Chrysler Sebring Water Leaks

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  • rcschantzrcschantz Member Posts: 2
    I have at 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXi sedan. I have had water leak in 7 times. I have lost my lemon law arbitration because the 4th problem was not within the specified mileage. However, I do have a 3 year and 36,000 mile warranty that the dealer and Chrysler must honor. I am taking it in again next week. The 5 Star Dealers Master Mechanic who has looked at it 4 times is going to look at it again. They have replace the sun roof tray, repaired the drains, and sealed some "leaks". I will never buy another Chrysler again. The dealer, Regional Representative Joe Dietz, and Chryslers Customer Service are unresponsive and ineffective. What would you suggest I do next. 33 Letters went out this week to various addresses. Check for an article about Chrysler Quality and Image. Don Dees is quoted as saying Chrysler has a problem. No kidding. Any suggestions on what to do with a Leaking Sebring? _code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=05361076
  • rcschantzrcschantz Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 LXi sedan. I have had 7 water leaks. Chrysler and the Dealer are unresponsive. Never touch another Chrysler again. Keep looking. I am. It's tough but your not alone. Good Luck. _code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=05361076
  • brighlzgbrighlzg Member Posts: 6
    Thanks, David.

    The dealer washed the car before they gave to me.
    But I found they forgot to dry the floor.
    The floor before rear seats just like a pond.
    I already used vacuum to drain the water. But lots of water already penetrated under the floor.
    I'm afraid this will cause problem.
    Any circuits under the floor?
    Thanks. I'm so worried.
  • glendabucyglendabucy Member Posts: 1
    I just recently bought my 98 JX Convertible. I live in western NC and due to Hurricane Frances, there has been several inches of rain dumped in a very short period of time. When I got up this morning, there was water standing in the drivers side floor boards (front and back) and the passenger side back floor board. Also, when I drive there is a "swish" noise from water, but I can't figure out where it is. Any clue why it's leaking and where from. It has rained since I bought, but never this hard. Has anyone else had this problem fixed? Is it expensive? Thanks for any help or advice.
  • grnchrysler200grnchrysler200 Member Posts: 2
    I had this same problem on my 1997 chrysler sebring convt. except mine was on the passenger side, and it was caused by a plug being somewhere along the frame all they had to do was unplug the plug, it's just a little stopper under the car. hope this helps!!!
  • gande96gande96 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Sebring with the same leaking problem, passenger side. This just started happening. I have looked for the "plug" but can not locate it. Do you have any other information on where the plug might be located?
  • jakeandmuffyjakeandmuffy Member Posts: 1
    I'd like to add myself to the list of those having standing water on the Sebring floorboard, but mine is on the driver's side (as noted by previous person asking this question). Any ideas from anybody about this drain or plug would be appreciated. I once had a VW Rabbit where pine needles plugged a drain along the front by the windshield-wipers. Water would then flow off the windshield and poor into passenger compartment through the heater vents. Unplugging fixed the problem. I wonder if you and others (like myself) typically park your car outdoors and uncovered, whereby leaves and debris could build-up in body/chassis drains?
  • jam407jam407 Member Posts: 2
  • markdisalvomarkdisalvo Member Posts: 3
    Sorry, its been months since you put your problem on the board, but I just had my own flood in my car yesterday with all the rain in SoCal, The problem it turns out is the drain holes get plugged up over time and your convertible turns into a bathtub. The two drain holes are on both sides of the car near the jack points towards the rear. The mechanic just shoved a small screw driver in the hole and released the dam, important:your stock amplifier under passenger seat will blow your eardrums out when the water hits it or worse.
  • pcohenpcohen Member Posts: 1
    I have found with the rains we have had in Los Angeles my Sebring is leaking water on the passenger side. I found the water is leaking between the window and the top and dropping into the seat and next to the door. I can't find the location of where the leak is originating. The top seems to be fine. When I feel around between the top and interior it's all dry.

