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Jetta Transmission Problems and Questions



  • waiwai Posts: 327
    How many miles are required for manual transmission fluid flush/change? Also, for the fuel filter change? Please let me know as the owner's manual has not mentioned that.
  • how did you make out,I have almost the same problem
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,848
    This should tell you.

    Maintenance Schedules

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  • When was the last time you had the transmission fluid and differential oil changed?

    If the answer is "I don't know" or "never" - That's part of the problem.

    Don't let anyone (including the dealer) con you into thinking that the transmission fluids are "lifetime" fluids. "Lifetime" fluids are like snipes - non existant.

    Follow the service manual for the transmission service intervals. Short of that, have the transmission service performed every 60,000 miles (auto trans) or 30,000 miles (manual trans).
  • Usually it shifts smooth, but about once a week it revs higher maybe 200 rpm then goes into the final gear hard (as if I ran over a 2X4 with the car) :( The tranny had a fluid/filter change at 75,000 and all was normal in the pan and filter. The fluid level was good at change and is correct now. We installed a reman valve body with new solenoids with no help. Now it has 82,000.
  • While driving to work today my car stopped accelerating when I gave it gas. I rolled to the side of the road and was able to put it in park. It will start up and idle as usual. The exhaust system lit up solid yellow and all the gear settings (P N D....) flashed red. I had it towed to the dealership which was ironically 2 blocks away!! Any heads up as to what to expect? I have a 2006 Jetta TDI. 90,000 mi.+/-
  • I have a 2000 jetta VR6 and the shifting between 2nd and 3rd was hard and after the dealer wanting 4g's I found that the TCM Unit was defective, found one for $120 and solved my issue.
  • Not sure what you mean with exhaust flashing yellow, but do you have any aftermarket stuff in your car (specifically a chip?). If not, it could be an 02 sensor, but it sounds like you were put into "limp" mode because of some sort of unusual condition that repeated itself more than once during that drive. Usually after a few minutes you can get it back, but it depends on what your computer thinks is happening. I'd be interested to hear the diagnosis from the dealer.
  • i have a 96 jetta vw and i just got a new transmission instaled in it the problem is didnt like how the transmission worrks and now im thinking about changing from a auto to a manual transmission any comments ??
    or tips on why the transmission aint working how a new transmission should i also had a rebuilt motor instaled in it .
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    im thinking about changing from a auto to a manual transmission any comments ??

    Yes, sell it and buy one with a manual. Let me know if you are interested and I'll try to convince my kid to sell you his supercharged '96 with manual trans ;) .

