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Hyundai Entourage Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
edited June 2014 in Hyundai
Tell us about your recent Entourage purchase experience here.

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  • hirakawahirakawa Posts: 4
    I see only $1,500 rebate at hyundaiusa website.
  • tinyguytinyguy Posts: 44
    I'm so envious - why is it that only US get rebates? :cry:
  • mrmcgoomrmcgoo Posts: 2
    That's something I'm interested in too. Love the van but I'd love it alot more if it was $6000-7000 cheaper than the Honda Odessey. If Hyundai wants everyones attention, I'd think they would offer some serious dealer incentives or rebates.

    A Hyundai dealer in NJ is offering 30% off dealer sticker price ($ 3,000 add for pinstrips, door guards, and Scotchguard protection)
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    That's an increase in rebate which could be good news for buyers. I've only seen a $500 rebate at the website, $2000 for Kia Sedona. I'm primarily interested in pricing information from those who have actually purchased a new Entourage. Please chime in if you read this! Thanks!
  • nathanlnathanl Posts: 1
    After looking around & not working out a deal for a Chrysler over the holiday weekend, we just got a new Entourage today... a GLS from the lot.

    We weren't in the market for things like DVD & power sliding doors & such, but the overall vehicle safety was the big thing for me in the end. The GLS had what we wanted for a price that we could live with.

    Price (via Costco discount) was $23905, which includes whatever delivery fees & the accessories that were on it... but that price also doesn't include DMV, tax, & the discount.

    Anyway, if what they showed us was right (per the Costco discount process), the GLS wasn't marked that much above the invoice price anyway.

    I think the rebate might end today... but you never know if they will extend it or have another rebate later.
  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    This is my first post on this site. I purchased a Hyundai Entourage GLS today. Only options purchased are Mudguards, pinstripe, and upholstery protection (these were on the stock vehicle I purchased). The total price was $21,109 after the $500 rebate. Edmunds lists MSRP for this van at $24745 and Invoice at $23,261.
    My wife and I looked at and drove the Sienna, Quest, and Honda. We completely agreed that the Entourage suited us the best. No history yet, but we love the van. :shades:
  • congrats. it's a sleeper!
  • bowulfbowulf Posts: 7
    I have been looking at both Kia Sedona and the Entourage, and settled upon the Entourage because of the "feel" of the car and more foolishly since it was '07 model (rather than '06). It seems foolish to even say that since for the most part they are exactly the same vehicles (except for frugal Kia LX with the hard as a board seats). I am wondering the price I was able negogiate:
    Entourage SE with 9" After Market DVD-LCD system (Audiovox) for $25300 (before $500 rebate), so an end price of $24800.

    I had a similar price with Kia EX model, with power package and rear entertainment system. Have I got a decent price or should I keep lobbying? Thanks.
  • What city did you purchase?
    Please everyone, let us know what city/dealership you are commenting on.
  • My second time to buy a new car. Hope to get some suggestions from your guys.

    I send an email to ask for quote and one dealer (near Norwood, MA) give me this.

    Year: 2007
    Model: Entourage
    Trim: SE
    Transmission: 5-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC
    Package: Premium Package
    Exterior Color: Galaxy Black
    Interior Color: Beige Entourage
    Total MSRP* $27,695.00
    Our current price is: 25,425

    Edmunds list a invoice price of $25,785 and TMV of $26,962. so will this be a good deal or i can keep more green in my pocket? my current car is a nissan sentra so now way to get any loyalty or competitive rebates.

  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    I would think you could still do better. See my message number 283. I purchased a GLS for $2,152 under invoice. I checked ads in newspapers around the state (FL) for awhile. Then, I scanned in the lowest advertised price and emailed the local dealer. I asked if he could match the price. He agreed that he would. I went down and picked out my van.
    Don't know if this will help you, but it worked for me.
    Good Luck!
  • Thanks and I just found this. Seems I should be able to do better. Especially this is the first quote deal give to me. ;) ht_key=y&keyword1=car

    Regarding the AD price. I always found some small prints and then those price are not low at all. :P
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    I'm just a car buyer. I've never been on the other side of the car business. But I've walked from more than a few negotiations to be sure of where I'm at, and I think I might be able to help a few people wondering if they have a good deal.