    Any clues?
  • lady5lady5 Member Posts: 1
    Passenger side is leaking water when it rains from somewhere, don't know if its from top which is dry or under which is dry until water comes in. Sounds like water is somewhere behind back seat on pass. side. Had 2gallons in there after last rain. Now oil light comes on only after I've driven on interstate, get off and brake at a red light, if I put it in park, the light goes off, if I put in drive and hold brake, light comes on... No leaks found and oil is at right level.
  • dreamangeldreamangel Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same leaking problem as you described. I own a 2004 Sebring convertible purchased at the end of August last year and garage kept during the winter months. Not too much use there. I saw a little dampness in the October timeframe but thought that may have been from not having the top secure enough so brushed it off. However we hada storm the other day that I drove through and had leakage on both passenger and driver side. Took it to the dealer as I noticed the rear windows when they were down while the top was up did NOT look like they did in my 2001 Sebring ocnvertible. The rear windows in the 2001 were flush with the front windows. In the 2004 they are bending inward. Apparently, this was an intentional design change as we looked at one on the lot and I was quite disappointed as I could not see the benefit in that.

    I have not had the other problems but would be interested in any answers you receive on the leaking.
  • cg33cg33 Member Posts: 3
    I don't know if you ever got help for this so sorry for just now sending this
    info. I, myself, just recently had this problem and when I went to the
    dealership, they wanted to charge me at least $170 to replace some "seals". I don't think that was necessary and I didn't want to waste $170 so I searched this site and saw responses from others like jam407, markdisalvo, and grnchrysler200. As the others said, you have to "unplug" the dirt that gets stuck and keeps water
    from draining. The trick is not only to find the plugged spots, but to know what
    they look like. They are not actual plugs that you remove. Once I finally found
    them last night and used a paper clip to clean them as jam407 said, water came
    out like a fountain. The plugged holes are located along the length of the
    bottom of the car. When I got a mirror and looked at them, the plugged spots
    reminded me of how the pen holder in your center console looks. It is a number of
    hill-like spots. You insert a paper clip inside (even though it may not look like
    there is a hole) and if you have any water in there, it will come out. Another
    way that I identified the spots was that they look like mini flared spots where
    I thought I had just hit the bottom of the car and caused the two metal plates
    to slightly separate and bend.
  • ydnic4ydnic4 Member Posts: 1
    :D Just want to say thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just giving up and ready to pay the dealer. Thank you again for solving our flooding problem. Cindyk (ydnic4)
  • b62duckb62duck Member Posts: 2
    I had the problem with standing water on the floorboard with my 97 sebring. On the under body of the car there are drain holes. They are right when the weld is at the bottom of the door. It looks like a break in the weld, there is I think 4 on both the driver and passenger side. They are just big enough to fit a flat head screw driver in them. Mine were clogged with dirt I cleaned the junk out of it with a screw driver and have never had a problem since.
  • danny8danny8 Member Posts: 1
    This information was very helpful i had the same problem on the left side.I would like to add one thing i discovered.Beside the 5 or so sections where the water is released in the seam of the rocker panel also there is a large hole in the rear covered by a rubber flap.This seems to be the last place the water can be released and mine was full of small leaves dirt etc so be sure to check this too
  • mar4mar4 Member Posts: 2
    Are the holes on the door itself or on the body of the car? Thanks!
  • mar4mar4 Member Posts: 2
    The water on the floorboards and in the body of my car apparently shorted out my speakers for good. Under the passenger seat is a black rectangular box of wires that apparently controls the speakers (Infiniti brand; I'm not sure if they were installed by the manufacturer or by a previous owner). Does anyone know how to fix the speakers, maybe by replacing a fuse?
    By the way, I figured out how to unclog the small drain holes under the car; thanks for the advice. So hopefully the waterlogging won't continue.
  • sara37sara37 Member Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 sebring conv. I have little problems with the roof leaking, but we just had a heavy rain and the drivers side front and back floors are both soaked. The seats were not wet at all. I just purchased this car about a week ago. Any suggestions??
  • rlgorerlgore Member Posts: 2
    I had the same problem with my wife's 1998 Sebring conv, tried cleaning out the drain holes (located in front of rear tires near bottom of wheelwell area) to no avail. Co-worker with 1996 Sebring conv told me to look for the rubber plugs near this same area and pull them out. Says he's had them out for several years and never had a wet floor problem. Sure enough, after a good rain, I watched the wife as she drove up the street leaving two nice water trails behind the car! And no more water sloshing around in the back end either. Another hint was to avoid parking the car with the nose down, if possible. Hope this helps!
  • keriekerie Member Posts: 1
    I am searching for a solution to the standing water problem. After our recent rain of 7.5 inches, I ended up with 3 inches of water inside the car on the passenger side. After draining it out with a shop vac, I started driving down the road. That's when I started hearing more water sloshing around. Seems it comes in around the rear window. Does anyone have an answer as to how to stop more water from seeping in? I'm afraid to take the car to the car wash because of this problem. HELP! :confuse:
  • davyd60davyd60 Member Posts: 4
    I think I solved the water problem by reading post #253. Someone suggested using a paperclip instead of a screwdriver. I used a paper clip along the passenger side and sure enough the water came pouring out.

