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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • warrenz72warrenz72 Posts: 1
    I JUST started having the same problem on my 2007 F150
  • paul136paul136 Posts: 2
    I was at a red light when my clutch went out on me in a panic i tried to force it into first with no lu8ck of course but any way after i got it fixed about a couple of weeks later it got wher it will jump out of first as you start to take off what damage could i have done and how big of a job to fix thanks Paul
  • paul136paul136 Posts: 2
    I was at a red light when my clutch went out on me in a panic i tried to force it into first with no luck of course but any way after i got it fixed about a couple of weeks later it got wher it will jump out of first as you start to take off what damage could i have done and how big of a job to fix it is a 1994 F150 5 speed thanks paul
  • darkliondarklion Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 F-150 extended, V8 with the 4R70W transmission. It currently has about 123M on it. At about 70M the transmission started to shudder when shifting in & out of OD at about 45-50 MPH. The dealership said I needed to change fluid & filter. That didn't work. A trusted mechanic at Walnut Tree garage said the clutch plates were sticking and I should try a tube of Instant Shudder Fix. That helped for about a month. Tried it again with no luck. The guy at NAPA said air was getting into the fluid and causing it to foam up and the pump to cavitate. Any suggestions?
  • roguejetroguejet Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 550 dump bought it new,auto trans never worked right from the start. Could not dump a load of feathers for the first year, had to research problem on net because couldn't find a dealer to help. Ford was saying it was the pto mfg's problem, well it wasn't. I finally found a ford truck garage that would level with me, it was a faulty trans. He tried to fix it 4 times with no luck, still have not dumped a load.appx. 1.5 yrs. Finally replaced by ford under warranty,(the service mngr.told me i'd be back) worked as expected till early this spring, started doing the same thing as it did before they replaced it. Just as others have stated in this blog, wouldn't let you stop without stalling,o.d. would act like jake brake was on as soon as it would hit o.d., would shift ok without o.d. engaged. All this and still only have 40,000 miles on vehichle, If i figure right that eaquals about 6,800 miles per tranny job. The trans. that is in a f150 is the same trans. thats in my f550. Most of you guys are lucky you don't depend on your truck to make a living by hauling loads you would have had these problems alot sooner. They do have updates for your tranny that will help, but will not guarantee your problems will be over.
  • chuck220chuck220 Posts: 1
    We just purchased a 93 F250 and we are told that the reverse doesn't work most of the time, but once in a while it does, Any ideas?
  • i got a 1993 f350 that trans was rebuilt bout a year ago truck onyl has 125k on it, it always wants to go foward no matter what gear u put it in, if its in park it acts like itss under a strain, pulled the pan and its clean, i dono what to do
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    You did check all your Cables and the fittings ( nuts, bolts, etc ) to make they are tight and not slipping as well right ? The Cables bracket could be loose and not letting get into the right gear and the same on the fittings.

  • tktkktktkk Posts: 3
  • ya i went under tha dash and checked them checked the linkage on the trans and plugs
  • kprime2kprime2 Posts: 5
    2000 model F150 Lariat, 5.4, automatic with towing package, 100K miles. The transmission shifts smoothly, doesn't seem to slip, no other apparent problems. However, after it shifts out of second it will not engage third gear immediately. Sometimes I have to rev the engine to 4K rpms, sometimes I just let the engine idle back and the tranny engages. Once the tranny is in third gear on the hiway I have no problems, it shifts into OD and back to third as needed.

    If I leave the OD button off the tranny only uses the first 2 gears and never shifts to third.

    Any idea what to expect when I take it to the shop??
  • bob180197bob180197 Posts: 2
    Today I went to bleed the clutch on the truck and after releasing the bleeder the clutch peddle went to the floor and stayed there.

    I tried to continue to bleed the clutch but no brake fluid will come through.

    Is it the clutch master cylinder or the throw plate and how can I check?

    The transmission shifted fine and runs good.
  • :mad: hi, i have a 1991 f-150, 2 wheel drive, 5.0 liter, truck has 86,000 miles. whenever i put truck in drive, reverse, it jumps, or shifts hard, then when im driving, throughout the gears it jumps, i can mainly feel it in 1st and 2nd, but does in every gear, trans fluid is good, and the check engine light is on, and it has been stalling out sometimes when i back up usually, it has doine it going forward tho a few times, any ideas?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    have the vehicle scanned it would appear the pcm has seen an error with something in the transmission and has set line pressure to max.. i would suspect a code 631 excessive tcc slip code
  • lburdlburd Posts: 1
    The truck is not performing, the RPM's go past 2200 & it does not want to shift & when it does it is very hard.
  • tmcburneytmcburney Posts: 8
    Hi, I have a 1993 F-150, 5.0L, 2WD, 122,000 miles, automatic tranmission. I just purchased the truck. It is lifted 4 inches and has large off-road tires on it as well. All of this done by previous owner(s).

