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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    we had the transmission fluid changed.

    Hmm...I read another thread recently where someone was having trouble with the backup lights. Apparently they could get the lights to come on if they wiggled the shifter a little when it was in reverse. There was some adjustment that needed to be done to the linkage.

    I wonder if the mechanic bumped something under there with a tool when he was fighting with the trans drain plug?
  • Many years ago I had a simular problem with one of my Fords. It turned out to be a problem in the ignition switch. There is a contact in the switch that feeds the ACC (Accessories). I would check to make sure that the wire that feeds the cars accessories has power.
  • lisekwrlisekwr Posts: 1
    I had an issue with my 05, and took it to the dealer. Have your dealer give you your money back, there was a recall an all town and countrys, they had an issue with the computer. It needed an update and it should have been done for free.
  • mbarbarambarbara Posts: 1
    My wife and I traded our 03 Durango in for a brand new 08 Town and Country on 2/14 and the joy lasted all of 2 weeks. We got the signature series which has everything the limited has minus nav and seat presets.
    The first issue happened one nite when my wife put the van in gear after being stopped with the engine runnign and being placed into park. The shifter would not drop down into drive and was locked in park with the engine running. She turned the car off, took out the key and restarted it, which then allowed her to put it in drive.

    Two nites later we went to the store and the same thing happened when I tried to start the car and back out of a parking space. But this ime the car would not give up my key. It let me stop the engine but locked the key in the ACC position. I fumbled the key back and forth for 5 minutes and it suddenly just let loose and everything worked.

    This past weekend we drove up north and enjoyed the 1st 25 minutes with no radio, sat, sattv, nothing. We just watched aas the chrysler emblem appeared and disappeared constantly on the mygig system. The miraculously healed itself and returned to normal operation for the remainder of the trip and no problems on the ride home. My wife took it to the dealer on Monday and was told a fuse was inserted backwards on purpose while at the dealer on the lot and they reversed it when it left, they forgot to do this with ours (they didnt realize that I am an electrical systems engineer and am not dumb enough to believe that fuses have polarity but maybe ...). We gave them the benefit of the doubt and hoped for the best.

    Tonite took the cake. On the way home my wife stopped for gas. After starting the car she she realized her window would not go back up, all the interior accessory lites stayed off, and the radio was once again showing the chrysler emblem and not turning on. She drove 3 blocks and suddenly the window control came back, interior lites came back on and the radio put out music.

    I relize this is the 1st mdel year for the new design but come on!!! Our Durango was a 1st yr car and it was fine. I have never had any type of issues like this. I think I have a lemon and dread the coming moths of documenting repairs and wasting time.

    There is one thing that is out of the norm. The dealer installed a UConnect mic as it did not come with our van about a week and a half after we took delivery. The voice commands and bluetooth work normal when the rest of the car does so I dont think the uconnect installation is the issue but who knows... Thank God I didnt install it myself this time.

    Has anyone heard of any issues with the new town and countries that are anyway similar to this? I am guessing its an electric issue but did not think the ingition, windows, gearshift, or even key issue would be tied to the same systems controlling the radio. Any ideas?

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 10,908
    I am guessing its an electric issue but did not think the ingition, windows, gearshift, or even key issue would be tied to the same systems controlling the radio.

