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Hyundai Entourage Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Me too- I bought a Limited Entourage from Wright Hyundai in Wexford on Aug. 31. The MSRP was about $31K I think. I came well armed with all my invoice, rebate, and finance info, and they said basically they would give me $400 over invoice because I was a Costco member. I ended up getting a better deal than that because they had a floor model that they took $3K off the MSRP and they matched that deal on another model which I bought. It's a base Limited with just the floor mats added as the only "option." And I took the $500 rebate too over the special financing. Ended up getting 6.1%/60 mo. through the dealer.
  • Hi, it's my first time here, and also my first time buying a car! and I had a question for you all.

    I live near Poughkeepsie, NY, and am looking into minivans (Entourage probably, possibly an Odyssey...). My nearest Hyundai dealership is about 30 minutes a way, unfortunately... and the Honda dealerships are also pretty spotty here... (so getting dealers to compete over my business seems like it might be hard...).

    On CarsDirect, I can get the SE with PE for $27615, and $28115 with the 0% for 3 year deal (well more than $500 savings on interest...). (Unfortunately, this car is in NJ...).

    I'm just wondering whether this is a good deal or not. I could drive to near NYC to a costco affiliated hyundai place, but I don't think I'd get a better price than this anyways.

    So, my two questions are:

    1. Is that a decent price?
    2. Odyssey, Sienna, or Entourage? I like the Entourage warranty and price (and it does drive well). I can get the DVD entertainment system without breaking the bank (not so with Honda or Toyota...). Why did most of you choose Entourage?

  • We just bought a Azera limented in Jun and now are looking at the Entourage Limted with every thing leather what is a good price . Has anyone bought one. Is the ultimate package give you all the options. We really like the leather in the liminted I don't really need the dvd though
  • 1) The price sounds pretty good to me. I just paid $28402 for an SE with PE and CF floor mats ($137). That worked out as follows:
    $27902 Invoice Price (including $700 destination charge)
    + $500 Advertising Fee (non-negotiable)
    - $500 Rebate
    + $500 Dealer markup

    According to Edmunds TMV, the typical customer has been paying $28398. I probably could have held out for a bit lower, since the salesman accepted my offer a little too quickly.

    Anyway, that sounds like a pretty good price.

    2) Why Hyundai? My finalists were the Kia Sedona, Hyundai Entourage, Toyota Sienna, and , in that order. I also looked at the Dodge Caravan, Mercury Monterey, Saturn Relay, and Nissan Quest.

    Why Hyundai over the Kia, since they are both basically the same vehicle?
    a) I have bought 4 other cars from the Hyundai salesman and find him a pleasure to deal with. I didn't get a very good vibe from the Kia salesman.
    b) Hyundai allowed me to get the Infinity premium sound system without having to get $5000 worth of other features I didn't want.

    Why Hyundai over Toyota? Hyundai/Kia looks like they shamelessly copied the best features from the Odyssey and Sienna, but improved on them a tiny bit. Little things like adjusting the seats, folding down tray tables, and removing the middle seats were all smoother and easier on the Korean models. Toyota has the reputation for outstanding fit and finish and quality, but those operations were rougher and clunkier on the Sienna.

    I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the attention to detail on the interior features carries over into the important areas like the engine and transmission.

    Why not Honda? Our local dealer doesn't have a real good reputation. Also, I think the Odyssey is a bit over-priced.
  • Today we purchased a Limited with sunroof and floor mats for $27,832.00.

    Vehicle price $28,832.00 - $1,000.00 for competitive discount (Indiana). Also got 3.9% for 60 months.

    Think we got a pretty good deal
  • I understand Entourage comes with 5 yr / 50K bumper to bumper warranty. There is an upgrade package for 10 yr/100k miles coverage as well. Do we need to buy it when buying vehicle or can we buy it later? Does anyone know what price are they being offered for?
  • billcfbillcf Posts: 1
    Van Limited
    Ultimate Pk
    Floor Mats,
    Roof Rail Crossbars
    Cargo Net.

