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HHR Engine Problems



  • hhrprobshhrprobs Posts: 13
    Yes i agree,my 2006 is a lemon and i wish i had never bought it.Its got 18000 on it. and its got so many problems.Its been in the shop for diffrent thing.s roters, the battery dying,dont get good gas mileage.Computor messes up,its got alot i wish i good write gm i would love to get my money back. :mad: :lemon:
  • tim08hhr1tim08hhr1 Posts: 7
    There is a TSB for this. They will put a radiator guard in front of the radiator. This will fix the problem you have. GM is aware of the problem & is now placing them on all 08 and below.
  • kathiky1kathiky1 Posts: 19

    What does the TSB address (sorry, I don't know enough about cars to know what a radiator guard fixes).
  • tim08hhr1tim08hhr1 Posts: 7
    If you have a 08 HHR or lower in model year. Look under your lower bumper in the front of your car. You will see your radiator. If there is nothing infront of it you need the guard. The guard will protect your radiator from rocks flying into it. If you get a big enough impact from a rock it will go into the radiator and drain the fluid & you will have big problems.
  • overrevoverrev Posts: 1
    some people may have gotten lemons, but i have an '06 2lt and think it is by far the best vehicle i have ever owned. someone did their homework when designing the HHR. the only problem i have had is the often mentioned front disc vibration. but there is a TSB out to cover that , and i am looking at drilled/slotted rotors anyway. get up to 33 mpg highway. all around, i don't think you can go wrong with the HHR.
  • mah123mah123 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 08 hhr ss last sat. and the car doesn't start sometimes and they said it was the starter. I had 50 miles on it, I looked under the front of the car and there is a shield for the radiator to protect it as well as one under the doors and the tail pipe. :cry: :cry:
  • rose4hhrrose4hhr Posts: 4
    I had a 2001 Malibu that we bought new that had the exact same issue within months after buying it. I was driving on an isolated country road late at night and it just cut off. I later joked with my husband that it was like I was being abducted by aliens because everything just "cut off" ...that is except the lights...I think. Anyway, I had no cell service and had to wait to flag someone down to call him and he only got a partial I waited for hours. I think strangely enough, it started again after he "showed up" and so he took it to another dealership from the one where we purchased it from, and they fixed it on the first further problems. It was a really good car until I had an accident off an icy bridge this February and totaled it. I credit it for saving my life...had 143.500+ miles and was still going with no major problems and good mechanic reports, no major overhauls!!! (I was trying to make it to at least 250,000! I did a VIN check and someone rebuilt it!)
  • rose4hhrrose4hhr Posts: 4
    I had an issue with the dealer that we purchased our current 08 HHR from (mistake, wish we would have went to one of the other dealerships within a 150 mile radius!)...the issue was over my last '01 Malibu (I have a used '03 now to replace it...didn't buy it from the same dealer!). Anyway, they kept having problems "finding" what was wrong with my cruise control after a routine tune up, it had never had anything before and the car was only about 2-3 years old at the time. They wanted me to buy a $250 motor plus labor and local taxes, etc after selling a $48 button we didn't need and after they messed up my cruise cable, which lodged under my accelerator on my way home from their service shop and almost got me killed. I called them, my family, and they paid to replace the cable. Anyway...I was livid and told them their was absolutely no way that a system that had nothing wrong with it suddenly needs a motor and a button; and that I had experience with buttons before and knew it had nothing wrong with it...that they must have done something wrong when they did the tune up because it worked up until then. I gave them one last chance after about five to fix it. They insisted it was the cruise motor. I told them I would take it elsewhere for a second opinion at my expense, and if they were right, they were right...if they were wrong, they would refund everything. Guess what? They had put the cruise cable in upside down during the tune up and continued to do so....they refunded my money, but not all the time and aggravation. But I did find some honest mechanics in town as a result that only charged me diagnostic charges to fix it. The cost of which I insisted the dealership refund to me, and they did.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Looks like your instincts worked. Some dealers unfortunately aren't the greatest for service.
  • abbytyabbyty Posts: 1
    I'm sorry I have to disagree, I have a 2008 HHR and think it is a wonderful car. No, this isn't my first HHR, I bought a 2007 last summer. My husband and went on a trip to Atlanta and it did overheat, but after being repaired by a local dealership there we were on our way home and didn't have another problem with it. However, on March 17th it became my 'saving grace' when in swerving to miss a semi tire loose on the road, I lost control and hit a guardrail totaling my car. It became my saving grace because although I had to be removed from the car due to the fact the front in was completely crushed, all I sustained was a broken nose and a cut arm. Had I been in another car, the front end of probably would have been crushed in on me or I could have possibly been killed. Because of the accident I was forced to get a new car, of course all I did was call the Chevy dealer from the year before and the next day (over 2 weeks since my accident) I was able to drive away in my new HHR. I believe the 2007 HHR was the wisest purchase my husband and I have ever made. Now I just miss my 2007 but I love the 2008. Hopefully I won't need another 'saving grace'. :blush: emotorcons/emo_blush.gif
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,650
    Sorry you had to test the safety of the HHR, but glad it worked out well for you.
  • stackerstacker Posts: 3
    I just purchased a 2008 hhr ss and it also wouldn't start after 50 miles, but when the tow truck arrived about an hour later it started so we went on home then the next day it did the same thing after a 5 mile trip to the store, and once again after about an hour and the tow truck arrived it started , but this time it got towed to a chevy dealer and they couldn't get it to do it again so I brought it home , where it did it again. but this time it just shut down while I was driving and then wouldn't start,but this time the mechanic came with his test box and it threw no codes so it now has 203 miles on the vehicle and two wrecker trips to a chevy dealer. Any ideas or tips on what the problem could be??
  • I puchased the HHR about six months ago and I have had no problems....I travel a lot for my job and I've been noticing since the weather is warmer, when the A/C runs the car will pull and jerk at higher speeds. Now if I'm sitting idol, the car just dies and won't start. All my lights are on and I can tell it's not the battery....but if I shut the A/C off, it will evetually start back up....What in the world is going on??? :(
  • stackerstacker Posts: 3
    Yesterday the dealership that has our hhr called to tell me they think they have found the problem. They think it's the ECM module breaking down when the tempature gets to a higher tempature and GM is trying to locate one, so we'll see, I really hope it works because we really like the vehicle and it's 34 mpg.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,650
    My 06 had an issue with A/C where the air flow would be freezing cold than be warmer for a bit, back and forth. At the same time engine was sort of stuttering/fluttering performance wise. I had already heard of the problem and had the dealer check (and correct) and refridgerant (overcharged). I have also heard of a couple cases where compressor locked up and resulted in broken belt (tow time), which may be due to same thing.
  • So I bought my '07 HHR (LT 2.2) in Nov. '06. LOVED the car at first and had the dealer install a sunroof. Good to go! Then, within the first 2K miles I had to take the car back to the dealer to have the whole exhaust system fixed. It was chirping loudly all the time. My 3 year old kept asking where the crickets were! Was told by the dealer it was installed wrong from the factory. OK. Fast forward to today (it is in the shop AGAIN), it just turned 17K miles, has had the rotors worked on, has had a safety recall, the headliner is coming down caused by wind from the sunroof, and it is currently in the shop for the second time due to the car sputtering, chugging, and trying to stall out on me while slowing down or coming to a stop. Was told it had something to do with the ECM and that it was fixed the last time. I believed them until I about got t-boned last Friday on my way home from work because my car couldn't get out of it's own way. No Service Engine light comes on, and the dealer says the car is not producing any codes. I'm only getting @22-24 mpg at best. I thought that was normal 'til I started seeing other people report mpg in the 30's! What the... Anyway, does any of this sound familiar to anyone else, or does anyone think I should look into the Ohio Lemon Law? I know I only have until 18K miles if I do so. I would really love to just swap it for a Trailblazer and be DONE.
  • stackerstacker Posts: 3
    We bought a 08 hhr/ss and started having problems on the way home and had possession of the car for less than 12 hours in the first 15 days. It had more miles on a wrecker than it had on the road during that time. We were getting very frustrated, but had a great service manager and service tech that found a male prong in the ECM plug that hadn't lined up and was losing contact when the car reached operating tempature and would sometimes lose power and shut down. They installed a new plug and ECM, and everything seems to be working fine now and we are loving the car again. Oh yea, around 28 mpg average when we can keep our foot out of it. Did have a one time 34.4 mpg
  • My problems were tag lights not working and left front side light. Turned out to be the car was leaking water when it rained and the wiring harness under the seats and rear floor area were literally under water. Shorted out the electrical system. I would advise you to take it to them and make them strip the inside of the car to check for leaks.
  • ljumpljump Posts: 4
    I went to check the air filter on my wife's 2008 HHR SS (turbocharged - different than the other models) and I couldn't even find it!! Can anyone tell me how to find it and remove it for inspection? Thanks.
  • Hi, thanks for your response. we did install front splash guards but not before the damage was already done. I am working with our dealership right now to try to resolve the issue. we are waiting on word from the general manager. hopefully I will be able to get things repaired without costing me so much out of pocket.
    does anyone have a good source of HHR parts? I can not find the running boards they say I need to install to fix the problem. any ideas?
    thanks everyone,

