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Volkswagen Jetta Starting and Stalling Issues



  • biomassbiomass Posts: 7
    Just keep your foot away from the brake when you apply gas
  • it usually happens after i drive it for 5 or 6 dies...i put it on park turn it off then turn it back on and it starts 8 times out of 10...i have had the fuel pump replaced a week ago and it is still doing does it when i have driven the car all day....does anyone have anyting like this happen to them
  • I have a 2006 jetta. i am wondering if anybody else has had the same problem i've been having.

    I've had to have my car towed 4 times in the past month to the dealership because my car keeps dying on me. and every time the dealership cant "duplicate the problem" so they send me on my way after keeping my car for 2-3 days, and like clockwork, my car will die again a week later and i'll have it towed back in.

    What's been happening is that i will be coming off of the interstate and will come to a light. after about 2 lights my car will feel like it cant kick into the 2nd or 3rd gear. and by the third stoplight my car will just lock up and die. a battery light will flash for a few seconds but that's all that happends on the dash. i can normally start my car back up and drive it into a gas station. but it will continue to shut off, flash the battery light. I will have it towed in to the dealership, and when they look at the car they cant find anything wrong. they drive it 40+ miles, called the vw techs, run tests..etc..and nothing. they replaced the battery thinking it may help. but nope. car died again. i have no idea what could be wrong. the vw dealership is at a loss too because they cant figure out what is wrong. i do not feel safe in this car, but i feel stuck with it. HELP!!!
  • We had a similar problem. Car would lose power on the freeway, not die but unable to accelerate 10 to 15 seconds later would get power back. In at dealer 4 x for them to look at. The 4th time they said they fixed it, I traded it in that very second. We bought another jetta and no problems, yet.

    Good luck.
  • This sounds like what is happening to my 2006 Jetta. It usually happens mid evening on my way home from work when i am getting off the interstate, and it will just die. i can normally start it up again but it will end up dying shortly after. My battery light flashes right before it completly shuts off. (just replaced battery, so this isnt the problem). the VW techs are baffled. they have no idea what is wrong with the car, because when they get a chance to look at it the next day after it was towed in, it is fine.
  • Try pushing up on the key slightly when starting in that siuation. differen temps can cause ignition problems in the switch, sounds crazy but try it
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited November 2010
    Your stalling issue is obviously not the battery - the reason the battery light flashes is thus...

    That is not a "battery" light... but a "charge indicator light". If the alternator is not charging the battery, then the lite comes on. When your engine is spinning sssoooo sssllooowwwlllyyy that the alternator is not putting out enough power, the light will begin to illuminate.

    In other words, that light has very little to do with your battery at all besides tellin you when it is not being charged.

    So - the real question is how does one troubleshoot such an elusive stalling problem?
    ANSWER - Use laptop computer to monitor critical engine sensors while driving. The computer will take a 'snapshot' of all sensor conditions every second or so.The next time the stall occurs, the computer will have "captured" all the data leading up to when the problem happened.

    The computer can graph all the data on the screen for human consumption.

    Any reasonably intelligent tech should be able to troubleshoot the problem using this technique.
  • I have a 2002 jetta and when I turn the car on it makes a sound that sounds like when you turn the key when the car is already on. What can it be?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    It could be the Starter
  • Sounds like a draw on the battery. Probably need to replace alternator. Consider also replacing door latch on driver's side. controls a bunch internal lights somehow.
  • fordnutsfordnuts Posts: 19
    edited December 2010
    We replaced the alternator. It was showing a false positive on the voltages. Also it was 3 years old with over 60K on it, so it was "due". Believe you instincts if your battery is dying and is relatively new, it's not getting power from alternator or plugs. Then also replaced the door latch mechanism located inside driver's side door. This device controls internal dome lights when door opening. Now have car back with full power and all the working lights.
  • So I've recently encountered an issue with my Volkswagen Jetta where when I go to start it; it makes this clicking sound. First thought is it is the Starter because the lights and electonics all work. Luckily I have a warranty on the car still right? Well I call the warranty company and they recommend Pep Boys. So I tow the car there and they said something is draining the battery and charged it right up. The car starts right up and I drive it home. Well a day later and the same issue happens again. I take the battery out find out the maker of the battery "Everstart" which is made by Wal-Mart. So I take it to them and the battery tests out fine with no issues. It is covered under a 2 year warranty that expires in July '11. I end up having to tow it back to Pep Boys and they keep the car for 3 days just to put a washer on a thought issue. I pick the car up and drives fine.. infact it seems like it is running as good as the day I bought it. Next day.. dead again. They told me before I left Pep Boys that they wouldn't be able to work on the car anymore and recommended a Volkswagen dealer because they wouldn't or don't know of any other issue it could be.

