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GMC Yukon Reduced Engine Power message



  • Sarah,

    How do I set up Customer Assistance Case with GM? Do I just provide the information here or is there some other place I need to provide "email with more information, including your name/Edmunds username, contact information (phone and address, please), the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership".

    Thank You,
  • Bpmcardle,
    Thank you for posting - if you were to email us that information, we would receive it and get things started. My email address is available on my Edmunds profile, which you could view if you clicked on my hyperlinked username.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • This happened to me this weekend. (12-31-11) I went to Manchester Vt for New Years and went to start truck, ran ruff and bucked. I stopped and let it sit for a few minutes tben drove and did same. Now i did have it in all wheel drive. Anyway, i drove into Manchester and there was a gmc dealer and i explained what happened and She said "sounds like a throttle body". Hmmmm, anyay they couldnt get me in for a few hours to hook up to diagnostic machine. I left and it ran finr???? So today 1-4-12 i am driving to work and it starts to buck again my dealer Robertson's GMC in Wareham Ma is abiut 6 miles away. I figure i will try any limp my way there. Well car died completdly on side of road. 6am, 15 degrees out. So i sit for a few minutes and am getting ready to call aaa for a tow and i start up truck and it runs fine. I head to dealer and as i turn in lot it starts again. Short of it is. They replaced thottle position sensor cover, seal and f sensor kit, parts were $83.00 and labor $141.00. Just left and drove 30 miles to work. It ran well so far. Will update if any problems in future. Chris. GMC 2008 Yukon XL
  • I'm glad that you were able to get this resolved at a dealership. Please do let us know if this concern should resurface with your Yukon.

    GM Customer Service
  • I maintain my truck well. But reading about all the like issues have me wondering if gm knows they have an jssue and arent resolving it correctly. I cansee where this can be vey dangerous.
  • 2003 Yukon Denali

    I have been experiencing "Reduced engine power" for a few months. At first, it would happen once every couple days, then once a day, and now several times (happened 6 times in 5 miles)a day. We have changed the fuses, filters, and plugs but it still goes into reduced engine power. I have 5 kids and I fear for our safety. I have read previous posts...are there any current solutions?

    Also, is anyone having instrument cluster issues? My instrument cluster went out about a year ago...not fun!!
  • Thats a major wire harness problem that gmc needs to recall. they had a bad shipment of throttle body from 2003 to 2010 and its not something they disclosed to the public that why they keep telling people its the throttle body.there wire harness are weak and can stand up to the for your cluster just swap out the speedometer with the temperture I did it and it work fine
  • Sarah,
    I have had the same issues with my 2007 Denali in the same sequence; Stabilitrack warning + Service Traction Control + Engine Power reduced. Started of only happening once every several months. Had a complete tune up followed by a fuel injection and throttle body cleaning, right after the cleaning it started again and been happening every week or so. I also noticed that when I first start the vehicle it idles extremely rough, a lot worst than before the cleaning. I also noticed some lag when driving at highway speeds trying to maintain speed. After reduce engine comes on you can pull over, turn car off, take key out for about a minute and it will clear the reduce engine part, but check engine light stays on until you start it a couple times then check engine light goes away too. Ben Mynatt GMC in Charlotte, NC changed the plugs, thought it was misfiring, but happened same day I got it back. I love the truck, but paying thousands of dollars fishing for an answer is not an option for me...Also, I agree with all other people here, this is a VERY dangerous and wide spread problem...GMC should be seriously considering recalls and fix for customers.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • Thank you.
    My battery gauge and oil gauge stopped working as well...

    So, do i need to have my wire harness replaced?
  • I have been working with GMC to resolve my issue with my Yukon. Everyone I talk to says that they are going to call me back but never do. The GMC Business Resource Center has the worst customer service! Is someone telling them to not call me back? I am seeking a repurchase as a last ditch effort. I have been so patient with the dealership and now with GMC to remedy my situation. I have filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau in hopes of resolving this issue. It is inconceivable to me that GM would put me and my family in harms way and then just blow us off. My car has been sitting at the dealership for over two weeks now. I can't believe that we tax payers bailed them out and then they treat us like dirt. We should have let them go under. Business that can't back their product and put lives in danger should not be doing business period! If anyone has had a similar complaint and resolved it with the BBB, please give me some advice. I definitely am not going away and will continue to fight for what is right!
  • I have been been fighting for 9 months and my vehicle has actually been in an accident due to reduced engine power. Esis GM offered me 1500$ for my troubles. Are they kidding me? I too am seeking a repurchase or replacement. I have filed 3 with BBB locally, one with BBB in back of owners manual and then this one due to accident......funny how Sarah from GM only responds to certain messages on here. I FULLY INTEND TO NOT GO AWAY. My families lives have been put in danger too many times and I am still paying for a truck that is inoperable and cannot be repaired. SARAH AND GM....I AM NOT GOING AWAY. I already am in contact with an attorney.
  • Thanks for getting back to me. Have you filed a complaint with NHTSA? After so many compliants they will research and force a recall. It's sad that someone has to die before they do anything. They do an analysis of the cost to replace versus the cost of liability claims. I hope that everyone files a claim with the NHTSA. I was thinking about driving the car with a big lemon on it, but I'm afraid to drive it. Let me know what the outcome is and I'll do the same. Good luck!
  • Good morning,
    I appreciate the fact that you have been working with us to try to address this concern, and apologize that the process has been, from the sounds of it, drawn out. One option available would be to get a service request set up with us, which would involve a diagnosis at your dealership. From there, we could further evaluate the options available.

    If you would please email us more information, including your involved dealership and the last time you were in to have this checked out, the last 8 digits of your vehicle's VIN and current mileage, your name/username, and contact information (phone and address), we would get this process started. My coworker Christina typically answers emails from Edmunds and will guide you through the next steps.