    M S P R $33,865
    Invoice $31,094

    Payed $30,000

  • afob3afob3 Posts: 17
    We leased our Entourage for 3 years / 36k miles so the extended waranty beyond the 5 years probably won't matter if we re-lease in 3 years. At the end of the 3 years we have the option to buy it so I inquired about your extended waranty question.

    We were told that we had up to 1 year and 10k (I think) miles to come back and purchase the extended waranty. They gave us an astronomical IMHO price of $1000 so we didn't discuss it further. I know that you can also shop the waranty around between dealers for the best price.
  • "b) Hyundai allowed me to get the Infinity premium sound system without having to get $5000 worth of other features I didn't want."

    I recommended to my parents to get the Kia because of the outstanding incentives.

    They just bought a Sedona EX with Luxury/Leather package (my mother is short, so the power pedals and memory are very nice to have) and Power package, but without the Premium Entertainment (which doesn't matter to them) for $23,200 after the dealer discount (no mark up and no advertising fee) and a $1500 rebate and a $2000 Competitive Bonus (because they already owned a qualifying minivan).

    If not for those advantages I probably would have recommended the Hyundai, because it is kind of the Mercury version of Kia.
  • For those considering a Hyundai Entourage, be sure to take a good look at the Kia Sedona. I've seen some of the gibberish about the Entourage being built to higher QC standards than Sedona, but these 2 are essentially the same vehicle out of the same plant. Right now the Sedona is much better deal.

    I just bought a 2006 Sedona LX (delivered to my door!) for $17,550 before tax, title and license. The Sedona LX has a $3000 rebate and I also qualified for $1000 competitive rebate since I own a Chrysler Town and Country. Couldn't get any dealer below $20K on an Entourage.
  • "gibberish about the Entourage being built to higher QC standards than Sedona, but these 2 are essentially the same vehicle out of the same plant."

    Absolutely correct. In fact, other than cosmetic differences, they are exactly the same vehicle out of the same plant off the same assembly line.
  • Purchased Entrouage Limited with Ultimate pkg *Galaxy Blacke with grey leather int.
    Car Mats
    Cross Rail bars
    Cargo Net

    *Love the adjustable pedals since I'm only 5ft. That's a must have for me.
  • I found these posts helpful during our negotiations, except I was unclear about exactly what some of the numbers included. Trade in, delivery, advertising, rebates, doc fees, title, taxes etc. sure can complicate it all can't they?

    Do you think all the posts here are the out the door price unless otherwise noted?

    Anyway I'll share our numbers too, hopefully someone will find the info helpful.

    No trade in

    Entourage Limited
    Ultimate pkg.
    Floor mats
    Cargo net

    MSRP: 33,670 Invoice: 30,929 Edmunds TMV: 31,070

    Price: 28,499 (rebates already included here)
    Fees: 427
    Total: 28,926

    We bought out of state so still owe tax and tags.
    We'll need to wait a few days for paperwork to clear before getting that taken care of.
    If I figured correctly that should come to just under $500, so unless I'm way off on those computations, our final price should be right at $29,425
  • I dont know what state you are in, but in Florida sales tax is 6 % that would be $1710.00 in taxes without a trade.
    By the way on Nov 25,2006 I traded my 1999 grand voyager se and had to write a check for 24,960.00, that included all fees taxes and trade in.
    The MSRP window sticker for my Limited including freight $700, cargo net $50 and flormats $175 was $29,720.00. The old vans trade in value was 4000.00, rebate 1000.00, then I haggled for another 2,000.00, they added $573.00 for "dealer handling, tags and registration, and they added $1467.00 sales tax.
    Any way I gave them my old van, plus the check for 24,960.00. So in the end, I guess you'd say I got it for $26,720.
    I'm having trouble comparing this to other forum members, because I don't know what they are including in their 'so called' OTD (out the door) price.
  • ocrtsocrts Posts: 1
    My deal (Ourisman Hyundai, Laurel, MD):

    Base Invoice: $26,492
    Entertainment Pkg: $ 1,980
    Floor Mats: $ 137
    Mud Guards: $ 56
    Cargo Net: $ 30
    Destination: $ 700
    Ad Fees: $ 500 (this is a legitimate fee each dealer in my region pays on each vehicle sold)
    Invoice TOTAL: $29,895
    Price Paid: $28,684 (NOT including rebate, tax or tags - over $1,200 BELOW INVOICE)
    Rebate: ($ 1,500)
    MD tax (5%) $ 1,434
    MD tags $ 236
    Dealer Processing $ 100
    OTD PRICE: $28,954

    I used James Bragg's to help me get this deal. Best $35 I ever spent.

