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Chrysler Sebring Water Leaks



  • I have a 96 that has the same problem with the water inside. I did take out the rubber plugs at the front of the rear tires (rocker panels) and when I take off from a light I get rid of most of the water trapped there. Still looking for the leak, but I get rid of some of the water.
  • We have found the problem but of course I got the answer here and not at Chrysler. The air conditioner seems to be leaking inside the car. Apparently there is a hose that is twisted and it empties onto the floor board of the back seat. They are trying torepair this now but I think the carpet will be ruined, they wil have to replace it.
  • For all you folks whose carpet has been soaked in standing water, the carpet may not be ruined but don't let a dealer ever convince you that it has not been damaged. I spent about 20 years in the floorcovering business and I can assure you that no carpet is ever made to withstand such a soaking.

    For the same reason that car manufacturers should never honor a claim for carpet damaged because windows were left open during a rain storm, consumers should never let a car manufacturer insist that carpet soaked in water caused by an unrelated defect hasn't been damaged.
  • I finally fixed it! It was the drain holes after all. I kept cleaning them out and it didn't work. It was something that "ingrammc" said that got my attention. He had mentioned that you can crush the seem that the drain holes are on and therefore plug one or more of the drain holes. That's exactly what happened. I must have ran over a curb of something. The last drain hole closest to the trunk was plugged because the seem was bent. My dad unbent it and it hasn't leaked since. Problem solved in ten minutes!
  • I have the same problem w/my 2001 Sebring that I just got and was told that it was the air conditioner leaking into the car. I have also noticed that the trunk release on that side doesn't work and was wondering if someone hitting a curb or a speed bump could cause both problems. The washer fluid is also not squirting. For reference, where are these drain holes so that I can check? The driver before me was blind in one eye, older and a scary driver (we're related!). Everything worked before he got a hold of the car so I am wondering what he has done to it.
  • The Drain holes are actually slits in the seams that run just under your doors on both sides. They are located along the length of the bottom of the car where the body is welded together. It is a finned plate that has 5 to 6 hill-like slots in it. Take a paper clip and clean them out.
  • I have the same problem, it is not leaking from the top. Did you replace your seal? If so, where did you find one?


  • I did a couple of things, mostly in frustration. I noted a split in my trunk seal, so I went to the wrecking yard and picked one off another Chrysler, installed it and then climbed in the trunk to check for light leakage. Yep, still seeing light around the trunk side, but not much. I also bit the bullet and carefully drilled a whole in the trunk to let the standing water out. I made it through last winter and it seems to work.

  • My wife's 2001 Sebring also is experiencing the condensate leaks. I will attempt to find the kinked hose. Can anyone tell me where to look for this thing? In the past, all cars had this hose running straight down out of the drain pan throught the firewall very near the floor.

    She also lost her washers. It turned out the plastic splitter (tee) mounted under the hood had broken into a million pieces from age and heat. You can go to the dealer and pay him for a replacement or go to your local parts house and go into the "Help" section and buy the vaccuum connectors assortment. There is a tee in there that will suffice in the replacement. It will require pulling a little of the slack out to attach it to the tee but when you are done, it fits nicely and does not require attachment to the hood. It is tight enough to stay in place.

    Mr. Ed
  • lorileighlorileigh Posts: 2
    I purchased a 2007 Touring Sedan about 9 months ago. Approximately 4 months ago, I opened my trunk (something I don't have to do very often) and noticed the carpet on the passenger side looked wet. I pulled the carpet up and there was water literally standing in the spare tire well. The padding under the carpet was saturated about halfway across the trunk. I took the car to the dealership for the tech to check out and he ended up finding a whole in the body where it had not been completely welded; however, that hole was on the driver's side. The tech repaired that, but 2 weeks later, after a hard rain, the trunk was in the same condition. I took it back to the dealership and they replaced all of the seals. Another 2 weeks and a couple of rains later....same problem. Back to the dealership again....this time, their solution (this is almost hilariously funny) was to tape over the passenger's side trunk vent. They've now decided that the water is coming in through this vent. This "solution" messed up the airtight seal of the car and made my son and myself terribly sick due to the fumes that entered the vehicle. The car went back and the tape was removed and of course the car leaked again. #5 trip back to dealership and they finally decided to replace the vent. It rained last weekend and I took the car back Tuesday (5/27/08) and they've had it ever since. They have "fashioned" some molded plastic covers for these trunk vents to channel the water away from the trunk and back down out of the vehicle. They also re-aligned the trunk lid, but won't know if it worked until it rains again. question..........has anybody else had this problem? Chrysler says that no other problems of this nature have been reported on this particular vehicle or any other. I just wanted to check here as well. Thanks for letting me "vent" (lol) and ask my question!
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832 question..........has anybody else had this problem?

    Yes, same thing here with mine. I bought my Sebring Limited Sedan last September. My car stays parked in the driveway, so it gets the full force of any rainstorm. Although I don't check the trunk often, I have found standing water in the spare tire well.

    The one time when there was a considerable amount I just wiped it up with a few rags. I haven't taken it to the dealer (yet). If I do maybe I should print out your story to show them and perhaps save them some trouble-shooting steps to getting it corrected in one trip.

    Let me know if this last trip to the dealer has fixed the leak for you. Thanks.

    Edit: We had a rather intense rainy weekend, so I figured it was time to check the trunk. I just went out and inspected it and the spare tire well is dry.

    One way to see for sure where this water is leaking in from would be to remove the trunk liner panels (I believe there are 3), lower the rear seats, get in with a flashlight and have someone spray the back end with a garden hose. Try to simulate the force and water volume of a rainstorm, not some pressure you'd use to powerwash the deck. :)

    I had the trunk panels off when I was installing a backup camera (pretty cool results - PM me if interested) and I noticed those trunk vents. I think the louvers are tilted downward, so I don't see how water can be getting in there. I guess it's possible.

