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Chevrolet Avalanche Transmission Problems



  • wmpanaceawmpanacea Posts: 1
    I have tge exact same problem. What did you do?
  • Two weeks ago I lost the transmission on my 04 Avalanche. I thought that someone hit me from behind. Anyway I knew that the transmission was finished and I'm not a mechanic. I called a local Chevy dealer in my town and described the situation, 04 avalanche with 46000 miles on the odometer. They told me sorry, it was my problem and not theirs. Took it to a local transmission shop with a good reputation and paid for a rebuild, 1800 bucks worth. Decided to call Chevy complaint line and give them a piece of my mind and was told that they probably would have covered at least a portion of the cost but since they did'nt do the work I was out of luck. Actually, they are out of luck, I have owned 7 Chevy's in my life and will not buy another. I think that their customer service stinks and that type of attitude is why GM is in the situation that it is in. Otherwise I have loved the vehicle but will not do business with a company that refuses to stand behind their product or long time customers.
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    i have a 04 avalanche z71 yesterday on a take off pulling approx 3500lbs i heard a loud pop and noticed i was not accelerating i have no drive and no #3 i have #2 #1 and reverse fluid is fine and no burt smell is it the whole transmission that is shot or is it a module sensor type problem thanks
  • mav007. I went to the gm site. There is a comment section there and I explained my problem (similar to yours) I received a reply within 3 days from GM asking me to call them. Long story short they agreed to reimburse me 1/2 half of the cost to repair. total transmission rebuild 1800, they paid 900. I thought that was fair. Hope this helps
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    My husband and I are ready to upgrade. We found a 2002 AV with 81,555 miles for 10k. the blue book on it in excellent condition is 12,535. I have researced this rig thoroughly and am concerned about transmission problems. Especially since they are one of the most expensive things to fix. We cannot go wrong in buying a newer vehicle. We are a young couple living off one income and do not want to screw this up or drive it for a year and have it break down and not be able to fix it. Should we take it to a mechanic first or take the dealer's word for it? Will it break down on me and my spouse leaving us @*$( out of luck? :confuse:
  • Belria, I purchased a 2004 Avalanche two years ago with 29000 miles and the transmission went out on me last summer. (see previous posts) I was completly upset over the entire matter. The cost to replace the transmission was 1800.00 and the vehicle was out of warranty. I wrote a letter to GM explaining the issue and kept it professional. GM agreed to pay 1/2 the cost of the repair even though they did not do the repair work. It is my understanding that most of these transmissions that do fail, do so before they reach 75000 miles, but I would still have the transmission checked by a mechanic before you buy or at least get a warranty in writing. My truck now has 52000 miles and I have had no other problems. Good luck.
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    where can i locate a new/rebuilt transmission for a 2004 Z -71 5.3 w/o getting ripped off mine is totally out of service thanks mav
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    Everything I have read about the transmission problems on avalanches seems to happen to on models 2004 and newer. Does anyone know anything about the older models. We're still looking at that 2002 model. I found out it was a company rig for the first 72,000 miles and am hoping they took good care of it maintenance wise. The dealership says it has no current transmission problems and there is nothing on the car fax indication anything is wrong with it.
  • belriabelria Posts: 3
    I would say craig's list or find a truck that doesn't run but has a good transmission still. Wrecked ones could still have good parts.
  • i just bught a 2003 av... my very first piece of chevy ever, any way i have noticed that when ever the truck is put into drivethere is a hiccup or pause if you will that unless i give the tranny anywhere from 1 to 7 seconds to engauge it usually leads to a good jolt to which the transmission then runs completely fine. is there anyone who has had this problem or can lead to any insight into my issue?
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    i purchased a 2004 in feb 2008 with 80,250 miles the trans went out with 132000k mi
    you never know run a car fax and ask the dealership to run the v i n for any service work....a service history i wish u well mavrick
  • west8west8 Posts: 4
    I was reading about you guys solenoid problems and want to know if my problem is the same thing. My 04 Avalanche does not want to stay in 2x4 it will bump into neutral so I have had to keep it in auto 4wheel, any suggestions what may be causing this.
  • Hunterman4- I had the same exact problem happen to me this afternoon with my Avvy. I jumped online and starting looking to see if there were any posts regarding tranny problems and I stumbled upon yours and mav007's posts, so I called the GM customer service hotline and explained to them the problem and they are going to review my "case" with the tech tomorrow. I was just wondering if you still had the phone number that they asked you to call.
  • Sorry, but I don't have it any more. I believe that it was to GM corporate offices. I was very impressed when I called the number that they gave me and an actual human answered the phone. As I stated in my post, I thought that GM was very fair in the way that they treated me. I explained to them that regardless of warranty coverage, a transmission should not fail with only 46000 miles on the vehicle. They agreed with me. Good luck to you.
  • 51yrsgm51yrsgm Posts: 2
    If you sold 03 AV cowboycadillac...I think I now own it! Kick seems to be getting worse (does it most every time now) Anyone else haveing this problem? Is 12 MPG rolling down hill on interstate really what I can expect out of this truck?...If so...It's GONE! WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!
  • My 2004 Chevy avalanche z66 was working great today. after driving all day I went to go to the store and the transmiton went to drive on the column but did not engage to move.I checked the fluid that was full and I shut the truck off for 30 minutes then got in and tried again the truck went into gear and drop 100 yards and then stopped driving. I did this again waited 30 minutes started the truck, it went right into gear then drove 1/4 mile and then stopped driving again...could this be an electronic sensor problem ? or do you have any idea what this might be?

