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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • depdep Posts: 79
    There are no new 08 Techs left. If you are looking for a used 08 that is a totally different discussion RE price.

    Dealer Invoice (really manf. invoice) is a critical element of pricing and is in no way BS. Dealers my BS you but again that is a different issue.
  • depdep Posts: 79
    Car sales are REALLY slow in the US. In a major metro area Invoice would be easy; I would push for $500 under if I was buying today.
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    First Acura in Seekonk, Mass had a Black/Black Tech package a few weeks ago.
  • would love to get one at the $31k but looks well below invoice - what's a realistic price (sf bay area)
  • I hope we aren't competing for the same vehicle.
    I'm also looking for a 2008/2009 Black RDX.

    Working to get it at somewhere around the same amount.
    I'm not pushing my budget for anything, after reading the paper everyday.
  • 2008's now have $3000 dealer cash off
    I just called and they are selling them for $27,770 here in So Cal

    2009s are $31,723 (with destination)
  • 313313 Posts: 7
    Hi Tommy,

    Are you talking about TECH package? If yes, which dealer you get this pricing? Are these out door pricing or still need to plus tax & fee? I am looking for either 2008 or 2009 RDX TECH white/black, blue/black, or Gray/black, and I am in North Cal, so it's OK to get the car from So Cal dealer.
  • 313313 Posts: 7
    I am at the same area and also would like to get 08/09 RDX TECH in white/black, blue/black or Gray/black, please let me know if you find the good deal in SF bay area. Thanks.
  • kikiskikis Posts: 3
    did you guys find a good deal?
    i got the quote from dealer and the out door price is $36,080.79. pls let me know if you got the lower one....
  • kikiskikis Posts: 3
    updated: one sales offer $35,535.54.
  • Kikis - are you in the SF Bay Area (if not, what is your state tax)? What is the invoice on your offers? I'm ~32650 and think I can do better.
  • Are they selling to 09's for 31,723 with the tech package
  • kikiskikis Posts: 3
    yes. i am in SF Bay Area.
    the offer shows below:
    2009 RDX Technology Package - $32,500+Tax & Licensing fees (MSRP $37,755) (Invoice $35,016.42)

    If you register this car in Bay Area, the total out the door price will be $35,535.54.

    any better deal?
  • I am in the market for a 2009 RDX base model. I quoted 5 deals, and the lowest price I got is $29,300 before TTL and destination charge. What do you guys think of this price? Is it a good deal? Thanks a lot.
  • Sounds good. I have heard that people of been paying 31,000 for an 09 with the tech package. In the long run you may be better off with the tech package when you go to sell for trade-in.
  • obviously 31,723 was base model, not tech package. I would have bought the car on the spot for that price for a 2009 tech package

    I went in this weekend and face to face was quoted $34,000 for 2009 tech package, not a dime less. And that was down from MSRP 37k he started at....

    From what I have read above, this is not a good deal apparently. I am still waiting to sell my current vehicle, so I see I can now wait and negotiate better based on the posts I am seeing ....
  • where are people being quoted 31,000 for an 09 tech? that is about invoice for a base model, and tech is 3000+ additional. that would be a steal

    please provide more info

    I went into dealer 3 days ago and it took enormous haggling to get him down to 34,000 for a tech, which is 38-39 after CA taxes/fees/loan

    but this is CA, where they still think money is flowing and cars are in demand
  • tech package is a complete waste of money. my advice to you: get a tom tom or garmin for pennies on the dollar. don't waste your money on some lame built in navigation system that will be obsolete in 6 months and that you can't take with you on trips when you need to rent a car.
  • We got the tech package and it is nice to have the built-in screen. However, I will say that my garmin is a way way better gps system than the acura gps.
  • dishwash, thanks for the input

    honestly I don't drive much outside my city, so the navigation is not a big deal, I was born/raised here and don't really need it. Plus when I do travel, I plan ahead, and google maps are my best friend anyway

    but the tech also comes with a much higher end stereo which I like. probably not worth the extra $3000, but in combo with the nav, maybe worth it

    I will prob go for the non-tech unless they throw me the tech for less than half the $3000 additional tag price
  • Don't forget that the Tech package also gives you the integrated Nav. That way you can use voice commands to control your temperature, change stations, get directions, etc. You can't do that on an aftermarket unit. Also, it has a rear backup camera which may be useful to some people.
  • I have 2008 w tech. Nav is excellent-better than my Garmin, and can be updated. Very good sound system. Back-up camera useful, particularly for wife, who drives by Braille system. Adds to resale value. I got tech for little under $2G in May 2008 in Westchester, NY. You can get better deals now.
  • What rainbow 11 said about the wife and back up camera...not a bad feature, and she loves it.
  • I just got one 2008 base in Houston area for $27,500 before TTL. Also got a quote on 09 base for $30,123 and tech $33,000. Looks like a good price for me. Good luck for your shopping.
  • 30,100 and 33,000 are great numbers, thanks for posting tiger120

    i am going to ask for no more than these figures next time i go negotiate
  • Anyone know what the financing offers for the rest of the month are? Will they keep the 0.9% for 36 months?
  • they are going to keep offering the 0.9% up to 36 months and 2.9% after
  • Sweet... how did you find out? Also, I'm being offered an '09 RDX w/Tech for $33288+TTL. Do you think I should take it right now with the 0.9% financing, or do you think he deals may be better two or so months from now when my current lease ends? Any quick responses would be helpful since I need to decide by Monday. Thanks!
  • a few things in response, and understand I am not an auto company employee, insider, expert, etc, just using common sense and information I have found or gotten

    the price for your 09 with tech is excellent, thanks for posting. what city/state are you in?

    I would say the deals will be better in two months, but that is just a common sense comment. The economy/recession/auto market is not going to get better any time soon, hence deals will not get any worse, they may only get better. The fed dropped the interest rates for a while so I don't see any reason why Acura or other dealers would raise rates. Toyota is at 0% rates across the board as are many of the US automakers. Honda/Acura would shoot itself in the foot to raise rates.

    Also, why do you need to decide by Monday, if your lease is up in two months? Did the dealer/salesman give you a "deadline" to buy? If so that is hogwash, once he quoted you a price he will have to honor it today or months from now since you know you got it and he knows he told you about it. You have the money and the power in this market, not the dealer or salesguy. If you need to decide for some other reason, then I don't know how to answer unless you provide more info.

    But I would not buy right now just because he is putting a time line on you. Like with many major purchases regarding tech or autos: the longer you wait, the cheaper things get, the better technology gets, etc etc
    Only reason to buy now is if you need the car right now. Otherwise why have two depreciating assets in the garage if you don't need to....

    2009 RDX's will be on the floors till at least august, so I wouldn't worry about them disappearing or anything.

    good luck
  • Thanks for your insight. We're in Cleveland, OH. The reason I said Monday is because the current promotions end and may not be extended further. Acura already told me they are increasing their CPO financing rates an additional 2% on Tuesday. So I assumed the new car percentages may also increase by a similar amount.

    Two months from now who knows what might happen. I agree the economy won't improve greatly, but that doesn't mean that dealers will be offering the same incentives as they are right now. For example, BMW raised their percentages by 2% as well last week, etc. I guess we're just worried that the rates will go up on Tuesday and that could be an extra $2k or more depending on the vehicle.
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