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Chevrolet Avalanche Transmission Problems



  • 07chevav07chevav Posts: 1
    edited January 2011
    I have a 2007 AV with 77k miles. Never really had any transmission problems until now. Pulling out of the parking lot my truck's transmission blew. Lost 4,3,2, gears. Only reverse and 1 worked. Now I am getting a rebuilt transmission. Luckily it is still under the powertrain warranty. Once this truck gets close to 100k miles it is gone. I can't afford to replace anything else on it. Anyone else have an issue with the horn? My horn would go off and not stop until I pulled the fuse.

    My truck has a bunch of noise at 70 mph through the windshield. You aren't the only one.
  • No insight, but I share your pain. I had an '05 avalanche 1500 and it went at 40k miles. I traded that in at 60k miles on an '09 silverado 1500 and it went yesterday at 35k miles. I don't know if the HD line has the same problems but i am either switching to dodge or chevy HD. I cannot wake up to 2ft snow and go to dig out and truck decides it won't work.
  • may007, I have had many of the same problems with my tranny. I have had all three shift solenoids replaced to control the hard shifts, but that didn't work. Right now the check engine light is on and it shifts hard from 1 to 2 gear. That lasts for a little while and then it just stops as though it never happen. I can tow a 6X12 trailer for 10 miles and then it starts the hard shift again and not even a mile after I disconnect the trailer it goes back to normal shifting. Lately I have been towing a 18' trailer trying to make it stop but it doesn't. Could it be the torch convertor?
  • Bought truck new. Tranny went out at 50,000 (out of factory warranty but luckily I had purchased an extended that covered). Went out again at 122,000 (had to pay that one out of pocket), now just went out again at 136,000 (they say the 36 month warranty on the last repplacement will cover). Each time installed a new tranny, never a re-build. Each time they said it was totally burned up. I drive very lightly, easy on the starts, never pulled a trailer, never off-road etc...
    My garage guy says he sees this a lot on 04 and 05 Chevy's. This has to be a design flaw right?
  • I got my '10 Avalanche back in late July. I love it and I still love it, but last night had to have it go in the shop and it barely made it there. Driving down the road...stabilitrac went out...engine light on...things flashing and dinging!! And then says Engine power cut 50%! WTH! So I call the dealership and they said tow it. I was 2 miles from there. They said drive it. So I dropped it off. No rental car, no sorry, just we will call you tomorrow. Come to find out its a huge malfunction with the electric throttle body and they have never ever seen this happen to an avalanche with less then 70,000 miles on it, let alone my truck that has just over 9,000 miles on it. Warranty covered. But then Im told later, well if the light didn't come on and stabilitrac is out and you loose total control. I have kids and this is our family truck...hmmm
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9
    Stabilitrac, parking assist, and pretty much every alarm associated with the transmission was ringing and flashing when mine quit back in October. The tach was going nuts and the engine seemed to be coupling and decoupling. Like I noted in an earlier post, the diagnosis on mine was torque converter failure and it was repaired in about 3 weeks under warranty. But similar to you, I had maybe 7 months on a new truck with 12,600 miles. This just shouldn't be happening. And I'm thankful it didn't happen in heavier traffic!!

    I got a loaner (HHR) from the dealer's Enterprise rental desk, but I had to wait all day at the shop until the technician had a diagnosis (many many failure codes!).

    I'm an electrical engineer in my boomer years and maybe I'm becoming a Luddite, but I'm starting to think the overall problem is that these vehicles have more microprocessors than cylinders.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Im happy to hear that your vehicle is in to the dealer and being taken care of. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.
    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustration. Did the dealer check out you stabilitrac? If so what was their conclusion. Please feel free to email me; I would like to discuss your situation further.
    GM Customer Service
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9
    @ Christina / GM Customer Service:
    Thanks. Vehicle went in shop on Oct 1 2010 and was ready on or about Oct. 21. All seems to be working okay now. Not only was vehicle repaired, but also cleaned and detailed for like-new presentation. That was a nice touch.

    The frustrating part...this is the third round of warranty work since purchasing new in March '10. And the transmission failure ruined a weekend that had been in planning for several months. No way to compensate for that.

