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Hyundai Entourage Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I ran into an inventory issue with my Entourage. Seems like all the area dealers have only 3-4 in stock. So if you're looking for a specific trim/color, you'll be hard pressed to find exactly what you want. I'm just curious if anyone else is noticing a similar trend in their area?

    So, I called all the dealerships in Western Washington and got a Entourage SE (no packages) for $22292 plus tax. That includes the rebate of $2500. Not bad, maybe I could have done better, but there was only 3 models in the northwest area that matched what I was looking for.

    Oh well .. next time I'll do better. $500 under invoice wasn't too bad.
  • keith33keith33 Posts: 1
    I've been quoted a price of $26,036 for a limited with an entertainment package over the internet from Burns Hyundai. Can I negotiate with this price and get lower if I go in? Can I email back with a lower price? Can I do better than $26,000 for a limited? I plan on picking one up on Friday which is the end of the month, will I have any purchasing power?

    Thanks for your help. I haven't bought a car for 7 years. Also will be trading in a 2000 Nissan Quest with 98,000 miles and lots of kids wear and tear, any ideas on the trade in value?

    Thanks again.
  • ysheldonysheldon Posts: 7
    Is this SE only or with any addition packages such as Premium Package or Premium Entertainment Package?

    Thanks for any info.
  • Keith --

    Here's what I would recommend you consider doing --

    Take that quote and call all the Hyundai dealers within 150 mile radius of your house. Use the website to figure that out.

    Don't tell them what your current offer on the car is, but simply say, "Hey, I'm Keith and I'm going to buy are a Hyundai Entourage at the end of this month. Here's the specs ........... The answer is -- I'm going to buy an Entourage the end of this month. The question is -- are you going to be the best price for me?" And see what they say.

    Take careful notes on a spreadsheet so you can compare the various offers. All the dealers should be able to do a regional search to find the inventory of all the deals in the NJ area.

    You should get the best price for your Entourage. I just hope you don't run into a inventory issue like I did. Good luck! :)
  • gkamigkami Posts: 3
    I had the same problem looking in the Seattle area for a Limited Green Meadow Gray w/Entertainment package (not ultimate). Agreed price was $26,614 (after rebates), but I was going to have to wait a day or two for the vehicle and the dealer severely low-balled on my trade-in and would not come close to what I felt was fair. So I walked out.

    I found a Honda Odyssey that essentially had all the same features other than being used (21k) and was 6k less. Sold my car off craigslist the next day and everyone is happy.

    Same advice to Keith as Zach gave, use the quote to your advantage. Call the others and see what they're willing to do. One benefit that I received from a local Hyundai dealer was lifetime oil changes vs. the others that would only match the price.
  • bulungkobulungko Posts: 2
    Ive got the quote the limited with ultimate package for $26k including everything. Also, If I am qualified(my credit is 750), I will get 0%int for 60months.
    Is this good deal?
  •'s ours.

    Just bought an Entourage Limited w/the Ultimate package:
    (For those of you still in the comparison stage, items include leather seats, woodgrain trim, DVD system, heated front seats, tinted windows, tire air pressure warning, roof rack side rails, front wiper deicer, HomeLink, sunroof package, Infinity AM/FM w/in-dash 6-CD changer/MP3, power adjustable foot pedals, backup warning sensors, cargo net, etc.)

    Vehicle Price-____$28,013 (after rebates)
    (TX) Tax-_________$1,750
    Other fees &
    gov. taxes-_________$129
    Out the door-_____$29,999

    So far so good. I just need some time (w/o the kiddos) to get used to all the buttons!
  • godsgalgodsgal Posts: 5
    Hello! I've been on the Honda forum this week because I wanted to buy a Honda Odyssey, but they would not accept our wonderful offer so Richmond Hyundai in IN accepted our offer for a 2007 Entourage SE - $22,000. I made the offer by telephone and then drove an hour to pick it up. The document fee was $299. The loan process fee was $120 (I didn't like that one because we are going to pay it off this month, but they took my offer so I can't complain). I am so satisfied with the quality van we bought and have been telling everyone to buy Hyundai.
  • Just bought an Entourage Limited w/the Entertainment package, floor mats, and luggage rack crossbars

    Vehicle Price $25,499 (after rebates)
    Dealer fee $499
    Total excl tax & tag $25,998
  • AAAAA...stop paying "fees" guys...just say No!!!
  • henryzxhenryzx Posts: 10
    I bought an 2007 SE - Gold with beige leather - Ultimate Pkg (not other option to add on :D )- 28,300 - OTD $31,900
  • greenjdcgreenjdc Posts: 25
    For those who are looking, we just bought a Red w/beige interior limited w/ultimate package in the MD suburbs for 27,939 (also has floor mats and cargo net). OTD was a few hundred under 30K. Took some work to get them to match a price I got emailed from a dealer in VA, but when I stood up to leave they decided they could "crunch the numbers" one more time. Shockingly they were able to match. They kept trying to tell me that the quote I got included the $500 "duh" rebate that is only good if you use Hyundai financing. But in my email to the VA dealer that I said was using credit union financing, and after pointing that out 3 or 4 times and trying to leave, they made it work.
  • aspaaspa Posts: 2
    Just finalized a deal (will pick it up next week) for an Entourage Limited w/ultimate package (w/o the sunroof package) plus roof rack crossbars, carpeted floor mats, and cargo net at 27,400 (price w/rebates)+1,644 (tax)+98 (tags etc!!!) = 29,142 (OTD).