    Car pricing is complex enough that just hearing the bottom line of the deal someone else got is not enough to determine if you got a good deal. And I'm NOT just talking about the games with trade-in and financing that have been rehashed many times. Ultimately the price is determined by how low the dealer is willing to go. It depends on what he wants as much as what you want. Here are several less-mentioned factors:

    * Is the vehicle desirable? Is the dealer having a hard time selling the vehicle? Has the car been on the lot so long that "floorplanning", dealer interest on the cost of his inventory--for that car specifically--gotten too high?

    * Is the dealer doing a dealer trade? If so, he has to negotiate with the other dealer? That could mean giving up a desirable car that he could sell. Or it could mean paying the other dealer some amount. There could be a rivalry or bad feeling between the dealers, which could make the deal harder for the dealer you are working with. You will get a better deal for something on the lot. Also, there is a real cost to transporting the vehicle between dealers, especially if it is a long way. If a trade is involved, you are probably better going directly to the dealer with the vehicle if you can find out. But beware, the dealer you are working with may try to keep you from finding out.

    * Is the closer or manager trying to teach a rookie salesmen a lesson by not going easy on you? If you know what you are doing, you will get farther, faster with an experienced salesman. The closer or manager will believe it more when the experienced guy says that you are a grinder.

    Ultimately, the price is what you agree to pay and what the dealer agrees to accept. Hard sell dealers (most of them) will do everything they can to get you to agree to something that you would not otherwise agree to if you had more information, especially the intricate details of his business, and more time.

    Just by the way, I had a dealer offer me INVOICE less HOLDBACK ($891) less REBATE ($500) for an undesirable 2007 Entourage on his lot. But I didn't want it. He would only go to INVOICE less REBATE ($500) on a dealer trade for the Entourage I wanted. But when he went to negotiate the trade with the other dealer, he couldn't make it work. I had to leave without a vehicle.

    So, an off-the-lot deal versus a difficult trade accounted for an $891 price difference.

    To really know where you stand, bargain for a while and then leave. Get roped back in. Maybe do it again. When you finally leave, you probably have that dealer's best price (unless maybe there is a rookie education going on). Don't worry if you're told that you won't get that price later. If the vehicle is still available, and the rebates haven't changed, you should be able to get that price. But things can change, like if another buyer being less a grinder than you comes along and wants the same vehicle. As I said before, if you knew the details of the dealer's business (and ultimately what he was thinking), then you would know if you got a good deal.

    From my experience, I'm not quite sure how bigal38 got INVOICE less $1650 less REBATE ($500) (post #283). I'm not saying that I think he didn't. I'm just not sure what motivated the dealer to go that low in his case. I would guess that you should be able to get something off the lot for INVOICE less $500 less REBATE ($500). Could be INVOICE less HOLDBACK ($891) less REBATE ($500) is readily doable for any off-the-lot deal. I don't really know. But I'm pretty sure about the final offers I got after walking from two dealers.

    Other comments welcome. It would really help if people who get smokin' deals would try to figure out and explain what factors might have been at work in their deals.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Notice that cheungming (post #288) was offered $25,425 on an invoice of $25,785 for an SE. That is, $360 under invoice. Not sure if the rebate was accounted for.

    And bowulf (post #285) got $24,800 (including rebate) on an SE. Invoice less rebate would apparently be $24,655. So bowulf paid $145 over invoice, but got a 9" DVD system. I don't know the street price for an installed AudioVox DVD systems. But at $500, bowulf's price would be $355 under invoice.

    So ... maybe $360 under invoice is the going price for an SE in usual circumstances with a decent amount of grinding. How hard did you folks grind?
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    So ... I haven't been able to find anything that exactly matches the Entourage that I am interested in. Anybody have any idea how quickly Entourage inventory turns over and is replenished?

    I am trying to make some educated guess about how long I might have to wait to see if the exact vehicle I want becomes available?

    How far out can Hyundai dealers check for vehicles?
  • sorry that i introduced this confusion. i forgot to attach this.

    "received your inquiry on the all new 2007 Entourage SE with the Premium package and look forward to further assisting you. The internet price for a 2007 Entourage SE is $25,425 after dealer discount and rebates."

    so this is a price $140 over invoice here. so not a good deal at all. with hld back, if i cut $1000 more from this, it might be a good deal. am i too greedy? :)
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    You seem to have a good grasp on it. If a dealer will let you walk out over price, then that price is probably too low. If they chase you into the parking lot or call your cell phone every five minutes after you leave, then you might be right on the money.