    You can not convert for any reasonable cost.
  • I have a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLX that is at 90,000 miles. I'm posting this thread to see if anyone else is having a transmisson problem. When I would start my car cold it would skip from 1st to 3rd and the rpm's would shoot up to about 50/60 before it would even shift from 1st to 3rd and then my car would jerk. So I took it to the dealership because my check engine light was on as well and they told me that it is my transmission and they don't rebuild and it'll cost $5,500 dollars total. I've been looking around online and have found numerous cases with reports of the same problem and that Volkswagen did absolutely nothing to help. So, I was wondering how many other people on this site have had the same problem and what they ended up doing or are thinking about doing. Because...I am wondering if it is just a problem with the car because a 6 year old car shouldn't be having transmisson problems especially one with the reputation of a Volkswagen. So i'm thinking maybe if we can get as many people to ban together as possible something can get done finally.
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    Does your car shift properly when warm? If so, then I would not take the dealer's word about needing a new transmission. Take it to another dealer or a reputable mechanic that knows VW's. Good Luck.
  • lvlttrlvlttr Posts: 1
    got two recalls and catalytic converter remove & reinstall-does not say replaced and for the second time in one year spark plugs & ingi leads replaced. ($347 & 4 hours later)Left dealer service center-went two blocks ,heard a rattle and thought a nut or clamp must need tightening so turned around and brakes locked. Went back to dealer who said now I need a master cylinder & booster-and there is no connection to the work he just performed. I don't believe it because i had been hooked up to the diagnostic and wouldn't it have shown up?And I have never had a prior problem, no warning signs or problems before. I don't know where the connection is so can't argue but I left him without doing the work-he just unlocked the brake. Help me understand what happened, do I have a case and I can't trust this dealer so where do I go from here. Thanks
  • When driving the other day up a hill my transmission slipped out of 5th gear without making any noises at all. All of the other gears work fine except for 5th. I am not sure what it could be anybody have any ideas? The car has about 235,000 on it and runs great.
  • When driving the other day up a hill my transmission slipped out of 5th gear without making any noises at all. All of the other gears work fine except for 5th. I am not sure what it could be anybody have any ideas? The car has about 235,000 on it and runs great.
  • rhtransrhtrans Posts: 84
    If you mean the shifter stays in 5th but the motor revs up most likely just a worn clutch...if the shifter moves jumping out of 5th into can be mount or linkage problem or more seriously and more likely excessive wear on the 5th fork, slider and or gear inside the transmission and under a load it just moves out of position because it can't stay locked properly. Check the mounts and check the shift linkages first for any excessive play or movement.
  • Thanks for the reply. At first I thought it would be the clutch but all of the other gears work fine. The clutch is a old but it still feels pretty good. The shifter does stay in position in 5th and does not jump out into neutral. I looked at the linkage and everything still looks good and is not real sloppy. Do you think it is worth splitting the trany and looking in to see if the shaft is broke or the gear is out of position. I believe 5th is right there at the end. Do you know of any sites with good transmission breakdowns for the jetta?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,848
    hard to say what's going on but if indeed your linkage is tight and adjusted properly and still no 5th gear, then 5th gear has somehow slipped off the shaft....maybe something backed off in the transmission---so you'll have to break it open. Is it worth it? Well, to R&R takes a pro mechanic about 5 hours (not including any overhaul). With overhauling it, probably 10 hours for a pro----and this doesn't include differential work.

    I guess if the rest of the car is really nice, clean, good running, it might be worth doing, but if the car has other body/mechanical issues, you might do better to find another car rather than be spending serious money on this one. It's a toss-up IMO.

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  • Code P0715 calls for input turbine/ speed sensor circuit malfunction, so where is this sensor located? Is it the G38, G68 or...? I will repair it myself after a $2200 repair with no luck, the car stays locked in 3rd gear (safe mode). Please somebody tell me where it is so that I can trace the wires, thanx.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,848
    For the 4 Speed Automatic 01M it's on the top of the transmission.

