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    I have a 2007 SLE 4wd. The problem is when it is in 4wd Hi, the front axle binds tighter the more I turn the steering wheel. At full right or left it is almost bound tight. The more throttle I apply, the more it bucks and kicks. Is this normal? It has a small lift and somewhat larger tires but it is all factory. BTW I average 21 mpg in town and 26 on the hiway. Lots of power, (240 hp IL5), good torque, and comfortable. Love the truck, but would like to solve this problem. :confuse:
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    for it to buck like that it sounds as if you are driving it on a dry or hard packed dirt road. The frontend needs to be able to slip a little to not have that problem. Soft dirt/sand or snow and there shouldn't be a problem. So unless you are driving it where 4 wheel drive isn't needed than something else is wrong. Now I live on a hard packed snowy road and when I pull into my drive which is short I leave it in 4 wheel drive. If I back out of the drive and try and turn it before hitting the snow I will get some of that bucking so I don't turn the wheel from straight until the front hits the snow. Hope this helps you some.
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    It sounds normal to me. My custom 1978 GMC 3/4 ton would do the same thing when it was in four wheel drive and turning sharp on pavement.
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    I have an 04 ex cab z71 4x4 with 58000 on it and average 17-19 around here on curvy hilly side ive done on the interstate is 22. It has the 3.5 in it. The interstate driving is an an average of 75-80 mph. I fortunately havnt had the problems some people talk about on these forums and hope i never do. Gm really needs to get these trucks fixed and then watch profits roll in. None of the other auto makers have any better trucks. They are all over priced and sub quality in some area.
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    Both of my kids are out of car seats but they ride in booster seats in the back of my extended cab and claim that it is comfortable for them. I have to make sure thyey have the seatbelts on right but its solid.
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    In the next 2-years there will be a new model as noted on this forum.

    I drive a 1992 S10 2-wheel drive and I am still attached to it even though its body is rusted through. It has a 2.8 L V6 144,000 miles with 5-speed that is trouble free and still gets mid-20's highway with a best of 28 mpg while on a trip. I bought it new orginally and wanted to fix it up for show but it ended up being a daily driver.
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    If I were you, I would either hang on to your truck or if buying used, try to find a low mileage S10. I would never in a million years buy a Colarado/Canyon. These trucks are a disaster waiting to happen. I wonder what the heck GM was thinking when they built this truck. One look at the bed and you see the welding mark the length of the bed tells you not much solid engineering went into the design of this truck. This past December I was looking for a compact pickup and bought a low mileage 2000 S10. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Good luck when you shop for your next pickup.
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    Ok, I must make a counter-comment here....My nephew bought a new Colorado,beats it up as often as possible off road, tows a way too large boat with it, and barely keeps it serviced - the truck has amassed already 70,000 hard miles on it, with minimal trouble. The most irritating thing about it is the spare was smaller than the other 4 tires, and when applied to the front end because of a flat, burned out the front axle immediately - twice. Chevy dealer replaced the axle, but offered no fix other than "don't put the flat down". Of course, enterprising nephew got a larger spare. Other than that, it's a darn good truck, the likes of which the pathetic S-10 couldn't match in my experience.
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    If you go to one of the tire measuring places like this one:
    and punch in the spare tire size and the size of the tires on the truck of course they have to be the STOCK size tires that came on the truck you will find they are the same for all practical purposes. I know the spare is one size smaller than what is on the truck but they equal out as I used the same program to upsize mine to 17" wheels yet they still measured the same diameter as I took my wifes cloth tape measure and went around them. So my guess is either your nejphew changed out the tires on the truck to a bigger tire or something else was wrong and he just thinks it was the spares fault.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Nope - they are Chevy wheels and the truck came stock - they did not equal out in service, blew his axle twice. I'm just reporting, but despite that, Chevy stepped up twice and fixed it. It's been an awesome little truck, and I prefer it to the Tacoma, the Gold Standard of small trucks myself.
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    The Colorado/Canyon is not a bad truck, but the previous S10's were more heavy duty and could tow/haul more.
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    I do realize the S-10 was designed for the American market, and the Colorado was actually a Pacific Rim design, which is why the inline 6 from the Trailblazer wouldn't fit under the hood, so it was shortened to a 5 the S-10 may have been heavier, and certainly, it had more power with that big V-6 under there. I'll give you that. Just hadn't found the Colorado to be as bad as portrayed.
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    "NV", I've got to agree with your comments. Prior to purchasing my 2005 Canyon 4x4, I had a 1997 S-10 4x4. Yes, the S-10 had a little more low/mid range grunt, due to the V-6, however once you get it "wound up" as you need to with most OHC engines, the I-5 has a bit of power. The I-5, on the plus side, does get better fuel mileage than the V-6 did.

