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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • jeremy20jeremy20 Posts: 12
    Hello, dhomfray I have a weird squeaky sound coming from my front driver side wheel. I can hear it when I drive with my window down. I know the pads are good. I'm wondering if it is my rotor. Any suggestions????
  • dhomfraydhomfray Posts: 5
    Hiya Jeremy 20, i didnt notice a squeak but as the weather hasnt been good enough here to have the window open lately, that might be why. I just got this terrible vibration making it virtually impossible to hold the steering wheel. It happened when braking after driving over 50mph. Then the brake peddle wasnt smooth when pressing it, it was juddering and vibrating. But after having the new pads, discs (rotors) and a wheel balance it is absolutely fine now. All of those symptoms have gone. I just sit and wait now for the next problem!!!!! :confuse:
  • jeremy20jeremy20 Posts: 12
    Hey dhomfray, yeah it just started getting nice here so that is why I notice it. Probably has been doing it all winter and just haven't noticed. But thanks for the reply. I have to make an appointment I guess. like you said always something lol. Thanks again.
  • 2tinker2tinker Posts: 1
    Can I purchase a Master Cylinder rebuild kit for 1997 JGC? Where? Or, do I have to buy a new master cylinder?
  • I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee, lately when driving my car the battery gage goes a little funny and my brake light come on and my miles flash like my car is going dead but it doesn't, it waits until i turn it off and then the battery wont work for a minute and on its own will decide to come back on now yesterday i went to turn it on and it revved up real hard as if my foot was on the petal but it wasn't .... let it run for a bit and never came back down it was steadily idling at 3k rpms .... turned it off and back on still high put it in reverse and still high... just wondering if anyone has had this happen with these cars??Please Help!!

    Thank You,

  • cew913cew913 Posts: 1
    98 grand cherokee, 4.0 engine - engine turns but does not start. As it is turning over and the gas pedal is pressed to the floor it starts. Continues to run if giving gas. as soon as I let off the pedal it immediately dies out.

