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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    was looking at my haynes manual & i dont see a mat sensor, i found a map sensor which is located on the side right hand side of the throttle body (facing front of vehicle. do you have the inline 6 cylinder ? what manual do you have ? mine is 93 -04 haynes manual #50025
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    did you check for fuel pressure ? you might have a vacuum leak also. try your plug gap .035 is whats recommended i think. refer to your label in front of the the radiator or call your local parts supplier for info.
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    check your battery temp sensor, i think it located under the battery in the tray
  • eric784254eric784254 Posts: 11
    im having some similar problems with my 98 jgc, rough idle no codes. chased wires, replaced sensors. no codes. called a junk yard, told me 25 if i pull the part. skeptical about electrical parts from a junk yard though, but its my only choice. the pcm is on the firewall on the passenger side right ? could you tell me what it looks like ? my wife wants me to sell it but im not givin up on it yet ! i would like to solve this prob before i loose my mind. she doesnt know it yet, but if i can solve this puzzle, im givin it to her for her b-day. dazed & confused for now. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  • have 94 jgcl drove down highway worked fine came home died hit the gas kept on going then it died again had to pull over and it started up fine got home went out to start next day nothing it turned over u can hear the pump and smell gas but nothing came out later started right up drove around ok then did same thing now its sitting in my driveway running .sumtimes it just turns over and nothing and other times as soon as i turn key it starts i dont lose any power cuz my radio works
    any help
  • sirpillasirpilla Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lerado 4x4 all wheel drive with a 5.2 Liter(318) engine. Computer only throws an end code when trying to read with key turned 3 times and Auto Zone and Advanced Auto both said it's too old to read the codes with their meter. Last year I replaced the Cap and rotor along with the spark plugs and wire and now Within 2 weeks I have Replaced the Spark Plugs, Trottle Position Sensor, Air Idle Control Sensor, fuel filter, fuel pump checks out fine, PCV and hose that connects it to the engine were replaced twice in a week, cleaned all 8 fuel injectors and replaced all 16 of their O-Rings. fuel rail pressure is and was before cleaning injectors, exactly in spec 31 psi off and 39 psi when started. being despirate to try anything we added SeaFoam to the Valve cover and gas tank as a last resort and yet STILL after all of this it has a rough shaking my Jeep idle! When the PCV hose is hooked up, it starts and stalls, when you disconnect the PCV from the hose it stays running with the sluggish rough idle but it is the only way to keep it running! The minute you plug in the PCV the engine dies and doesn't want to restart until it's unplugged again! HELP ME PLEASE, I LOVE MY JEEP!!!
  • raelindaraelinda Posts: 1
    2009 grand Cherokee (14K miles) stalls when slowing down for off ramps or lights
    dealer has replaced computer and ignition - did 3rd attempt for lemon law but they can not make it die so nothing wrong with it - we can not make it happen but it has died since computer fixed. now waiting for lemon cases to move forward due to sale of Chrysler.

    Any other ideas of what we can check to prove there is an issue? :lemon:
  • spriestspriest Posts: 2
    :confuse: Bandit71,

    I had the EXACT same problem yesterday. My issue began after the vehicle was running. I heard a loud pop from the radio speakers and observed the voltage gauge floating while driving. After I got home and turned the Jeep off, it would not crank. No interior or brake lights, nothing at all that indicated I even had a battery connected. All of my gauges were pulsing and flipping over wildly with or without the key in the ignition and I could hear a faint clicking noise timed perfectly with the pulsing of the gauges. I let it sit for about an hour and it finally looked normal on the dash and sure enough - it turned over fine and all my gauges are back to normal. Even the pre-sets on the radio are still there. The only noticeable difference is that my clock on the radio is wrong.
    Did you ever find out the problem?
    Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so - what's my next step in troubleshooting this issue?

