2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited (MF / Residual / Lease Credits ) NYC/Nassau County Long Island

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First time here, excuse me for my freshmaness

Could I have the MF, Residual and Lease credits for a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited for 36/12k , 36/15k for zip 11427 and zip 11514?

Additional Questions:
Will these numbers change depending on if I add packages and accessories, i.e. Moonroof and HarmonK speaker package, remote start, mud flaps, etc...if so should I come back and ask the above questions with all the things I want on the car?
Do these numbers change month to month, I don't need the car immediately but need it before Fall 2019, should I wait or check back every month?
Is the Costco Auto Program a good resource to go through?

Thanks so much!!!
P.S. I currently drive a 2008 Scion tC, have never owned or leased a Subaru in the past.

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  • pmw786pmw786 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you so much.
    Would you also be able to provide the MG, residual for 36/12k? For 11427/11514 

    do these numbers change from city to city or only state to state?  Is Subaru known to have more incentives at certain months of the year, going through the forums, August seems like a month with incentives? Is that accurate?

    thanks again

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    Thanks, I’m learning for sure, so I’m curious on the forums why is everyone always giving their specific zip code or locations when it’s a national rate? 

    you mentioned dealer installed options are not residualized so when I’m plugging these numbers into a lease calculator like lease hacker calculator the MSRP price I should enter is not including all the add ons?  For example starting for crosstrek 2019 limited is $27,195 but with upgrade package installed by manufacturer it’s maybe $30,550 and then adding dealer installed options like mud guards and others the MSRP goes up to $31,847.  The residual of 59/61% will be off which number? Which MSRP should I enter into the calculator?

    ill check back in next month for new numbers, seeing all the posts you’ve been a moderator here for a while, thanks for all the help you provide.  Should I continue posting back under this thread of is there a main thread for this same topic I should ask my questions under, if so please do send a link.  Thanks again.  Oh yeah, any idea when the 2020 Subaru Crosstrek will be released and does that play a part in getting a better lease deal for the 2019 model? Thanks
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