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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems

bkrneilbkrneil Posts: 2
edited September 2015 in Jeep
My 95 grand cherokee starts fine until the weather starts to turn cold below 52 degrees, then when you try to start it it turns over but stalls right off , it sound like the gas is being shut off, after sometimes 10 or better tries it finally starts like it never had a problem at all, and after it does start the jeep will start fine for the rest of the day. My son is a tech at a jeep dealership and say's it is the first like this he has run into, he has tried many different things to try to correct this problem, but it is still happening , has anyone run into this problem?? help!!

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  • bduttonbdutton Posts: 3
    I have a 1996 4.0L JGC with 170K miles. In the morning when I crank, it sounds like it barely is staying on. The idle is very rough. When I put in drive, it "miss fires" for a second or two then takes off. At stop lights, etc. it will stall on me. What could be the problem? I've read on here, possibly IAC, fuel pump, spark plugs. I don't want a new car, just some reassured confidence. Thanks!
  • Does it smooth out the instant you depress the accelerator? Meaning, if you lightly rev the engine to 1,000rpms, does the engine run smoothly? If that's the case, then yes the IAC is a primary suspect. Does the check engine light come on? If so, what codes are being returned? You can take it to AutoZone and they will read the codes for you. If the problem ONLY happens at idle, then I would rule out the fuel pump and spark plugs, at least just from what you've told me.
  • My dad has a 94 5.2 V8 JGC that did the exact same thing. It turned out that his EGR valve was bad, rather, the plastic valve was melted completely. Dramatic results!! :shades:
  • I have problem with my 5.2 jeep grand cherokee 1995.
    when in idle the rpm go up and down
    i read alot about this problem on this forum and some other.

    so people say to clean the troudle body. so I did.
    some other pleople sugest to clean the idle valve located in the troudle body. dont remember what the name of the low idel valve. any way I clean the hold thing. and the problem still there

    the I go into error code messenge and I get error 32 is have something to do with the egr valve. so I clean that too. the problem is a little better but still there. and the error code is no longer there.

    but I still have small idle problem.
    can any body help here.
  • I've replaced the fuel filter; fuel pump; crankshaft position sensor; camshaft position sensor and PCM with zero luck. The check engine light went out after replacing all of the above, the camshaft position sensor was last, and all error codes cleared, however, it is still hard to start and stalls. I've taken it to two different mechanics & spent too much ca$h with no solution. ANY SUGGESTION(S) IS GREATLY APPRECEATED. Next post will be "JGC FOR SALE....CHEAP!!!!" :confuse:
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I didn't see a response to the question about if the engine smooths out under acceleration. A vacuum leak will cause stalling and rough running, but not when you are giving it the gas.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Another thought. If very slight pressure on the gas pedal when stopped smooths things out, you may not be getting enough air. Check the PCV orifice to make sure it is clear and you can also adjust the throttle body plate to stay open a little more when your foot is off the gas.
  • fwefwe Posts: 4
    I am having a similar problem, 96 Grand Cherokee, 6cyl, idles slow, and lopes. No vacum leaks, when I touch the accelator its smooths out. Could this be the IAC, no check engine light. Checked the CCV valve, plenty of suction, and cleaned. I am at a loss.. Possibly the fuel filter??
  • fwefwe Posts: 4
    My 96 grand cherokee is doing similar. Idles slow, lopes, checked, no vaccum leaks, CCV valve is clear, and hose has good suction. Does smooth out when I press the accelator and bring it above 750 rpms. However, no check engine light. Is this the IAC or possibly the fuel filter.. Its driving me crazy.
  • I have a 1997 Grand Cherokee 5.2L V8. It has a problem running. You can be driving down the road and let your foot off the game and the jeep will just shut right off. If you say pull into a parking spot and let your foot off the gas it will shut off. Sometimes you can't even go out there and turn it on and have it stay running unless you keep your foot on the gas. I have heard stuff about the Idle Air Control Valve or anything that has to deal with the vehicle ideling. Any suggestions? I brought it to the jeep place here (an actual Jeep/chrysler place) and they said "We cannot duplicate the problem". I don't understand that becuase when i pulled it in there it shut off while it was still in drive. Needless to say that was a waste of money. So anyone have any ideas on why it may just want to shut off.

  • For everyone having stall problems with 95-97 JGC's (I can't speak to pre-95 vehicles) I may have something of interest. Our 96 JGC suffered just as described in the various above posts. I cleaned/checked fuel/ignition/IAC etc. etc. all to no avail. Everytime one came to a stop, it stalled out.

    I finally decided to measure and inspect the electrical system using my electronics laboratory test gear (not automotive diagnostics equipment), because I design electronics for a living. I found that we had a "hard" i.e., sulphated battery, which meant that the 13.8-14.4 so-called DC voltage coming from the alternator was really a very, very bad/ripply voltage (since the battery was not able to act as a smoothing filter if you will.)

    I put in a brand new battery, bingo! no stall problem anymore.

    How can this be you may ask, well methinks that Chrysler has cheaped out on the amount of voltage regulation/ripple rejection circuitry in the ECU, and hence that could certainly lead to the above stall symptom.

