package, and kick plate for $200 under invoice price from Crowley Nissan. It was a truly hassle-free buying experience. Test drive request and inquiry were made through e-mails. I was offered the below-invoice price without having to ask, beg, or threaten the salesperson. :)

    On the other hand, can anyone in Orlando, FL area recommend a trustworthy dealership as well as mechanics specializing in imported cars? I am in the process of relocating and would really appreciate any help you can give in this area.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,172
    please post your out the door price..

  • dr_d2005dr_d2005 Posts: 2
    I recently purchased a Versa SL Hatchback w/ CVT, Convenience Package, Sports Package, Aluminum Kick Plate, Floor & Trunk Mats, and Window Tint from North Texas Nissan (just North of Dallas, TX) for $15,700 + TTL.

    I wish I could say that I am great at negotiating and that is the reason I purchased the car for less than invoice, but I was just fortunate to find a dealer that was highly motivated to get cars off of their lot this month. Initially I was highly suspicious that the quote I received from the internet department was just bait to get me in the door, but since it was by far and away better than any other quote I received, I decided to give them a try and I couldn't be happier. They were great to deal with and extremely honest and upfront about everything.

    In addition to the great deal, I was also fortunate to get $500 cash back for being a recent graduate (2 years ago) and benefited from the current available financing of 0.7%. All totaled after I received $1700 for my trade in (97 Nissan Maxima SE w/ 189,000 miles) I purchased the car for $13,500 with an interest rate of 0.7%. Needless to say I am extatic and could not be happier.

    As for the car, it is flat out awesome. Going from the Maxima to the Versa we barely noticed a difference in the size of the interior (our passengers in the back seat definately did not notice), but when I pulled into our apartments parking space and got out of the car I was blown away by how much smaller the Versa was. It is truly an amazing car and the ride is excellent. For all of those people who prefer the fit, you can have it. When the day comes that I need to drive through a slalom, perhaps I will wish that I had the fit, but for now I will truly enjoy my daily commute in the Versa.
  • azaiazai Posts: 4
    I just bought a versa in Fife, WA- SL version, 6speed, ABS, no convenience or special packages, with the sunroof being placed in the car next week. I paid 16,677 before taxes, with 4.9% 60 month financing. Was a really positive buying experience, did I get a decent deal? I feel like I had done my research, but I can't help but wonder.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,172
    WOW what an awsome price you paid for the car... Congrats..
  • flightnurseflightnurse Valley of HellPosts: 2,172
    just a FYI, I would stay away from aftermarket sunroofs, they well leak on you after a while, the Versa can be had with a sunroof that is covered by the factory warrenty.
  • rkaylarkayla Posts: 1
    Just bought my new Versa today and I'm pretty happy with the deal. MSRP was $14,865 for the Versa S with power package, splash guards. Dealer had it already red tagged for $14,406 because it was one of the older Versas they had on the lot. They sold it to me for $14,300. Intially they were only going to give me $2000 for my '01 Altima (I bought from them). When they heard another Nissan dealership in the area was willing to give me $4000 for it they were willing to come up to $3500 in order to keep my business. I'm very happy they did because I would prefer to deal with them. They other dealership was less than impressive. I was immediately doubtful when I knew more about the car than the sales person working with me. After reading some other posts, I'm confident I got a good deal. I really love the car too. :)
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 3,844
    I've been looking at the Nissan Versa hatchback SL but I haven't seen prices like posters are reporting. I'm seeing prices more like 17,000 and they seem to sell quickly. How are others getting these great deals?
    '14 Buick Encore Convenience
    '17 Chevy Volt Premiere
  • bikedorianbikedorian Posts: 48
    Demand has everything to do with it. Very few Versa's in our neck of the woods so the dealer was well...dealing. Have you asked for online quotes?
  • maayabazarmaayabazar Posts: 4
    Please post the OTD price .. including all fees and taxes .. I am also from Bristol ...
  • azaiazai Posts: 4
    I had a few local dealerships "bid" for me to purchase a this versa (SL, ABS, 6-speed, sunroof without the other bells and whistles like convenience package- i wrote about it above). Before I went back to the dealership I liked, I printed out the best quote I had received, and they agreed to beat it (only by $50, but i was still happy). It ended up saving me probably $500-600, and maybe more if I had kept the online bidding going. Instead I only got one bid from each place and didn't take it further than that.

    I figured out how to do this by reading, and they have some links on "Competing Bids".

    I used, i only got one phone call from each dealership and was not harassed, and one or two emails from each dealership who quoted me. That was over a week ago. I did email each of them back to let them know i had bought a car, and that was that- no hassle. They are reviewed online so I think it is in their interest to behave well. I suggest checking this out before buying.
  • mfermfer Posts: 1
    We just purchased a Versa S Sedan with all the options except the ABS. Our price OTD was $14,998.

    We went to a few Nissan places (we're in NJ), but the salesman in town here made the difference. While a few places made us feel like we were wasting their time, the salesman here was mellow and never pressured us. We shopped around to get competing prices, and that eventually helped us receive a lower price.

    I haven't bought too many cars in my life, but in the past I would just go to a dealer empty-handed. Edmunds and several other car websites really opened my eyes into researching cars and waiting for the best deal. These websites are a godsend and really empower the consumer.
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