    Any ideas?
  • roypaul2roypaul2 Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 laredo with 280000 miles which has been running great. Today it cut off twice after running 50 to 60 miles. After sitting for about an hour it will start and run fine. Temp gauge is showing normal temp, 210 degrees. Thanks
  • hank778hank778 Posts: 6
    ive got a 93 jgc. sometimes when the weather is above 60 it stalls out after 5 to 20 miles and will not start back up for 5 to 30 minutes. it is notoverheating. when it stalls i try to check the codes while im sitting there, but i cant get the check engine light to come on at all. after 5 to 30 minutes i will turn the key and the ckeck engine light comes on and it starts right up. i read the codes later and it says the pcm lost power. i have replaced the pcm already, same problem. im thinking about replacing the ign. coil, and crank sensor, but could those be cutting power to the pcm? anyone no what else could be causing this, any help is appreciated, thanks
  • hank778hank778 Posts: 6
    sounds like ive got similar problem. mines got 280000 also. one thing you can do is turn the key on and off three times and leave it in the on position and it will read you a code with the check engine light. this will go back to the previous 50 starts. good luck let me know if u find anything out. ive replaced pcm and thinking about replacing crank sensor and ign. coil. my post is below yours , try ckecking codes when stalled.
  • I have the same problem as Message 239 - have a 99 Jeep GC with 170K, and it shudders and cuts out when under acceleration at highway speed, but returns to almost normal at low speed with little throttle. I have heard this could be the fuel pump or catalytic converter. Any ideas please!
  • papenpapen Posts: 11
    FIXED problem after two long years!!!!!!!!! Replaced basically everything and Jeep constantly told me hooked up to their computer and couldn't find a problem.
    Turns out the computer is in a bad location just below hoses that leak on top of it. Took it to someone other then Jeep and had the computer rebuilt. They found six errors showing up! Problem was when you checked the actual error it turned out to be fine. After rebuilding the computer at a cost of 395.00 it has been running excellent. Not cutting off after a 20 minute drive. Have placed over 200 miles on it without a problem. Take it to a Triple A guaranteed for 12,000 miles. That way you have backup when a engine light comes on again. Mine did come on once it was under the battery a reset button. Two years of sheer hell because Jeep placed the computer under the hoses to where liquids could fall. Hope this helps all that are suffering from break downs on the side of the road!
  • chaconchacon Posts: 1
    i have a 1998 cherokee. if i leave my jeep alone for a few hours, and try and start it wont start on the first crank but it will start on the 2nd crank. i dont know what to do. people have told me that i could be my fuel pump and or fuel filter. so today i changed it 3 houres and 190$ later i still have the problem good news is i have better gass mialeage. haha if you know what to do or have any suggestions please let me know. thank you
  • 66phil66phil Posts: 4
    I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 v8. I am having intermittent starting problems. When operating normally, it starts right up, doesn't miss and runs perfect. I will start up almost immediately. Then every couple days, it won't start. It will turn over strongly, but just not fire ? This will almost always happen after it has been running. If I leave it for 20 min- half hour, it will start right up ?? In the morning, it always starts fine and will start normally for several days. Then I will run an errand, come out to start me car, and it just turns over. I leave it for 30 min or so, and it starts immediately? My car has 130,000 miles and it has just had new o2 sensors, an new convertor and muffler, and new plugs. Any ideas guys. Someone suggsted it was the crankshaft position sensor ? Any help appriciated . Thanks
  • 66phil66phil Posts: 4
    Most likely plugged up catalytic converter.
  • j98woodj98wood Posts: 1
    My wife has a 96 Nissan Pathfinder. You put your foot on the brake, bump the key, and it starts right up. First time.
    My 98 JGC...not so good. I find that I usually have to crank the ignition and at the same time give it gas, perhaps halfway down on the pedal. Usually it starts first time although after a couple of seconds of cranking. If it doesn't start first time then it start immediately on the second try; but you can usually smell a little gas. Once it starts first time or second it runs fine.
    I thought most late model cars were supposed to start like the Nissan with the foot on the brake, no gas applied.
    Am I the only one with this issue? Could there something wrong with a sensor or something? The car isn't throwing any kind of code that would trip the engine light.
  • tripper1tripper1 Posts: 2
    I have a 98 Cherokee Limited with 50K. The ignition switch will not turn, nor will the transmission move from Park to Neutral. Steering wheel is also locked. Newer battery and electrical seems ok. Any ideas?
  • tripper1tripper1 Posts: 2
    Tried starting by putting foot on brake and cannot turn key. Took foot off and same thing. No dashboard lights because ignition has not turned at all. It is still in the lock position.
  • I have recently encountered another problem with my Jeep. I went to start it the other day, and it would crank as if it were trying to kick over, but wouldnt fully kick over. I know its not my battery( I have two optimas), and a new starter. I did manage to get it to start if I pressed on the gas pedal and would remain running as long as I had my foot on the gas. I have smelled a strong odor of gasoline when I stop trying to start it, So Im not sure if it has something to do with any of the sensors or If I may have a vacuum leak in one of my hoses causing it to not remain in idle. If anyone has any possible solutions, I greatly appreciate it. :confuse:
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    Not the fuel pump or catalytic converter. Your Jeep runs awful at highway speeds but is just fine from stop and go traffic means your car is running lean. What this means is you have a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak is easy to find but can be harder to fix if you go the expensive route (more later). With the car idling and hood up, spray some brake fluid around the engine in small spurts until you hear the engine rev higher. That is where your vacuum leak is and is sucking in the brake fluid and putting it through the engine to fire it up for that second. Cheap way is find the hole and duct tape it. Try black tape as to hide it. I did it to mine and is running great for over 2 years now. Or more expensive you can put in a new seal or tube.
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    throttle position sensor everytime. Its on the top of the engine closest to the windshield next to your throttle body. Costs around $30 dollars at Advanced Auto and takes 5 minutes or less to put on. Unscrew the old one and screw in the new. Just make sure the insides match up when you slide it on and don't force it.
  • rwengrrwengr Posts: 177
    I have a 97 JGC. It has several problems. One of them was like yours. By disabling vacuum to peripherals I isolated this problem to the evap canister purge solenoid. A good indication is if the problem does not appear during warmup. My manual says computer does not energize solenoid until engine warms up. I replaced solenoid and problem went away. I couldn't believe it ! If you have one, check it. Be careful if you replace it. It's real easy to pull the hose off of the canister while you are trying to remove the line from the solenoid. Mine is behind bumper cover. A real pain to reconnect it.
  • n0otron0otro Posts: 12
    My 1996 JGC with 97k on it has recently started stalling out when coming to a stop at a light or stop sign.