    If you want your best price, get up and walk away.

    Also be realistic. You are not going to get a 2007 model for $2,000 below invoice unless it is the last day of the month and that dealer needs one more deal to hit a bonus. We need to make money in order to stay in business. How much we make on a deal will vary, but we aren't going to sell a car under normal circumstances if we are losing money on it.
  • bowulfbowulf Posts: 7
    I ended up not going with the offer as described in my original post. I probably left money on the table, but I bought a stock SE model with mats at sticker price -- I hear the gasp now -- of $27670 (the invoice had $500 Hyundai advertising fee). However, my price is muddled with the trade, which they agressively priced about $2800 higher than any prior dealer offer. The salesman only negogiated on the trade-in price, so I kept raising it until it was near the astronomically high value.

    In the end, I believe my internal OTD price was about $25000, which was $300 below invoice adjusted for regional advertising fee.
  • update. yesterday i went and tested drive Sedona and Entourage. Frankly I can not tell any difference. I am not a people with good taste. ;) Some people think Entourage look much better from front side, while I can not figure out.

    So now I am not sure if I should throw $2k more on Entourage instead of Sedona...
  • afob3afob3 Posts: 17
    We couldn't find the one we wanted in the exact colors or options we wanted either. Our dealership was able to do a nationwide search for our vehicle. (There were only 75 Light Blue / Grey SE's without option packages) in the country. They did a dealer trade for one in Lexington KY (200 miles away). They had a blue / tan SE on the lot they really wanted us to take but the interior color was non-negotiable.

    Bottom line... If you know exactly what you want it can be located.
  • biggitybiggity Posts: 25
    Maybe. Probably. Can you even get the deal with another $1,000 off?

    Anyway, to me a good deal depends more on who I am dealing with than the price.

    A good person will only treat you so bad on price and other elements of the deal. And if they are not trying to screw you, how can you get a bad deal?
  • out 2 weeks and no news on this price yet. maybe wait till another month and see if can get better deal? heard the sale said that Entourage is not popular in MA at all. :P
  • Hope to get some suggestions from you guys for my first Minivan

    Got a quote for Hyundai Entourage GLS 2007 (Galaxy Black, standard) from one dealer this afternoon in Pittsburgh, PA.

    (23068 Invoice + 500 advertising fee + 700 Transportation)
    –750 holdback
    -1500 rebate
    - ~ 300-400 dealer discount

    Outdoor price=23, 000

    Is this price acceptable? Your comments will be really appreciated.
  • bigal38bigal38 Posts: 7
    Price is not bad. For comparison, I purchased a GLS, Gold with pin stripe, mud guards, and floor mats. Final price after taxes, registration, and tags was $22,477. Vehicle was purchased in Ocala Florida. The Manufacturer's window sticker price was $24,670. The dealer add-on sticker was $27,633.50 (seiously inflated). :D
  • I am gonna to be a father of twins. They are due on Nov 3rd. I am seriously considering Entourage but not sure when is best to buy a new car for both the price and my twin babies. Any idea about that???
  • Thanks for your information.

    Finally got it.

    23,000 outdoor with mud guards, floor mats and 0 APR for 3 years.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Congratulations!! Boys or Girls? For your sake I hope boys, but so long as they are healthy right?

    Anyway, I'd at least wait until next month to see what the rebates are. Right now its only $500. I don't know if i'd push it off until October as twins have a tendancy of showing up early.
  • bmags66bmags66 Posts: 2
    Hey jfjiang01, where did you get the offer from? Baierl, Wright, Cochran, etc.? I'm from Pittsburgh too and am curious as to who gave you the deal, what finance terms were, and if you thought it was a good deal, pass along the sales rep that you spoke with. Thanks!
  • Hi bmags66,I got the offer from Power of Bowser on Rd 51 near Centry III mall. Honestly, I am not sure whether it's a good deal, but I think they have better service. If you want, I can send you the sals rep's contact info by email. Good luck.
  • I just picked one up on Labor Day. MSRP sticker was a bit over $30K. I paid just under $27,200.00. Stock SE except it came with carpeted floor mats and the $2900 premium entertainment package that included the DVD.

    Didn't really want the PE package, wanted a stock SE. But this was on the lot and Dealer wanted to move it and I'm happy with the dealer discount and $500 rebate.

    TMV price here indicates it should be over $29K and even more than I paid at the Invoice Price.

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