  • Purchased Entourage Limited with ultimate package, floor mats, cross bars, and cargo net. With that equip and destination charge, invoice was $31,094. I purchased at Huffines Hyundai in Plano, Texas for $30,000. Only rebate included was $500 for financing with Hyundai (at 0.9% for four years). I could have gotten it for $500 less if I had not already made a verbal commitment to buy at Huffines before another dealer finally decided to give a realistic offer. This is the second vehicle I have purchased using Bragg's Fighting Chance. I agree that it is well worth the $35.00.
  • I purchased one of the first Entourage's available in July, 2006, and I still think I got about the best deal I have seen or heard about to date. The dealer was Brad Benson in South Brunswick, NJ. But I should mention that this was my 7th Hyundai purchased from the same dealer since 1996, so I believe I was given a special "incentive". I also have sent in a lot of people to this dealer, and they know it.

    Anyway, I purchased the SE with the Premium Entertainment Package. The sticker was $29,895. With no trade, I paid $22,500 including tax (6% at the time, now 7% in NJ). Now, that was after a $1500 rebate and $500 owner loyalty.

    We just crossed 9,000 miles and have had only one of the backup sensors in shot and the system just beeps in reverse now. They want $250 to fix it since it appears that someone broke it by tapping our bumper :mad: Other than that, it has been a pleasure.

    I still love going out romping in my 2006 Sonata V6, but the Entourage is an acceptable second, especially with the kids :-)
  • Purchased our new 2007 Entourage SE with premium pkg and some accessories for about $25,000. I felt it was a fair deal but not a bargain. As for the car we have 700 miles on it with no real problems. Transaxel shifting is a little hard to get used to as low gear is really low, and the acceleration seems very sensitive from standstill (Almost like the throttle body is sticking). Also the cruise control does not hold speed well uphill and drops about 5 mph.
  • Well I finally purchased a Entourage Limited, after two months of research, emailing dealers, and final quotes and changes. After all the smoke cleared there was only 2 dealers left, and they both were fantastic people to deal with. Kudos to Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville Maryland, they offered the best price from the get go, the sales manager and the internet manager were deal making machines. These gentlemen set the standard for me. I would have bought my Entourage from them, but the color I wanted was sold, but they quickly had another they were willing to do the same deal, they even had a demo that was even better than the price you will see below. The van being for my wife, color played a big part,as did the fact she wanted the ultimate package, and they did not have the colors left in stock she wanted, the best colors that was left was silver with the gray leather, or green meadow gray, which you need to look at it, it is a sharp color. This dealership was about 80 miles from my home, but well worth the trip to save the cash. As I was making arrangements to go have my wife look at the silver Entourage, she did consider it a option because of the great price they were giving us, no one else was close. While I was waiting for a call back from Antwerpen's sales manager, I received a call from another sales person at Pohanka Hyundai in Salisbury Maryland, he was doing a follow up call on the quote he had gave me earlier that week, which was a pretty good price also. I told him the price Antwerpen was giving me on the same Entourage, needless to say he was stunned, I told him how to contact Antwerpen, and within ten minutes he called back and said his sales manager would match if I bought it today. Salisbury's Entourage color, Cranberry Red, Momma's favorite of all the colors, so to Salisbury we go. The salesman was fantastic to deal with, and a great guy personally, his price was to the penny. This gentleman went over every detail on the van, and just did everything to make you feel comfortable. I'd tell you his name but you are not allowed,but this young man impressed me. Financing was a breeze, no pressure there, would you like this, and she offered some of the additional products which they had available, and they were reasonably priced. I will purchase the additional 10/10/100 Bumper to Bumper warranty later and pay cash, did not want to roll it into the payment, that offered at 700.00. I took the 3.9% financing for 60 months. Both dealerships were willing to deal, and the sales staff at both were ready to do what it took to get your business. I recommend these dealers to anyone looking for a good price without a lot of unnecessary hassle, take the drive and save some money. Here we go the price!!!!!