  • nikita2nikita2 Member Posts: 4
    I own a used 2000 Sebring luxury. My dash lights don't come on (I already turn the does not work) Can some one tell me what the problem could be.

    Also, my vehicle was collecting water and it actually overflow into back floor of the vehicle, damaging my receiver under the passenger seat. Any one knows how much does it cost to replace the amp. Chrysler claims that they are not aware of the water problems with this vehicle. :surprise:

    I was able to get the water collected in the vehicle out by using a paper clip to open the clog drains. :D
  • jodewolfjodewolf Member Posts: 1
    My chysler sebring touring is a beautiful car but leaks water on the in side very bad. Had the car to chysler four times. still lots of water. [really a big problem] john
  • steve309steve309 Member Posts: 3
    Check for a clog in the passenger side windshield channel. I have heard if that clogs the water can back up into the car from the top channel.
  • kmartin3kmartin3 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know how to go about removing the rear seat on a 98 Sebring Convertible? One of the rear shoulder belts won't retract all the way and I need to remove the seat to check out the belt recoil. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  • heathstephheathsteph Member Posts: 2
    I have a 96 Sebring which I have owned for 2 years -- Its a great car, but I also end up with 3 inces of water inside the car on the passenger side, and the sloshing from somewhere which is not visible to me! I have had my mechanic look at it and he is going to put drainage holes in the passengar side rear panel and see if that works. For the water inside the car on the floor I thought it may be the weatherstripping but now after hearing from you and others I really think its a defect. What can we do. I did brave it and took my car through the car wash -- no flooding inside but it did get into the panel, the swooshing was there. I need to read more of these messages to determine if its a very common problem.
  • heathstephheathsteph Member Posts: 2
    Sorry this reply is to late but I'm just joining the group. I have the same problem with my speakers when my car gets flooded. My speakers were easily fixed by changing the fuse. My son did it for me in one minute. Good luck. Also how did you unclog the drain holes? New problem I have -- Service Engine Soon light comes on. My mechanic told me it would be a sensor around $200, an 02 sensor, I think. Does anyone have this problem? He said it was related to the emissions? Thanks.
  • krystenlizkrystenliz Member Posts: 3
    :( I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LX Sedan - I have a pool of water under the passenger side seat and in the back behind the seat, only on the passenger side. I cannot find where the leak if coming from? It must have been doing this for a while now because the car smells inside VERY bad its hard to breath in there the smell is just rotten, i have just now noticed because it has rained now for 3 days! does anyone else have this same problem and know anything about how to fix it? Please Help!!!!
  • davyd60davyd60 Member Posts: 4
    I had the same problem,tried a method outlined somewhere on this forum:
    ..."use a paperclip to unclog the drain channels underneath the rocker panels on the passenger side."
    It worked..water came rushing out and haven't had a problem since. And, the car was parked outside during a 3" rainstorm!!!
  • davyd60davyd60 Member Posts: 4
    the solution is outlined in post #253
  • krystenlizkrystenliz Member Posts: 3
    I need to find the drain holes in my 2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX, after lifting the carpet up in the back seat and some on the side of the seat i found over 3 inches of water under and in the carpet, and it smelled horrible!! i got most of the water out but th carpets are still soaked, i needed to know where the drain holes are before i pull everything out...I tried the pin holes like said in post #253 but its not the same as the 97? :confuse:
  • ingrammcingrammc Member Posts: 6