    Then there's the amusing part...OnStar sent me an email alert about tire pressures while my truck was sitting with a disabled transmission at the shop. Apparently the On Start alarm system has some issues with priorities. :surprise:

    Original Owner of my Hugger Orange 69Z28 (delivered May 10, 1969).
  • I purchased a used 04 Avalanche November 09, at 100,000 the tranny gave out. Took it to the dealer and they said it wasn't the original transmission. Luckily I had purchased the extended warranty so I don't have to pay for another replacement.
  • dpraterdprater Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Have a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, bought new, I am the only driver take very good care of it. purchased extended 100,000 warranty and trans went out yesterday, overdrive 1st then drive then 3rd now only 1st and reverse works. truck has 102,000 miles on it and i have had it for 2 yrs. Purchased New From Dealership Dec 31st 2009. 2000 miles out of warranty and 2 yrs old and still owe 35,000.00 on it HELP what should I do? Vehicle towed to Dick Shirley Chevrolet this morning in Burlington, NC, I hope Chevrolet does the right thing. This is my second Avalanche and I tell people this is the best thing since sliced bread. Again i hope Chevrolet makes good on it.
  • labeej43labeej43 Posts: 1
    I read your comments and my transmission is now slipping. I have a 2004 avalanche and have taken great care of it. It has under 80,000 miles and as I understand it is not under warranty since it is more than 5 years old. Seems pretty whack that a transmission is not good for more than 80K.
    From your comments it looks like you somehow were able to get GM to pay for half of the transmission repair/replacement. Could you tell me how you did that.
    I am small business owner and I have not even paid this truck off yet so dropping another $3,000 to replace a transmission that is poorly built and not my fault is hard to swallow at this point. I am wondering if you would not mind helping me out with any info.
    Thank you.
  • I have a 2007 Ava LTZ 4x4, with the LC9. Currently @ 95,000 miles. Runs good now, just drove it from SoCal to VT with 1,500lbs load, ran great. Only problems I had where about 10k ago (seems to be when they show their signs around the 80k mark) I noticed oil in cylinder 1 and brought it into Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet (Great dealership) They looked it over for a day and said it was the lifters and covered by warranty, they pulled the head off sent it out to be machined so on and so fourth. The only downside was the other head had no issues so they said they couldn't touch it under warranty. Though common sense is if you machine a head and not the other the ratio will be off and can cause problems later, the only other thing was they wouldn't replace the spark plugs because I put non ACDELCO in they said they would clean them and if I wanted they would put the ACDELCO for cost, I considered but being they're iridiums they're not cheap even more so at dealer pricing and I already shelled out for the others only 6k before which is how I found the oil.
    Anyways as far as tranny's go I mentioned it would bang when accel/deccel, he knew exactly what I meant and said its an engineering flaw. Truly the Ava should have had a 6-spd not a 4, GM was being cheap. They said the only thing they can do is pull the rear shaft, clean the splines, and grease it up and slide it back in. Said it will cure it for 10-20k then do it again. They did it at no cost, but as he said its just a band-aid. I see now the 2011 come with 6-spd, GM finally stop being cheap I guess. I never switched to synthetic, makes no sense to now, just semi blend 5w30 every 3k (notice major drop in performance and milage when oil life reads 50% or less) My engine looks mint, just like factory. I get compliments from anyone under my hood, no oil sludge gunk. Keeping her clean has made her last and if there is a problem I am bound to find it quicker. Overall she's pretty much stock aside from some extra lights, a leveling kit, HID, mud-flaps, window visors. So I haven't done any mechanical mods. Word to wise don;t put HID in fog lamps, housing too small and melts lens, if you want the light stay with halogen, if you want the look go with LED, but Cake and eating doesn't work out. Also if your tail light reverse bulb dies (2007+) its dealer ($8) only aside from one site online ($3+$8 ship,) there are two other bulbs that work but light output far below.
    I was told that the new 6-spd trans will fit any year avalanche, and it is made by Allison and can handle far more load than the Ava was designed for, but in retrospect that means you cant kill it as is the case many experience with daily driving with the 4-spd because it is an undermine for the Ava weight ration and all (just a GM 400 3-spd with overdrive really)
  • stoniewvstoniewv Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Avalanche and the transmission went out at 73,000. This truck was babied. I had two mechanics from General Motors and an independent transmission specialist tell me that Avalanche’s built prior to 2007 had a “congenital” type of transmission defect. My truck only had a 36,000 mile power train warranty. The 2007 was given a 100,000 transmission warranty! General Motors denies any culpability. StonieWV
  • nance275nance275 Posts: 1
    My '05 trans has gone out 3 times since 98K miles. 2 shop rebuilds, whereas warranty company would not replace torque converter according to Chevy dealer. The last time I opted to replace with GM factory rebuild and dealer did pay half, just to shut me up I presume. I wrote a letter to dealer and thats when they agreed to pick up half the 3K tab, however, they turned my broken one back in to GM for $$$ and picked up a couple hours shop labor, woo woo! GM knows they have a problem and will just deny. From tech's outside of my dealership, I've heard the tranny is a not compatible with Ava's suburban frame, I've heard the torque converter becomes compromised and tranny will go out every 15K miles, etc etc. and I've also recently heard the torque converter and tranny are housed together as one piece of equipment, so who's lying? Dealer or GM? I will be suing both shortly and will let everyone know the outcome.
  • I have a 2005 Avalanche, and my tranny slipped the other day. My boyfriend says it has not been acting as it should. What company did you go through to have the extended warranty? I want to get one, just in case. Any info. would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I would recommend speaking to your dealer about extended warranties. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
    GM Customer Service
  • Is there a plan you would recommend just for "just in case" on the tranny? I don't want to spend alot, but I don't to buy something that says "that situation isn't covered" either.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    This is a personal opinion on which you would prefer. I have Major Guard on my personal vehicle. The staff at the dealer will go through the different coverage available. Here is a link to the GM Protection Plan web site.
    This has more information on the different coverage options. I hope this information helps!
    GM Customer Service
  • kidd1956kidd1956 Posts: 1
    I have an 06 avalanche, It too has been babied since new. My tranny went out at 56,000 miles. I was 330 miles from home. The rollback cost me 1260.00 just to get the truck back home, I have since found out that the transmission had water in it. HTH did that happen? A used tranny cost 750.00. I have to wonder if it too has water in it. A new tranny is unaffordable. I am now wishing I would have followed my first line of thought when this happened. I seriously thought about the tv show baitcar. I was in memphis tennessee. It would have worked. However my problem is still my problem. Now the fun part. My truck is out of warranty by one year. How is GM going to react to my request for help on this. We will find out later today. Either they fess up and step up or I will file a complaint with the BBB later today. This really makes me sick to think I spent 53,000 dollars for a GM vehicle then this happens. My fatherinlaw retired from GM. We buy nothing but GM vehicles for the last 30 years. Makes me wonder how my wife is going to like a toyota. Cause if GM doesnt take care of this thats exactly what Im going to buy next. Who wants to take their family out in a vehicle that is not reliable? Not me.
  • 69z2869z28 Posts: 9
    You mention water in the transmission. One of the things discovered when my transmission failed (2010 Av @12,000 miles) was that the junction where the transmission dipstick tube joins the transmission housing was really loose. It's located at a hard-to-reach area that I think would be susceptible to water entry, possibly due to convection & condensation cycles.

