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Caravan/Town & Country Electrical Problems



  • kcoreykcorey Posts: 130
    I'll bet the battery in the remotes need to be replaced.
  • Our '97 T&C LXi is blowing the #4 circuit 15amp fuse under the dash. This circuit runs the left tail light/turn signal and the dash lights. When I checked the main circuit that feeds this fuse and replaced (a seemingly good) fuse, it worked again. Thought it was fixed then for no apparent reason just blew again. Now it will only come back on if I pull the main fuse and replace it (not with a new one, just put it back in) but it doesn't last more than about 5 starts. The 40A fuse under the hood is not faulty (burnt at least) but the circuits it feeds are not working properly because the #1 and #6 it also feeds are not working but those fuses aren't blowing.

    We live outside of town and our closest repair place won't even look at it since we're having to mess with the main fuse box. In the winter we need the lights 24hours/day here in interior AK so I don't really like having to turn on the interior lights to see how fast I'm going! Any help is greatly appreciated! [not sure if this is relevant but it has 159K on it]
  • jh72jh72 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 town and country touring and we've had it in three times because it won't start. They're claiming it's because of the way we use it. .. we mostly use it for short trips. They say the battery doesn't have enough time to recharge itself and with 30 computers onboard they all drain the power. They said they'll put in a battery charger (one you plug into an electrical outlet), but I'm wondering if they're just feeding me BS since they can't find the real problem. They claim everything in the electrical system checks out fine. Anyone hear of cars dying from lack of use . . seems like a really bad design flaw if it is?
  • Did you ever find the problem with this? My daughter has an '05 T&C with the same loss of power to the switched power outlets. The owners manual says that they are controled by an automatic circuit breaker that resets once the overload is removed for the power outlets. The "automatic reset" doesn't happen but I can not find the breaker to troubleshoot it furthur. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, thanks
  • After 4 times of my car not starting in two weeks I finally had my car towed to the dealership. They had looked at twice previously but since I had jump-started it and it was working the battery tested fine. This last time, since it was sent there not working they charged the battery up and then retested it. Then, they found a bad cell and replaced the battery. The bad cell did not come up in previous tests. Since I got the new battery, I have not had any problems. Hopefully a new battery is all you need.
  • I found the problem, it was a blown f5 = RDO/IP Ignition fuse, 20 amp yellow. The lower power outlet on the dash (won't work as a cigarette lighter) is the one that is not switched off when the ignition switch is turned off and is controlled by an automatic reset circuit breaker.
  • jromajroma Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2005 T&C. Did you find any answers?
  • gviethgvieth Posts: 2
    I have the exact same problem as DVD4 (same year, model etc.also)
    Was there ever a fix?


  • dvd4dvd4 Posts: 2
    I finally took it to the shop and had them do a pin check on the Engine Control Module (ECM) and found it to be bad. I order a new ECM. I also replaced the electronic distributor as recommended by a Chrysler Technical Service Bulletin (TSB). The TSB stated that often the cause of the ECM going bad is a result of a faulty electronic distributor. I ordered both parts from that was quite a bit cheaper than Chrysler. I had the shop install it and all has been fine sine around the beginning of June. I paid $250 for the ECM and then got $75 back from RockAuto when I mailed back the faulty ECM.
  • thank you for the quick fix information on blinking lights on a/c panel on 98 town and country van. i did exactly as you described on how to do the fix...step by step...start car...turn on blower up all vents...knob mode to the left...both heat/cold levers to the left...depress simultaneously washer and rear wiper buttons until all lights lit up...release all buttons and watch far left two lights alternate blinking mode until top light is the only one blinking. finally, depress that light and release. thanks again. the mechanic wanted at least 70 dollars.
  • I had a 06 touring car wasn't starting stalled they changed eveything I went to arbitration for a new car. They blamed the autostarter that the dealer installed. If you go the way of arbitration get a lawyer trust me.
  • neil05neil05 Posts: 2
    Problems are:

    1. Little lights that illuminate the buttons are burning out, first just the rightmost, now half of the lights are burned out.

    2. I can adjust the blower zone (i.e. vent, floor, windshield), and the lights move around the dial, but physically, it's stuck on vent. So even though the dial indicator lights that surround the dial show it on "windshield" for instance, it will still blow 100% to the front vents. Blower intensity level (low to high) works fine, however.

    3. I press the A/C button (snowflake) and it does not kick on the AC compressor at all. But the rear defrost button does indeed activate the rear defrost.

    I am under the impression that there is some greater electrical problem at the root of these issues. My radio/GPS unit is messed up.. left audio channel only gives of a high-pitch ringing noise. It used to be intermittent, but now it's pretty much stuck, leaving me to move the balance all the way to the right so that I don't deafen my family.

    Any tips? Maybe just unplug and reseat all of the fuses?