    The Drain holes are actually slits in the seam that run just under your door. If you have ever changed a tire and placed the jack just behind the front tire or infront of the rear, you may have crushed that seam and pluged one of the holes.Their is also leaves and dirt that can get down in there and plug the holes I use an air hose and blow compressed air up into the slits to unplug them. I have also gone under the car with a steele chisle and tried to open them up more. It looked like it worked but did not I think I am going to take the chance of hitting some wires and drill some holes next time. Blowing it out does work but you have to do it often or just befor a rain storm but you nevveer really know about the weather.
  • dannyrayscottdannyrayscott Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 98 with wet floor on driver side. I mean 1/4" of water. Went to local dealer and he had the answer. Under the doors between front and rear tires there are about 5 drain slots where the sheet metal meets. Take a small wire and clean and rinse these out. I have had no more problems. Good Luck
  • timlucktimluck Member Posts: 1
    We just bought a 97 JXI convertible in great shape. There is water in the driver's side tail light. I drained it and dried it out, but it took in water the next time we drove it in rain. There are no visible cracks or separations. Any ideas about how the water is getting in and/or how to solve it?
  • krystenlizkrystenliz Member Posts: 3
    i own a 2001 sebring lx - my car is also collecting water! ALOT of water the entire pass side is full every time it rains, the carpet is ruined and smells really bad and the floor boards are trashed, i cant find where the water is from though i know its coming from the front but the water collects and pools under the seat and the back floor only on the pass side. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM PLEASE HELP!!! :mad:
  • tay0174tay0174 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 sebring sedan. I have brought my car in several times to the dealership to fix this problem. When I initally bought the car, almost 2 years ago following a road trip out of state I came back her to notice a puddle of water inside my car from my drivers side front and rear of the car. I vacummed the water up and I brought it in and initally the repair men stated that there was nothing wrong with the car. Anyway when it happended a couple weeks later I took it back. This time the repair men stated that there was a leak, but it was from the air conditionor condensation, instead of the water leaking outside the car it was leaking inside the car. This was fixed temporarly. I began having the same problem again in October when I started using my heat. The water appeared in my car regardless of whether or not is was raining outside. Anyway I have it at the dealership now for the forth time, for the same problem. Does anyone have any information on this. :D
  • willtellwilltell Member Posts: 1
    I've had the same problem with my '96 Sebring conv. After taking it to a dealership twice for repair, it continued to leak. One day I was cleaning the tray behind the rear seat and noticed two weep holes, one on each side. They were both clogged with debris. I cleaned them out, and haven't had a leak since. Hope this will be of help to some of you with the same problem.
  • dannyrayscottdannyrayscott Member Posts: 2
    There is a seam under the doors where the body is welded together. In this seam are weep holes or slots. Take a small piece of wire and clean these out and water can drain from the body.
  • mirthrindrmirthrindr Member Posts: 2
    I know this post if late, but hoping to save someone else the headache I have experienced should they come across this post.

    I also purchased a new 2004 Sebring Touring edition couple years ago. After just about a year, it developed a major interior leak on the passenger side. The foot wells in both the front and back passenger seats pool up with water during heavy rains. I have about 4 gallons of water in my passenger side foot wells this very moment after this weekends non-stop rain in the NE.