    I also suspect the filler tube had been inadvertently loosened by the dealership where I bought the truck. They had to go into the engine to replace lifters only one week after I bought it new due to a screwup at engine plant assembly. The transmission failed 7 months later.

    To date, three warranty repairs and at present, the XM radio is starting to act flaky and the security system has inexplicably locked my wife out twice. Don't know yet what's going on there. Shouldn't I expect better in a $50,000 truck??

    So, I fully understand what you're saying about purchasing a future brand after so many years and money spent with GM.
  • mcresmcres Posts: 1
    After I sent this letter to GM's Dan Akerson to tell him about the engineering design defects in Avalance transmissions, I was told that GM has no records of transmission problems with its Avalanche truck. I had to pay for the installation of a new transmission that was manufactured with upgrades to remove design flaws in the factory transmission. Thank goodness I did not pay for a brand new Avalanche because GM continues to put out vehicles with design flaws. Most likely, I will be looking at other non-GM models.

    I have made up my mind that I will never buy another GM vehicle unless:
    1) it is used,
    2) I do extensive Internet research beforehand, and
    3) I purchase an extended power train warranty.

    May 31, 2011

    Mr. Daniel F. Akerson
    Chairman and CEO
    General Motors Corporation
    300 Renaissance Center
    P.O. Box 300
    Detroit, Michigan 48265-3000

    Dear Mr. Akerson:

    I come from a very long line of Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac car owners. When I bought my 2002 Chevy Avalanche (my 8th GM car since I started to drive in 1975), I was very excited to own my first pick-up truck! I love driving it and I love everything about my truck, especially the sporty look, the handling, and the spaciousness.

    There’s one thing I was not expecting with my Avalanche – a transmission with known engineering flaws. That’s what I’ve been seeing all over the Internet – comments, complaints and reviews not just for the 2002 year – but for many years from 2000 through 2011. That’s what my mechanic confirmed as he installed the new transmission that came with upgrades for known defects in the Avalanche’s transmission. Now I am out of pocket $3,271.32 and much wiser.

