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Jetta Transmission Problems and Questions



  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I'm sure you probably know that you have a 5 year 60,000 power train warranty, but I mention it just in case you are only referring to the full 4 yr 50K mi warranty running out.

    You could have them ride with you, hope you are lucky enough to have the problem occur and point out what you are talking about when it happens. Also make sure that you have documentation from the dealer indicating what has happened, so if it finally gets worse you can try to make a case that the problem was there before warranty ran out.

    I'm not a big fan of extended warranties, but if you are really worried about a possible expensive transmission repair you could look into the cost of one just for the power train.
  • vwlovervwlover Posts: 2
    I have tried having them ride with me, but to no avail. I have kept a journal of it happening & have all of the receipts from the trips to the dealer.

    I guess I do not have full understanding of the warranty. My car has 48000 miles. Do I actually have coverage for the transmission under 5yr/60,000? I mentioned my concern about the warranty to the dealer and he told me 4yr/50K.

    Does anyone else have this problem with 04 Jettas?

  • diesel16diesel16 Posts: 2
    vwlover, to answer your question about warranty: VW is partially covering my transmission replacement under the 5yr/60000 mi powertrain warranty (I was at 60,186, so they're giving me a hard time -- that's another story. According to them, warranty would have fully covered replacement before 60000 mi. I've heard from others they are difficult with warranty claims (you saw my post, #92, here?). I've talked to other owners who repeatedly went back to dealer till they witnessed the problem and finally got warranty to cover repair. Hope this helps.
  • I was driving my 94 automatic 2.0 jetta and it just goes into neutral when im going 35 then ten miles after that my gears on my dash all lit up everyone p r d 1 2 3 so I park the car so i thought I put my stick into park and turned the car off when i put my key in my dash lit up in drive then all of them again I try to start the car and nothing happens please tell me something to do!!
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    first lets get your vehicle scanned by a competent garage. volkswagon has some problems with thier MLPS (manual lever position sensor) on the 096-01M transaxles if you can get me some codes to work with i may be able to help you
  • louisseelouissee Posts: 2
    I have the exact same issue--thumping sound, especially when turning left. Car is going to be checked out thoroughly next week so hope it won't be a costly fix.

    2002 Jetta GLS 1.8T
    60,500 miles :(
  • louisseelouissee Posts: 2
    Has anyone experienced electrical issues such as the A/C and power steering quitting at the exact same time, in addition to no acceleration? Sometimes, the car shuts off shortly after starting or the car shudders quite a bit and then is jumpy on acceleration. This car is putting me in the poorhouse! :mad:

    2002 Jetta GLS 1.8T
    60,450 mi
  • i been reading about these mesages about the transmissions cuz i have a 2002 1.8t jetta and it did the same thing. It would only act up when the engine was cold and after driving it for a bit it will shift normally. Whats up with that yo. And the probleme kept getting worse so i had to rebuild the darn thing and it costed 3000 dollars ugh and the dealer wanted to charge more than double that. Idk but im thinking if everyone has the same problem then is it us, because i know we love hearing that turbo or is it just that VW made ONE bad part
  • 07jettagal07jettagal Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 jetta that has an unusual vibration in the gear shifter only in 4th gear. It's not an engine lug vibration, it's actually only at higher RPM's (right before you shift to 5th). The shifter vibrates terribly and makes a noise - if you hold onto the shifter, it's not as bad. The vibration only starts after I've put about 20 miles on (35 miles to work each way). I brought it to my dealer and they basically brushed me off - they actually said "maybe you're not putting it all the way in 4th gear." Any ideas?
  • noelmannnoelmann Posts: 2
    I have a 2002 1.8 turbo, it is shifting real hard in to 1st 2nd and 3rd.I had it tested and the code came up as p1778 that doesnt tell you if it is the transmission, or solnoide. has any one had this problem or can tell me whats wrong.
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    p1778 is solenoid #7 n94 on the valve body of the trans hth
  • noelmannnoelmann Posts: 2
    thank you is it expensive to fix?
  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    my suggestion is you find a trans shop that you trust if ur in colorado your more than welcome to bring it to me. but my suggestion is replace the valvebody with a reman valvebody. the reason i say this is 99% of the volkswagon transmissions i repair (28 years rebuilding transmissions) i have to replace the valvebody do to worn valves and bad solenoids. it it much cheaper to replace the complete valvebody than it is to try and buy solenoids separately. but you need to be ready for 600-800.00 just for valvebody replacement...which is far less than the 3000.00 it would cost to overhaul the transmission. if you dont have the valvebody replaced very soon..that 3000.00 trans overhaul will become a reality. if you need pricing on a valvebody replacement ill be able to price it for you monday morning. I can order the part thru the shop and have it drop shipped to you. that way you dont get raped by a trans shop and pay twice what they did for a valvebody. and when you have it replaced you will know its got a solid warranty on the valvebody. so you can see what im talking about as far as vavle body problems feel free to visit your trans id = 01M and our parts supplier is located at
    hope this helps you if you need further feel free to drop me a line directly
  • I just got a new flywheel for my 2004 Jetta. The dealer wanted a lot of money for the clutch and original flywheel. They told me about a new replacement that Valeo makes. I purchased if from dialaclutch and it was way less than what the dealer wanted for the original. Great item!
  • I wouldn't pay what my vw dealer wanted and I found a clutch and flywheel that replaced the original one. It cost way less and I'm happy. This company dialaclutch had it in stock and they were very helpful. No more dealer clutches for me!
  • is the clutch skipping - reving high rps before the clutch grabs? If so, it's the clutch and possible flywheel, not the transmission. I called for my stuff
  • alagaalaga Posts: 3
    Hi all - a weeks or so ago I was driving my 95 Jetta (automatic) through a parking lot and upon braking it felt as though the car wanted to keep moving (strongly pushing ahead). This kept happening as I slowed at stop signs & luckily I made it home. Had my dad drive it and he noticed this problem occurring after the engine had warmed, but not before (may be a coincidence, not sure??). Left the vehicle sit for 5 days (I was out of town) - when I tried to drive the vehicle after this, the engine would start fine, but when I tried putting it into reverse it would shudder and clunk out. Same problem when I tried drive. I also tried letting the engine warm in park, then shifting into R and D, and still clonked out. Called the local independent VW mechanic & they were able to get it going enough to get back to their shop. They're saying that the transmission needs to be rebuilt. Just curious if these symptoms seem like tranny problems - I'm not a car person. If you need more info, please ask and I'll provide! Thanks much!
  • viejojimviejojim Posts: 1
    without any warning, signs or anything, could not get my 1999 manual VR6 into reverse. No noises, no smells no anything. Also, when I put it into 1st gear, it doesn't seem to be at its normal gear ration - as if I am in 3rd. Car has 120k miles. No mechanics over the 4th July weekend, and just wondering if it sounds like a worn out clutch. Any thoughts, suggestions or advise would be appreciated - - viejo jim
  • ja87birdja87bird Posts: 2
    I had the same exact problem with mine last night I have a 99 2.0. I was hoping someone would have responded. Let me know if you find out what the problem is.Thanks John
  • ja87birdja87bird Posts: 2
    just the linkage $180 @ the dealer, not as bad as I thought!
  • styloebstyloeb Posts: 1
    Please help me out I am in some deep stuff with my car. I need to get it fixed before mon. next week for work.
    OK Problem.... Right out of no where after I have been driving for a bit. I shut down the engine to get a drink or something come back out and try to start my car and its like the clutch is sticking inside the trans. I can push in the peddle and try to start the car but its like its only half way engaged and the car leeps forward or backward depending on what gear I am in. So me with little extra money to spend on car repairs decides to do the whole shift with no clutch thing. I start it like its in gear... jump jump jump and go. and drive with no clutch. Stop signs ,lights, traffic I pull it out of gear and coast shut the motor off put it in first and start it jump jump jump go. I have never heard of a clutch sticking rather then burning up. I have burned up a clutch before and with that there is nothing there absolutely nothing but this is on the other end of the spectrum. If I get a clutch package and put it in will that fix the problem ? Or is going to get deeper then that ? Please Help me out !! Thank You Styloeb
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Your clutch cable may need adjusting. Some '92s have adjustable clutch cables and some are self-adjusting. If your clutch is self-adjusting to the maximum, it might be clutch disk time for you. If it's the adjustable type (the self-adjusting type has a rubber boot on top of the clutch cable sleeve) you can adjust it to get back free-play in the clutch so that it doesn't grab like that.