    The ignition, windows, dash, etc., are all tied into the Body Control Module, but not sure about the radio and other accessories. If they were, then the BCM might simply be defective or have a loose connector.
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  • lholcomblholcomb Posts: 2
    I had my ABS system replace a year ago. Since then my ABS & brake light comes on. I've taken it in and the last time they told me the wiring harness keeps coming loose so that is why my lights come on. Is this something that can be fixed at home or should it be taken to the dealership? Any suggestion or anyone else have problems with their dash lights coming on. I also lost all dash lights the last time this happened but they taped the harness and it's lasted about 5 months. Thanks.
  • My door locks suddenly stopped working, no one can find a problem, but they don't work from the remote or from the switch inside the car. suggestions?
  • beaupiedbeaupied Posts: 1
    I know what you're going thru....<2 weeks into my lease w/an 08 RT T&C Touring, the key fob issues started...wireless ignition node (WIN) went wrong...hence the jiggling to get the key out of acc or even out of the ignition..
    I had no wipers (it was snowing), no heat, no radio, no wiindows, no power locks and no turn indicators. Luckily, I was two miles from the dealership I got it from. Over 3 weeks later, the replacement part came in. It's been now two weeks since that and this week I noticed dimming in the PRNDL lights and the radio lights. I drvie w/my lights on always, day and night. Yesterday I noticed dimming in the headlights on my way to work...called the dealership, left a msg, but no response.
    This morning on I75 just north of Detroit at 80mph, 6am, still night darkness...the headlights went completely out on me. Imagine my fright!
    This time it's something called the TIPM, Total Integrated Power Module. It's getting looked at as I type....don't know the outcome just yet.
  • hasteenhasteen Posts: 1
    I have the some problem, my door looks dont work from inside of by the remote.
  • I disconnected my battery for about 5 minutes and then re-coonected it and now everything works fine. I'm told this will work for a few months. Also the dealer can reprogram your computer for free it its still under warranty.
  • Yes! Same problem....2001 T&C. The ABS and brake lights come on intermittently. Also, the trac indicator in the mileage box, and twice all the "idiot" lights came on and the gauges stopped working. Any idea what the problem is? The dealer wants to replace the cluster at about a thousand dollars! I've checked and checked and can't replicate the problem. Possible cold solder on the circuit board?
  • Last night our 3-day old 2008 Town & Country burned out its own electrical system. It was parked in our driveway and all of a sudden the lights were flashing, horn blowing, wipers going. We went out, there was smoke coming from under the hood, the car was trying to start. Called 911, fire dept. came. Horn & lights finally quit, they unhooked the battery and pulled out the electric box. Car was towed back to the dealership this morning and I told them we don't want it back. I don't know what will happen from here, we are leasing it and signed the contract Friday night.
  • Seems like there is an issue with these vans. I too have had problems: we were traveling back from Orlando to Houston when, about 1 hour out of Orlando, we pulled into a service plaza. Upon returning to the van and starting it up, we noticed that the wipers were going, the instrument cluster was not working and the nav/stereo was out. Also, the AC was not working but the climate control was. We also couldn't get the back hatch open. We tried to find a dealer but it was a Saturday and after 1 pm. We decided to drive back to Houston as is.

    A few hours later, we pulled into a McD's for dinner. Upon returning to the van and starting it back up, everything was working again. Just as mysteriously as it began, it seemed it was over. We drove with a working van until about 1PM CST, when we got close to the TX border. There, the road got consistantly bumpy. I began to notice the ID-10-T lights coming on and the seat was doing the Cha-Cha. From that point on, the issue was intermittent and would go out and come back unpredictably.

    We took it to the dealer on Monday and they were perplexed to say the least. I related to them about a post that I read here about the BCM and the TIPM and they, after some more troubleshooting, decided to order those modules. The modules are on backorder for 2-3 weeks. I will try to update after it is all fixed.

    On another note, this is a major safety issue, so I would recommend that everyone who have experienced it go to the NHTSA site and file a complaint. I will provide a link, hopefully it works:

  • Larry, I used your link to file a complaint but after I choose the Chrysler and click on Town&Country, it won't accept it. I would gladly file a complaint form if it would let me.
  • I see what you are saying. I hadn't submitted the complaint yet because I wanted to wait until it was out of the shop. However, I believe that the problem with the site is because it is a new year for this vehicle. You may be able to submit it for a 2007, but I am not sure how that will affect the complaint. The VIN number should make it clear that it is for a 2008, though.
  • I was on vacation last Wed, March 26 in South Carolina when I had the exact same electrical problem. I went to get in my '08 T&C and the automatic doors did not work. I went to start and the wipers ran nonstop. I had no instruments or radio.

    A dealer in SC has had my van for over a week with no fix. They ordered the TIPM. It did not fix it. They ordered another part. It did not fix it. They have been looking since last Friday for an electrical short with no success.

    Chrysler did give me a rental to drive back to Ohio, but not until Saturday. So, I was on a family vacation with 3 small children with no ride. I am trying to be patient, but starting to get irritated. I am still in a rental with no end in sight.

    Any thoughts?
  • That's funny. Seems that Chrysler has something against family vacations. Anyways, we got our van back the other day and they replaced the Body Control Module, the Total Integrated Processor Module and a wiring bundle. Didn't fix anything. This time, besides the previous issues similiar to yours, we are seeing white smoke coming from under the hood and the engine will die. "Hopefully", this means that there is a hard failure and that the shop will be able to pinpoint the cause. They are getting a Chrysler tech to come down (which they did the last time) and assist in trouble shooting.

    Please, to all who have experienced this, file a complaint with the NHTSA and also try to email Chrysler's CEO, Bob Nardelli. I have tried to find his email, but I cannot at this moment. The most I will be able to do thus far is to email Chrysler and file the complaint w/the NHTSA.

  • I just spoke with the dealer in SC that is trying to fix my T&C. They think they have all repaired except they cannot get the wipers to stop. I am not sure if this makes me feel good or not.

    They have had the van for a week and a half. This is unfortunate. I really like the van, but I need to be in it in order to appreciate it.

