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2013 and earlier-Acura RDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • A dealer told me the Acura factories will be shutting down for a month or two? Anyone else hear that and any idea how it will affect prices?

    I've gotten quotes in the mid $31k range plus TT&L for a 2009 RDX w/ Tech Package.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Most automakers shut down for a period of time for retooling and maintenance. It's nothing unusual. Don't let the dealer use that as a selling point (sense of urgency) to get you to buy an 09 now.
  • Well it wasn't so much a tactic to increase a "sense of urgency", but an explanation as to why this one particular dealer couldn't compete in prices. Said inventories were to thin to take such a loss.

    By the way, I ended up getting an 09 RDX Tech package w/ wheel locks, complementary first service and a free detail for $31,400 plus TT&L in the SF Bay Area. What do you think? Good deal?
  • Very nice posting - I was at dealership in New England, and best I could do for $1,000 down on a RDX with tech for 39 months was $480 +tax. Where did you get that deal ?

    Thanks !
  • Price paid for an RDX Tech in the Northern VA area:

    Price: 31,499
    TTL & Fees: 1475.24
    They paid the remaining 2 payments on my Honda Lease: 637.30

    Total Cost: 32336.94

    My salesperson didn't have the best English skills but he up for it by being very accommodating. He was also able to get us an extra 2 free oil changes. I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to purchase an Acura in the Northern VA area.
  • Thanks for the info - so does this mean your purchase price was actually $30,225 (31499-637-637)?

    I have been negotiating for awhile now but the dealer is not will to go below $31,500.
  • I doubt the dealer took the 2 lease payment values (637x2) out of the car price. They can write that off in a number of ways.

    The poster is merely relaying "his" total cost by subtracting the lease wipe-off from his total for the new car.

    31,500 is an amazing price for a 2009 rdx w/tech that retails for 34,000+ and msrps for 37,000+
  • So let me clarify:

    My OTD price was 32974.24 then they wrote me a check for 637.30 for the final two lease payments on my Honda. What's so great about the deal is that I was able to keep the Honda and continue driving it until the lease ends.

    At this point I have 5K miles left on a 45K lease so I'm just driving the Honda until it hits 44999 while the RDX is parked in the garage.

    And one more thing, this the second time I've negotiated a deal over the telephone and internet and I feel this is the best way to go. I just feel more in control of the deal as opposed to negotiating inside of the dealership where I just feel outside of my element.
  • I'm looking at the latest Edmunds pricing of $30,479 for a Base RDX, can anyone tell if this includes $2500 mfg to dealer incentive? Or do i have a chance of the price down to $28k area(I'm all in at that price). I'm North Jersey and willing to travel reasonable distance for a deal.

  • funny because the dealer said the exact same thing to me - "31,500 is an amazing price for a 2009 rdx w/tech that retails for 34,000+ and msrps for 37,000+" .... are you a dealer?

    in any event, I will keep trying to get the price down ...
  • When I negotiated my deal, I had other dealers who couldn't compete telling me to buy it because it was a great price for an RDX Tech. If other dealers are telling you to buy it from the competition, you know your on the right track.
  • dealer? no
    rdx shopper? yes

    simple math, the msrp and retail pricing is way over what they are being offered at right now. two months ago I could have barely gotten an RDX w/o tech for 31,500 and now you can get a tech for that.

    I cannot imagine if, or how much, it can go lower. Acura has historically rarely offered cash back deals like this, and to think it could go lower is hard to fathom. Even with the economy and car market in the tank, Japanese auto makers don't bargain like the American boys do. They will probably stop production and just try to unload what they have, so the pickings might get slim.
  • thanks for the analysis. i will definitely keep that in mind when i am ready to pull the trigger.
  • Hi I just got a quote from and internet sales manager in Maryland for an RDX with tech package for 31389 + TTL. They also have a 100 dollar processing fees. They also offerred me for an MDX with Tech package a price of $38879. Are these good prices? Do they still have the 2500 dealer cashback from manufacturer?

  • The RDX price sounds like it has the 2500 cashback in it. Good price, haven't heard lower yet. Get them to throw in your first service!
  • Anyone have recent purchasing experience with the preowned certified 2009 RDX? We are debating waiting till the summer for 2010 models for better financing on a new 2009. Opinions? Thanks.
  • chub2chub2 Posts: 1
    looking at 2009 rdx w/ tech pkg.
    how many miles per year did you get for $480 + tax mo?

    looking for 39 mth, 15k miles yr. phila area.
  • I'm also looking for an 09 RDX Tech package for around the 31K price. Do you mind letting me know which dealership you went to? If you feel more comfortable e-mailing me privately, please let me know.

    Thanks :)

  • Hi Christi - It was Inskip Acura RI, Rich was salesman. Also test drive Infinity EX - good 2008 (late year discounts, and may perform better.

    Good luck!
  • If people are getting 31k quote for tech package, is is it safe to assume that base price is in 28.5k area? has anyone had recent experience?

  • hxm29hxm29 Posts: 4
    My lowest quote is $31,100 for RDX with tech. However, it does not include destination charge of $760. Does your quote around 31K include a destination charge?

    Thank you!
  • Yes, all fees except taxes & regis
  • My quote of also included destination.
  • What is considered "invoice" on the RDX Tech?

    My local dealer said they would sell for invoice less the $2.5K incentive - which for them came to @$32.5K (includes destination) but not TTL. Sounds like there is another $1K or so they have to work with at least.

    Do you think that the Acura incentives will remain for the 2009's? Lastly, given the 2010's are not that far away - is it worth waiting? My dealer of course is suggesting there won't be incentives initially on the 2010's (not sure historically if that's true but makes sense) and that the 2010's won't hit until fall. Now other posts indicate that the 2009's got to some dealers in June, 2008 (seems early but.....)
  • Inskip isn't selling for that price anymore apparently....
  • Is 29K (before tax and license + doc) a good deal for a Base model (no-tech) 2009 RDX? (29K after deduction of $2500 factory to dealer incentive, that is..)

    Thanks for any help/hints.
  • hxm29hxm29 Posts: 4
    Just got mine with tech fro $31,700 in Illinois. The dealer was not going any lower.

    Without tech my best offer was 28,800.
  • Got $28995 ($31995 w/Technology pkg) internet price quote for 2009 Acura RDX from NY dealership ... made offer for $28495 (incl. dest. chg) for the base model and it was eventually accepted. Other area dealerships were asking $1K more. I picked up the base model a week ago (on Feb 20) and am loving it! =)

    The Mfg to Dealer $2500 rebate had been extended to 03/02/09 ... don't know if it will be extended again or perhaps even increased (though 2009 stock is dwindling).
  • rihoopsrihoops Posts: 91
    Just bought a 2009 RDX base for a good price at First Acura in Seekonk, Mass. Very nice people there and they treat you well. Love the car after just a few hours in the snow.
  • 645e3a645e3a Posts: 4
    Thanks for the feedback guys. From the dealerships I've visited so far, Acura does really seem to be drawing down their inventory of unsold vehicles by putting very few new vehicles in the pipeline. It certainly does seem to be a great time to purchase one if circumstances can't wait for the 2010s.
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