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Dodge Ram Gasoline Engine Questions



  • Howdy all
    I have a question about a truck that I just Bought it is a 2500 4x4 ext cab with a V10. here is my question this motor when it sits there at an idle it will make a big poof noise then blow the dip stick out. and it seems to be burning oil. is this an indication of a faulty pvc valve or does this engine have one . This is my first V10 so not sure about anything on it still learning.
    Thanks Doug
    PS is there anything that I should keep an eye on with this engine?
  • nws683nws683 Posts: 10
    check the breathers coming from the block and heads and what kind of oil are you running?? and if you can check for sludge cause some of the oil gallies can be clogged with sludge and if it is run cheap oil for about 30mins and drain until clean if dirty but them v10 motors are very solid motors not many probs as long as you take care of it will last a long time
  • I need help find the name of and locating the part that is used to clip the inlet hose that passes from the transmission into the radiator. I have heard this clip referred to as a spider clip in the past. Any suggestions?

    The truck is a RAM 1500 2001 4WD 5.9 Litre V8
  • tjw4tjw4 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 1500 with the Hemi and 40,000 miles. It has stalled several times at speeds below 45 mph. I have also noticed it surging at low speeds. The rpms bounce a range of 300 or so when holding a constant speed of around 20 mph. You can also feel the surging during gradual acceleration. Would welcome any help.
  • tblackwelltblackwell Posts: 2
    Ihave a 98 dodge ram 1500 with 5.2 eng. I had same thing but at higher speeds and got more frequent over time. If you look under hood on the throttle body there is a sensor called the throttle position sensor. If you tap it and the engine revs up it is probably the sensor.that was my problem. it cost about 40 dollars and takes about two minutes to change.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    How is the idle quality?

  • tjw4tjw4 Posts: 3
    It idles smoothly and has never died when sitting and idling.
  • brewmanbrewman Posts: 2
    Seriously bummed that my '06 Ram 2500 with the 5.7 Hemi has lifter rattle like my old Buick 350 had, only it had a good excuse - 191,000 miles. The mighty "Ram" has click-click-click'd since day one. The area dealers all tell me the same song'n'dance. The cam placement is so high, the pushrods (in specific the exhaust) are lying almost horizontal, so as they unload, you get some clearance and a tick follows as they are re-loaded.
    No fix.
    I shut it off as I roll into the gas pumps, or at a drive-up window, so I can't hear the clatter.
  • tex10tex10 Posts: 27
    i have 05 dodge 1500 2wd 1500 4.7 V8 and my power steering is keep going out. i have place pump 3 times i have flushed the lines, i dont what else to do.
    Know on napa rebulids
  • k9mamak9mama Posts: 2
    Hi all--
    I'm in serious need of some help. I own a 03 Dodge Ram 1500. It has been a great truck but just in the last 6 months I've had some problems.
    First the engine light came on, so I took it to a car place and they told me I had a evac system problem, but he didn't know where it was. He said that i needed to get the fule injector cleaner thing done, so I did. about a week later, the light comes on again. So I take it back and he turns the light off.
    Well, after a few weeks the light comes back on, so my firend sent me to her auto shop, and they tested it and said that one of the hoses was cracked and chaged me $20 to fix it!! What a difference.
    Fast forward a few weeks and now the tach it surging up. It started with me just sitting at a light at it would rev to 2 or 3 thousand. Then jump around 1,000, and then just die. So the tech can;t figure outs what's wrong. Things were going okay, then it started doing it again while at idle AND while I was driving. I took it back and they did a compression check and said that the cylinders were averaging 70-85 PSI when it should be 140-180. He didn't know how to fix it.
    I then took it to a dodge dealer, (since the place I bought it closed). They checked it outr and said that they didn't think that was the problem, but did say that I should get a tune up and replace the spark plugs. So I did. I even went on a test drive. It acted a littel funny, but the tech didn't think it was a problem.
    So I get it back just this past Thursday and its working fine. Then Friday, it starting doing th surging thing again. I called the service department and told him that I had the air on this time and it started again. I can't remember the other times if the air was on or not. He said that he still doesn't know what would cause the surging.
    Oh I alsomt forgot, while I'm driving it'll rev up like I accelerated, but I hadn't even toughed the gas.
    Well, if anyone could get me some adivse on what I should do or what they think the problem is I would be so greatful!!
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    The valve train is not quite as quiet on a 5.7 Hemi as other Dodge engines, but what you are describing seems highly unusual.

    What type of oil are you using and how's the oil pressure?

  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    RAMS do not have a direct connection to the throttle plate as in most vehicle designs. It's possible that the accelerator pedal potentiometer or the throttle position sensors are defective.

    Cracked vacuum hoses can also cause this problem.

    My bet is, however, that the Idle Speed Solenoid plunger is sticking, not an uncommon problem on engines that are starting to get up in mileage.