  • I did report our problem to NHTSA. We picked up a new 08 T&C today, exactly like the one that fried it's electrical system earlier this week. Hopefully we won't have any problems with this one, but I'm pretty nervous about these 08 T& C vans now. The dealership is still fighting with Chrysler to get them to take the car back. None of the salesmen there want to try and sell that car.
  • Last night, after starting the van and turning the light switch to on, the headlamps did not turn on. Tried turning them on several times, didn't work. I had to turn the vehicle off, restart, then the lights came on. Has anyone else had this problem? I have also had issues with the Power door locks not working which I reset by pulling the fuse when it happens. Starting to wonder if these issues are associated with each other. Van has almost 50K miles. Any information is appreciated.

  • totsiedtotsied Posts: 1
    I went to pick up my new 08 T&C at the dealer last Friday. My kids and I were excited to be getting this new van with all the 'toys' (was planning to sell my Honda Odyssey). Got in the van for a test drive and all seemed well. Stopped to do a tour of the dealership and then got back in to drive to the finance department (large dealership). Radio, navigation, windows and interior lights would not work. We drove to the service department who couldn't find an issue. Started the van back up and suddenly everything was working again. The dealer (nice guy) and I drove the van around the lot stopping, turning off, opening doors and restarting in an attempt to recreate the issue. Was funny, we looked like a chinese firedrill and I was thankful he was willing and understanding. On about the forth 'drill' nav, radio and windows went dead again.

    Long story shortened... I left the van for them to check and went to work without officially buying it. Googled the issue and found all this. Dealer can not 'fix' the issue. They try fuses and still the issue appears. They were kind enough to tear up my paperwork and refund my deposit.

    Think Chrysler needs to put some effort into this issue or reputation will be tarnished for good. I'm keeping my Odyssey (very reliable) for now and looking into a new one or possibly a Sienna.

    Thanks for the posts.
  • We have a 08 T and C which we really enjoy, except we have had several electricl related problems. The first week we had the vehicle, the rear doors would not shut and latch, the defrost would not work, ( which is rather a necessity in Iowa in the month of January). The dealer re loaded the software which he said would take care of all the problems. It seemed to take care of the defrost problem, but the rear doors still do not close all the time, and now at various times when we start the vehicle, the radio and navigation will not operate, so back to the dealer again
  • That is rather unfortunate. When our van is working, it is a very nice van. We are pretty upset that this van has this many issues. We talked to a local family with the same van and they stated that they have had the very same issues with no resolution. We are going back to the dealer tonight and dropping off the van.
  • lnlwardlnlward Posts: 1
    We have the exact same problem with our 05 stow n go. We are up to 70,000 miles now. My parents have an 05 T & C too, its not stow n go, but same problems with the door and lights on both vans. If you find a solution, please let me know!
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    They had to reload the software so the defrosters would work? That's scary!
  • After a dealer has had my 08 T&C for 2 weeks in South Carolina (we are from Ohio and were on vacation at the time), they called yesterday to say it was ready to come back to Ohio and everything is working. They did not actually repair anything! They had it so torn apart looking for the electrical issue and when they started putting it back together, it decided to work.

    On top of all this, I am being asked by my dealer in Ohio to pay $150 to get the van back to Ohio. Chrysler corporate picked up 5 days of the rental that I am currently driving. The SC Chrysler rep picked up 5 more days of the rental. My dealer in OH is sending a driver to pick up the van and they want me to pay $150. I am embarassed for my OH dealer and Chrysler. It has come down to $150 and they won't cover it. Unbelievable! This has now become my problem financially, in addition to the two weeks without this van and all the phone calls I have made.

    My dealer and Chrysler have lost me as a customer. I am only 70 days into a 2 year lease. I am not sure what to do from here. I hope the van works when they get it back here...I am doubtful.
  • maryh3maryh3 Posts: 263
    I can't help you with your problems but once I thought my radio and navi were out too on my new 08 T&C . That was the first time I used the remote start. I drove for a while without the radio but then it occurred to me that I might not have the key turned the proper spot on the ignition for everything to work. I moved the key slightly in the ignition and everything came on. When you use the remote start, you then have to insert and turn the key for the van to drive. If you don't get it to the proper spot on the ignition the radio may not work even though the van will still drive.
  • I have a 98 T&C, and I've had problems with everything in my dash board shutting down while driving, but, the car is still running. I've gone to my car to start it up and it will act like its going to start, but, don't turn over, mean while, everything on the dash is not working. After the 3rd attempt to start it, it's just dead. The only thing working is the radio. I went on another advice sight and someone told my to hit the dash board. Guess what? That worked. That worked for about 6 months. Now, that don't work. Can I pleeaassee get some advice??? :cry: :cry:
  • The alternator was the first thing I changed. After that, I changed the relay switch. I'll try changing the battery this time and see what happen. thank you :sick:
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