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Mazda CX-7 Check Engine Light



  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Like clockwork, my CEL went out Sunday afternoon, as soon as the temperature got into the upper 30's. Since August, I've had 3 gas caps put on, the purge valve's been worked on, the IMRC's been worked on, and a few other things, all related to the at this point, I pay it no mind when the weather is really cold. This is the third cold-weather CEL, after all! Even after the many repairs and servicings the car has had, all related to the CEL, I now feel with almost 100% certainty that when it get really cold, the CEL will come on, but will extinguish as soon as it warms up a bit. Now, I know absolutely nothing - and I mean NOTHING - about the workings of cars, but this does seem to be a flaw in its system. On the other hand, it seems to resolve itself so I can't waste any more time, effort, or money on it.
  • Same here. My CEL also went off this past Saturday when it warmed up in CT. Obviously this is a MAJOR flaw with this vehicle as many have had to visit their dealerships for alleged fixes that most likely were not required. CEL coming on and off intermittently and the service departments can only scratch their heads until Mazda USA figures out what is actually wrong with this vehicle. For now, the only thing to do is ignore the CEL otherwise you will get an ulcer.......
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    This morning, it was 20 degrees, here, in northern VA. I haven't had a CEL in a long time. Cold weather doesn't seem to cause any problems.

    Astegman, you're just special, that's all! :P

  • I've had this issue and it's a known problem with the shutter valve. They had to replace/repair mine and it fixed the issue. This will also contribute to some sluggishness in your vehicle.
  • Mazda knows this is an issue and supposedly building a kit to fix this. For now, you're dealer can adjust/fix or replace the offeding parts.
  • damn. I got the CEL again.......Talk about intermittent....
  • I had a CEL at 1800 miles. They adjusted the IMRC valve as many of you have had done. Well the CEL came on again tonight(2 weeks later 2,000miles). One pattern I noticed is that both times it was very cold out and I had 1/4 tank of gas left. Not sure if it is coincidence so I filled up the gas, restarted ..light still on. Drove 100feet..shut car off started again still a light. Shut off third time turned it on and guess what the light turned off. So well see if it returns. I know shutting the car on & off cycles the computer to reset itself. Its my wife's car and she has no patience for this type of stuff. Just trying to make it till the first oil change without going back for service again.
  • Mine came on today but I'm not sure whether it was morning or afternoon. I got gas last night but I'm sure I tightened the cap. Does it generally come and go? Is it safe to wait till my first service in about 1600 hundred more miles? I don't thinkt it's the gas cap since I believe that my VIN was higher than the gas cap issue and was also under the impression after a certain date that the gas caps are replaced before delivery.

    Maybe it's not a bug... maybe it's a feature :lemon:
  • wjbushsrwjbushsr Posts: 135
    It may very well be your gas cap, just because your number wasn't called, doesn't mean it didn't slip through.
    I was one of the first on the board with a CX-7, and my CEL came on as well, but I can honestly say that my light hasn't come on since they replaced my gas cap in September.

    There have been instances of a sticky valve on the emissions line, and that may be what's doing it as well.

    But, no, I wouldn't wait for the checkup; if you have some free time, stop by your dealer and have it checked out.

    The car is a gem, if all we have is a CEL bug and an iPod gripe, I'd say we're batting pretty good for a first year car!
  • nmknmk Posts: 111
    When I started writing software, before many of you were born :cry:
    We called a "Bug" and undocumented feature. ;)
  • "Maybe it's not a bug... maybe it's a feature"

    Gas cap CEL = "orange ambient interior lighting." LOL... :D
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    Yessiree, like clockwork - it was 12 degrees this morning, so on came the CEL. I actually laughed out loud, alone in the car, because it's so predictable at this point. As soon as it dips under about 22 degrees, I am guaranteed to get the CEL, despite the zillion times I've had the car serviced. So...I just take it with a grain of salt, and know that as soon as it gets back into the 30's, the CEL will be gone.

    Still love my CX-7, and I knew going in that a first year model could be funky. It was a "risk" worth taking, as far as I'm concerned!
  • What fun..Started the car in the garage this morning and the CEL was off (last night it was on). I drove about .5 miles and the light came back on..........