  • smfd730smfd730 Posts: 1
    otownglazier.. My 04 avalanche is doing the exact thing that you said was happening to yours.... perhaps u could give me an idea on what it is?? thanks
  • cesarhcesarh Posts: 1
    Did you find out what the problem was...tjis just happen to me and i hate to overpay if it is something electronic or so?
  • kato677kato677 Posts: 2
    To anyone who settled w/ GM for Avalanche Transmission Problems,

    PLEASE let me know what settlement you received & if you had to sign any paperwork which said you could not file any complaints against GM w/ your Attorney General's Office and/or pursue GM for any remaining or future repair costs. In addition, what did GM conclude about your claim and what was your initial problem & onset of said problem.

    Thank you!
  • kato677kato677 Posts: 2
    It seems you have had some success w/ GM. I noticed you haven't been on the forum in a while, so my hope is you have this set to e-mail you if someone responds. I just posted a message on the board regarding specifics on problems, settlements and communications w/ GM. If you could provide me with additional information on your settlement, I would be very greatful.
  • mav007mav007 Posts: 4
    my avalanche is a 2004 w/132,000mi i don't think i qualify for a gm settlement do i ?
  • GM agreed to reimburse me for 1/2 of the cost to repair the transmission. The work was done by a private transmission place. I was not required to sign or agree to anything that prohibited me from making any claim against GM, etc. I have no intention of seeking any further compensation from the manufacturer.
  • My transmission just had to be replaced at 195,000. I did not know that there was a problem with GM and their transmissions. Is there a settlement? And if so how can I find out about this? The cost was 3000.00 to replace my transmission.
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9
    At least mine is a warranty-covered repair. The six-speed automatic in my 2010 Avalanche failed 2 wks ago (10/1) about 1.75 hours from home into a planned 7-hour trip. Just prior to the failure, the transmission felt like it was shuddering during easy acceleration, trying to decide whether to shift or not. Under hard acceleration, no noticeable problems. Ultimately it started decoupling & re-coupling the drivetrain. Traction control, Parking Assist, and other transmission-related features went bezerk with alarms, buzzers, and chattering relays. Spent rest of my day with Mr. Goodwrench before they finally gave me a rental / loaner. LOTS of failure codes in the transmission control module. Diagnosis is new torque converter.

    Been 2 weeks since the failure...still waiting on parts. This transmission FAILED AT ONLY 12,665 miles.

    I bought this Avalanche NEW on MARCH 6, 2010. Days later, the O2 sensor failed. One week after I got it, the engine started blowing blue smoke at start up. Turns out the GM engine plant put in the wrong lifters causing oil overflow into the intake. Dealer had to order new lifters and replace.

    To date, these problems add up to about 4 weeks without the truck, and we'll be well into next week before transmission parts arrive. (I've also had to have a new windshield, but that was a road hazard problem, not GM).

    This thing's MSRP sticker was more than my first house. If I ever get it back, it may go up for sale. I've owned GM vehicles since '69. This one might be the last.
  • I have a 2010 Avalanche with 6 speed auto trans. I have been having problems with the truck since hitting the 6,000 mile mark. Now have 10,300. The trans gets "hung up" when it really needs to down shift. I have almost been in two major car wrecks when crossing traffic where acceleration from a rolling stop was critical, and the dealer says there is nothing appears to be wrong. My neighbor has the same truck and has noticed the same thing, just not as often.
    The dealer has replaced control modules and trans settings, the gas mileage has increased from 13.5 to 14.5 mpg on average. I almost never get above 16.
    On a second item, has anyone noticed alot of wind noise around there windsheild above 70 mph and even "buffeting" of the weatherstripping.
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9

    I got my Avalanche back from the shop exactly 3 weeks after the failure of the torque converter. Seems to be okay now, but with these 6-speed units, I do notice what seems to be frequent 5-6 upshift and 6-5 downshift at cruising speeds. I'm guessing this is a result of the software trying to maintain optimum economy versus need to go slightly uphill, etc. (I live on a coastal plain, mostly FLAT land).

    Do you notice this effect too? Wondering if this adversely affects longevity of the transmission...seems like it could, but that's only speculation. Have thought about just setting it for Manual with 5 as the top gear and let the mileage suffer a bit.

    My mileage in fully automatic mode is 19-20. Again, mostly flat terrain, almost all highway driving.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    So is this an intermittent problem? How many times have your taken your vehicle in to the dealer? Can you please e-mail me with your username, complete contact information including a phone number to reach you, your situation, VIN, and involved dealer? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi, i had this problem 3 yrs ago on my 2004 avalanche. now its 2010 and the problem arose again. i asked many mechenics and they said if u never used it then u shouldnt have any problems. and i never used it. what did u do. im tired of keep paying out money for a truck that im supposed to enjoy
  • Hey did you ever find out what the problem was my 05 is doing the same thing if so please let me know I'm about to try and get mine fixed, thanks.
  • I never did find out the exact problem. The transmission place that repaired my truck said that they needed to replace the transmission and that is what they did. Total cost of job was 1800.00, GM agreed to reimburse me 1/2 of that cost. I was satisfied with that and have had o problems since that time. That was in the summer of 2009, 25000 miles ago.
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