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Chrysler Sebring Water Leaks



  • the solution is outlined in post #253
  • I need to find the drain holes in my 2001 Chrysler Sebring Sedan LX, after lifting the carpet up in the back seat and some on the side of the seat i found over 3 inches of water under and in the carpet, and it smelled horrible!! i got most of the water out but th carpets are still soaked, i needed to know where the drain holes are before i pull everything out...I tried the pin holes like said in post #253 but its not the same as the 97? :confuse:
  • The Drain holes are actually slits in the seam that run just under your door. If you have ever changed a tire and placed the jack just behind the front tire or infront of the rear, you may have crushed that seam and pluged one of the holes.Their is also leaves and dirt that can get down in there and plug the holes I use an air hose and blow compressed air up into the slits to unplug them. I have also gone under the car with a steele chisle and tried to open them up more. It looked like it worked but did not I think I am going to take the chance of hitting some wires and drill some holes next time. Blowing it out does work but you have to do it often or just befor a rain storm but you nevveer really know about the weather.
  • I also have a 98 with wet floor on driver side. I mean 1/4" of water. Went to local dealer and he had the answer. Under the doors between front and rear tires there are about 5 drain slots where the sheet metal meets. Take a small wire and clean and rinse these out. I have had no more problems. Good Luck
  • We just bought a 97 JXI convertible in great shape. There is water in the driver's side tail light. I drained it and dried it out, but it took in water the next time we drove it in rain. There are no visible cracks or separations. Any ideas about how the water is getting in and/or how to solve it?
  • i own a 2001 sebring lx - my car is also collecting water! ALOT of water the entire pass side is full every time it rains, the carpet is ruined and smells really bad and the floor boards are trashed, i cant find where the water is from though i know its coming from the front but the water collects and pools under the seat and the back floor only on the pass side. ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM PLEASE HELP!!! :mad:
  • I have a 2004 sebring sedan. I have brought my car in several times to the dealership to fix this problem. When I initally bought the car, almost 2 years ago following a road trip out of state I came back her to notice a puddle of water inside my car from my drivers side front and rear of the car. I vacummed the water up and I brought it in and initally the repair men stated that there was nothing wrong with the car. Anyway when it happended a couple weeks later I took it back. This time the repair men stated that there was a leak, but it was from the air conditionor condensation, instead of the water leaking outside the car it was leaking inside the car. This was fixed temporarly. I began having the same problem again in October when I started using my heat. The water appeared in my car regardless of whether or not is was raining outside. Anyway I have it at the dealership now for the forth time, for the same problem. Does anyone have any information on this. :D
  • I've had the same problem with my '96 Sebring conv. After taking it to a dealership twice for repair, it continued to leak. One day I was cleaning the tray behind the rear seat and noticed two weep holes, one on each side. They were both clogged with debris. I cleaned them out, and haven't had a leak since. Hope this will be of help to some of you with the same problem.
  • There is a seam under the doors where the body is welded together. In this seam are weep holes or slots. Take a small piece of wire and clean these out and water can drain from the body.
  • mirthrindrmirthrindr Posts: 2
    I know this post if late, but hoping to save someone else the headache I have experienced should they come across this post.

    I also purchased a new 2004 Sebring Touring edition couple years ago. After just about a year, it developed a major interior leak on the passenger side. The foot wells in both the front and back passenger seats pool up with water during heavy rains. I have about 4 gallons of water in my passenger side foot wells this very moment after this weekends non-stop rain in the NE.

    Been to the dealer FOUR times in about 7 months to try and fix this... each time they think they got it then I have to wait for a heavy rain to find out the truth. Attempt number 5 to fix it comin up today.

    There is also a known 'stalling' problem when slowing to very slow speeds or idling that I also experienced with my vehicle since the day I drove the car off the lot. It has since lessened but seems to still occur on occassion.

    I would not recommend this vehicle. Do some google searches and you will feel the same.

  • mirthrindrmirthrindr Posts: 2
    Purchased new 2004 Sebring Touring edition. After about a year and a half, around Oct of last year, it developed a major interior water leak on the passenger side. During heavy rains, the passenger side front and rear foot wells will flood with water. As of this moment I have about 4 gallons of water in there from this weekends non-stop rain in the North East.

    Brough it to the dealership FOUR times back in October/November trying to get it fixed, but they have been unable to locate where the leak actually is. Each time they thought they found and repaired it, but I would have to wait until another heavy rain occurred to find out for sure, and each time it still leaked. After the forth attempt, it appeared to be ok and stayed dry through the winter, but the interior continued to smell badly of mildew despite having replaced the carpet. Then finally, this past weekend, it flooded once again as bad as ever after heavy, extended rain in MA.

    I also experienced a problem with the engine stalling when idling or slowing down to near stop speeds such as when approaching a red street light or stop sign. Dealer could never find a problem and its occurance seemed to lessen on its own over time, however, it still occurs on occassion still today.

    The 'chrome' looking interior door handles also turned out to not be chrome but rather chrome plated. The plating over the two front interior door handles began to peel after about a year, and actually cut my mother-in-laws finegrs one day when she was opening to door to get out.