    Best regards,
  • kymmiecatkymmiecat Posts: 2
    Looking for some insight. Bought a Ram 1500 quad, with long box, straight from the dealer. It was a lease vehicle at the same dealership. I bought it with 83,000 kms. on it and I got the extended warranty to cover the power train. Last week while cruising 130km/hr there was some chugging and then a little more chugging, as I got off the highway a large plume of blue smoke out the tailpipe! AAAGGGGHHHH! The dealership it was towed to said no. 1 & 8 cylinders were gone. They took out the spark plugs and put in a new set. This of course didn't help a thing except that they got to charge me four hundred bucks to do so.
    I got the truck towed to the dealer it was bought from and they said yes the motor is toast. One of the spark plugs detonated in the engine. Sorry about your luck, they said, we told you to change the plugs 3 months ago and you didn't. They will not cover this failure at all. We have only put 23,000 kms on this truck since we bought it. Although they "recommended" we change the plugs, there was no urgency on our part as the truck is driven very little and we assumed the plugs had been changed when we bought it. I have the plugs removed from the truck, and other than a little carbon build up they don't look too bad. Except for the one missing an end!The truck had been running fine, up til that point. No pinging or sluggish behaviour, which would have told me to get the plugs done! Any comments, suggetions, would be greatly appreciated,
  • titanium29titanium29 Posts: 38
    You know, this story really concerns me for several reasons. I assume when you say "dealer" you mean an actual Chrysler/Dodge dealer. And when you say "extended warranty", I assume you mean you paid the same dealer a nice chunk of change to cover you, and now that it's their turn to step up to the plate, they don't think they should have to.
    If it were me, I'd do two things. One, publish the dealer's name here and everywhere else I could so they might feel the pain of treating a customer like this. Two, I would contact a nice attorney to "write them a letter" at the very least. They are either feeding you a line of crud about the spark plug so that they don't have to pay for repairs, or they just don't want to and are telling you it's not a "covered failure". Either way, you should "push back" and hard!

    I bought my first Dodge truck, an 06 CTD MEga cab. I can tell you I am happy with the truck. But I bought it when my Toyota couldn't keep up with my tow load. If I get any kind of treatment from Dodge or my dealer like what you describe, I'll leave the company in a hearbeat never to return.
    You need to share the Dealer's Name!....Thanks.
  • I have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 and the check engine light cam on and the truck started to tremble. What is causeing this?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Can you get a Trouble Code from the ignition switch?

    The other Dusty
  • no for some reason it wont give it to me

    i'm going later tomorrow to autozone to see if i can get it
  • Hey all looking for some help here i have a dodge ram 1500 4.7L V8 short box regular cab about 60000 kms on it and latly it hhas developed a engine vibration it seems to only happen in between 70 and 100 km/h some people are suggesting it could be my spark plugs need to be changed any suggestions would be greatly appceiated
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    Could be spark plugs, but in my experience the 4.7s run very well on old plugs. Then again, you've got a lot of miles on the factory plugs.

    There could be a bad or dirty fuel injector.

    Could have a weak ignition coil.

  • Dusty1318,
    I have a '98 dodge ram 1500 that does something VERY simmilar to what you are describing. I was traveling about 55+/- mph going up a slight incline. The check engine light came on, and the truck started to tremble almost as if i were driving over railroad tracks. It only stays that way for a moment then returns to normal. For me the $3.00 fix was when I filled the tank from almost empty was to put 2 bottles of fuel injector cleaner in the tank, and keep the tank full PLEASE post a response to let me know if this works for you too... :)
  • Had the same type of thing happen to my '07 Hemi the first day I had it. Started to vibrate badly while driving on the hwy, got worse as I accelerated. Check engine light came on after I shut it off and re-started it. Dealer found "misfire" code for one of the plugs/cylinders and reset it. No more problems since. Mechanic told me that until code is reset, cylinder will continue to misfire because ECM won't allow it to. Also told me that it's not unusual for this to happen to a new engine. Had a similar problem with my '02 Durango 5.9. Problem was a plugged/clogged fuel injector from bad gas. Removed/cleaned injector and problem disappeared.
  • Possibly the fuel rails are rusted internally causing blockage or cat coverter.
  • Check hoses in evap system, know to dry rot and crack. Can be fuel cap. Possible that the leak detection pump is bad.
  • to any one not on the moon;

    i am looking at purchasing a 1996 ram 3500 with 106k miles. what kind of fuel mileage could i expect with a continuous payload of 1k, and how many miles would i expect before major engine or transmission problems, provided it has had good servicing, 2-wheel dr.
    thanks booger
  • 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 4.7 Liter, K&N cold air intake, 92K miles...heres the question - I recently changed my spark plugs and upon finishing the truck idles near 2K RPM's and because of the high idle shifts very hard into gear and it is hard to keep it stopped when in gear because the tranny is still engaged and wants to go. Also the K&N air filter never stops sucking air. When I give it gas the truck runs like normal but when idling it exhibits this nasty sucking sound and the RPM's are much higher than its normal 6-700 RPM's. Please help!
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