    Been to the dealer FOUR times in about 7 months to try and fix this... each time they think they got it then I have to wait for a heavy rain to find out the truth. Attempt number 5 to fix it comin up today.

    There is also a known 'stalling' problem when slowing to very slow speeds or idling that I also experienced with my vehicle since the day I drove the car off the lot. It has since lessened but seems to still occur on occassion.

    I would not recommend this vehicle. Do some google searches and you will feel the same.

  • mirthrindrmirthrindr Member Posts: 2
    Purchased new 2004 Sebring Touring edition. After about a year and a half, around Oct of last year, it developed a major interior water leak on the passenger side. During heavy rains, the passenger side front and rear foot wells will flood with water. As of this moment I have about 4 gallons of water in there from this weekends non-stop rain in the North East.

    Brough it to the dealership FOUR times back in October/November trying to get it fixed, but they have been unable to locate where the leak actually is. Each time they thought they found and repaired it, but I would have to wait until another heavy rain occurred to find out for sure, and each time it still leaked. After the forth attempt, it appeared to be ok and stayed dry through the winter, but the interior continued to smell badly of mildew despite having replaced the carpet. Then finally, this past weekend, it flooded once again as bad as ever after heavy, extended rain in MA.

    I also experienced a problem with the engine stalling when idling or slowing down to near stop speeds such as when approaching a red street light or stop sign. Dealer could never find a problem and its occurance seemed to lessen on its own over time, however, it still occurs on occassion still today.

    The 'chrome' looking interior door handles also turned out to not be chrome but rather chrome plated. The plating over the two front interior door handles began to peel after about a year, and actually cut my mother-in-laws finegrs one day when she was opening to door to get out.

  • dominicusdominicus Member Posts: 2
    On the stalling part of your problem. Try running you sebring without air or fan running if that makes a difference,all you need to do is replace Air cond Fan relay. If that is ok" then go to the 02 cencor and map censor combustion censors,This may correct some problems with other people on this site as well
  • he11benthe11bent Member Posts: 24
    Is the leak in the front or rear on the passenger side? If its the rear, your drain holes are probably plugged. There are plenty of posts here on how to check/fix that.
  • jhindelangjhindelang Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone had water leak problems with the Sebring Convertible? I have a 2002 convertible and have had standing water in the passenger side back foot well - has happened 5 times since I've had car. Chrysler has drained it 3 times, now this time refuses to do it for free. Even though they have drained it 3 times before. They tell me that this is not a design defect, and told me not to park under trees. They said all convertibles have this problem, but this is my 3rd convertible in 15 yrs. and I've never had this problem before. I'm so upset with this dealership for blowing me off. Any advice????
  • ladybug22_98ladybug22_98 Member Posts: 15
    I have had the same problem with my car. There are plenty of people who are having the same problem and it is always with chrysler. I just keep getting it drained.
  • nellybelly1nellybelly1 Member Posts: 1
  • daisy927daisy927 Member Posts: 4
    I had the same problem with my 2000 Sebring and it was the passenger side. It was still under warranty and I had to get ugly with the dealership but they corrected the problem. They explained to me that they drilled a whole in front of the rear wheels - water builds up and it has no place to leak out so it builds up in the door and other places then leaks inside the car. Hope this helps
  • klf1klf1 Member Posts: 1
    My 1999 Sebring has water in the spare tire well, and I can not figure out where it is coming from. So any suggestions would be helpful. By the way my car use to leak inside, I resolved the interior leaks by cleaning the weep holes every time I have a scheduled oil change (it would behoove Chrysler to put it in their maintenance manual).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Possible areas for leaks would be tail light gasket, rear windshield gasket and trunk seal. Also rear sunroof drain would not be out of the question.

    You can spread newspaper in the trunk and test with a hose...that might help to locate the source.
  • chasguyzchasguyz Member Posts: 1
    Recently, when it rains, it is leaking into the body of my Sebring convertible and then takes a couple of days to slowly drip out....any suggestions?
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