    So look at the cable before you rip the clutch out. You may not need one.

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  • beahrbeahr Posts: 1
    Hi, I have an 04 VR6 w/man 6spd trans that is stuck in 5th gear, the shift lever and cables still appear to be functioning, ( moving in and out and up and down. ) When any other gear is selected the trans is actually in two gears at once and the car will not budge. Are the vertical selector shafts prone to damage? or is this an internal problem?
  • The idle will lope a bit and not run quite steady when it is first started and cold. After it runs a while and warms up, it smooths out a bit better, but then when I turn on air condition, the idle will lope again. Any ideas?
  • I have a 1995 jetta with 130,000 miles. While driving it shifts from first to second fine but winds to about 4,000 rpm to shift in to third gear, and will not shift into overdrive at all. Once in a while will slip into netural and you have to back off the throttle to let it slip back into gear. Any thoughs on this problem anything I can do short of replacing the trans. Thanks in advance
  • if ur AC makes any difference the first things u should check are the belts on the engine, see if they are cracked or loose on the pulleys. while doing this wiggle the pullies too just to make sure they are all good, anything that doesn't seem tight enough to hold straight should be inspected closer and possibly replaced. chances are that its expanding after it heats up and tightens the belt to the pullies so everything gets a little better traction to get power out of the crank; there might be 2 belts on ur car so make sure u check on the inside bottom of the big belt to see if there is another one hidden (make sure u use a light!). the tensioner on the big belt is on top and the small belt is on bottom and is like a little cog for a gear or something, u need to slack off the hold down bolt and turn the cog to tighten that one, dont forget to tighten the bolt down while u hold the cog tight. the top tensioner is easier to figure out :)
  • hi
    my name is raul im from kansas city i will like to know if anyone can help me solve my jetta problem.its automatic tranny
    it goes up to 65 mph but it will not gear out from 3rd shift into 4th my rpms will go up if i keep pressing the gas pedal can anybody help me?

    any help i can get from anyone..
    please help me out
  • hi
    my name is raul
    i got the same problem
    1999 jetta
    it will go 1.2.3 gears and then it will not go up to 4th gear
    my rpms go up but im afraid its gonna burn my tranny
    let me know if you have any ideas on the problem

    my car is automatic
  • I have a manual 99 Jetta. Last fri., out of no where, the car went crazy. I am experiencing problems in all gears throughout my ride. It seems as if the gears are not fully engaging or catching anything which causes a reduction in acceleration and a major increase in my rpms. I was trying to do a bit of troubleshooting when I noticed something else. Occasionally, when the car comes to a complete stop, it does not die while still in gear and with my foot off the clutch pedal. I just sits and idles at slighly high rpms and seems like it wants to die. If anyone has experienced this or has an idea of what the problem may be, please respond
    thank you in advance
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