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Chrysler 300M Starting/Stalling problems



  • I would start by checking the Jump posts and all battery connections.

    Next place would be the starter and connections. Might be contacts are worn out
  • rugga56rugga56 Posts: 1
    My 300M keeps on stalling. I have replaced my cam and crank sensors,ignition coils, spark plugs, timing belt, and fuel pump. Every time I easy in on the gas going between 10-60mph I just might stall. Does anyone have a solution that will fix this problem?
  • I have a 2000 300M with 102K miles and it just recently started to stall on
    deceleration (off ramps and stop lights) but only after it had warmed up.
    It would re start ... but run rough and then stall again.

    Check engine light Never came on and no codes were stored BUT
    when i left my OBD scanner plugged in while driving I noticed
    a PENDING P0404 code...meaning that it was intermittent.
    P0404 is an EGR valve problem. I found one of the last EGR valves in the
    northeast last saturday ($180) and had my mechanic put it in (not an easy job)
    it took him 4 hours ($320) (had to deal with lots of old bolts) but it worked!!!!
    My car is now safe and fun to drive again.
  • See my post on this page.. I bet its your EGR valve failing
    good luck
  • I too am having the same problem. A 1999 300m that is hard to start when its hot,after a long haul.If it was a carburated vihical I would assume it was a choke problem by the way its acting.In order to start I must do some serious fethering of the gas,but once its started it runs great.It only does it on a long haul shut off then restart.If I wait a halh hour it starts with no problem.

    Anyone ever figure it out?
  • my 300m starts turn it off it will not start take wire off battery post for 10 min. it will start.
  • My car warms up and stall and will not restart till engine is cool. Code say manifold tuning valve. rplaced mtv and also the thing next to it that works off vacuum. I have also had a part changed in the transmissin because it was stuck in gear. the junck yard part are 10 a piece. What part next can you help Rich
  • car was running fine all day, I came out the store after about 10 minutes and started it, it turned off immediately, no choking before doing so. It did this 3 times before it finally would not crank at all. The neutral switch and steering column have been replaced, battery has been checked, and I don't know what else to do. If the cam sensor is bad, would it be causing this? That is where I'm leaning right now, i will have to take it to a dealership soon if i can't figure it out.
  • had a similar problem ( flashing lights while driving, off engine while driving, won't start couple times ) turn out to be a battery, I couldn't believe .
  • went camping not to long ago and my 99 300m was great, parked it, when we decided its time to go, it didnt want to start, it kicks over like it wants to start, but nothing, got it home and checked the code and it seemed to be the cam and crank sensor so we changed those YAY! still doing the same problem and still giving us the same code. any ideas on what it could be now? maybe have to reset the computer? HELP!!
  • Hey sucks to hear that had some similar issues on our 99 300m. We replaced the battery still had the same problem. After closer inspection turned out to simply be the battery cables had really corroded. Apparently since Chrysler decide to put the battery low to the ground next to the wheel well,you get all kinds of (whatever) that hit it. So a simple trip to autozone for new battery positive and negative ends as well as new metal brackets to hold them on will do wonders! Best of luck.
  • Hello dellagx, i am currently have same problem you had with my 300m 02 model. it starts and then cuts off. after 3 attempts it wont crank again. Did you ever find a solution to the problem. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 300m 02 model. starts and then cuts off. after 3 attempts it wont crank again. ever find Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  • car starting issues: sometimes car will just click fast, sometimes it clicks once and dies completely with no lights or anything working, and then sometimes it will just start up with no problem. I will try and jump it and that works fine most of the time but not always. I replaced the battery October 2009. Also, then sometimes when I get it started my brakes will go far to the floor and hiss air when I apply them. Only does that once in a while.
  • hopes300hopes300 Posts: 1
    hi folks! quick question. i have just recently inherited a 2000 300m in mint condition. 4 door sedan, 3.5 liter v6. my parents were the first and only owners. they gave it to me when they started having difficulties with it. it will start up just fine....with a jump. run for 10-15 mins and then cut off. ex-brother in law was a "master mechanic". reportedly replaced battery, altenator, starter. however that is suspect. also ran a diagnostic on it and could not pinpoint issue. had battery tested and it is perfect. have been told everything from possible sensor issue to trash in gas tank. any suggestions as to where i might find this sensor that may be bad or any other solutions i can try ? cannot afford 500.00 diagnostic on top of repair if only a 10.00 part. is this common? thanks in advance.
  • benjie30benjie30 Posts: 1
    I have 1999 300M with only 47000 miles but last week i was driving and the engine lose its power, battery light came on and the engine shuts down. I pull to the side and try to started after a few tries it start again. I replace the alternator, battery, spark plugs, crank shaft sensor, battery cables, a few fuses but the engine wont start. It make a loud click noise. Check all wiring and is all good. Any help on this.
  • Last year my 300M kept stalling. Replaced Cam sensor and Crank sensor and finally the Computer. That combination seemed to resolve the issue. Hasn't happened again. I think the computer was what really resolved the issue. Be careful my 300M would die with no warning, merging on HWY, turn off a road anthing. Heat seemed to agrivate issue. Could start car once or twice a day but it would die the third time never fail once this issue started.
  • tony1965tony1965 Posts: 1
    Hello i have a 2000 300m with the same problems what was wrong with yours
  • I believe Chrysler had issues with the 300M series in 2002 and 2003 with sensors and PCs going bad. I found many posts about this and wish I would have known that when I picked up this car. Replace Cam, Crank sensors first. See if that fixes it. If not then replace the PC. Use only official Chrysler parts or your issue may not be resolved. I had to tell the Chrysler mechanics to replace my PC after they had tried everything else with no success. WILL NEVER EVER BUY CHRYSLER again. Going back to Ford
  • jdgearjdgear Posts: 1
    I recently bought a 1999 chrysler 300m. The first day i had it i drove it well over 200 miles without a problem. The next day i went 2 blocks to the store and it stalled when i put it in park. I got it started and while driving it stalled again. When i got to start it now it does not turn over at all. All interior lights and accessories work. After a couple hours it starts. I take it around the block to see how it runs and it works fine until i park it and shut it off. Then it does not turn over at all again. Can ne one help let me know what exactly it might be causing the problem?
  • I am having a similar problem (same make and model) and have had the PCM replace, the crankshaft sensor replaced, the battery and positive cable replaced, but still have starting issues. I took it to another mechanic and he is looking at it now (and I trust him more than I do Chrysler) and is scratching his head over it. I was initially asked about the alarm system and told them I thought it was stock and so they looked at other things. However, when I was looking into things, it reminded me of my daughters truck and similar issues five years ago. It was an aftermarket alarm, but the symptoms were similar, so I'm going to have them look at the alarm system because nothing else is making sense because I'm thinking the system is failing...part of that is because I have noticed the system has occasionally faulted out on me in the last year, so I'm thinking it could be the problem. I'm checking in with my mechanic tomorrow and see what happens with it...

