Jeep Liberty Starting and Stalling Problems



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    I know you have an old post, but I wanted to respond. My 02 did the same thing, so I put it on a computer and it showed the same error. I ended up replacing the camshaft positioning sensor (a 23.00 part from auto zone) and it fixed the issue.
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    where are they located
  • yotarollayotarolla Member Posts: 2
    do anyone know where they are
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    I got it repaired and it happens that That was the problem it had i don't know much about cars so for the people wondering where they are located Look it up on utube.think they have a few videos if that or else Google
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    So I am very curious as this is more than a stalling problem and it is not limited to the 02 liberty...since you had your camshaft positioning sensor replaced in May and it is Oct. now has the problem stayed "fixed"....I have purpose driven frustratingly about 5K miles (jeep has a total of 100K and is regularly serviced) to see what would become of the problem as I at first suspected emissions problems or fuel injector clogging or vacuum leak - all of which were indicated by the engine codes. I have come to believe this problem has to do more permanently with the ridiculous placement of the fuel filter above the gas tank. The fuel filter always clogs up in cars of a certain age...I am replacing it on a hunch this weekend. I am curious how the sensor stopped your seems odd since it I can't (because I am an idiot) wrap my head around the racing of the rpms and the stalling and cam...
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    My 2004 Liberty (70.000) ignition will not engage when the interior gets too hot. The dealership let it sit in the sun but could not get it to fail to start. There are no smells, noises, codes, nor stalling issues. The vehicle is an automatic so going back and forth through the gears and jiggling the key seemed a remedy---nope. Tech and owner baffled. Any ideas?
    Mike C.

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    Yeah, with these intermittent problems the dealer or mechanic has to capture the data when the problem is happening. Sounds like some cranky module.

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    I have a '04 Liberty that has problems starting after being driven in rain.  Drove 10 min to garage for e-test, but when mechanic pulled into garage , he said he had a hard time starting.  After turning off, the unit would not start, starter clicked a few times then nothing.  Even when he tried boosting keep, it would not start.  After sitting for 30 mins, it started right away.  Drove home, turned off, and again would not start.  After another 30 min, it starts every time.

    it has a new battery, and I have never had an issues in dry weather.  Does anyone know why it does this only in rain?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    So the mechanic just let you take it away with problem unsolved? He had the problem showing itself but he let it go? Too bad.
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    He said starter needs replacing, but I can't figure out why it only happens in wet weather.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Well if he's willing to refund your money if that doesn't fix the problem, then let him do it. Maybe he's done this already, but I'd check the signal from the ignition switch to the starter solenoid (relay) during this no-crank condition. If there's no signal, then look elsewhere than the starter and/or starter solenoid.

    On your Jeep, the solenoid sits atop the starter but unfortunately it is serviced as a unit with the starter, looks like. That's rather annoying.
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    I’ve had nothing but problems using AutoZone sensors. All of my problems were corrected with OEM crank position sensor’s and cam position sensor’s. Duralast has been bad out of the box at times. Making me think I was addressing the wrong problem, and spending more money on other parts of the car. So whenever possible use the OEM sensors.
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    Had the same problem in my 2002 Liberty. Replaced the Idle Air Control Valve ($66.99) and so far problems are gone! Stalling at stop and shutting off while driving no longer! Hope this helps 
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