    But I have been left with such a feeling of disappointment. I have always made it my priority to deal only with companies that take pride in designing a good and safe product. Imagine my shock when I heard a bang and I couldn’t drive my truck out of the middle of a busy intersection! This experience has left me wondering: Should I perform an extensive search on the Internet before I ever think of buying another GM car? Should I never consider buying any GM car without an extended warranty? I am hoping that GM won’t continue to send out more Avalanches with flawed transmissions. I am hoping that you can do something to help my family and me to continue to believe in the quality of GM products. Will GM help me with my expenditure to make my truck drivable again? I can only hope that you will consider doing the right thing for a loyal customer.

  • Updates; My Ava now at 102k and running good. Went back into the dealer around 100k since oil was getting low again, even after just 10 months ago dealer techs machined head, etc (see post 77) According to the dealer 1qt is acceptable within 3k. Anyways in Aug 2010 a new apifany in GM was to install a shield in the oil pan to keep oil from getting into the cylinders in eco mode, why this wasnt done the last time it was worked on is beyond me. Anyways as well they have to let a solution soak in the cylinders for 3hrs to clean carbon. All in all power was back and oil staying on the mark (as well not getting as dirty as before.)
    In regards to tranny I have had zero problems, looking to have it fully flushed by dealer ($160) I was told if it does go that the 2011 Ava tranny would work a lil more pricy but its now a 6spd auto from what the tech says so smoother shifts. For those that have the 2007 and you get the clunk its the yoke. which has 2 fixes the quick is to pull it, clean it and grease it up. the other is the dealer made a new (2008+) nickel plated yoke to cure the problem.
    Other than that, I just had the upper ball joints replaced by dealer ($$$) since they are a one piece with the control arm as well the drivers side lower ball joint w/ control arm and another alignment (total was only $664 so not too bad and I got a huge discount) One of these pieces from local parts runs around $180, dealer $246.
    Funny thing I just had Vianor do new tires ($950) 2,400 miles ago and they didn't notice the balls being worn (Vianor is a major tire shop) I went back in per warranty to have the tires checked for even wear and they said they were wearing on the insides which they didn't before on my winter set so just weird is all I will say, but they did off to fix it for $742.
    All in all the Avalanche is a durable truck, versatile, and I love it. Yes the fuel milage on hwy maybe only 15-17 best but you cant have it all unless you go Hybrid and that isn't much better for the Tahoe in fuel economy and you loose what you save in price tag.
  • I seem to have the same problem you had today. Is there a electronic problem that is easily repaired or is the tranny gone. Thank in advance for any info you can provide.
  • warvetwarvet Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    I have a 2007 Avalanche, drove fine this morning. Stop at street then took off. The Transmission, it was if I had put it in Neutral, would not go, dropped it in 3 still would not go. Put it in low 2 and then in 1 and it would drive also in R it will drive. It has 78000 miles on it. The warranty went out 23 days ago. What could it be??
  • My 04 had the same problem a couple of weeks ago - unfortunately, it required a $1700 rebuild since gears were damaged (I checked the parts and saw that there was considerable wear in the sun shell and gears). Interestingly, the mechanic that did the work took the time to check why it failed at only 73,000 miles...turns out that my friendly Goodwrench Mechanic had installed the incorrect/mismatched valve body gaskets, leading to overheating and eventual failure. I've seen so many similar trans issues w/the Ava, I suggest that we all file complaints with NTSB ( so they can investigate why there are so many Ava issues.
  • Hi i hope someone can help i have a 2011 Avalanche and when i accelerate slowly my truck lugs until it get to about 1500 rpm its like its starting in 6th gear anyone else have that trouble
    the dealer says they are looking into it but its been two months now and I'm getting frustrated

    any help please thanks Dean
  • curtisliscombcurtisliscomb Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    I recently had the retaining clip on the bottom return transmission line i lost all my fluid so I replaced the clip and the filter and fluid but now it slips in 3rd and drive . and i cant figure out its slipping any helpful ideas? its a 2003 four wheel drive avalanche
  • appoappo Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 avalanche that runs great, except it vibrates when shifting about 50 mph.
    I noticed the rpms are steady but the speedometer will fluctuate up and down about 3 mph
    untill it completes the shift. Doesn't happen if I accelerate hard. Is my 4th gear going out ??
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    I apologize for your frustrations. Has your dealer involved Technical Assistance? Have you spoke with GM Customer Assistance. Please feel free to email me directly. Please include your VIN, current mileage, involved dealer, and complete contact information. I look forward to hearing from you.
    GM Customer Service
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