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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Hi,
    I have a 2000 grand cherokee ltd with 4.7L v8. 4WD 94,000 miles. Over the past several months we have had recurring problems with it running very rough and sometimes cutting off. Here is the history.
    About 2 years ago replaced the fuel pump and filter.
    Recently started rough idle, up and down rpm when idling, whole car rocks side to side, sometimes cuts off. Also tends to have a hard shift from transmission from time to time.
    Took to mechanic - did fuel injector and throttle body cleaning and replaced spark plugs. Ran great a few days and problem returned.
    Took back to mechanic and he redid fuel injector and throttle body cleaning. Worked fine another week or two and problem started again.
    Took back to mechanic and he replaced the throttle control sensor. This worked for about 2 weeks. Then problem started again.
    This time took to Jeep Dealer. They replaced purge solenoid. This worked for about 1 month and problem has started again.

    Any ideas?

    I hate to keep dumping money into the jeep. It also needs front and rear pinion seals, transmission adapter seals, and cv boots. Need to decide to spend a little more to fix or trade it.
  • Hey pcjeep,I don't have any suggestions for you, seems you are covering the options quite well and expenseviley too. I will say this though, my daughter came over last night in a 2001 Audi A4T that she had traded her GC in on. Hopefully that will solve her problem and give her a more reliable vehicle that also gets better gas mileage. I know she gave up the off road capabilities but she very seldom went off road in her job anyway.
    Oh yeah for what its worth now I was going to help my son use my short finder to look for a short in the wiring which was going to be our next move. I know in your case it would probably cost a fortune to have some mechanic do that and most mechanics nowadays just want to replace parts anyway so even finding one to do a check for shorts is pretty much a miracle in itself.
    Gosh I wish I could find something encouraging to tell you,
    I used to love Jeeps especially the GC but I am out of love with them just like I lost my love for the Mustang for the same reason. Love the look but hate the problems.
  • Hi All,
    I've seen similar posts for this. My 2004 JGC has only 34K on it. It was brought in for diagnosis last week. All they did was reset the computer. The problem persists. I heard rumors that Jeep has issued a fix for this? Anyone know about this or what I can tell the dealer to do since they don't seem to have a good explanation. Seems as though the Pressure control solenoid could be the culprit....
  • dan12dan12 Posts: 114
    I had a 2002 V8 that felt like it was starting to fall apart. Differential, shocks, brakes, air conditioning. All of these had problems. Plus it didn't ride nearly as nicely as when I bought it, when it was quiet and plush. Decided to trade it in rather than dump money into it. It's definitely a hit financially. It's cheaper to keep fixing it if you can put up with it. I wish it were a better quality vehicle, because it's really nice otherwise.
  • ...Can't thank you enough. My sister-in-law parked her Jeep in front of her neighborhood mailbox to run up and grab her mail. When she returned, the ignition switched was locked. Naturally, she immediately called her husband and he promptly called a friend that works for a dealership and 'used' to be a mechanic. He showed up and gave it the ol' college try if you will and told them it would be around $400 for a new ignition switch. I just happened to be visiting from out of town this weekend and heard the story, I assumed it was the park lock cable as I've experienced that before and gave the Jeep a thorough rocking. Once that failed...googled it and within 10 mins found this forum - within 40 secs, saved them $400! (although, there was no screwdriver available so a butter knife served as the 'tapping' tool and worked brilliantly) It's just that simple....The real lesson was DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH until you've simply exhausted best, you'll find resolution, at worst, you'll prepare yourself with a modicum of intel necessary to deal with todays so called 'friend/mechanics'...Cheers!
  • My Cherokee's key locked up too, found I had to replace the ignition switch and it just isn't jeeps all car makes have this problem. They wear out the back of the key cylinder from turning on and off the ignition.
  • I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee also, and have been having problems with it for the last two months. It started out by stalling when I was driving. When I would be slowing down, or sitting at a light/stop sign it would just stall. Not all the time, just randomly. I took it to my mechanic who could not find a problem, after about two weeks it got progressivly worse with no solution. Finally one day it would just not start. After having it towed my mechanic changed the ignition coil, crank sensor and a sensor that is near the distributer (not sure of the name). That worked for about three days before it wouldn't start again. Had it towed again, and mechanic tested all the sensors, checked the wiring put everything bakc together and it started. The next day it would not start for me again. My mechanic told me that if it happened again, it is probably the computer and I would need to it to a dealership. Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated!!
  • I traded my jeep in during it's stalling episodes. I did however read that when the battery gets low that this happens. whoever posted that said that they haven't had any problems since they replaced the battery. I did have my battery checked while these problems were happening and the store said it was fine but, the battery was very old now that I think about it. Good luck, I wish I could have tried this solution but, i had already traded my Jeep in before I read this.
  • I got my baby back from the shop last week and the problem was CPS ws change and all I have a problem with vibration in front end when i reach 70mph . :sick:
  • timmbojtimmboj Posts: 123
    I'm having the same issues with my 93. My mechanic wanted to replace the computer at $1200 installed but I'm holding off until I learn more. What we did discover is that ONLY WHEN the "check engine" light is lit will the engine start. If not, the engine just turns over and over but doesn't start. So they tell me to keep turning the key until the light turns on but it rarely does. I've tried the Nuetral Start, the pushing the shifter in Park further, jiggling keys, etc. but nothing works. May have them try the CAMshaft Position Sensor, the RENIX / Non-HO Engine Sensor / TPS and NSS options before we do the computer thing.
  • Thats what one mechanic said to me and I took it to the Jeep Service Center. They said it was not the computer. Well, as I stated in my last posting that my Jeep was working " Knock on wood", I guess I knocked on the wrong piece of wood. This morning I tried to start my Jeep 3 times before it actually started and my check engine light will not shut off. So, I have to take my Jeep back to the service center. More $! :surprise: This is too much stress. I feel like the power will just shut off at any minute. "NOT FUN" Jeep seems to have a never ending story of problems. I'll post up the end results. Only take it to a Jeep dealer. Hope you get a better result. Good Luck
  • i have a 2003 jgc it has idle problems i have changed all sensors on the throttle body and the air charge temp sensor and still have idle problems .....does ne body know what to do ??
  • Please post more info & especially engine size... 4.0L etc etc etc as the sensors and quirks for one motor doesn't always hold true for another engine.
  • 4.0 jeep grand cheerokee '03 can you help??
  • What do you mean by "idle problems"?
    Erratic? Won't idle at all? Up / down / up / down idle?

