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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    And This was my next chapter below before today when i had another event 60 miles from home, came out of a restaurant after lunch, opened door with remote ok, and gauges maxed out, jeep no crank, no interior light, seems like no juice, remote no loner working, reseated computer plugs, no help, called auto club, they tested batterey which was 30 months old on a 36 month battery, battery had 11 volts and 0 cold cranking amps, put new battery in, problem solved, still don't know if problem last month was battery starting to be bad or a different problem.
    This below is prior report.
    Just reporting in on what fixed my problem i am replying to. After reading on different forums i gave this a try: I pulled the battery relay from the under hood fuse box(this is basically the same as disconnecting battery), then i disconnected all three computer plugs located on firewall behind coolant add bottle, and reconnected them. This is enough to clean any minor corrosion off pins of connectors which may perhaps cause a weak or intermittent signal from sensors to computer. So far 3 weeks later there has been no more issues.
  • 97 Jeep grand cherokee V8 will not idle.

    this is my second time having this problem. My car will turn on but will not start unless i push the gas at the same time. The car is driveable, but i have to double foot it. The second i let my foot off the gas, the car dies. I had this problem back in September and i put in a new IAC and that seemed to fix the problem. However, this time a new IAC did not fix it. check engine light does come on.

    also, in february i had a mechanic also install a new IAC.

    anyone have any ideas as to why this keeps happening?
  • I have a 96 Jeep grad cherokee larado, It starts out driving fine for about a mile the it looses powe and won't go over 25 miles, we did a tune up changed the fuel pump and put a new computer in, At first it was stalling before we did that after we put the computer in it drove fine for about a week and then started goin to 25 miles, PLEASE HELP can't afford a new car. Thanks
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    sounds as if you have a plugged cat
  • This perhaps is not the same as my problem but in previous experience, a
    load of bad gas in Rossevelt WY once clogged my fuel filter so much that
    it allowed only enough gas to pass through to get me to the next town (about
    100 miles @ 40 mph on level and 5 mph up hills). 3 bottles of alcohol and a
    new filter did the trick that time. Another time, I bought a used 95
    Cherokee Sport and it stumbled and died after a 275 mile trip. I changed
    the fuel filter and stayed the night. The next morning I made it back home
    and found that the previous owner had been slimed with something in the
    tank. It was sludge that eventually moved to clog the fuel intake (fuel
    pump is in the tank in '95). Steam cleaned the tank twice before it was
    cleaned out. Prob. solved. Right now my engine light says throttle control
    sensor voltage too high. It's brand new. New crank sensor was a waste of
    money for this problem. I've asked the mech to clean the ECU terminals and
    think about the problem. No solution yet. 2-3 miles from home after an
    overnight and it stalls while moving @40mph or so. Restarts and runs rough
    after another 5 minutes of restart attempts. Then it will idle and surge in
    pulsations. But, it will get to the mech. 136K miles, 95 GC V8
    Good luck,
  • I have a 2000 4X4 4.0 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.I have been experiencing problems getting it to start up.It will crank but wont start.I have replaced the Cam Shaft Sensor 3 days ago along with the spark plugs.The Crank Sensor 4 months ago along with Fuel Pump, Coil Pack. This vehicle originally had 138k miles on it until i put in another engine from a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that has 67k miles on it.Last month.On the new engine i put on the new cam,crank shaft,coil pack.

    Sometimes this will start up.Diagnostics came back reading multiple po305,po003 misfire detected,Lost Communication Link which is why i replaced the spark plugs.When i turn the key the check engine light appears,then disappears only for the check gauges light to come on,still no start.The battery gauge shows the battery is half full,the oil gauge moves up slightly toward the middle or around 40.

    Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
  • Hi;

    Replaced Map Sensor ; exact same problem on ours - 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee...
    Runs perfect now. Mileage is even better too.
  • try replacing Map Sensor. Ours had same issue.

    Problem is ; it heats up @ light / stopped for a few minutes... but on the road works correct - cause cooler.

    Other possible cause - throttle position sensor and/or IAC - Idle Control .
    But a Map sensor can cause all of above.

    Almost lost my mind locating it on ours [95 Jeep Grand C]... it was Map.