    My only gripe so far, with my Canyon, has been interior wind noise, mostly at the rear pillar (short cab). It seems to be some glitch in the design or location of the cab vents. I've applied a lot of the "competition style" sound deadener to the cab, and have quieted it down a fair amount. However, when the wind hits the truck just right, it's downright annoying inside the cab, right at ear level. In that respect, I liked the S-10 much better.
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    I have a 2006 Colorado, with 55000 km. Not only do I have paint issues, I have replaced my head light bulbs twice, my licience plate blubs, and my brake light bulbs! Obviously there is a grounding issue. Now the emergency brake sticks on when the release is pulled. I took it in to the dealership where I bought it, (Paul Sadlon Motors-Barrie,Ontario,Canada) and the service department won't even look at it without charging me an arm and a leg.
    With all the issues that these trucks are having and the [non-permissible content removed] service that you will recieve at the dealership I would not recomend that anyone buy a Chevrolet. This dealership has left a very bad taste in my mouth, and this will be the last Chev that I will ever buy!
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    The S10 was a far more reliable truck. As for the parking brake, try some WD-40 on the release mechanism under the dash. Good luck.
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    took my 06 canyon to gm dealer for winter tire change over and to get a wheel alignment done as truck was pulling to the left , dealer called cannot do alignment as the cam that is used for doing adjustments was cracked , covered by warennty anyone else having experienced this problem
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    What kind of performance increase could I expect with the instalation of a catback exaust and a K&N cold box on a 2.9 2009 canyon. Ken
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    i have a 4 cylinder. highway i get 15 miles to the gallon gm rep said thats good.dealership said its a weak 4 cylinder for the truck, it is always pulling the truck and dropping fuel eco.
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    Are the front rotors on 2005 Canyon pressed on ?Any information on removing the rotors will be greatly appreciated.
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    "GC1", are you talking 2WD or 4WD ?
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    That truck should get a lot better mileage. I've got a 2000 S10 with the old-tech OHV 4 cylinder engine. It's a regular cab, automatic and I have a truck cap on the bed. I bought it in Dec. 2007 for $6,600 (taxes, etc. all included) and it had 52K miles. I consistently get 20-22 MPG around town and 25 MPG on the highway. It now has 64K miles. You should go to another dealership. Perhaps, they can help. Good luck.
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    i bought a 04 z71 2wd colorado about six months ago, overall i love it, i just had the cylinder head replaced under recall, it only took the dealership two days and it was done. the truck has 62000 miles on it., and runs great

    the main things i dont like are the gas mileage 17-19 mpg, and the the body panels seem thin and flimsy, im not rough with my truck at all,but it seems everytime i turn around i find a new dent or ding on the truck, i used to have a 2000 silverado and you could beat it to death and no dents. also the silverado had the 5.3 v8 and got almost as good mpg,....around 16-18mpg. im thinking of selling the colorado and buying another silverado.
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    Does anyone in here know why the block heater cord on my 07 Colorado is temperature controlled. I live in Canada and I'm not liking the idea that it won't start to heat my engine till the temperature drops below -18C or 0F. I would like to put on a Espar heater but I don't know if it will negatively effect my engine. I have heard horror stories about people plugging in Trailblazer SS trucks, I don't want the same thing.
    Any one have any thoughts?
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    I have a 2004 GMC Canyon with 80500 miles on it. I recently had to put in the shop for a total of close to 45 days. During this time Haselwood GM Supercenter was suppose to fix a factory bulletin regarding the head on my truck. After being without my truck for almost a month I got the truck back and it ran rougher than when I put the truck in the shop. They some how missed a bulletin regarding the throttle body even though I had asked if there where any other outstanding issues. The whole better part of a month I was without a rental. After the throttle body cleaning the truck still ran rough. I took the truck back and and was advised that the gas in my truck contain to much ethanol @ 11-12%. I was advised to use a higher grade gas. I have been running a higher grade for the past couple weeks. The truck still runs rough in the morning. But besides that I had an even greater problem today. The drive shaft for my truck literally fell off tonight. there has also been other issues with the truck in the past, a malfunctioning gas cap, broken U-Joint, torn front drive boot, brake light failure, history of miss fires, and not having a horn installed by the factory.
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    Are you sure that is the true story or is this 2nd hand info. I had a diesel Chevy Truck and it didn't do that nor the new Ford Fusion Hybrid the wife just bought as a warm engine lets the battery engage quicker. I have always put mine on a timer so it turns on about 3 or so in the morning with a auto turnoff by 9. Maybe I'll have to look into hers to make sure it works as I have always thought.