    Is it throwing any codes? (AutoZone etc will read your codes for you.)

    " i have a 2003 jgc it has idle problems i have changed all sensors on the throttle body and the air charge temp sensor and still have idle problems .....does ne body know what to do ?? "
  • yes up down up down and it is throwing codes ....idle control malfuntion and manufactered controlled feul and air metering....
  • My Jeep is back from the Jeep Service. They replaced the ECT sensor. The cost $200.00. Hope this does the trick. Oh, IMPORTANT NEWS:For anyone with Jeep 1996 model, there is a recall on the front brake Rotors. If I didn't take it to Jeep I would have never known. They replaced that too for free. Call Jeep Service and inquire about this recall. ;)
  • I am having starting issues with my 05 Grand Cherokee (3.7L, automatic). Every once in a while it will not start. When you turn the key there is nothing, no turnover, no sound. The first time this happened I tried jiggling the keys, moving the steering wheel, making sure the vehicle was in park by moving the shifter. I thought that there might be a security mechanism in the key (which the battery just did in) so I used my spare and at first it still did not start. I turned the key as far as it would go and I held it there for about 5 seconds (maybe more) nothing happened, no sound, nothing. I tried to start it 1 last time and it started right up, like nothing had happened at all. When I take it the service station, they run the diagnostics but can't find anything. Last time they did say that the batter was a little low. Any ideas?
  • papenpapen Posts: 11
    I have a 1996 Grand Jeep Cherokee. Great condition (body wise) with only 51,000 miles on it. Boy was I surprised to all of a sudden have this stalling problem happen. Go out in Jeep once engine gets warm stalling. If you wait hour between starting again will take you on a very short trip before stalling again. I to took it to Jeep they can't find anything wrong with it! Everything has been cleaned or replaced. Jeep has some explaining to do. To many people are experiencing this problem. Extremely dangerous to shut down in the middle of the road. Has been 1 year now ! Bad news for people who think it is a short problem. Strongly suggest you buy parts off of ebay. Was $200.00 savings on a fuel pump which by the way didn't fix the problem either.
  • papenpapen Posts: 11
    Not fuel filter. Just had one placed in. Didn't fix problem. Cleaned out all gas started new still stalls.
  • papenpapen Posts: 11
    Jeep couldn't get problem to happen while in the shop. Took it in twice but they charged nothing due to the fact they couldn't find anything wrong with it! Still stalls. Still have to wait a good hour for car to start again then I quickly get it home.
  • Hi all.

    Yesterday I drove my '93 Jeep Grand Cherokee home, parked it, and everything was fine. I got in the car 30 minutes later, turned the key, and nothing. The lights came on and I heard the ding ding ding, but the engine didn't even crank and nothing happened.

    At first I figured it must be the battery is dead, so today I tried jump starting it. However, even then I would turn the key and nothing.

    Now my question is: what could be the problem here? I was low on gas when I was driving it and the gas light was on. If I'm out of gas, would it behave like this? If not the gas, what could be other reasons?

  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    starter relay
  • Hello all, I am a college student at wits end trying to fix my jeep. I have the similar stalling issue that happens very randomly and erratically. Happens a lot when i first start my jeep up it will just cut out as I am leaving the parking lot. Sometimes on highway, sometimes at stoplights, sometimes in traffic, its very random. I have replaced the Idle Air Control, Ignition Coil, Plugs, Wires, Battery, Rotor, Distributor, Crank Position Sensor, and exhaust from the cat back. It acts almost like its not getting spark or gas but I am not sure how to test this because it shows no codes and never happens at the dealership of course. I don't have any more money to keep blowing, if anyone has a good idea I am open to anything. Thanks.
  • neralneral Posts: 1
    Hello all, new here. I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2 v8. I had this problem and was able to fix it in 5 minutes (once I found that it was a T20 screw which took me an hour due to the location). I was having bad shaking and idleing problems. I went to Autozone to buy spark plugs and I mentioned what was happening. He suggested I try an IAC Valve (Idle Air Control). I was able to take the old one out (it was fried) and put the new one in easilly. Shouldn't cost more than $50 or so. Worth a shot, I'm now idleing at 750 RPMs with no ups or downs. Another shot is to check out your vacuum hoses and ensure they are all in good. Hope this helps some of you out there.
  • papenpapen Posts: 11
    THANK YOU! Have no idea if this will work but it isn't anything we have tried. Right now Jeep just sits out front. Will look and hopefully this will be the cure. Beautiful Jeep just won't stay running. Will try your suggestion. Please keep me informed if your problem wasn't solved.
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