    I have been struggling with this for over a month now and it is driving me crazy...
  • omahadbomahadb Posts: 1
    Hi JDGear - I'm having the same issue with my 2001 300M. Stalls at idle and then won't start. I took it to the mechanic (after the tow truck driver started it :-( no kidding!!!) and it proceeded to die in front of the mechanic's shop. Battery tested good, lights, gauges all work (leading me to think the battery is okay) but it won't crank or solenoid click. After 30 minutes of dinking around -- it started. We're baffled. Can you tell me what the outcome was on your 300M in order to get it up and running?
    Thanks -- and I owe you a beer!
  • Can someone tell me what happens to these cars and how do they fix this problem. for real.
    I dont want to start hanging parts and guessing, It seems alot of 300 m folks have the same 3 starts and then NO CRANK issue. I have seen no resolution unless I missed it.
    Please help.

    I replaced the evaporator core, now I have the same no start problem, It started 3 times dies quickly, now wont crank at all.

    Thank you.
  • dgrams1dgrams1 Posts: 7
    A possible fix I heard on an auto talk show was when cars get old(er) they require having the intake system cleaned with a system like from your Chrysler dealer. I was beginning to experience stumbling etc. Had that done several years ago and have had no problems with my '99 300M outside of an occasional high RPM upon start-up but goes away to normal idle after a little while. Up to 1700 RPM...
  • Pardon me but my car WONT START , it worked fine before I took the dashboard apart.

    It started 3 times at idle, and quit quickly. Then after 3 times restarting it will no longer even crank with hte key.
    I can get it to crank over by jumping across the start relay, but it will not run, just cranks.

    This 2000 300 m will NOT TURN OVER using the ignition key.

    Wont work with the remote start system either.
    Wished I could disable it to be sure ther eis no conflict.

    I removed the intake a yr ago and cleaned it while doing head gaskets.

    I left the battery unhooked for a couple days, could this have caused the ecm to need re programed?

  • I went through the same issue on my car and after much research and replacing the cam sensor crank sensor and it still happened I made them replace the PC ($600) but it did the trick. No more stalling. I will never buy a Chrysler again, but plan on driving the wheels off this one
  • hi,

    Your telling me out of the blue clear sky your car developed an issue like this? It started up and would idle only for a few seconds, then would stall in park, cold, sitting still.
    Then after 3 times it would NO longer crank over with the key anymore?
    I could replace cam and crank sensors all day long that will not enguage the starter when the key is turned. This car will not crank. It seems the red light on the dash is flashing different than ever before and I do have a code P1685. Something about faulty key.

    I would like to know how to rest the theft system and allow the car to start with my key I normally use. I cant help but think this is a security system issue.

    Thank you
  • Does anyone know how to bypass or rest the security system on this type car?
    Seems several have had simular isses but I see no solutions. Surely someone has had this problem and knows the proper resolution.

    Car started 3 times and stalled. Then would not crank using the key. All systems seem good, The red dash light flashes differently than ever before.
    it had a code p1685, Skim,,,, How can I reset the system????????

    Thank you.
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