    If I ever notice any water inside the trunk again I think I'm going to try the above diagnosis before taking it to the dealer multiple times and maybe I can explain to them exactly what's happening. I'll include your story, too, of course. ;)
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Has anyone ever checked the tail light gaskets on this car? The vent diagnosis is interesting but doesn't make too much sense, as it would require that every Sebring made have a trunk leak. I wonder if you could lay some newspaper down near the tail lights, where they are bolted to the inside of the trunk, close the trunk and put a hose on the back of the car.

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  • lorileighlorileigh Posts: 2
    Thanks much for your input. I just picked my car up from the dealer about an hour ago. If it is actually fixed remains to be seen. I, of course, have to wait for the next rain. I will say this for the dealership...........they had my car for a week (today) but provided me with a SWEEEEET ride (brand new; not a rental) a 2008 Sebring Convertivble. I enjoyed it immensely the 7 days I had it and had the top down every chance I got. LOL :)
  • Did you check the drain holes? The drain holes are actually slits in the seams that run just under your doors on both sides. They are located along the length of the bottom of the car where the body is welded together. It is a finned plate that has 5 to 6 hill-like slots in it. Take a paper clip and clean them out. Also, you can crush the seam that the drain holes are on and therefore plug one or more of the drain holes. Just unbend the seam and your problems will be over.
  • alan55alan55 Posts: 1
    My 2007 Sebring Limited has the same problem. Today it is at the dealer for the 3rd time because the trunk still leaks. Muddy water is obviously coming in thru the vent on the passenger side of the trunk -- I can see the trail.
  • kelbel1kelbel1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Chrysler Sebring, just recently water is leaking into the car I believe where the rubber gaskets are near the window shield. Is there an easy fix to this problem instead of going to the dealership to have it fixed?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    If you mean the windshield gasket, that's pretty easy---just try some LATEX black caulk. It washes off with water (before it sets) and you can apply it neatly with your wet finger.

    If you mean the "squeegee" gasket on the side windows--that could be trickier. Generally they slide off and shouldn't cost very much to replace.

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  • I have a 1998 comvertible jxi and my back seat leaks water, and the trunk gets wet also so have you found where the leak is coming from?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Usually if water is coming in the trunk, that accounts for leaks under the back seat. And usually, trunk leaks come, oddly enough, from the gaskets around the BODY of the tail lights (not around the lens, but around the entire assembly).

    So you step on the brakes and water sloshes into the passenger compartment.

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  • 2006 Touring Conv. has standing water in passenger side rear foot well. Roof does not leak. Rest of the car is dry, even trunk is dry. I have read several posts about plugs and vents below the door. I believe they mean the rocker panel. I have looked all along the inside and outside of the rocker panel and find it solid ( no holes, vents or slots) What else should i be looking for? Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    The drain holes are in the bottom of the door itself, not the rocker.

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  • I had the exact same issue with my car, and after close inspection, the following was discovered...

    There is a drain hose for the air conditioner moisture that is supposed to run to the outside of the firewall. Somehow this hose gets kinked or put in wrong, causing the condensation to run inside the car instead. Even though the front passenger floor board appears to be dry, if you lift up the carpet, you will discover water running underneath it and pooling in the back passenger floorboard. It was a simple warrantied fix for the dealer to make, and a known issue.
  • Hi, Thanks for your response, I have ran my hand under the door and do not find any indentiations, holes, slots or plugs. Since the rock panel seam is higher than any water can entry to the car, how can water get into the passenger side rear foot well? Thabks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I think you have to lie on the ground to see the drain holes under the door.

    Water can come from the trunk area (rushes forward as you brake). Also if that passenger door was ever worked on, someone could have ripped out the moisture barrier. (not good).

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  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    there are drain holes in the rocker panels as well . that is where the runoff from the convertible boot drain goes to . the older Chrysler sebrings were notorious for clogging which caused the water to run into the car rather than out. the results could resemble a goldfish pond on the rear floors. the newer ones didn't seem to have this issue as much
  • Yes, this is a common problem. I own a 1998 sebring convertible, and mine got filled with water too. Someone told me to unplug the drainage holes, and the water came pouring out. Now I have my husband use his air compresser to clean out the holes every now and then. I haven't had a problem since.
  • My wife's 2001 Sebring leaks condensate water on to the floor on the driver's side when she runs the A/C. My mechanic looked at it and tells me the drain comes out through the firewall behind the engine. He tried to fish a wire up to see if it is clogged but it hit what he thinks is an elbow in the line. He said he couldn't get the wire in any further and of course the car still gets wet when she runs the A/C.

    So is there any place to view this hose inside the car?

    Mr. Ed
  • ralkaralka Posts: 72
    no you can't access the a/c drain from the inside, it is incorporated into the hvac housing which exits through the lower firewall and out into the engine compartment.
    Does the a/c drain out of the drain at all? It is possible that the case has a crack in it
    this would also drain into the vehicle. but make sure that the plastic outlet does not have a rubber elbow attached to it this to may be plugged up and require removal and cleaning.
  • Glad to find this forum. We've been to the mechanic three times now and have been assured it is not the ac condensation hose. The water only appears in the rear passenger footwell when the ac is or has been running. Since the water could be coincidental to ac use we'll try the unclog/unplug/open the drain fixes found here.
  • I have looked along the whole passenger side bottom side door, even used a mirror incase I mised something. There are no plugs or vent holes. The top is solid, even had the kids stay inside while I ran a hose on it. No Leaking.
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