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Ford F-Series Transmission Problems



  • hi, i have a 96 f150 4x4 with a 4r70w trans. it is having a hard time shifting into gear. it likes it run about 3k - 4k rpm before it will shift. while cruising down the road around 65 mph it loves to down shift which kicks the rpms up to a steady 3300. i let go of the accelerator and cruise to around 60 it will shift up but as soon as i hoover around 65 it will down shift down and then up shift and just pretty much just shift eraticlly. any ideas. :sick:
  • My 1989 F350 is starting in drive instead of first.
    Does anyone know why or how I can fix it?
    Thank you
  • jdrlejdrle Posts: 3
    When first started and put in drive, if you put it to the floor it barely goes, you have to let up a little and after it shifts then you can put it to the floor and it takes off. After it gets hot it takes off a little better but it doesnt seem right , it feels sluggish. Also the tow switch does not work. This maybe a fuel related item. I need all the help I can get.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Ford Stock tranny's are not very good at all, even if you change the oil every 20K they still don't last. The Wire inside the Steering Colum that goes from the Switch to the Button on your shifter is more than likely broke, bad news is that you have to replace the whole shifter and they run anywhere from 120.00 to 190.00 depending on the Dealer pricing.
  • jdrlejdrle Posts: 3
    Ok, but is this causing the truck to take off slow like that.
  • kbodekbode Posts: 1
    i have a 2005 f-150 5.4 and was driving on the highway just fine got off,stopped at a light,then when i took off,and it should have shifted into overdrive.... nuthin no overdrive it dissapeared. ichecked the fuses-fine ,so now i drive with overdrive off anybody have any ideas??? fluid seems fine.
  • what was the deal ???
  • what was the deal ???
  • I just bought this truck 3 weeks ago from a Chevy dealer and they have already had to replace the trans. (74,000 miles)
    the (rebuilt or used trans- not sure which) downshifted today out of OD into drive at 65mph for no reason.
    After shutting off for a few minutes it has worked fine since.
    Any experience with this ,anybody? Any ideas?
  • Hello All, I'm looking for opinions on my trans. noise problem. It's an '08 f-150 with 5-speed. There is a vibrating-type noise that comes up through the stickshift while driving, especially when a bit of load is put on engine (not bogging, though). I've driven with stick detached, and noise lessens/disappears. Anyone else have this? Thanks, Chris
  • My E40D transmission was experiencing a hard 1-2 shift. I pulled the pan and changed the filter and fluid but it did not help. I can minimize the harshness by letting off the gas when the tranny shifts. Recently the tranny will not go into 3rd gear when the fluid warms up. The truck shifts good for the first 15 minutes or so and then will stop going into 3rd. Moving the column shift lever does not help. Any ideas? Will the fix require a complete rebuild or can it be repaired at the valve body. Thanks
  • I have a 94 f-150 5spd and it won't go in to gear. It started when I lost 1-2 gear. Than it changed and I lost 3-4-5-R. Then it got worse, and I now I'm stuck in first. I have NO idea what the heck it is doin. It has a inline 6 and runs great. I would just like an idea of what to look at. I thouhgt the slave or maybe the master. I just don't want to pull the tranny, If I don't have to. PLEASE HELP!!!
  • I have a 4x4, short bed, inline 6, 5spd. It was running great, then it started. I lost 1-2 and then I lost 3-4-5-R. Now I'm stuck in 1st and don't know where to go form here. I was trying to get an idea before I droped it and rebuilt it. PLEASE HELP. THe clutch feels good and runs great.
    Bruce :sick:
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    You can try the Slave Sleeve, they are pretty low cost and they are pretty easy to change out, if you can change Spark Plugs you can change it. Should only take about 20 minutes to do and the cost for a new Slave Sleeve is usually under a 100.00. You can email me and I can walk you through on how to change on out over the phone.

    Atpraterexc1 at

  • hey guy im over here in nj. i bought this ford almost 200 miles from home in summer 08. a month ago i noticed everytime i park there was oil stains there. then driving one day it seem like my differential was messing up. i put a 1.5 quarts in it and nothing. by the way the differential had some spill around it that was dried up. when that didnt solve the problem i looked under the car and saw my trans pan was very oily. checked the dipstick and it was dry. completely dry. pulled pan cleaned it, replaced the filter and then i added too much tran fluid. hoping it will eventually go down as i drive.
    first night was a little hard and stalled when i took off. seem like when it warm that problem doesnt exist. took it to work and the next morning when leaving drove fine so i figured the fluid was draining gradually as evidenced by some fluid under truck. then it seem like starting from initial acceleration if i reverse before placing gear in DRIVE i dont have that problem. sometimes it fine other times it not. whats going on here?
  • I bought this 97 F150 4x4 auto OD this Summer, w/192k miles. tranny was shifting erratic for a while. I added a tranny cleaning additive and it straightened out over the next 100 miles or so. last week I went to leave home and it wouldn't move forward. Reverse worked just fine, but would not go forward.. any ideas as to what is going on? is a valve in the valve body stuck?
  • I need help with my 92 f-150 4x4. It has a 300 inline six with an auto tranny, don't know what tranny it has for sure. The problem is that my brother was driving it and the story goes that it started to make a small grinding noise and then it just locked up. The big problem is that it locked up hard enough that the u joint on the rear end actually twisted out of the yolk. I would like to know what the hell he could have possibly done to make it do that and if anyone thinks its possible to fix on a budget or if its even worth it.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Mudder,