  • dominicusdominicus Posts: 2
    On the stalling part of your problem. Try running you sebring without air or fan running if that makes a difference,all you need to do is replace Air cond Fan relay. If that is ok" then go to the 02 cencor and map censor combustion censors,This may correct some problems with other people on this site as well
  • he11benthe11bent Posts: 24
    Is the leak in the front or rear on the passenger side? If its the rear, your drain holes are probably plugged. There are plenty of posts here on how to check/fix that.
  • Has anyone had water leak problems with the Sebring Convertible? I have a 2002 convertible and have had standing water in the passenger side back foot well - has happened 5 times since I've had car. Chrysler has drained it 3 times, now this time refuses to do it for free. Even though they have drained it 3 times before. They tell me that this is not a design defect, and told me not to park under trees. They said all convertibles have this problem, but this is my 3rd convertible in 15 yrs. and I've never had this problem before. I'm so upset with this dealership for blowing me off. Any advice????
  • I have had the same problem with my car. There are plenty of people who are having the same problem and it is always with chrysler. I just keep getting it drained.
  • I had the same problem with my 2000 Sebring and it was the passenger side. It was still under warranty and I had to get ugly with the dealership but they corrected the problem. They explained to me that they drilled a whole in front of the rear wheels - water builds up and it has no place to leak out so it builds up in the door and other places then leaks inside the car. Hope this helps
  • klf1klf1 Posts: 1
    My 1999 Sebring has water in the spare tire well, and I can not figure out where it is coming from. So any suggestions would be helpful. By the way my car use to leak inside, I resolved the interior leaks by cleaning the weep holes every time I have a scheduled oil change (it would behoove Chrysler to put it in their maintenance manual).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Possible areas for leaks would be tail light gasket, rear windshield gasket and trunk seal. Also rear sunroof drain would not be out of the question.

    You can spread newspaper in the trunk and test with a hose...that might help to locate the source.

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  • Recently, when it rains, it is leaking into the body of my Sebring convertible and then takes a couple of days to slowly drip out....any suggestions?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,496
    Leaking where into the body?

    Your top probably has drains that run through the rear panels in the back seat area (the panels under the rear windows).

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  • I have been chasing a similar leak in my trunk. I have replaced the trunk seal, but it still leaks. Yesterday we had a big rain, and I found water in the trunk, and found it was wet near the antenna mount on the right rear back behind some sound proofing. My bet is that there is a seal failure in the top. I drilled a hole below the spare tire to bleed the water out while I figure this one out.
  • Thanks so much! I just bought my 99` Sebring conv. yesterday. After a hard rain last night I heard water sloshing around in the rocker panels. I was in a panic! I thought I had problems with the top. It was very reassuring to read your reply. I went out and unclogged the drain holes and sure enough the water POURED out. Thanks for making my day!
  • I had the "Service Engine Soon" light come on in both my 99 Chrysler Sebring and my previous car a 97 Buick Riviera. In both cases it was the oxygen (O2) sensor. Having it replaced cast me $140 each time. I hope this helps you.
  • clockman_mike, I have the exact same leak as you do. I've been trying to figure it out for months! Did you ever find out how to fix it? Anything you or anybody knows would be of great help. I believe it's the same problem that klf1 has. I seems that the water first drips in at the spot you mentioned and than drips down into the tire well.
  • Just bought this car. Haven't even washed it and had no rain, can't understand the huge water puddle on the floor board in the back seat. Took it back to the dealer and they dried it and dried the carpet, but they don't understand where the water came from either. Can anyone help. This is a brand new car. I have a garage that it gets park in and have only driven the car twice. The dealer had it back for a week trying to find the problem. :cry:
  • No, I wish I had. i got in the trunk and closed the lid only to find light coming around the seal, but I don't think that is it.

    I drilled a 3/16 hole in the tire well and it has stopped the water collecting.

    I read last week that it is probably a seal on the convertable top, but I run water down the top and it doesn't collect.

    Let me know if you have any ideas, and in the mean time, drill a hole.
  • Just had my car in the shop for the same reason. Whenever I ran the air conditioner or defroster, the puddle grew to inches. Come to find out, there is a hose that can get kinked and run the condensation into the car instead of outside the car. This occurs during the factory build.

    There was no evidence of water running from the front to the back until they started pulling the carpet and padding up. I fought with the dealer on this for a long time, until they finally called a 'leak doctor' who found it in one day. Now I just hope it dries out fast enough after two weeks to not mold!!! Good luck!
  • bilkeebilkee Posts: 1
    Ok, do you know where the hose is that is getting kinked up? Is it under the car? or under the hood somewhere?
  • My understanding is that condensation collected in a 'boot', and a drain hose was supposed to run the condensation from the boot inside the dash of the car to the outside of the car through the firewall. My hose was kinked, so the water was building up in the boot, and overflowing inside the car as centrifugal forces sloshed it about. It is hard to locate because the later models have a rubber mat in the front to suppress noise, so the water ran under that mat without getting the front carpet wet, and ended up in the back passenger floor. The mechanic said that about two in a hundred have these issues. They added some kind of hose set up that runs the condensation outside of the car. It's all good now.
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