    Any suggestions if we are getting good deal? Should we take it? Thanks in advance.
  • shaky4shaky4 Posts: 25
    I did not know they had an ultimate package without sunroof. They have just 3 trims in limited.

    A good price for base limited would be $24.2 K, Limited with PE/PS (premium entertainment/power sunroof) package would be $26K and Ultimate package for $27.8K.

    From what you describe, it might be limited with PE but without PS (power sunroof) package and a good price for that would be around $26,500 with the options you mentioned. It also depends on where you live and how competitive your dealer is. If it is with ultimate package, it is a fantastic deal but I am not sure how its missing a sunroof?
  • aspaaspa Posts: 2
    Thanks, I will check the sunroof issue but yes it is a limited w/o sunroof and all other ult. pckge options. This is a non-metro area and no other dealer within a 45 mile radius. So not that much competition except from other brands.
  • Just got a quote for $28152 OTD (plus TTL), that's with $3000 in rebates (2K rebate + 1K owner loyalty). Limited with Ultimate package plus floor mats.

    This is in central Arkansas where one company has a monopoly on the Hyundai dealerships, so good deals are few and far between. I brought in a quote from Fitzmall for $27413, and this was as close as they could get. Getting it from Fitzmall would cost about $500 in travel fees, plus the hassle of traveling to get it.

    What do you think?

  • greenjdcgreenjdc Posts: 25
    The deal I described above (27,939 plus TTL, OTD for 29,500 or so) was without the 1K loyalty rebate or the $500 rebate for using Hyundai's finance company. So what they're offering you is basically $1200 more than I got ($1700 if they figured in the $500 financing rebate). Also, for what it's worth, when I bought mine the Fitzmall prices were 28,300, so they've dropped a decent amount since then. I actually bought from Fitzmall and had to fight with them to get the 27,9 price without the $500 rebate - and then a week later they were offering that on their website (27413 plus 500). Good luck. We love the van for what it's worth.
  • I ended up getting it from the local dealer for $27054, that's with $3K of rebates and non-Hyundai financing. I think the sales manager was happy to see me leave, LOL.

  • OTD was $27,800 with Hyundai financing (it was required to get that price. minimun financing is $10,000 which I never had heard of it. dealer said there is no pre-payment penalty anyway )
    so far so good.

    thank you for good info guys
  • Hi, we live in Sacramento, and have started looking at the Entourage, but don't seem to be getting any good deals. I'm flexible about what particular model we get, but I confess I do like leather seats.

    I'd take an SE (best offer so far is $23,620 including the $2K rebate, but apparently not including the $1K loyalty rebate) if I couldn't get a good deal on an LE. So far having trouble finding a plain vanilla LE, but did get an offer of $28,887 for an LE + ultimate pkg (and I can't yet tell if that is supposed to include the $1K loyalty money or not).

    I'm kind of disappointed because the model year is basically all over, and I can't even get the prices you guys were getting back in June. Should I just wait until the week after Christmas? Did Hyundai just have such a good year with these minivans that inventory of the 2007's is low enough they're not motivated to sell?

    Are there any dealers out on the West Coast that have the fitzmall type reputation for generating good deals? These guys just don't seem very motivated...
  • The Loyalty rebate is for Hyundai owners already. Do you have a Hyundai? I'd check with dealers closer to the Bay. I live in So Cal so I have lots of choices of dealers. I think Sacto is a cool city but it is kinda all by itself in the middle of BFE. The dealers probably think you wouldn't be willing to drive a little to get a great deal.
  • May I know here are you getting this from, I amalso interested.

    matif at
  • I have been offered a 2007 Entrouge Limited with Entertainment package for 30,500 with 0% for 60 months. Should I go for it?
  • whats the pricing discount you can get today under invoice?
  • Probably alot later on....I hear Hyundai is gonna stop making the Entourage in a year. But the Kia will still be made.
  • I have not heard that, I asked my dealer he said he is not aware of that. Have you heard the sky is falling? Please quote your references. Thanks, PS I love my Entourage, except for a small vibration at 73 mph.
  • The Big Bad Wolf who works at the Fountain Valley, Ca. Hq. happens to be a neighbor of Chicken Little here. He said so. And yes, I love my van too.
  • Allrighty then. That'll probably be a blow to my resale value. Thanks for the info
  • Maybe.......but the Hyundais are nicer than the Kias. Parts are interchangeable, except for the you figure a 2007 Kia Sedona and a 20007 Entourage are for sale, which van would you choose?
  • Plus the Wolf said minivans aren't selling well these days. The crossovers are eating into the minivan sales. He said they sell a heck of alot more Tucsons and Santa Fes and even the Veracruzes. Even the new GM crossovers and the Ford's are great sellers even in this market.
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