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  • Very recently my transmission has had problems shifting into 1st gear. It will rev really high and then shift with a huge jerk & noise. If I hold in the brake while also pushing the gas the car will shift much easier. I took it to a shop today that was going to flush and fill, only to be told that car was not able to be flushed and I had to replace the entire transmission. Does this sound right?
  • I am having the same problem with my 2002 Jetta (v6 automatic), it will not shift out of 1st until it is warmed up to 190 degrees. VW will not touch their own tranies and told me the same thing, remove & replace only, but they are not sure if that would fix the problem. How could the transmission only be bad when it's cold? They also told me it may be a faulty valve...but again they are just guessing as I am getting no fault codes. I have it at Aamco right now and they are telling me it’s not the transmission at all. They believe it’s the break light switch (which I just had replaced in Aug 08 when the transmission was slipping out of 3rd into neutral). The transmissions are reparable you just have to find someone who will do it...not VW.
  • My husband bought me a 02 VW jetta in 2006 :) , never had any issues until we had a recall postcard in summer 2008. Took it in for recall on break lights :confuse: . No problem there, but after leaving the automotive shop it started shifting gears with a really hard jerk when you accelerate and when you are going into breaking it shifts gear really hard as well :sick: . I finally was scared of driving the car and took it into the Neillo VW dealer for a oil change, vehicle visual inspection, and an engine light check for diagnostics. After waiting two hours, the service associate comes to tell me what is wrong with the car with a bunch of vocabulary I didn't know and verbage on my vehicle stating bottom tubo tub installed wrong, not stock type turbo tube. Also, to replace ecm software??? and tcm codes on engine torque for solenoid #5. Dealer don't know if engine problem or transmission problem, charge me for this lost $1068.00 :cry: . I told the service associate I wanted to speak with a vehicle technician not a service associate. They explained only they do the talking. The service associate tells me to not drive the car, needs a trans diagnostic and recheck codes on trans, maybe code #10 solenoid and a 1598 pinout also: will cost another $2500.00. So I told them, just because I am a woman I don't know anything about cars...You just want money, I am not stupid..paid them..drove off...Driving out of the dealership was even worse. The shifts are more stronger and intense. What should I do before going back? Are they right? Or should I just buy a new transmission and install it myself???
  • hanskahanska Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Jetta and mine does that too, when i first got it about 2 years ago it didnt but after about 10-12 months the speedo started jumping around at 60 mph cruise control stopped working and my rpm's jumped up to 3000 at 60-65. I was told it had to do with a gear inside the transmittion, and it would cost about 1500 to fix at the cheapest.. i would love to know how to get it fixed or if that is normal...
  • hanskahanska Posts: 2
    Last night i locked the door on my 2003 jetta and proceeded up my drive way when the alarm went off. I went back unlocked and relocked the doors, everything seemed to be fine when at 2 am this morning my alarm went off again. When i started down the driveway it shut off. and didnt start again. Today when i got in the car to go to the store my open door light began to ficker like a door was not shut all the way. so i checked all the doors and they were closed. I have no clue if one is related to the other but if anyone has any ideas im sure it would make my neighbors happy in the middle of the night.
  • rap6rap6 Posts: 1
    I have a vw 2003 VR6 triton auto transmission. I had problems with it shifting heard in first and second gear. I took to a shop, they said i needed to place a seinord. The shop didn't find any metal in the pan and the oil was clean that came out.
    Is this serious? will I have transmission problems later with the car. I currently have 84,000 miles on the car.
  • smf1036smf1036 Posts: 2
    My son's 2001 Jetta with 145k miles on it, has trouble shifting when going from high cruise speed to low. Normal speeds and shifting are fine. Dealer tells us most likely low on trans fluid ($400). I am sure they will just happen to find metal shavings in the pan when they remove. They say they have to keep the car overnight to check when the fluid is coolest.

    any of this make sense?

  • smf1036smf1036 Posts: 2
    Has anyone had to replace their timing belt (chain, i'm not sure) on a 2001 Jetta? What was the cost, and is it necessary if there are no apparent problems?

  • jeftajefta Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Jetta GLS, 2.0L, auto transmission with issues which seem very similar. When I first began having concerns, I would get what I thought were hard shifts from 1 to 2 to 3. The problem was intermittent however so I was unable to pinpoint it. Then, after a relatively long trip, after coming off the highway speed of 120 km/hr, I was unable to get it to shift into 4th gear. I stopped at a friend's house where the car sat for an hour. When I began driving again, the issue had gone. I just completed another long trip and the same issue is present. When it first occured, I pulled over, turned off the ignition and then restarted. For a short period, the problem went away. From what I have read, I believe the transmission is likely going into safe mode thereby disabling 4th. Now, I can't get it to go into 4th at all. I am interested in the specifics of the cable that was replaced from the transmission to the computer. Do you have a part number I can reference? I think this could be the problem as the situation is similar.
  • mrks307mrks307 Posts: 11
    I have a 2002 Jetta automatic. At 77,000 miles the tranny went. Replaced with extended warranty. At 97,500 miles tranny went again (downshift crazy) replaced with extended warranty. At 97,510 miles tranny went again (same problem) YES THE MILEAGE IS CORRECT! I made it 10 miles out of the dealer. I think the torque converter went too this time. Loud crunch from tranny. I bought this car 3 years ago with 33,000 miles on it for $9,900. It has had $23,000 in waranty related repairs. It will be out of warranty in 2,500 miles. I'm screwed. Stay away from VW's!
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