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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • when i turn the key off and let my truck sit over night the battery is drained the next day. there is a click sound coming from the transmission when the vehicle is off. I think it is a solonoid in the transmission. what do you think?
  • I had the check engine light come on and the O/D light blinks on my F-250 2003 5.4. I have no problem with the truck shifting or shimming. I don't understand stand whats wrong, the code 1744 came up when I took the truck in. Now its at the shop just wondering if anyone had this problem with their truck
  • Whats the definition of the 1744? Did they tell you?
  • pdn1pdn1 Posts: 1
    It started with the shift from first to second feeling like i had installed a shift kit. It would not shift until about 3000 + rpm and then it shifted hard. Then while driving with this happening the o/d light started blinking. Now when driving the transmission goes into neutral when it hits the overdrive gear. I have to drive with the o/d off. Any ideas
  • Well the truck will be done tomorrow, the solenoid pack was bad, all wet, the o/d was bad, and I'm having them do the up grades on the Trans. The Trans looked good but told me the truck wasn't locking up while driving passed 45mph. Figured something was wrong when the truck ran 2000+rpm at 65mph and gas millage went down. Also told me it looked like the truck was driven hard. So I will have to slow down not act like it is my Mustang in the winter.
  • Sounds bad I would take it in before you end up stranded
  • I recently bought a 2002 F-250 XL for a work truck close to a year ago. It had around 58K on it and now it has 85K. The problem I'm worried about is the transmission I think. The shifting seems fairly smooth, the tranny oil isn't low, but when it shifts from 3rd to 4th and you accelerate to gain speed, say going up hill, or to pass someone, the truck acts like its hesitating...a shake and sputter type feeling. Anyone got any ideas?
  • I have a 2003 F150 w/auto trans and 4.6L V8 with 79,000 miles. When taking off from a dead stop and turning either left or right the transmission seems to slip a bit. It does not do it when going straight ahead and doesn't seem to do it once you are moving more than 10 mph. Not sure if it is a tranny problem or a possible ring and pinion problem in the differential. Any ideas what could be causing something like this?
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Could be a few diferent issues. engine or trans related... to vague to say. Could say a bunch of could bes but wouldn't help...sorry
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    Sounds like the fluid level is low...check and add some fluid if needed. a ring pinion cannot cause a complaint slip like that.
  • dleardlear Posts: 2
    It is your limited slip rear end.... drain out the fluid refill with regular rear end fluid not the Ford type, and add to cans of the Ford limited slip additive. Then drive in reverse in circles going both directions, do this several times, then drive 50 plus miles normally..... fixed mine and has not done it since over two years. was doing it every time I took off and turned the wheel either direction just any at all. Ford told me my transmission was bad, guess what still working.....
  • tmudder1tmudder1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 f150 4x4 that at first i had to change the ignition the o/d is flashing and it don't want to move in forward or reverse. what should i do :cry: :sick: :mad:
  • zfoodzfood Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 F150 4x4 Auto E40D with a 351W. I recently installed a new engine and torque converter last year and rebuilt the transmission the year before.

    My problems started back 2 1/2 years ago when my transmission started having trouble staying in overdrive. The problem was pretty rare and when my father offered to pay (and allow me to pay him back) to have it rebuilt I took the offer.

    Following the rebuild the problem intensified. It started to shift extremely hard into gears, never shift out of 1st, or after it shift out of 1st it would shift immediately into 3rd. Of course I took it back to the repair shop instantly. After two more weeks they claimed they couldn't find the problem even after replacing the TPS sensor, a speed sensor in the rear axle, and scanning the computer for error codes nearly 15 times (or so they claim!)

    To cut a long story short, even after transmission flushes, filter changes, a new torque converter the problem still persists. It remains very very random. Some days it operates without a hiccup and others you can't get out of the driveway without cursing it! The truck is a second vehicle and due to money restrains this problem remains unsolved. The more I read up on common problems with this transmission I'm led to believe the original shop incorrectly rebuilt it or perhaps it is a computer issue. A current option I plan to explore is adjusting the steering column shifter and the shift linkage on the transmission (this process is in my Haynes repair manual I just can't recall the exact name of the components). I am also concerned with perhaps the shift interlock? I am very unfamiliar with this feature of the drive train and the thought occurred to me after the engine stalled after the transmission shifted up .

    Has anyone ever heard of such an illusive tranny ghost problem or is the real part to blame in front of me this entire time?
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    More than likely you unhooked something when you out the new one in, go back through all the steps and make sure everything is hooked up. If you have already done that check all the relays and fuses as you might have blown one while replacing it.
  • orchiddjorchiddj Posts: 13
    Hi all,

    My 1990 ford f350 transmission is acting up. First let me give some history. The truck is only used 15-20 time a year. Has slipping problem about 15 months ago. Had trans rebuilt. After about 1 year seemed to be having problems when shifting mainly from 2nd to 3rd took back to trans shop. They said mid shift bearing and rear axel bearings were bad. Had repairs done. Used truck locally several times and shifted great. Went on longer trip and noticed some delay when shifting from 2nd – 3rd. took back and they replaced trans vacuum (cant remember name of part) on engine with vacuum hose going to trans.