    Lesson Learned- Never lease or buy a new model vehicle during it's 1st year inauguration. Too many bugs......
  • hdmonthdmont Posts: 3
    Ok, I got my first CEL today and just got off the phone with the dealership. I'm going to have my husband take it in today for them to take a look. Just got the car earlier this month have about 700 miles on it and it has gotten pretty cold here recently..... the teens (degrees F) in the nights. When I got the car I had asked about the gas cap issue and they told me it had already been replaced. Wonder what will come about today?!! :cry:
  • I was told by my salesman that mine was done and according to the VIN number I believe mine is not a gas cap issue but who knows. All I know is it came on yesterday and is still on.
  • Well the Wife called. The light went on again this morning. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning. Will post what they find. I asked the service guy if this is a common problem and he said they have "seen quite a few". I was just curious what he was going to say. When I bring my VW in for common problems they always claim I'm the first they have ever if every problem is an anomaly. Getting annoying. You would think in the 7 months the car has been out they would figure it out. Especially since everyone is getting it in Cold weather and it seems to happen within the first 2,000 miles of driving the car. Glad I have a job that I can come and go as I please otherwise this would really suck!.
  • hdmonthdmont Posts: 3
    Ok, took it to the dealer, and of course the light was off. They got the code off of the computer it read P0300 - random misfire. The service guy asked me if the car was running different or felt odd. I only drove it a short distance this morning, but nothing was noticeable. Service guy says there has been a lot of CEL, but when they check them, they can't find anything wrong. He said it could have been the gas, I guess these systems are very sensitive, so he says. So I'm keeping my eye on it. Anyone else get the P0300 code?? :confuse:
  • OK the CEL was on since yesterday but gas cap was snug as far as I could tell. I decided to try gassing it up and puting the cap back based on what a dealer told someone to do in one of these CX7 forums. Sure enough the CEL light went out. Not sure what this means... supposedly my dealer took care of the cap predelivery or it did not need it. Also someone posted a series of VIN that had the problem and mine was not one of them. Also they indicated that cars delivered after a certain date would have the gas cap replaced. Mine was delivered after that date. I find it hard to believe mine is not gas cap related since filling it up took care of it... unless the problem is in the gas fill neck that someone else aluded to.
  • I've never had that code in the CX-7, but have had it in another car. Could be as simple as a patch of bad gas. I don't think it's much to worry about unless it happens repeatedly; that's whay the car's computer will turn off the CEL after a while.
  • The whole check engine light idea is a scam. The technology is there that the car should display the actual error instead of a silly light for everything that tells us nothing deliberatly to keep us in the dark.

    Imagine your warranty has expired, your check engine light comes and you need the car inspected. You bring it to the "stealer" and he tells it's this, that and the other thing and it will run 200 dollars. All you are worried about is getting the car inspected. Meanwhile it was a loose gas cap or a loose wire on a sensor.

    Note: there are ways to find out what it is by going to places like Autozone and such, but the average person gets sucked in big time.
  • I'm on CEL #3 in 3 weeks of ownership. My new car has literally been in my garage for 2 weeks and in the "garage" at the dealer for another 1 week.

    First CEL was the gas cap - which my sales guy said was taken care of before we got the car - I made sure to ask. they replaced with the new and improved gas cap.

    Second CEL was the manifold issue - as the part is "on backorder" from Mazda, they followed orders to modify the part to temporarily fix the situation.

    Third CEL was a whole new issue we haven't heard of - a cellanoid - Which needs to be ordered from Mazda and was overnighted last night to the dealer.

    In the mean time, they tell me not to worry if the light comes on again, I shouldn't have to go back in to get it looked at. Like I'm comfortable with that. 3 times, 3 entirely different things. The law of averages says that if it comes back on it will be for a whole new reason.

    Oh, yeah. The clincher is that the dealer keeps giving me a rental car (paid by Mazda) for my "troubles"'s a base Rav4! 1 in 3 weeks at the garage, and I'm paying my car payment for a base model Rav4! Not cool.

    Looking into the possibility that this car is a lemon. :lemon: According to lemon law attorneys it is. It's not only the 3 times is a charm with the same problem, it's the amount of time it's been in the shop in the time of ownership. Not sure yet if we're going that route since I LOVE the car, but we'll see...
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    "Looking into the possibility that this car is a lemon. According to lemon law attorneys it is. It's not only the 3 times is a charm with the same problem, it's the amount of time it's been in the shop in the time of ownership. Not sure yet if we're going that route since I LOVE the car, but we'll see..."

    Did you actually check with an attorney or are you speculating? Did Mazda provide you with some info about your state's Lemon Laws? In VA, I received a little pamphlet that discussed the Lemon Laws. That pamphlet described the laws, victims rights and the processes. I never bothered reading it, but filed it with my other paper work. It's there if I ever need to reference it.