    I thought it might be the Idle Air Controller valve, so I replaced it but it is still happening.

    Could it be a dirty fuel injector? What else should I check?
  • Check the battery. I know it doesn't make sense (actually it does when you realize that the JGC is a computer on wheels) but your problem is often associated with a weak battery.

  • n0otron0otro Posts: 12
    Thanks for the suggestion, but the battery was actually changed last month because we thought it was the cause of a different problem. It turned out it was something else entirely and the original battery was fine. I'm pretty confident it isn't the battery, although I will test it again just to make sure. Maybe the battery cables though?

    Any other ideas?
  • n0otron0otro Posts: 12
    Let me elaborate a little bit more on this problem:

    Occasionally, the car will start stuttering when coming to a stop, or accelerating out of a stop and eventually stalling out. It happened today for the first time while driving at low speeds. If I drop the car into neutral while it is stuttering, it will recover and I can continue to drive, but if I just leave it in gear the car will stall out for sure.

    I've replaced the idle-air control valve and the throttle position sensor but no luck so far. Interestingly, i've been having intermittent problems(not at all since the stalling started 2 weeks ago) with the electric door locks all the sudden going crazy (repeatedly locking/unlocking for 10-20 cycles and then stopping) while driving. Also, and I'm not sure if it's related, but the low beam lights don't work while I have no problems with the high-beams. I've already replaced the head light switch.

    All of this makes me think there must be some faulty wiring somewhere causing all of these problems.

    There is one other thing that could be the heart of my stalling problems.
    The engine diagnostic code gives me code 43, indicating cylinder misfires.

    Could all of these symptoms point to one thing that may be the main culprit?
  • Hello. I have a 1997 Grande Cherokee 4.o liter petrol. Trouble is is that it has an intermittent stalling problem at all speeds. You can be driving along just fine with the engine running smoothe then the engine will cut/start/cut /start with the associated transmission judder(auto trans) then the car will come to a halt with the engine stopped. Leave it for a couple of minutes, it will re start and run fine for perhaps 10 munutes then it all happens again. Any ideas please before I get taken to the cleaners at Jeep ??
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    Code 43 means it is the CamShaft Position Sensor. With all that is going on it sounds like that is what is. The part is only about $40 dollars but I would have a mechanic put it on but do not let a Jeep Dealer do it. They will rip you off. Any mechanic can put it on and so can you but it's a little hard especially if you don't have a lift.
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    Read # 324. You also have a faulty Camshaft position sensor. Your problem sounds a lot like a throttle position sensor but that with it happening at all speeds that can't be it because it would only stall out when coming to a stop or idling at stop.
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    As for the other stuff going on with locks and lights seems to be the computer. It is in a bad spot on your GC (hoses leak on it) You can get a rebuilt one or rebuild yours. Check out Ebay. Don't buy a new one because it is refurbished (rebuilt) and cost a lot more. Junk yard can pull one. The low beams sometimes just go bad anyways and you have to replace the whole light which I know you can get cheap on ebay. If they new lights work I wouldn't worry about the computer if the locks only went crazy once or twice and has not happened again. Sometimes there is a glitch and you can reset the system but leaving your battery unplugged for 8 hours.
    A trick we used to use to make big bucks off Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler customers. I work for Ford now but still love my Jeep!
  • claire5claire5 Posts: 2
    I have a Jeep grand cherokee, V8 4.7L I think it is year 2000 one of the first new look ones. Anyway when I take it on a short journey or it gets parked in the sun, the majority of the time the car wont start again. If it is cold or hot then starting is fine if occassionally a little hesitant. I have had the fuel pump replaced as my garage reckons the sensors were showing a fuel problem, but it still does it, I have had the crank sensor replaced but it still does it. I want to take it to an engine diagnostic place but want to give them clue as where it might be. If the sensors are scanned afterwards when the car is running again no error shows up. Please any suggestions would be fantastic
    Thanks Claire
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