    Thanks for ANY help you can offer. Honestly, if I can't get these fixed for a reasonable price, I just won't buy another Chrysler, ever. You don't blow a huge wad of cash on a mini-van to have it electrically crap out after less than 3 years.
  • I have a 1999 Chrysler Town and Country that died on me two days ago. I had problems starting it, and then when it started I couldn't cut it off. I turned the switch off and pulled the keys out of the ignition, but the van was still running. When I finally got it to cut off, I tried to restart it and everything was fine. While driving it, it started making a really loud screeching sound from under the hood on the passenger side. Then smoke started coming out from under the hood, and the van completely died. I have lost all power...even the hazard lights do not work. The smoke smelled like an electrical fire mixed with rubber burning. Any ideas on what happened?
  • Why does my 97 Chrysler Town and Country have one brake light that won't work? It has a new bulb and comes on for tail light but not the brake. Other side is fine.
  • bewabewa Posts: 2
    hello to all, i have a 98 caravan battery light started comming on, a couple days prior you could feel it surging when the cooling fans would start so i patched a cable to the ac cooling fan but a shorted fan wasn't the problem did find a stuck thermostat during the check and fixed, it had a funny hot smell to it and the lights would go dim and bright and the heater fan would surge up and down, the battery connections are good and clean, battery is 2 years old full and charged, checked volts at battery showed 14.5vlts when running so i cleaned the terminals so its putting out with the battery light on? so the next day i took kids to the doctor (1 mile away) with heaters on and lights by the time i returned home the window wouldn't hardly power up so i put the voltmeter on it again and it was at 10.4vlts discharge, so i was thinking alternator went, i took it of and to the local parts store and had it on the counter and was spinning the pulley and it made a funny click then quit doing it, after that they put it on the checker and after a couple minutes it showed it was working fine, im at a total loss now i could sure try any suggestions
  • bewabewa Posts: 2
    if it has an aftermarket hitch it may have been wired incorrectly, i know a lot of these the third brake light is wired of one side or the other and has a so called (smart chip) in line so that both lights will work, if it goes bad or doesnt have one the side its wired into the brake light on that side will stop working, hope this might help
  • My '01 T&C has the entertainment system in it (factory installed). A tape got stuck in it and we removed it. Now the VCR & TV display will power on, blink and then turn off. We called the dealership and they told us that they no longer make VCR consoles and don't work on them either. Does anyone have any suggestions, besides get a DVD player? I really like VHS. Thank you. :)
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    so i was thinking alternator went, i took it of and to the local parts store and had it on the counter and was spinning the pulley and it made a funny click then quit doing it, after that they put it on the checker and after a couple minutes it showed it was working fine, im at a total loss now i could sure try any suggestions

    My guess (I'm not a mechanic) is that it could still be the alternator. Last fall I had a '98 model year car that quit running and I had to get it towed. Anything electrical barely worked or not at all.

    The shop tested the charging system and the alternator didn't indicate any problem with it. As the original owner I knew the nearly 10 year old alternator was probably ready to be replaced soon.

    The shop charged the battery, I drove it home, replaced the alternator and everything was fine after that.
  • I am passing this information on second hand from my ex so I am not certain as to how accurate the description of the problem is. According to her the van ('97 T&C Lxi) lost all power steering and ability to brake the other evening, she also mentioned the headlights flashing and all interior lights doing the same. I have not been able to look at the van personally since I am without a means to get to the location. Prior to all of this we had noticed the ABS light coming on. The brakes were recently serviced. I suspect an alternator issue. The battery is less than 1 year old. Any ideas as to the problem? (The vehicle will start but there are still no brakes and power steering.) :(
  • I am having a light surging problem on my '07 T&C. The interior lights as well as the headlights. Anyone else experience this? How do I fix it (the shop is perplexed)?
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I don't have a T&C but on my car I noticed the lights going dim/bright shortly before the alternator went out.

    A loose ground or corroded connection has been the cause of electrical surges in some other threads.
  • Anyone know how to test a CPS?
  • My 2005 T&C has the same problem. Once in a while it just starts working and then after another little while, it doesn't work. It is my left rear brake and blinker not working. Regular light comes on.
  • t301t301 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 T&C that has had a dimming problem since it was purchased. I have had it in many times only to have the dealer say everything is OK. Now that the warrenty is over I bet they will find a problem. This has been a complete pile of junk since new. It has had a new power stearing pump, computer, misc. motor components and new rings at 25,000 miles because it was using a quart of oil every 1000 miles. It has had the front sway arm bushings replaced 3 times. The vehicle only has 42,000 miles on it and now the bushings need replacement again. Chrysler does not stand behind their warrenty. I am looking at a new Honda because I cannot afford the up keep of this vehicle. I have always purchased American vehicles but that may change soon. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • tmechtmech Posts: 1
    Working on a 2002 Grand Caravan.
    When key is on run or acc mode, all systems (radio, fan motor, wipers)
    work. as soon as you start vehicle, they all shut down.
    Charging system running at 14. volts, No codes in computer, Switched acc system relay..No change.
    Anybody have this happen to them?
    Trying to help out a friend with their Caravan and though I've been a tech for 23 years. I'm failing miserably on this one.

  • rsg2rsg2 Posts: 3
    Hoping someone has some suggestions...Our 2003 Town and Country's reverse lights have stopped working. Thought it was a bulb or a fuse and it's not. Seems it may be something electrical and I don't know how to fix that! Any suggestions on how in depth it may be and if I have to have it fixed, how much the cost may be? Thanks!
  • For starters you have a short on the backup lamp line. Was any work done on the Van ,such as trailer wiring? Second the BCM more than likely has a open driver IC for the backup lamps in it. I have worked on many of these BCM's with this same problem. I am a electronics tech that has worked on Chry electronics ,BCM,s Clusters,Radios and also the Chry RB4 nav radio for the past 24 years. You can msg me and I can give you more info on how to trouble shoot the BCM.
  • What Nav radio do you have ? If it is the RB4 .I can help you.I work for the only service center in the country that still works on this radio.
  • rsg2rsg2 Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info on the backup lights. Is this something easy to check out? We have not had any work done, such as trailer wiring as you mentioned.
  • rsg2rsg2 Posts: 3
    I just thought of one more thing. The only thing we've had done recently (that may correspond with the time the backup lights stopped working) is we had the transmission fluid changed. Could this be related? I know they had a hard time getting the cap off to change it (my technical term "cap" as I am not "car-tech" savvy.
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