    Still shifting problem 2nd – 3rd also noise when down shifting.

    Ford test drove and said seemed ok. (at this time I had not realized it was not happening until truck got warmed up)

    Realized on last trip that it does not start until truck is run for an hour or so.

    Shifts great when cool but after warms up there is sort of a delay when shifting from 2nd – 3rd. (when it shifts you get bounced back in seat, kind of like delay in shifting. Makes noise when downshifting )

    I am afraid to go back to original trans shop after 2-3 visits they have only replaced more parts

  • slapraimslapraim Posts: 3
    Pulled a 5 speed from a 1994 ford which shifted well and was real smooth. Then I put it in a 1992 Ford f150. Right after I put it all in the truck I found it was in gear. Now I can't get it out of gear. The clutch slave seems to be doing its job, and I bled the system, and have done all I know to do. Any suggestions on what it could be??
  • slapraimslapraim Posts: 3
    I had a similar problem with a GMC. Does it shift rough if you stomp on the gas???
  • I have a 1997 Ford F350 dump truck that is having some transmission problems - it's an automatic. I purchased the truck in September 07 with 95,000 miles. Before winter I had the transmission flushed. I use the truck for hauling and snow plowing. While plowing, I began having trouble with the truck not shifting out of 1st gear after it got hot - I was going up a hill after having plowed for the past 2 hrs. I could manually shift it into second and shifting into reverse was not a problem. It seemed to be low on fluid so I added a quart. It is possible that I added too much. It was dark out and I was in the middle of plowing when I added the fluid so there is a possibility that I added too much. The fluid was dark and smelled burnt even though it was flushed just a few months ago. This makes me think that perhaps the trans oil cooler is not working or has a leak.

    Just last week it began giving me trouble when I put it in reverse. I have to push the accelerator to the floor before it finally moves.

    The two mechanics that I have brought the truck to have suggested replacing the transmission or rebuilding. One other mechanic said that it might be the speed sensor. I'd like to hope that it is something a little less expensive than a rebuild or new tranny. Do you have an thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

    Thurman Wilder
    Montpelier, VT
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hello Thurman,
    If you are plowing and have a Dump bed on it and it's never been replaced or rebuilt I am shocked the Transmission has lasted that long. I put a post last week about where to go for Ford Diesel Parts and even a Guy here in Denver, Colorado about having our Trannys rebuilt, the shipping cost for you to ship yours here and get one back might cost a little more than the 300.00 total round since you live way up in Vermont, lol. Damn dude I just Mapquest Montpilier Vt. and you are not near any place of Size, you don't seem to far from Burlington though, the only reason I know that place is that my wife used to fly in there for US Airways when she was working out Indiana, lol. If you are near any race tracks in your area you might want to contact them and find you a good Transmission guy there. I have not called Dwayne in a while but I can double check on what it would cost to ship one out. Just the Tranny & New Torgue Converter is around 2250.00 but it is a very well built Tranny. With the Shipping you are probably looking around 2500 to 2700 depending on what kind of deal he or maybe even you could get. Might have to Ship and pick it up out of Burlington. Let me know if you want me ask him or if you want to check around you. The reason I said Race tracks is that usually they have people that rebuild Trannys and that for the same price as dealers but build them to actually last.

  • renwickdrenwickd Posts: 2
    my 2004 f150 has 69000 miles and the last 3 days when i get to about 45 the rpms rev up but its not gettig any faster like it wont switch gears. it works fine with the od switch off. i took it to autozone to get it put on the computer but no codes were found. a friend suggested that the od switch was bad since it workd fine with it off. what do you guys think and how would i change a od switch?
  • homer10homer10 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 f-250 diesel. when shift lever is in D or 2, first gear slips a little then grabs and does just fine all other gears and shiftting are fine. when shift lever is in 1, there is no slipping. So i changed the filter & fluid (it was time anyway). There was no change in the performance. What next ?
  • rubysoxrubysox Posts: 6
    My husband & I have a ford F-150 On sunday we were backing into our driveway & my husband could not get the truck to drop into reverse & move. We tried a few times & it would not go. The truck has about 46,000 miles on it. We were able to get it to drop into drive & a message flashed transmission default. 2 weeks ago we were driving & the truck started shaking & as we pulled on to our street the OD light started flashing, we were going to drive it to the dealer however we treid to drive it my husband was able to back it in the drive way but when he wanted to go forward he was giving it over half throtle & it wouldn't budge we had it towed to the dealer thinking it was transmission issue that would be covered under a warranty. They called my Husband & told himit was the front brakes & there was nothing wrong with the transmission. They fixed the front brakes to the tune of $500+. They tried to tell us we need rear brake work however they were fairly new 7 had been done by another vendor when we took it to that vendor (midas) they looked at it discovered the E-brake was stuck charged us $30 to fix that rather than another $200 for rear brakes the dealer wanted. Sunday we had it towed back to the same dealer. Yesterday they called my Husband & tried to insist again it was the rear brakes he told them the rer brakes were fine we had just had them looked at. He told them when it went in the first tiem he thought it was a transmission issue. They never looked at the transmisssion. Now they FINALLY agree there IS an issue with the tran, however they don't know what until they take it out & look at it which is a 5 hour project just to take it out & see what is worng. Then tack on the cost to rpair anything. Has anyone had this issue? Any suggestions? Other than telling the dealer to go to HE double hockey stick? The tranny fluid is fne & not burnt or leaking. the dealer couldn't answer us when asked why a 3 year old truck would have a tranny issue. It was leased in 2004 July.
  • orchiddjorchiddj Posts: 13
    Sorry for the delay in reply. When the truck is first ran it shifts fine whether going very slow or for example stepping on gas to get into traffic or on hwy. After it warms up it does not matter. It’s about the same when trying to ease in to 3rd gear or if you step on it.

