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Nissan Versa Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • umassdumassd Posts: 9
    I live across the street from Lynnes. They don't have any Versa HB in stock (atleast does not show any).

    Sales person at Lynnes also did not know anything about Versa and the incentives Nissan is offering.

    Versa HB SL is not available at most places in N' NJ.
  • you might want to try copal nissan in Jakson Hights queans in New york working with them now keep us updated and good luck grate car thankyou for reading.
  • mach_sixmach_six Posts: 7
    I bought my 02 Forester from Lynnes and then I heard all these horror stories about their service center. And how in a newspaper article probably about 3-4 years ago that they rolled back odometers on their used cars. I mean you're going to buy new so that's moot but still that shows you what kind of dealership you're dealing with. So be careful about buying off lease or used cars there. I never went back there even for the first free oil change. I do those minor maintenance myself anyway. With the economy and car buying down i would wait till the 09 hits the lot and then see what they will offer you. Should be arriving now or end of the month...last I checked Lynnes has a good amount of stock. I would prefer a HB over a sedan for more storage space. The car buyers can wait, it' snot like people are lining up to throw money at them...

    Also did anyone use those pay sites to get more detailed info about costs of this car? I just wan tto konw the costs of the pacages and such before making these ridiculously low to reasonable offers to them.:-P
  • yes stay away from Lins they are a real bad Dealer ship. Yes what is the rush. wate until the 2009's come out then they will really want to get rid of the 08's. keep us updated on what dealer ship you bye from thanks for reading.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Drove this on Sunday and wasn't impressed with the tranny, not real smooth at all, my Civic beats it hands down. I also drove the Sentra with the CVT tranny and that car drove so smoothly with power to spare, guess it was the CVT that made the difference.
    Does the Versa have the CVT option also? Bet that would make it a better driver as the 1.8 wasn't happy on my drive. Very disappointing.

    The Sandman :)
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    The CVT Versa is much better than the 4-speed auto. ;)

    It comes on the Versa SL. The cheap-o S model has the 4-speed.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We drove that model and the acceleration sucked. Maybe it didn't have the CVT tranny after all. Sentra was much better with the CVT and apparantly there's more dealer cash on the Sentra at this time. Might also have my kid lease the car so she can start a credit record and she wants a really nice car...the Mini, which I have nixed for a 1st car. Leases seem to have changed now in their terms and might make more sense for her. Told her that after she gets a job, she can buy whatever she wants with her $. The 1st cars for our kids are on us with investments we made for their college funds. Each will have about $15k left over for cars.

    The Sandman :)
  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    The best thing to do is not even buy a Versa. Mine is a lemon that Nissan hasn't been able to fix. Nissan is being really jerky about it so I wish I'd never bought the darn car. It doesn't matter now that it cost less than the Yaris and the Fit. What good is the saved cash if it doesn't run properly?

  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    We drove that model and the acceleration sucked. Maybe it didn't have the CVT tranny after all.

    If it was an SL Hatch, it was either a 6MT or CVT. I can't say for sure, but I think the Sedan is the same way.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    We drove the sedan and it didn't drive nearly as nice as the Sentra SL with the CVT. Definitely sure it was a regular auto tranny Versa.

    The Sandman :)
  • hqly2002hqly2002 Posts: 2
    I'm thinking about getting an 08 versa SL in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    what prices have you been able to negotiate your car? Best deal so far is a loaded $19,300 MSRP car for $18,400 out the door. This includes 1500 cash/grad rebate.
    Anyone get a better deal? Most palces only has loaded cars.
  • hqly2002hqly2002 Posts: 2
    do you have the her name or e-mail address? i'm interested in one too
  • whair is this dealer located Pleas let me no thankyou so mutch for reading.
  • ebrightebright Posts: 1
    white (fresh powder) automatic 08 Versa 1.8S hatchback; with ABS, power package, cruise control and splash guards.

    dealer invoice: $14,900
    paid: 14,600
    got a free garmin nuvi 750 GPS to buy the same day
    cash rebate for recent grad: -500
    [got the 1.9% APY instead of 1000 cash back]
    + 881.25 tax (6.25)
    + 211 doc and license and other fees

    = 15,192.66 OTD
  • umassdumassd Posts: 9
    MSRP: 16580

    Price Paid: 15,800 (around $200 below invoice) + TTL etc.