    Hyundai Entourage Limited
    Ultimate Package
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Roof Rail Crossbars

    MSRP 33,865.00
    Invoice: 31646.00
    Price Paid: 28,700.00
    (does not include tax and tags, took 3.9% instead of 1000.00 rebate)

    Dealing with Salesmen without a lot of BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Check out both of these dealerships, they are worth the trip!!!
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Looks like the Entourage got a $1k boost in incentives yesterday. $1k cash back, plus $1k financing incentive.
    Good through 4/2
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Entourage incentives are up to $2500, with no financing strings attached. Fitzmall is showing sale prices at $3100 to $3400 below invoice
  • ptigerptiger Posts: 1
    I am looking at an Entourage SE. Considering the current $2500 rebate, is $22,000 a good place to start negotiating?
  • dbtdbt Posts: 298
    Entourage SE. Considering the current $2500 rebate, is $22,000 a good place to start negotiating?

    Invoice with Destination is $25,762. Fitzmall low price is $22,650. 22 flat may be low, but 22,5 may be doable.

    Most people recommend soliciting bids first, rather than going in cold to negotiate.
  • k4risk4ris Posts: 2
    Unspecified mid florida west coast Hyundai dealership - an email offer was made and accepted, no face to face discussion before hand, for the following: Hyundai SE with Premium Ent Package 26K TTL final price out the door - There was a trade in vehicle for flat value no co$t - walkaway payoff but not upside down.
  • dectwinsdectwins Posts: 1
    Purchased an Entourage Limited for 6,000 off MSRP. 29,495-2500 Rebate- 3500 extra off = 23, trade. Pretty good deal considering I was just going to buy the SE and one dealership quoted me 23,400 for that one! Love it so far!
  • What does your sentence mean? quote: "There was a trade in vehicle for flat value no co$t - walkaway payoff but not upside down. " ?????????????
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,624
    The payoff on the loan equaled the amount given for the trade-in.


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  • k4risk4ris Posts: 2
    OK here is the final deal out the door on 4-20-07.
    Dealer: New Port Richie Hyundai, FL CONTACT INTERNET SALES DEPT
    31795 <<MSRP Sticker for 2007 Entourage Limited with the (E) Entertainment packaqe
    26509 <<Final Price out the door THAT includes TAX TITLE LICENSE. Also thrown in was cross rails roof rack, mats, cargo net and a full tank of gas.
    13473 Payoff for a 2004 2WD, 4D Chevy Tblazer, EXT LS, exclt condition with 37000 miles on it - full pay off for this tradein, and what i meant in previous post was there was NOT any flipping of residual debt from the chevy into the hyundai note - we walked away from the note. This dealer gave us the FULL NOTE VALUE for credit - we call that a wash.
    This internet sales dept at New Port Richie Hyundai, FL was EXCELLENT
    Professional, fast, to the point, and a pleasure to do business with.
    After initial quotes received for an SE w/ PE the bottom being 24750 out the door, we decided that the leather was nice enough to pursue. My final deal had to get approval from the dealer owner. I dont know anybody personally in their company, and I just negotiatied. 8 Tampa Bay area Dealers were first contacted by email and this dealer wanted the sale. Another dealer down on the south side of the bay was near this. BUT ONLY New Port Richie Hyundai, FL moves 400 HYUNDAIS a month, about 25% thru their inernet sale dept - these guys are serious sbout sales!!!!! call them!!!!!! and peace be with you........

    p.s. we aint got no vibration at 75 mph and we love this van.
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Just did a deal for a Hyundai Entourage SE with Premium package in NC for $24024 out the door. I'm delighted with this deal. The sales person was particularly helpful and the financing is very good. I look forward to taking delivery, will test drive at 75mph for bad vibrations! Cheers :)
  • josm100josm100 Posts: 30
    Congrats, I'm about to be the father of twin boys too, Did you buy the entourage? I just got a deal for one at $24024, (premium package SE)and I'll be taking delivery on May 21st. Hope the twins are well, Joe. :) :)
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