    Same goes for when it downshifts. When cool it makes no noise. When warmed up it makes a clunking sound when downshifting.

    This has been going on for a while now. It has not gotten worse or better. (put about 2000 miles on since problem started.)

    p.s. I changed fluid and both filters. This made no difference.

  • Hey, Transman

    I've got a '94 7.3 with a 5 spd manual transmission. It goes into reverse one time is about 4. Sometimes the first time, sometimes the 8th time.

    Average is about 4 tries.

    I had it torn down by a supposedly good transmission guy. I pulled it, he rebuilt it; and now he has re-pulled it, in his shop, because he didn't fix it.

    He replaced a bushing, (looked like a synchronizer to me) that the collar slides over to go from reverse to 5th gear and back. He also replaced my forks, saying they were worn. (257k miles) He also replaced all synchronizers. When I put the unit back in the truck, it still had the same exact problem.

    He doesn't seem to really know what to do; and he's been dragging his feet getting it back together. (He obviously puts paying customers in front of warranty.)
    He said that on the bench, it shifted perfectly, every time. Maybe the teeth aren't meshing totally? There was no damage on any of the gears evident. The problem has existed for over 20k miles.

    Anyhow, he said he's replacing the the reverse gear, which looked perfect to me.

    Have you had this situation before?

    E-mail me at, if you want to.

  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    vehicle came in to shop with code 783 : 3 to 4 shift error. fluid was burnt forward clutch, direct clutch, and o/d clutch packs were burnt. After rebuild and a new solenoid block vehicle would drive 10-15 miles and retrip the code 783. dis-assembled all electrical connections cleaned with di-electric cleaner cleared codes re-testdrove vehicle 10-15 miles the code returned again. While browsing thru some forums last night i see a recall on 1997-2003 ford superduty trucks for a faulty cam sensor since the sensor is now only 29.00 down from 200.00 We took a chance and replaced it. redrove the vehicle 1 more time for 50 miles and was unable to reproduce the code again. just a heads up for all you superduty owners and technicians alike a faulty cam sensor on these vehicles can produce transmission codes

    Colorado springs Co.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    E4OD trans have a severe problem with boost valve wear and also the line pressure modulator valve also wears out too these valves are located in the pump and front valve body from the factory the aluminum casted sleeves wear from constant valve cycling replacement valves are available from sonnax unfortunately the boost valve cannot be serviced from the pan it requires front pump removal to be replaced i would also recommend a new pressure regulator valve with line to lube also sold by sonnax these worn out valves can be the culprit of your complaint if they were not replaced during the overhaul of your trans. if you need more info about replacement valves for most common cars look at
  • love the he double hockey stick. My suggestion is take it to a ford dealer and if you live here in the DFW area, I know of a great dealership in Frisco TX.
  • hollyannhollyann Posts: 1
    Our 2005 F150 with 75k miles on it started shifting hard, and also shifting up and down at slower speeds, like it wasn't sure what gear it was supposed to be in. We took it to the dealer today and they found metal in it, so they're going to drop it and take a look. But they suspect we'll need a new transmission at $3000!! From reading the comments here it seems like a common problem on the F150s. Is this common?! This is fing ridiculous!!
  • Welcome to the club! My '93 F250 did the same thing at nearly the same mileage (74,000).....The E4OD curse! I gotta replace the torque converter and go through the trans. The lesson I learned was to replace the trans fluid/filter every 15,000 miles.
  • rubysoxrubysox Posts: 6
    Ours had metal in it when the dealer dropped ours. My husband was pO'd as we have ONLY 46,000 on our 04 F150 ask the dealer for After Warranty Assistance form ford. Raise HELL if the truck isn't misused & insist on not paying we fought & reduce r pymnt to under $1100 we had issues with our dealer so we are going to file a complaint with our state attorney general's office. We got dicked around by the dealer. GOOD Luck!
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