    Any thoughts?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    If you are *really* under warantee... then obviously let that handle it.

    Personally, I never pay for those silly warantees and "self warantee". Hence, I would pull out my DVM (Digital Volt Meter) and troubleshoot/diagnose the problem and fix it.

    Anyone with electronics skills should be able to isolate the problem in about 10 minutes.... fixing it might take another 20 minutes.

    Most likely - you have a poor connection somewhere. Start at the PDC (Power Distribution Center) located on top of the battery. Those connections are known to get grungy and even burn up.
  • My Jetta S has stalled on me twice while driving. Vehicle still moving and without warning. Did not use horn. Power just dies.
  • neglidneglid Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    I had the same problem. I replaced the starter (which would not work until the battery was also replaced. It had a dead cell. I did it all by myself. It was a little rough changing the alternator. There is large bolt that requires a 1/2 inch deep socket. One good thing is that the engine light is now gone.
  • goob60goob60 Posts: 1
    I just wanted to say thanks to bpeebles for the dreaded p1580 code fix I followed your steps and my 97 Jetta is running fantastic again.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    You are very welcome... it is rare to get feedback in the forums. Most folks just go away once they have an answer to their question.
  • cdq2cdq2 Posts: 1
    So I bought this jetta back in March a week after purchase the Altenator stopped working so for good measure we replaced both the altenator and the battery. Tuesday after work I get into my car and there is power but it just click click clicks when try to start it. I have my brother come over and we hook up jumper cables and the moment we connect them it fires up instantly. I shut it off right away and tried and again it fired up strong. It then sat for about 14 hours straight and my wife took it to work the next day and in the morning it fired up strong. She worked for about 5 hours and after she got off in the afternoon the same thing no start but once hooked up it fired up right away. I am on day 3 with me driving it so far after work this time it has fired up no problems. The battery and alternator were tested and they are working fine. Any suggestions as to why this is happening? Oh and the vehicle has 72,000 miles on it if that helps
  • My husband and I leased a 2011 Jetta S automatic yesterday and TODAY (less than 24 hours later) it stalled going down a steep, long & windy hill (Laurel Canyon). Having it towed to the dealer tomorrow to have it go through an inspection that it should have just passed. When I spoke with roadside assistance, the operator said that this happens a lot with "those 2011s". The manager said that replacing the car (which is smelling like a lemon) is unlikely. In addition to being angry and frustrated, I don't trust that the problem isn't going to happen again, particularly after reading some of the other posts. Can anyone tell me what to do when an automatic stalls like this? My husband said that steering was difficult & the brakes barely worked, but he managed to pull over and get the car to a stop. Can you restart an automatic while you're in drive? If anyone has a step by step "what to do in the event..." I would be so grateful. This was meant to be our family car for me and our 2 little girls.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited July 2011
    Here are some notes which I hope will help you out. I would strongly suggest PRACTICING so you are comfortable with the process.

    (To practice, turn off engine while in a 'safe' area...1st with vehicle stationary... then while moving slowly.)

    *) By law, your brakes will work well for about 2 times DO NOT PUMP the pedal or you will lose all the reserve-vacuum and braking will become very difficult. (again, you can practice this while stationary)

    *) I believe the 2011 VW has ELECTRIC STEERING... since I have little experience with this technology, I will not guess about how it behaves when engine stalls.