    When in Drive and stopped at a light or stop sign and moving from the brake to the gas pedal, there is a slight hesitation followed by a faint clunk and more pronounced chirp before the truck will move forward.

    It seems as if the truck goes to neutral gear when stopped, then needs to go back to first gear when letting off the brake and going forward.

    Transmission fluid level is good and fluid looks OK, but I do not know how long since the last fluid change. The truck sat for a while, maybe as long as 1 1/2 years without much driving, before I purchased it.

    Where to start trying find and eliminate the source of this noise / problem?

  • bob180197bob180197 Posts: 2
    Well Last week I pulled the transmission and replaced the slave cylinder and then bleed the clutch and It is working well now - except that in removing the transmission I tour up the muffler and some of the pipes and had to replace then( I would of had to replace then soon anyway) thanks. :) :shades:
  • My F-150 doesn't shift into overdrive, it shifts out of 3rd then seems like neutral. Do I need a rebuild or something more simple? please help
  • I have the same problem, what did you do?
  • I have a 1997 ford f 150 4.6 2 wheel drive. it shifts into 2 and not into 3 or overdrive. Is the solenoid easy to replace? I have drained the fluid and replaced the filter.
  • just the fluid and filter and still the same problem.
  • my transmission is acting up , the truck runs great but when you stop , the truck acts like it will stall out , then the transmission shifts really hard , and then its fine.but everytime I stop , when i go to move the truck stalls , then shifts out hard. my mechanic said it could be a pressure switch or solenoid? any ideas?
  • jetawayjetaway Posts: 14
    The first thing to do is scan the computer for codes .Post the codes along with a description of the symptoms.There are many non transmission related problems that will cause the computer to increase line pressure in the trans.
  • well I took my truck to a rebuilder who said that my band was burnt up and some clips came off, not sure which happened first. But if you have this problem it needs to be taken apart and fixed, or at least that's what I had done
  • kellys1kellys1 Posts: 1
    I have a 96 F350 Powerstroke Diesel, automatic transmission, going down the interstate at 65 with the cruise control on, not hauling any load. Tapped the brake to turn off cruise at the exit ramp, noticed the truck had died (battery light on dash was the only indicator on). Stopped at Light, restarted engine with no problems, put in gear and got RPM's but not motion. Park and Neutrel seem to be working properly, but have no motion in any gear. Checked all fuses with a meter, everything seems to be fine. Had not experienced any type of issues before this, ie: problems shifting.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    So you never pull a load with it, there is oil in the tranny and you have how many miles on it ? When you did check your tranny oil was it bright red or was kind of tinted to dark brown & oh how often do you change your tranny oil ? I know when my tranny went out in my truck for a few minutes I was able to Rev it up really really high and it moved a few feet. On the Vette if it's a Half a Quart low it won't even move or it will barely move. The way you are talking about your Tranny though mine pretty much did the same thing but it did start slipping a week before hand and had another Tranny ready to go in, lol.
  • My truck makes a grinding noise when you try to put it into any gear and won't go in any. It's a 99 F350 4x4 automatic with at least 300k on it. I came off an exit ramp hit a bump and when I hit the brake it started making the grinding sound. I got to the top of the ramp and waited for the light to change it stopped making the sound. It sounds like it is trying to go into gear but won't. I checked the transfer case by putting it in 4 wheel drive and turning the front shaft with the front free and the rear shaft started turning. It won't go into park or anything.
  • fedup19fedup19 Posts: 2
    I have had 3 E4OD Transmissions and Had problems with everyone of them. FORD lives on the aftermarket parts they sell and keep service shops going because they don't want to make a good trans and stick with it they should just stick to body design and let GM make them a good transmission and keep the same one for TRUCKS> I am fedup 19 and I will never buy another Ford Truck and I will be the worst advertising they have ever seen!!.
  • I have a 1998 Ford F150 6 cylinder 4.2 2 wheel drive with over drive the transmission is gone. The question is if i got a transmission from a truck that was the same would it work or do i need to go by the numbers on the orignal transmission?
  • While entering the freeway yesterday, the motor reeved real high ( over 3000 rpm ) dropped down into 3rd gear, and would not shift out of 3rd gear. Also the tow/haul light came on. Pulled off the freeway a few miles on, and shut the motor off & restarted, and all was OK. Got back on freeway slowly, and drove on. When I got off, at the first traffic light, when I took off, it reved to about 2000 rpm and slammed into gear, and the tow/haul light came on again. What might be going on here ?

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