    Seems like I have talked to you before about this but maybe not. If the Tranny truly locked up because it was worn out then there was nothing he did wrong or could have done to avoid this. Now unless he put it in Reverse while driving down the road then it's your dumb brothers fault and make him pay for it, lol. As far as the Yoke on the Rear End just make sure the Rear End is good to go and if so just replace the Yoke and Drive Shaft and be done with it. You can usually find those in a Junk yard if you are on a tight Budget.

  • Thanks cowboy. I don't think he would be that dumb. But now that you say that i do wonder if it's possible that it slipped into a lower gear and locked up. What do ya think? Is there any way of looking at it and finding out? Probably not. I'm obviously not a tranny guy but have to start somewhere. I have been doing a little homework and i think it's an e4od tranny so if you or anybody knows anything special that i should know to try to fix it or at least find out what happened any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • cowboy9cowboy9 Posts: 161
    Hey Mudder,
    I will start out saying that I have 2 brothers and the one I would trust with the world and the other I wouldn't trust with dog poop, lol. Could have it slipped into a lower gear ? Maybe but I don't think so honestly. If he is good normal driver then more than likely something gave out and made it lock up but usually when a tranny goes out they just stop working. In order for it the lock up something had to break inside. Does the Rear End still turn now that the Drive Shaft is not hooked up to it or is it locked up ?

  • Sup cowboy9,
    Ya the rear end seems to be fine we winched it onto the trailer with no problems, it seemed to roll fine no binding or grinding that we noticed. I'm wondering about any chains that could have broke or the sprocket possibly? I don't think it could have been a gear or could it?
  • when starting after a stop truck will move slowly and when the tach reaches 1500 rpm shifts very hard. after that it shifts ok until the next stop.fluid level is ok
  • Ok I have a 2001 Ford F150 4x2 6 cyl. automatic transmission. I went to take off one morning and it reved up to about 4000 RPM's before I could get it to move. I check the tranny fluid and it was completly dry. I filled that back up and realised that I had a leak in one of my lines. Got that fixed but it still wont move in drive, first or second. I have reverse perfectly fine. Someone said to try and rock it while I had someone put into drive to see if we could get the valve unstuck (if that is even the problem), someone else to me to put a bottle of lucas tranny fluid in it so see if that would help. Anyone have any options? I dont want to trade it in right now bc i would get nothing for it with the tranny problem. Any advace would be great!
  • jvansjvans Posts: 1
    my 2000 ford van with 228,000 started having trans problems that I would describe as electrical in nature, the van rolling along in drive or overdrive will drop down to 2nd gear, the speedometer will drop to zero ( even when I'm going 60 mph etc) and then if I turn the ignition key off and back on quickley the trns will come back and work OK for a while. Shift solenoid P0750 and P 0755 (solenoid a and b ) and U 1039 (speedometer) fault codes will appear. It's happening more and more to the point of every minute +/- I checked all electrical connections to trans and brightened and used contact (electrlitic grease) on these, I saw that a cam sensor may cause eratic trans problems the trans is strong and when staying in gear it functions fine your thought please
  • Got a 2004 F150 Super Crew that has about 80K on it. Started to develop a intermittent vibration problem. It usually happens at speeds between 45 and 50. Sounds like I’m running over a series of tiny speed bumps and it just last about 1-2 seconds, however; there is no vibration in the steering wheel. It feels as if it originates in the center of the vehicle and only appears if I slightly accelerate. Need a Ford guru’s help here. Thanks for your feed-back.
  • This is exactly what my truck has been doing for three days now. Did you figure out what was wrong with it and how much did it cost?
  • adams3adams3 Posts: 2
    Mudrun, Believe it or not, it turned out to be the stick itself. Running out of thoughts, I actually loosened the bolt that holds the stick on, started driving, and pulled the stick off--the noise went away, came back when stick was replaced. I tried some fixes on the stick, but ended up buying a new one for 100 bucks. If your truck is under warranty, try to get it fixed there first before messing up the stick like I did. There is some 'natural' bearing noise, but I'd say 80% is gone now, definitely the noise that seemed to come right into the cab. Chris
  • After I posted my issue, I spoke with a friend and he told me that it looks like a transmission issue. He told me to monitor the RPM gauge during the vibrations. Sure enough, the RPMs jump from 1,400 to about 2,200. It's the over-drive not engaging correctly. Aamco, here I come!
  • good afternoon, i need to know how to pull the complete headlight assembly out of truck 1997 is the year, im trying to put strobe lights in the directional lenses but i cant figure out how to get the assembly out.
  • The automatic transmisson won't come out of park! The brake light switch is working. Is there a solenoid that has to be energized when the ignition key is turn on or the engine starts that allow the shift level moved from the park position?
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