    *) It is always safe to put automatic xmission into NEUTRAL and try to restart the engine. (NEVER in Park...lest you may damage the parking- pawls)

    *) Most VWs force you to turn the key OFF before attempting to restart. Beware that if you leave the key in OFF position, the steering-lock may prevent steering... hence DO NOT LEAVE KEY IN OFF POSITION FOR MORE THAN A MOMENT WHEN RESTARTING ENGINE.

    Personally, I see this as a serious SAFETY issue... not just a squeek or a leaky sunroof kind of problem. Hence, I would speak to a high-level person at dealership and make it clear that they will be liable if someone gets injured. Just to prove the point, I would even have something written-up and ask them to sign it so they know you are serious about it.

    (I have done this with new tires that kept going flat.... when I asked if I had to have the the family in the car get hurt before they did anything about it... they quickly installed 4 new tires of a different brand)

    Good Luck!
  • I just bought a 2007 Jetta and the past two weeks it hasn't started as smoothly as it did in the beginning. Although it would finally start, the Electro-Mechanical Power Steering Assist Reduced light would come on and then turn off once I started driving. I just went to start my car and it will not start at all. It does turn over, however. If I try to keep turning the key it will click rapidly a few times and all the lights turn out and it dies. While I'm hoping it's a problem with the battery I'm starting to think it's more since the car turns over. I know very little about this kind of stuff. I just don't understand why the power steering light came/comes on? Any help before I call tripleA in tomorrow would be greatly appreciated!
  • Just curious if you ever located the cause of this problem? I have the same car and the same problem.... I was thinking about having the fuel pump replaced, but its starting to sound like that might not be the problem. Thanks!
  • kevinj3kevinj3 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Jetta 1.8 not starting. The engine turns over but no run, any suggestions. Happened after driving home one evening, came out next am but no start. Thanks.
  • I have a 2007 Jetta 2.5L and I was on a four hour road trip when my car felt like it was stalling. I pumped the gas and it jerked but continued running. It did this a few times on the way there. I was freaked out...I had my two kids with me in the desert!!! I was figuring it was bad fuel and the higher altitude. I had no warning lights....nothing. It continued about 5 more times. (There were no exits or I would have stopped immediately) By the time I had reached an exit, the car was running perfectly. I had no problems over the weekend while driving up and down the coast and around town. When I was driving back home, I had no problems until I was in the higher altitude. I did check on VW's website. My car has been recalled for fuel system, gasoline delivery, hoses, lines/piping and fittings. I am just wondering if anyone else has had this issue while driving. I'm going to call VW in the am to have it fixed, but the problem is driving me crazy. My husband and I have owned Volkswagens for over 10 years and this is the first and only problem we've ever had (KNOCK ON WOOD). Anyone experience the same problems?
  • Ok my 2007 jetta will not start sometimes... Every like four days it gives me problems starry it just clicks today it did it and I went back out and it started but the traction control light won't turn off and the steering wheel light is on and yellow any reasons y it would do that
  • I am having the EXACT same problem, my car has been in the shop over a week now. I have an 07 Jetta wolfsburg ed, with about 67k miles on it. It was having trouble cranking up for a while then finally gave out. It will only run with a jump but the mechnic where the car is will no longer work on it he cannot figure out the problem so for now I am stuck w/o a car. Please help...did you find the problem?
  • I have a 2007 GLI 2.0t and it does the same thing when I go on long road trips. It's like the fuel injection shut off for like a few seconds then it comes back on. Then the next day my car runs perfectly fine. I'm guessing it's a fuel censor. Did you fix your car yet? If so please let me know what the problem was. Thanks
  • Did you get the car fixed?
  • 2003 jetta will not start unless you push start, then it runs fine no issues. When you turn the key to start it, there is no noise at all, evey thing lights up like normal, buqt there is no starter noise or any thing. Any ideas how to trouble shoot.
  • Today my car started to give that feelings as if it was going to die on me. I live in AZ and I know the temps have been extremely hot, but I just had the works done on the car a few months ago ($1000) to ensure it was in its top form. This concerns me as I spent the money to prevent things like this from happening.... I tried calling the VW car center but of course closed on a Sat. Can anyone tell me what happened at the dealership, cause the amount it costs to fix it

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