    On other Jeep [99 Cherokee]; same kind of problem - idle issues only - was the Idle Control.
  • So now that the MAP sensor was the real culprit, I am faced with an old friend who got $550. from me while finding the problem at the last. When I asked him why he charged 169.00 (his cost) for the MAP sensor on my '95 GC he said the $60 quote I got on the Internet was wrong and it really cost him $169.00. The three other sensors he swapped out looking for the problem were of similar price. What to do about the obvious overcharging? What price friendship? I got the real answer here on the Internet, the MAP sensor for about $60-70 dollars. I ended up paying the mech. $550. It's hard to take the screwing. Cut my losses and simply say goodbye or go to small claims court? What's my damage? Feelings that I got a screwing from a friend. Another experience to put into a box and move on? I tend to think so but there is this feeling of treachery that bugs me. Get over it?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    He's either cheating your or cannot competently shop for replacement parts. Both are good reasons to stay away in the future.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • my gjc is having a problem starting, i replaced the battery, however i have to keep turning my key to a/c multiple times until the battery gauge goes up, then i crank it a few times and most of the time it doesnt start, and if it takes a while i end up having to get jumpered i also have a idle problem, there are times when im on the road and my jeep keeps on jerking until it reaches a certain gear then it bogs until it shifts, can someone please help me with my problems.
  • Well a few weeks ago It was dark trying to jump start my jeepI hooked the jumper cables up right on my jeep but wrong on my vehicle I was using to jump start it with.Now jeep wont start.I have no spark,no fuel.checked every fuse 3 times and now on my dash cluster the fuel gauge doesnt move up any more and the volt gauge doesnt move.Everything else works,turns over but thats it.I tryed the key thing to retreive the codes they came on but the sun was in the way i thought they were 38 and 18? I tryed to retrieve them again but they wont come up again?I was told by the dodge dealer i probley fried the computor?Any suggestions techs?The jeep ran perfect before this stupid mistake.Let me know how I can bring the codes back again and how and what else to check please! Thanks!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would change the ignition switch as sounds as if you have dirty contacts
  • I've had a lot of trouble with the idle solinoid ,cold weather is not this cars friend. Long story short if your battery is weak it makes the computer act up. I'm talking about when you start it up the voltage must remain above a specfic point or the computer goes crazy. Cold weather or bad battery pulls it down. You can relearn the computer by disconnecting the battery but that works because the motor is warm and doesnt need as much voltage. I put a 900 cca battery in and that gives the computer what it needs even last week at -5 and starting power. It hasn't had any idling problems since.
  • 1990 Jeep Cherokee larado 4x4 4.0 I can see it from underneath but can't get to it to easy and does it just pull off or do you have to unbolt the bracket it's attached too? I tried to push it down further against the flywheel and my jeep stayed running for at least 15 minutes ! before it was cutting out at 5 minutes and stalling then hard to restart! Was told it might be this sensor! But how do i get access to [email protected]
    please any info would be greatly appreciated
  • Don't know how. A mech did my work but it turned out not to be the crank sensor, instead, the MAP sensor. That's supposed to be easy to get to and runs about 70 bucks.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2002 warmed the engine 5 to 6 times a problem of engine fan was replaced. get started with a sound failure in 2 valves or lister. get started at 4 months to spend the 2nd cylinder with water most notable failure. now the oil pressure drops to 0 after the engine warms up and this stopped running pressure is normal. I'd like your opinion.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    held on with bolt hard to get to use lots of extensions to get to it ether 10 mm or 7/16
    hard to get to but can be done (be careful when you put new one on as you dont want to tighten to tight and brake the new one
  • I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 5.2 Litre V-8. 160,000 miles. Engine starts right up but stalls immediately unless gas pedal is held down for a little bit or as long as 5-10 minutes. Sometimes you can drive up to ten miles and it will die anytime you let off the gas pedal whether going 30mph or 70mph. Sometimes you can go several days without this happening at all. Weather or temperature don't seem to matter. Also idles erratically(slow to fast repeatedly). Can anyone help me narrow this down. A lot of sensors could be at fault although no codes or indicators are ever present. Thanks.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    the first thing i would do is change the thp sensor
  • Again, not being a mechanic, I have to say that you need to get hooked up to a computer to find out what your sensors are saying. Mine was a $70. sensor (retail) that my mech said he installed at his price $168. It was the MAP sensor. Prior to that I had a parts replacement thing going on that eventually came to more than $500.

    Watch out for mechs who don't know what's going on and will replace parts at your expense until they eventually hit on the right one. If you know of a "great" mechanic, and is also honest, make sure he is in your last will and testiment...

  • I have read this forum exhaustively for an answer and am unable to come to a definitive solution to my problem.

    My Jeep starts fine and will run as normal for almost exactly 1/2 mile, then it shuts down and will not re-start...Wait a few hours and this cycle will repeat itself. It will idle all day long.

    Further details...

    Good battery
    Good fuel pressure
    Recent Throttle Position Sensor (and I removed and cleaned it)
    Recent plugs, cap, rotor & wires
    Cleaned and tightened all ground connections

    What is the most logical diagnostic progression? :confuse:

    Idle Air Control Sensor?
    MAP Sensor?
    Crankshaft Position Sensor?
    Powertrain Control Module?
    Something I haven't thought of...?

    Any advice is sincerely appreciated....
  • It looks like I need to jump at one of these solutions and see what eventually works. I'll post the answer when found.
  • i just got this jeep drove it home no prob left the dom light on so battery died went to jump start it all my lights started flashing and it will start for about a sec or 2 then die i unplug the alarm so the lights stoped flashing but still wont start any ideas thank you
  • how do you reset the alarm just by unpluging the battery
  • what do you have to do to remove the alarm on a 91 cherokee
  • about the jeep in the last 3 message it was the alarm when the battery goes dead the alarm comes on and will not let you start the truck in will start and die you have to stick the key in the back door turn it left then right and that solves it all.
  • ftbjgcftbjgc Posts: 6
    i have a jeep that was handed down to me.i dont know mutch about jeep so im stumped by all the hoses and junk under the hood anyway ive had it for about a year and when i got it ran like a dream.ive let it sit over the last month or so when i went to start it up it seemed to be starving for fuel.when i take my foot off the the throttle it doesn't sputter or back fire its like i never started it at all. any ideas? :confuse:
  • ftbjgcftbjgc Posts: 6
    yea ive read that and seems how the battery died over the months im charging it and tryin that.thanks for your ideas
  • ftbjgcftbjgc Posts: 6
    i tried the key in the back door no change in the way it acts.there is still no idle what so ever.
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