    = $17,595 - $1,500 (rebate/grad cash) = $16,095 OTD

    Good price??
  • not a bad price but I think you could have don a bit bettor. Look on fits can get one for $14000 with taxes and everything a and drive away how do you like the car also the guy who posted before you could maby have done a bit bettor to late now good luck with the cars keep us updated on how you guys like the car thankyou so mutch for reading.
  • I test drove a Nissan Versa this weekend in Austin, TX. It was the S model and I'd really like the SL with convenience package, moonroof, audio package and ABS. When I got home, I sent requests for quotes to all the dealers in the area and not one of them has gotten back to me. Is this normal? I would think, especially in this climate, they'd want to make a sale. I requested the quotes through Just curious as to other's internet sales experiences.
  • mach_sixmach_six Posts: 7
    I would think you will get bombarded by phone calls, best to check the local stock to make sure it's plentiful before making any offers. If the 08 are low stock then you'll less likely to strike a deal unless they have 09. i stated on those email forms to send me a quote and not to call but I got many calls and hardly any email responses.
  • I went through Costco to talk to a dealer and got an offer on a 2009 SL Hatchback with CVT plus convenience, moonroof, audio package, ABS and XM for 18,250 plus 1140.63 TTL. This is the out the door price. Opinions? Can I do better?
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Sounds like it's roughly $395.00 over invoice price, I'd try for invoice price.
  • sfjsfj Posts: 1
    I purchased an 08 Versan SL in the central valley. I was out the door with a little more that $17K (that was with a $500 college grad and some more haggling to get it down). It is loaded except for sunrooof (intellegent key, bluetooth, 6 CD, etc). Don't know what the prices are here in SF but the good deals are out there.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
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  • not a bad Price that you got on that 2008 virsa hatch back. I no there are good deals to be had but I think the suply of 08's is real lo and anyway the 2009's are out mor options look at the differances from the 2008 and 2009 not menny used ones also hot selling car this Nissan virsa keep on posting the prices payed on your virsa's grate cars love them thankyou for reading.
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    Back in March of this year I was able to buy a loaded Versa SL hatchback for about $4000 off of MSRP. That works out to $15600 or $17200 out the door. I would try for that type of deal. I live in the Los Angeles area by the way.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
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  • hey g35john dont think now you will be able to get that grate deal you got any more. Now with the gass prices have gon up dealers will not let them go for that mutch off msrp but who nos if you get moltapal dealer quotes you just never no good luck to everyone keep us updated on the prices beeing payed everyone of virsas. thankyou so mutch for reading my posting.
  • g35johng35john Posts: 12
    I think your right. At the time I got my car dealers wouldnt sell them for that much either (except for the one I got, but no other dealer would come close to matching it). I just got lucky and the dealership owners son stuck his foot in is mouth and they were "man enough" to honor the deal he said.
  • My hubby and I just bought a brand new 08 versa, automatic transmission. The past few weeks it's been slow to start. It won't turn over. It's been in and out of the shop and they say everything's fine. But it's not. I was outside of the mall for an hour last night trying to get it start before it finally turned over. Anyone else have problems like this? We are just sick over it. We've only had it for 2 months.
  • cathy8cathy8 Posts: 37
    Welcome to the starting problems that some of the Versas have. I thought that this was only an '07 problem but apparently not. Many owners have had their fuel pumps changed and this rectified the problem.

    My problem only occurs during the cold winter months and the rest of the year is fine. My starting problem is different that yours though. Mine starts in fail safe mode and won't drive more than 20 KM/HR. Once shut off and restarted it starts fine.

    Don't let them tell you everything is okay. You know something is wrong. There are various identified starting problems and Nissan is trying to find out the cause. Document, document, document. Keep lots of detail. I did this and after 2 winters of problems applied for arbitration (Canada) and won. Nissan has been ordered to back my car tomorrow.
  • hey did you leav the ignishion on and your bat whent dead when you wher siting in the car in frunt of the Mall. did you have the radiao on. they will find the problem. and cathy they are taking back your virsa tomero sorry you had that problem with it rair so rair with everyone. LIke I have said in the past nor car is problem free no sutch thing has never bin and never will be. DId you get to looking at what car you will be getting to replace your virsa since they are taking it back tomero. keep us updated thanks so mutch for reading.
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