    Same vehicle - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (83k)

    I need help!!!
  • I have a 2001 jeep cherokee that seems to do the same thing. Have you found a conculsion yet on the problem?
  • spriestspriest Posts: 2
    Not a clue. still working the issue. b/c it's hard to duplicate the problem at will, it's hard to narrow down.
  • body control modgle i can spell but i just had the same problem it in the pass side kick panel
  • I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, well recently in the mornings after starting and driving to my first stop or red light when stopped and waiting the Jeep will die. After putting it in Park it starts back up and then I drive it down the road a few miles and it doesnt happen again. All through the day it doesnt happen again. If it sits for overnight or for several hours, the first start and drive is when it seems to happen. I thought it might be just water in the tank or fuel line but have ruled this out. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  • My 1996 4.0 Grand Cherokee had an intermitnet hesitation while driving at freeway speeds. Never completely stalled. Installed a new craknshaft position sensor and that cured the problem. A couple of months later it would have a hard time starting and run poorly until it would not start at all. Installed a new fuel pump assembly and that took care of the problem. Fuel pump assembly is expensive because it includes fuel gauge sensor and other stuff. Around $425.00 for the part. Another stupid design. Good luck.
  • mammamamma Posts: 5
    You should look up the word stalling, rough idle. There have been many threads; one of which includes the possibility of needing a new computer becuase of some improper bolt wear. The new computer solved mine, not for cheap, though.
  • hey buddy im experiencing the same problem with my 96jgc i changed my starter purchased a new battery now the gauges dont work and the engine wont turn over so was it the ignition switched that was causing yout the problem
  • 96jeep296jeep2 Posts: 11
    Looks like alot of us are having the same issue, anything from not starting all the way up to stalling while towing a boat 15 mins down the high way. This is absolutely absurd!!! I have changed everything in my car and I still can't get it started, maybee the goverment should have let Chrysler fall right on it's face, just like chrysler is letting their customers do. I dont think it's any of the sensor's, pumps, hose, fuse or switches ; I think it is the whole wiring harnes it self! It has to be, we replace every sensor, switch, hose, fuse, and the pcm! If we replaced everything its got to be what connects of of them together. Jeep is known for, not have a great electrical system to begin with. I dont know I am not a mechanic, but I do have a brain. Oh were was that brain of mine when I started this crap!! LOL any ways. I spent way to much money on this, At this point is would be foolish to give up. Any one know were I can get a new wiring harnes, that hopefully dose not coast an arm and a leg, i only have a few fingers left.
  • You are describing a problem that has plagued me for 3 years! Mine is an auto trans, but I get the same misfire code from the OBD II. Runs better after a few seconds in drive. Changed the plugs, and was going to change the coil boot, then the coil pack until I saw your post.

    Anyone come up with a solution for this yet?
  • hey guys,,new to site,,,just purchased 1996 4.0 jgc 2wd,,had cracked exaust man, so i replaced with new one ,,must have missed something,now i have to hold the gas pedal to the floor to get started and idles rough for a few mins,,also needs a few pumps of petal to keep running ,,then levels out ,,just wandering if i didnt hook something up in the right place,,thanks
  • I have a 95 Grand Cherokee Limited 5.2L V8. I just bought it as a project car but it has some issues and I'm not sure where to start. It starts fine and runs great UNTIL it reaches operating temp. Once it hits that temp it starts idling irraticly (mostly low idle aka. under 1k rpm's) and will eventually stall. It will start right back up but than will stall out again. It also didnt pass NOx emission test so I know I have a Fuel/ Air mixture problem. Any advice on where to start would be greatly appretiated!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    has to be a thermal vacuem switch check all hoses from them
  • I am new to this forum...

    I have a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 4.7L V8 engine. Like many JGC owners, I had had many problems along the way.

    Last week the car began acting out during start-up and would die immediately after a start (after trying several times) and would die in idle if the gas pedal was not pushed down to supply extra gas. The lights would dim, the car would make a big hesitation as if dying out with a faint crank. After turning the key several times to start the car up, it would start and would die immediately in idle if extra gas is not supplied in high rpm idle by pushing the gas pedal...

    The lights in the car would otherwise work fine, the gauges, the power seats etc would function... The voltage gauge would show 13-14 volts on the dashboard analog gauge once it went through a successful start-up by supplying extra gas for 30-60 seconds.

    This went on for about a week until I replaced the battery yesterday and all the problems were solved... My battery was an AC Delco battery with a 7-year warranty and had just completed 4 years of use this month.

    I was thinking either a malfunctioning TPS, an IAC valve or a crankshaft sensor, but wanted to take the battery question out of the way first...

    Reading this post last night gave me this idea... I appreciate all the help... and wanted to give a feedback...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Welcome to CarSpace.