    I just got this out of her online owners manual....................
    An engine block heater warms the engine coolant which aids in starting
    and allows the heater/defroster system to respond quickly. If your vehicle
    is equipped with this system, your equipment includes a heater element
    which is installed in your engine block and a wire harness which allows
    the user to connect the system to a grounded 120 volt a/c electrical
    source. The block heater system is most effective when outdoor
    temperatures reach below 0°F (-18°C).
    Which sounds like it works best at the temps you heard but it says nothing of not working above those temps. I had a chance to look at the one they installed plus looked at other pictures online and all they are is a simple heater element that goes inplace of a soft plug with a 110v cord that hooks to it and runs out through/near the grill with a plug on the end. I think you will be Ok as I know hers sits in the garage and it hasn't got below 40 F inside and I can tell the difference when I drive as it has heat right away instead of 2 miles down the road.
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    Get ready. Fed Govt is proposing raising ethanol content to 15% soon. Auto mfgs say "no problem" but Boat, Mtrcycle and ATV manufacturers are issuing significant concerns.
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    Here in Mi. we have both real gas and ethanol based gas in which sadly both sell for the same price. I was out in Co. last year and was shocked to see gas with ethanol was cheaper and really shocked to see some places had both types of gas.
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    Has anyone had good luck with the Canyon/Colorado? I need to get a small truck for occasional household chores and was going to look for a cheap used 2000-2003 S10. I then considered a Colorado (2005 or 6) but the constant complaints on this site have pretty much turned me off. The S10 was rated by CU as having a lousy reliability record as well. Granted that you never seem to hear from the happy people on Edmonds what do you as owners recommend. This is not a daily commuter. I'll probably only put less than five thousand miles a year on it. Has ANYONE had a fairly trouble free Colorado?. I'd get an extended cab with auto, power, cruise, AC etc. I'm mainly interested in a smooth ride. I've had my fill of 4wd full size trucks. Thanks - Karl
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    I have a 2005 Crew Cab Z71 4X4. I did not expect a luxury vehicle when I purchased it new four and one half years ago. I treat it like a truck but don't abuse it. Now have 55,000 miles on it. No real problems. I replaced the factory tires at 50,000 with BFG AT's. Made a huge difference, especially in snow and rain. I use it to commute 30 miles a day and for work in the yard (we do a lot of gardening and landscaping at home). I'm happy with it. The ride in the Z71 is smooth compared to other trucks. No valve issues as some have had. Go to the Tacoma forum and read about the rust issues with those vehicles. I'll stick with Chevy. I would buy another new or a 2008/09 used. Good luck.
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    I for one have not had a moment of regret. I have a 2005 extended Cab Z71 2wd with the 5 cylinder engine, auto trans. I can honestly say I have had not a single issue. I tow a bass boat regularly from April to October, pretty much every weekend.

    Overall, I do pretty low miles, about 7500 a year, but still get 21 mpg overall, as much as 24-25 on dedicated highway trips (not towing) and as much as 19 while towing the boat.

    The SINGLE complaint I have is cabin wind noise, and I can attribute that to the extended cab and no post between the doors to seal as tight as I was used to with my old S10s. My sentiment is that the only reports you read are those with complaints, not many people come to these sites to brag on the vehicle.
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    "Pond", the one thing that really annoyed me with my Canyon vs. my previous S-10 was wind noise in the cab. From what I've been able to determine, the issue is with the cabin air vents that are on the back of the cab, visible between the cab and bed. Something either in their design or location isn't quite right, and they allow a lot of wind noise in the cab.