    GM Customer Service
  • I am very sorry for the inconsistent communication from us in regards to your vehicle. If you were to send us your case number, we could check for any updates on your case and would let your agent know that you're looking to get in touch.

    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah,
    You are not telling me anything that I haven't all ready heard before. I have been told before "I promise I will call you back." AT this point GM is trying to frustrate me so I will give up. My problem is so onerous that it I believe GM is telling their reps to not call me back. You know my case number because I have emailed you before and nothing was done. I will try to seek resolution through the BBB and if that doesn't work I have all ready spoken to a lawyer that is willing to take my case. I am not the only customer that they have done this to and in my opinion, if GM doesn't feel it necessary to call back they are at the point that they just want me to go away. Like I said before, the truck is very dangerous to drive and a liability to have on the road. GM is not doing the right thing and it will catch up with them eventually. There are just too many of us with the same problem and unfortunately with big business the bottom line and not the people is what counts. Plus, they have their hands full with the Chevy volt safety recall! Obviously they have not learned their lesson with quality control. If you look at the BBB's claims, GM hold a close second to the top next to Toyota's Prius recalls of the previous year.
  • So,
    Sarah or Christina are you saying that the same for all of us, because you have yet to respond to any of my postings?

    I would really appreciate that.
  • Sarah, I just read this....I will provide this info to you, what is your email address or how do I get it to you?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Click on any member name to get to their Profile. Contact info will be there, if the member has elected to make their email public.
  • i had the same issue in 2008 the dealership replaced the gauge cluster for free.
  • To All In Limp Mode
    After three months of "Reduced Engine Power" message on my way to work everyday and having to go 15 mph and pull in a safe place to temporarily correct the problem on my 03 Silverado 1500hd 4x4 I think it is fixed. I told all my Ford friends I would never buy another GM again. I refused to take my truck (right before christmas)to the dealership after hearing all the "$ 1200 for Throttle body, electrical harness, TPS etc. and the many gm customers still having problems. I guess it was a good thing my truck did not start one of those times and all indications pointed to my fuel pump not working, so i replaced it myself for $334.00 for and ac delco, but the new pump did not work so we tracked it down after two days to one of the harness connectors at the bottem of the main fuse box that supplies power to the fuel pump. The female connector did not make good contact with the blade connector that is not very noticable. I hope this helps someone else before spending too much. I am still thinking about a Toyota for my next purchase instead of all my previous new gm's 1986, 1996, 1998, and 2003
  • Well everyone, just received a call from Alice at the GMC today from the Business Resource Center regarding my "Reduced Engine Power" problem. She said that they can't do anything since my vehicle is over the 3 year/36,000 mi warranty. Last I check, I had a 5 yr, 100,000 mi power train warranty. I told her that most of my repairs were done during my warranty period. I only have 75K mi on my car, but is out of warranty because of time. She also stated that the dealership that worked on it was at fault. In addition, to add insult to injury, she told me that there are going to be some cars that are just going to have problems and that GMC would notify me if there is a recall. All I can say is, WOW! Way to sweep it under the rug! Has anyone resolved this issue with GMC? Anyone?
  • Read my last post. You will see all the things that I did to finally solve it.
  • When our vehicle received the "Reduced Engine Power" message, our mechanic found a loose spark plug & a few blown fuses & it went away. Never happened again. :shades:
  • :) Our Stabilitrak disabled, Service Stability, disabled, etc messages :shades: had been on for a few months. We just found out that it was due to our wheel bearings were wearing out. We got them changed on Friday & all of the error messages have went off. We didn't spend "unnecessary money" because our "shade tree" mechanic is very knowledegable. :shades:
  • I have a 2003 Yukon driving on California freeway Friday night about 80mph in car pool lane, locks start making noise like they are trying to unlock and lock themselves, gauges were going crazy, reduced engine power display comes on. Managed to get off freeway and get towed to a independent shop. Truck starts up for them in morning no problems, once it gets hot it won't stay started. They trace it down to throttle body modular, replace modular and they can't get it to reprogram. Tow it to dealership for their suppose expertise and as of right now and 4 days later they can't reprogram it either....any suggestions??

    Also been having problems with speedometer, driving down road at 30 miles an hour and look down and speedometer says I'm going 120. Fixes it self after a few days and is fine and then goes crazy after another few days.
  • so have you had anymore problems and before you got it fixed was your engine power reducing...
  • paco51paco51 Posts: 10
    Try to change with a local mechanic the throttle body harness and you see the diference
    Good look
  • Hello Seebird,
    I have been dealing with this issue since I purchased the truck. They changed my throttle body, then 13K miles later that nasty light came on, I lost power, and almost got in an accident. Took it to the shop and they said that the throttle body needed to be cleaned. I have been trying to work with GMC, but they don't want to help me because I am out of warranty. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau, but since I am 6 months outside my powertrain warranty, my case is not looking good. I can't sell or trade in my vehicle because its a safety hazard. Just trying to figure out how to dispose of my vehicle. It's been at the shop since Christmas, because I am afraid to drive it home. Good luck getting anyone to do anything. I am sure that they are well aware of the problem, but don't want to do anything. I too filed a complaint with NHTSA. The GMC representative was kind enough to let me know that if there is a recall, they will notify me by mail! I would be very interested to hear when you purchased your car. I purchased mine in April of 2006 in California.
  • I have two attorneys working my file...I will more than let everyone know. Our issues are all the same. Read my back file on here. Also, if your truck has been worked on for this issue before your warranty up, it falls under the warranty of powertrain still. I will keep everyone on here updated.
  • Do you think that this has happened enough for a class action?
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