    Did you by any chance have the battery tested before replacing it?
  • Yes, it was necessary for me to receive a partial credit and the test showed that the battery was bad...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Well, sometimes batteries die early or sit on the lot in the heat for six months. Four years isn't unheard of although I usually get a few more than that on mine.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i live in az and 2 to 21/2 years is all iget out of my batteries
  • The light at the end of the tunnel........

    Oh my, what along dark road! At this point, I dont even know were to start! Well I guess the car would be a good start. I have a 1996 jeep grand cherokee leraido. In the beginning my car would die on the high way sometimes not start, stall at the stop signs, lights,etc.. If I waited a few hours it would start up no problem and run fine, even sometimes it would start up after 20 mins. I changed, the crank and the cam position sensor if fact an entire new distributor, and the cap, rotor, plugs, wire, coil, Idle air, m.a.p. sensor, and what ever that third sensor on the throttle body was, I changed that too!, I cleaned the throttle body and the intake, put new fuel filter/pump, and injectors. At that point the only this left to change was the pcm, so what did I do? Yup you guessed it, I changed that too! At this point I found out there are a couple of recall's, had that done by the dealership, and when they were done with that, I asked them to find out what was wrong with the car, after 2 weeks of having the car, still no luck they could not tell me what was wrong with me car, oh but dont worry they still figured out a way to charge me! so after i towed my car out of the dealer ship and paid the 125 doller diognostic fee ugh!!!! My car still did not start at that point. I brought it to my mothers mecahnic, they had the car for 4 weeks, I just got the call that the car is running just fine. The car is fixed!!!! I dont know how much I owe scarry thought! but I do know what was wrong with the car. You ready? I tryed to keep you in suspence, did it work? Well any-ways. My car had a 1997 transmission in it becuase @ 125000 miles it needed a new one. Now @ 211000, miles I find this out. well when I address the origanal issue and the very first the I replaced. The crank sensor, well I got a "96" one in and not a 97, thus cuasing all these probelms! Are you picking up what I am putting down. Althought the model for a 96 fit, it was not conducive. It did not work! Moral of this stroy is, when ever you do work on your car, dont asume becuase the make model and year of the car is one thing, that the tranny or the engine transfer case or anything eles is the same, expeshally when it's and older car! This car had alot of work done to it! i am going to keep it! and when I buy a new car, it will be a luxry one! I think i will try and hit 300,000miles with this strait six! what do you thing will it make it? cheers and good luck, i got some body work to do now!
  • Oh let me give a little bit more detail, it was the air gap between the end of the crank sensor and the flywheel. The sensor was actually touching the fly wheel. If this air gap is not correct it will throw off the entire car! lesson learn quality over quantity ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!
  • I had similiar problems with my jeep as far as I can tell it is related to the ignition and alarm, if it happens again and you are stuck somewhere, just remove both cables from the battery for about 20 seconds then put them back on turn the key to the start position and wait for everything on the dash to light up then start the car. since this is the first time this is happening to you, I can tell you it will get progressively worse, the only solution I have found to date is to not use the alarm fob lock the doors manually when you exit the vehical and use the key to open the car, the dealer as always has been useless. good luck
  • I have a problem with my 2001 jeep grand cherokee. I took it to the automotive place twice and they found nothing wrong with, but it keeps on dying on me. i drive it to run arrands and it just dies. then like 20 mins later it starts up and drives like nothing........I thought it would be the battery so replaced it but it still dies. can anybody give me advice?????
  • I am having trouble with my 1993 Grand Cherokee Laredo (Automatic 4.0 with 6 plugs). I purchased this vehicle out of a barn where it had been sitting for a couple of years. I was having trouble starting. I.E. would crank for up to three minutes before it would start. I have since replaced the cap and spark plug wires, spark plugs, the crank sensor on the fly wheel. (Boy was that a treat and thank god for having a mechanic for a neighbor and friend helping me!) After not being able to get it to start for a week straight, I was sitting inside the jeep thinking my next steps. I noticed the computer display panel by the Automatic shifter wsn't set. I set the the time and date, then said what the heck "I'll give it a try." The car started after hearing clicking noises from the relays. I have since then noticed that when I turn the key in the ignition, my jeep does its normal bulb checks and starts fine. Yet if the CHECK ENGINE light does not appear when it does the bulb check in the display panel, it will not start. When this light does not turn on, I do not get fuel pressure or spark to the plug.
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