    I went over my truck very carefully when it was new, making sure that the body was "square" to the frame, and the bed was straight and square to the cab, as some of the boxes were sitting crooked on the frame, with one side sticking out beyond the cab, causing turbulance. I also put a bit of the "stereo competition" sound deaderer in the cab, which quieted it down a bit.

    I recently took a part time job delivering parts for a local auto parts store. I drive an '07 Colorado, and I noticed that GM added a rubber strip to the front on the bed, to deflect the air away from the cabin vents. It does help, but the strips attach to a couple of tabs on the bed, which aren't on the earlier beds. If they were, I'd get the strips for my truck....
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    The poor rating in Consumer Reports regarding the the S10 is specific to the 4WD models. Wheel bearings are a particular problem on the 4WD S10. The 2WD models tend to have average reliability. I have owned both a 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder S10 with 2WD and did not have significant problems with either one. I would lean towards the S10 because the engines are proven designs that have a pretty good track record. Further, since they are old tech (OHV designs) they are cheaper to rebuild or replace. Good luck.
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    Be sure to take the truck in for a complete check over, I would suggest you go somewhere besides the dealer. They won't tell you until after the warranty is up! At warranty end, (30,000) I started having all kind of leaks from oil seal to brake cylinders. The rear window leaks water and I just did not notice it before warranty ran out. The heater fan went out only works on 4. Passenger seatbelt wont retract, headlights keep needing replaced, etc. Most of these problems are common on the Colorado as I have been reading. Get a good once or twice over!
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Member Posts: 299
    Too much of a mixed bag. I'm getting a one owner 1997 Silverado Extended Cab from a friend. Same price as most of the S-10s I've looked at and fairly simple to fix if I need to. It has a small V8 but gas mileage isn't important with the little I drive. Thanks to everybody who answered me. The Colorado sounds good as does the S-10 but used Colorados are too expensive because they are all late models. Most of the S-10's I've seen were overpriced and most were beat up. People out here use trucks as trucks. It would be better to look in a big city.
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    Like living with 95% clogged arteries. You know any day now it'll die. 65K miles and never was strong.
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    :( We have less than 1000 miles on our new 2010 Canyon, 5 cylinder, crew cab. So far, no problems. Around town, with my foot to the floor, the first tank netted about 18 m.p.g. With Highway Driving for half of the next tank and around town for the remainder, we we are right at 20 m.p.g. I sure hope this thing starts improving to make me feel a lot better about driving a "smaller" truck. I am really having "withdrawl" sympthoms from driving my bigger crew cab. I traded in my 2006 Chevy HD 3/4 ton, Duramax Allison, Crew Cab with trailering package (which we easily pulled a 10,000 pound fifth wheel travel trailer). Now, upon deciding to sell the fifth wheel, and with mostly around town driving; I am enjoying the ease of parking, pep this thing seems to have getting into traffic on the interstate, and so on. However, again, I am really cringing at getting use to this smaller rig. I have no expansive elbo room as totally accoustomed to in the past. And as has been said (it is like a small theatre) "No Ball Room" - if you guys know what I mean. When the knees are spread wide the left knee will surely wear a hole in the driver door in a year or so. Well, so it goes. I am "getting use to this thing". No real problems so far.
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    I have lovesd my colorado truck, I have not had any problems until my battery went dead. Have had since 10/2005
  • lindagibsonlindagibson Member Posts: 5
    My battery went dead , now my door locks or driver window will work. I have tired to reset as it stated in manual, as well as removing negative battery termial to reset computer settings. I also checked all fuses. Can someone please help me with how I can reset the locks, and window so it will work.