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    So what do these last couple posts have to do with HHR engines?
  • not sure what you are talking about?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    This Thread is about HHR Engine Problems and rocker panel damage has nothing to do about this subject. There are other threads that deal with this.
  • the post I have been responding to have been answers from my original post to this forum concerning rocker panel damage to my car and also a response to a question about replacing the air filter. you are correct, it has nothing to do with engine issues but then, I have not been replying to a post about engine problems.
    If my message got posted in the wrong place, I apologize.
  • I will move this post to the main HHR forum so it can be a general area where a variety of replies can be submitted.
  • thank you! I appreciate your help and welcome any insights on this issue.
  • I bought a HHR/SS and love it very much. I have four thousand miles on it and had my oil change. I can't reset the oil percent gauge. Can some one tell how? I thought it was turning the ignition slightly and depressing the gas pedal three times...nope didn't work.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Doesn't it reset like the other readouts do by pushing the bottom button on the left side steering wheel after putting it in the oil life display?
  • Oil Life reset:

    -turn ignition to ON possition (NOT Accessory or Start the manual has a diagram), its the postition where the instrument cluster lights up with all the Symbols, just before starting. Leave all these indcator lights on while reseting.

    -Go to INFO button (on steering wheel)

    -scroll to OIL LIFE

    -pump gas pedal 3 times

    -Some will beep or just reset.

    -turn ignition off, start the H, and check if reset. Should read 100%

    Shounds like you were on the right track.
  • HAPPENS OUT OF THE BLUE...once during cruise control about 70 mpg, another time after starting it again 20 minutes lator. It is unable to accelerate past say about 20 rpm..Park, Turn off, pull key, start THOUGHTS HERE? :confuse:
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