    Today's automotive technicians should be more than 80% focused on electronics rather than the mechanical, as that is usually the root cause of problems, unlike the old days. And heaven forbid that the great big software company should soon succeed in implanting Windows into our vehicles!!!

    Hope this is of interest or helps*****
  • Well, i replaced the IAC valve today and so far not a single problem. My Jeep stays running and hasn't shut off so far. I will get a new battery anywaz to see if that helps anymore. If you happen to change the IAC remember to disconnect the battery before you do this. I guess it is like a computer, you have to restart it to find new hardware. I talked to some people who have just pluged it up after taking the old one out with the same problems. I will let you know on the battery thing though.
  • I had a good mechanic put a 4.0 Jasper in my 1989 Cherokee. He said it wouldn't start and he thought the problem was the ECU. He installed an ECU and the Jeep ran fine for about 4000 miles. Then it would start one day but not the next. When it doesn't start, there is no spark. I replaced the ICM, ignition coil, distributor, CPS, and EGR valve. It runs great but I never know when it may not start up.
  • Well I replaced the battery in my 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Inline 6 motor today and it starts up but the Check Engine light still comes on right away??

    Engine runs smooth, I don't get it?? Did a spark plug, wires, cap & rotor replacement well over a month ago and check engine light still comes on?? Infinity radio comes on but no sound and everytime I turn the brights on and off the Security light clicks and blinks once?? Anybody have similar problems, any help would greatly be appreciated as I don't have a lot of $$ right now!!
  • I keep reading about this problem I have low idle.
    some one sugest to change the spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap so I did.
    I also change my fuel filter

    when I change my distributor cap I find out it was a big crack on it

    any way after all this the low idle and erratic continues.

    any body know the solution to my problem????
  • I have a 2001 jgc and the dealer couldn't figure out the problem. I found some where online that it could be the tps (throttle position sensor) so I changed it which took about 5 minutes and it fixed the problem completely!
  • jsamsjsams Posts: 3
    i have the same problem, i cleaned out the throttle body and replaced the a censor but still no luck i have learned that if you try and start the jeep by giving it gas then it will start after that put it in gear and drive it the whole time leave your foot on the gas when you hit second gear it will run fine on its own at an idol. tell me if you have heard any way to fix it
  • I have a 95 Grand Cherokee and had a similar problem. While I am driving the engine suddenly shuts off. It usually happened when I stopped at a red light or when I pulled into a parking lot. I could only drive on if I left my foot permanently on the gas pedal. Since it only happened once in a while (and never at the dealership) the mechanics couldn't find anything. I decided to replace the pcv valve because that only cost me a couple dollars and is easy to do. Since that day the problem never occurred again!
  • All,

    I have the SAME issue regarding the idle problem: vehicle will not idle, I have to pop it into Neutral to keep it from stalling out. It is fine once I drive it for a distance (not sure exactly how far it takes, never compared) without stopping. All the above postings really helped with diagnosing.
    One thing I had before this was when using lights at night, the interior lights will get really dim and barely visible, and I literally "hit" the headlights lever/dial to get them to come back bright again. Used to work, but that barely works anymore. Then started that idle issue, which went from a very few instances, to about every time I drive now. That with the flickering interior lighting, REALLY makes me lean towards the electrical problem and not so much the IAC, TPS, or PCV replacement.

    Any thoughts??

    What I mean by "Interior Lights" is the dashboard lights, clock/radio lights, etc....
  • I have a 1994 JGC 5.2 that is hard to start and when it does it runs for about 3 seconds and shuts off, if you try to give it any fuel at all it immediately shuts down. any ideas?
  • My 97 JGC will start up and then bog down and then it will just fire up this is the first time this has happend and i was wondering if there was any solutions? Thanks
  • fwefwe Posts: 4
    Ok, here goes, I cured this problem, after changing the IAC, no help, I checked the Throttle Position Sensor, it was bad, changed it and problem is now cured!!!!!!
  • I am experiencing exact same problem with my 1996 GC. Any ideas how to fix this? I have owned this car since 1998 and no problems of this type until now.

  • Lydiam99,

    Did you ever get that problem fixed? I'm having the EXACT same issue with my '98 JGC 5.9. The lights on the dashboard have been dimming for some time now, and the engine has started to die when I take my foot off the gas. I'm hesitant to take it to a dealer since the problem doesn't always happen. It would be my luck that it would malfunction all the way to the dealer and then when the dealer checked it out it would be fine. Any help that you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • fwefwe Posts: 4
    Scott, yes I did, it was the TPS, AKA Throttle Position Sensor, I changed it ( very easy to do, if you have a throtle body, its located on it, takes about 10 min.) and the problem is cured... good luck. Suggestion, get the Hayes Repair Manual, it is a big help... the part is inexpensive, $30 - $40, and it is an easy task. Good luck
  • Thank you very much. I'll give it a try.

  • Hi, I too have a '98 JGC with the dimming light problem and the stuttering of power. Did you get the problem fixed? If you don't mind, I like to hear whatyou did. Was it spendy?
    Thanks for your time,

  • I haven't had the time to try this yet. When I do, I'll let you know.

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