    Thank you
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I would like to look into this for you. Can you please email me your VIN? I look forward to your response.
    GM Customer Service
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    Christina at GM Customer Service, this is a common problem with this vehicle for thousands of your customers. Mostly the door locks and drovers electric window go dead at inopportune times (like at the toll booth or bank drive through). Ditto on my 2004 Colorado except for the dead battery. May I send you my vin too?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    I see problems. GM has me here looking for customers with problems and trying to assist them; however, recalls are formed by customer complaints to Customer Service (the number is in the owners manual). This causes Gm to look further into these concerns. Can you please e-mail me your complete contact information including a good number to reach you, VIN and current mileage, as well as involved dealer? I would like to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Service
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    I have been on the phone with a Chevy Rep for 3 days and all they have done is talk in circles. yesterday I was promised they were going to find a dealership to fix my truck. My truck starts when and if it wants to. This all began when I took it to Molle Chevorlet to have my brakes fixed, which took them a week. Two days later I drove it to the store came out and it would not start. I took it back to Molle Chevorlet and they kept it two weeks, never finding out why it wont start. I have had it there three times. So the service manager gave me a number to a tow truck company to answer my question of why he couldnt fix my truck. I finally got a number to GM the first guy Mathew that I talked to hung up on me three times. Apoligizing for his phone disconnected me, I guess it works like my truck, when it wants to. Three people later and I got the phone call today that my truck has been reliable for me. RELIABLE?? Are you kidding I havent been able to take it any where in two months and I am still making payments on it and my extended warrenty. If you are looking for a truck dont by a Colorado and if your having problems dont expect Chevy to stand behind there product or there extended warrenty.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Can you please email me with your case number from GM Customer Service?
    GM Customer Service
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    If you want a reliable vehicle, do not buy a Colorado. We have had all the problems mentioned on this thread. Its a shame too as the Colorado is a good looking truck, but the problems prove that looks are not everything.
    My husband has always been a chevy guy, we have a 76 custom deluxe junked in the pasture. Just couldn't part with the old gal, had a 92 Extended cab step side full size, was a good truck, wish we still had that one, we also have a 98 chevy Savannah box truck, has had small issues, but nothing terrible, but now this pretty little Colorado has broken the spirit of my chevy guy.
    :mad: :sick: :lemon:
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    i have a 2007 colorado z71 crew cab 5cyl 2wheel drive. purchased new, have 48,500
    miles. very satisfied up to now. reciently have had a problem with a smell from the
    heater. it happens when the engion is cold. turn the heater and fan on 2 or3 and
    you get a hot electric smell untill the engion is warm and then the smell goes away.
    the smell tends to burn your eyes and nose. very strange.hate to take to dealer
    becouse its out of warrenty. has anyone else had this problem or does anyone have
    any ideas what might be going on. thanks,
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    I have an 08 crew cab that has about 60k miles on it and exclusive of oil changes and new tires, I've had no problems with my truck. I also pull a 3k lbs trailer on occasion. Bought it used too!
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    edited July 2011
    I have owned a 2004 Colorado, 2WD, manual, 5 Cly since it was new. It has been a hughe dissapointment. Within the first 20K miles it experienced several ignition problems which ultimately led to a faulty harness in the low speed controls (it was severed somehow). About the same time the airbag warning light came on and sometimes went off. It too was a broken harness. The clutch was replaced becuse of a mis diagnosis of a noise problem. The radio speakers have been somehow damgaed and the distortion at bass levels is evident. The electronic locking system has locked me out for days at a time. This also affected the windows on the drive side. This restored itself w/o intevention. The check engine light comes on and a P0506 fault will be traceable with a diagnostic meter only to be cleared and driveable for some time before repeating. The heater fan will constantly die at speed settings below 4. I have determined it is the connector and resistor failue. I can make it go away for awhile but it will return when the system is used for a time. The latest is the ABS alert on the dash. It doesn't take much to trigger it such as a moderate incline at slow speed or a slightly undulating road at slow speed. It can be cleared and will randomly appear at some later date.

    I have never owned a vehicle that is frought with so many problems. I have written GM of course but there has been no response. I would never buy this product again!
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    A reporter is interested in talking with consumers about how fuel economy requirements are changing what people drive. He is looking for consumers who consider fuel economy their top consideration while shopping for vehicles that range from pickups to luxury cars to EVs. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply with your name, phone number and email address to [email protected] no later than 5pm Pacific this Wednesday, September 21st.
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    I also have an 08 canyon crew cab and I love it! no serious problems (tail light went a little weird with signal on but fixed it with a little wd-40) this site scares me with all the problems posted here! I have 90,000 kms on it, so far so good! Guess we got the good ones!
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