  • It's 2 mornings in a row now with the same CEL behavior:

    I start the car up in my garage where the temp is around 40 degrees. I drive the car and within 1 mile the CEL comes on. Not sure if it is due to the ambient temp drop or the car warming up. Frankly, I don't care. btw - outdoor temps have been in the 20 degree range.

    I am not going to the dealer for at least 1 month until Mazda USA figures out what the #$&^%^@# is wrong with their vehicle. I do not have the time to visit the dealer every few weeks.

    MAZDA USA: Are you listening???
  • I'm no lawyer, but I believe the 3 time rule applies if it is the same problem. Though the CEL comes on each time in your case, it appears to that each time it is a different problem, which I'm sure they documented as such.

    Hope you don't have to go down that road and all of us that have had a CEL issue share your frustration.
  • astegmanastegman Posts: 171
    It's getting to be a regular routine. Yesterday, with temps at 12, on came the CEL. Stayed on all day, despite temps rising to low 30's. This morning, however, with temp at 21, no CEL. WHATEVER!!! It's ridiculous, isn't it??

    I find it hard to believe mine is not gas cap related since filling it up took care of it... unless the problem is in the gas fill neck that someone else alluded to.

    A problem with the gas fill neck was one of the early causes of my various CELs, so it's possible. At this point, I would definitely consider my car a :lemon: , seeing as it's been treated for the CEL multiple times (at least 5 and counting) for a different reason each and every time. However, I have not researched Connecticut's lemon law and don't feel the need to do so just yet. While I find it frustrating, it's still not enough to make me take action. It's disappointing, though, and is certainly coloring my opinion of Mazda and their products. I would think long and hard (and do TONS of research) before sampling their products again. On the other hand, this is the first year for this model, and we all know how that can go! :surprise:

    Edited to add: Upon re-reading my post, I realize I am not understanding the basic lemon law concept - 3 times for the same problem, right? So all the times my car was serviced for CEL - each with a different cause - would not fall under a lemon situation, right?
  • Sure, the technology is there, but the average car owner wouldn't know what to do about a "Bad Swirl Valve Purge Sync" error message anyway.

    You can buy an OBDII scanner for around $60, which will work on most cars built since 1996. I picked one up at my favorite supercenter and it was invaluable when I was working on my old truck, which had been driven through high water and was having ignition issues.

    I also used it a while back to reset the CEL on my Mazda. I confirmed the problem was the gas cap issue, and I was on my way - without having to go to the dealer.

    It might be overkill for most garages, especially in this age of 30-minute oil change centers, but it's pretty handy for those who are untrusting of dealers or who aren't afraid to turn a wrench on a brand-new $30K car.

  • I've owned my CX7 since August. The CEL light has been on virtually the whole time, (it does go off breifly once in a while). I've had it in to the dealer so many times that they don't even want me to bring it back until they can get someone in from Mazda headquarters to look at it. The worst part is the performance has decreased significantly after the light went on. Along with the gas mileage. Good luck with yours. THIS CAR SUCKS! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • "Sure, the technology is there, but the average car owner wouldn't know what to do about a "Bad Swirl Valve Purge Sync" error message anyway."

    My point was that it would be useful to know why the CEL is on from a consumer stand point so that you don't get ripped off by the shysters that exist out there who now have the potential to tell you just about anything is wrong with your car.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The problem you have is that most consumers wouldn't know how to make sure that the error being reported is the root cause.

    So, if you want to know what the light means and be truly informed, buy a scan tool along with a shop manual. Otherwise, leave it to someone that has both.
  • Brought the car to dealer this morning. It's the IMRC valve which is the same problem I had 2 weeks ago. This time they are getting a new part overnighted(hopefully)The only thing I'm glad about is that its the same problem. I would be more concerned if it was a different part every time. Owning VW's my whole life I dont get too bothered bringing the car in when its under Warranty......but I'll admit its still annoying. My VW needed 4 new door panel mounts on my 2 week old car because all of them were loose and making noise. This wasnt a new design either. My car was out for 4 years at that point. I could go on and on with the numerous other little things...but its funny I never had a CEL in 4 years, and it never affected the driveability of the car. Unfortunately part of Car ownership. My sister in law just got an 07' CRV and her Tire Pressure light has been on since she got it. The tires are all good. We are not the only ones!!!
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