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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Not too sure, could be cat converter, you can take it to auto zone and they will check the computer or the engine lite issue at no charge and that may give you a better idea. Sounds like it's getting hot then giving you the trouble. Could also be the sensors on your exhaust too. Good luck...Jeff
  • cc757cc757 Posts: 5
    I have a 1996 JGC 4.0 that has started stalling. It has gotten worse in the last 2 weeks. I have replaced the idle air motor, the throttle position sensor. No vacuum leaks, all grounds appear to be good, no corrosion. Going to check the low temp thermostat in cooling sytem, crank postion sensor. I have read some posts where people have taken the PCM computer and sent it out to have it rebuilt. Does anyone know where or who to send this to??? This is driving me nuts.
  • bradpansbradpans Posts: 3
    My mechanic replaced the starter and coil and did not have the problem since.
  • cc757cc757 Posts: 5
    Thanks bradpans, I just got back from my mechanic's shop and he replaced the temp sensor on top of the H20 pump that talks to the fuel system. I drove the car for about 10 miles. No surging at idle or stalling yet. We may be on to something. I will have him double check the starter and coil again. CC
  • texgkingtexgking Posts: 6
    My 2001 GC 4x4 v-8 would stall at any speed. Every time it stalled the fuel gauge reads empty, wait for 3-5 minutes and the fuel gauge would register the full tank and it would start right up every time. I changed the CPS, ICS, cleaned and replaced battery terminals, none of this cured the problem. Next I replaced the TCM and the problem went away.
    Now my 98 6cyl, 2WD GC Laredo with nearly the identical problem, The fuel gauge reads empty (tank is full) and it will not start. It has not been ran for over 2 years. I've clean connections and checked the fuses and relays, nothing helps.
    There is something with the GC's that does not allow the fuel gage to register. I assume something somewhere is not functioning properly and not allowing the fuel gauge circuit which also must include the fuel pump from operating.
    In a previous post I was informed the fuel pump and gauge gets their grounds thru the TCM. Replacing the TCM did cure the 2001 but that's an expensive "trial" for my 98.
    Anyone have a workaround to isolate the actual problem? ]

    We thought the 98 was out of gas, sitting so long and all, but after adding about 2 gallons it was overflowing. There must be a way to bypass the TCM fuel pump control to determine if that is actually the cause. Sure wish we could make the fuel gauge operate normally when desired.
    Anyone know if the TCM from the 2001 GC v-8, 4x4 will work in a 98 GC 6 cly? I would like to try my old TCM in the 98, at least it wouldl start and run for awhile.
    Thanks for any suggestions.
  • cc757cc757 Posts: 5
    After chasing our tails for weeks and replacing sensor after sensor, I had a guy come to my mechanics shop and hook up special diagnostic equipment just for the Jeep. He found nothing. As he was walking away from the car, it stalled. He left the key on, and hooked up his equipment, nothing....the computer or PCM was shot. So I bit the bullet and got a new PCM and the car runs fine. SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME AND MONEY AND START WITH THE COMPUTER, THEY ARE ALL DEFECTIVE AND WILL DIE ON YOU EVENTUALLY. THESE THINGS GO BAD AND DON'T SHOW ANY CODES. THIS WILL CAUSE ALL KINDS OF HAVOC WITH VARIOUS SYSTEMS AND WILL DRIVE YOU NUTS TROUBLESHOOTING. YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF HEADACHE. Forget about quick fixes... zip ties, backing out screws and all that, it won't FIX the REAL problem which is a faulty design by Chrysler....and they know it. I personally will never own a Chrysler product again. By the way, does anyone want a nice used Jeep??
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    its only 13 years old should probly have the original tires on it
  • cc757cc757 Posts: 5
    is that supposed to be funny?? get a life
  • jeephelpjeephelp Posts: 1
    It has been a few months from the time of your posting; I hope you some how get this message. My jeep is doing exactley what yours was doing; did you find the problem and how was it fixed?
  • cc757cc757 Posts: 5
    Hi tmpga,
    I had the PCM (computer) replaced. So far so good. It's only been a couple of days, but it hasn't even tried to stall. I put a more detailed post up on 07 April. I had a guy come out with some Jeep specific diagnostic equipment. He hooked it up and found nothing. No codes. A couple of times HIS computer screen blanked. After he disconnected, the jeep stalled. While the key was still on, he hooked back up to look for codes and got no readings at all from the computer. (Bad motherboard so to speak) So the computer was shot and I got a new one. $400 bucks. If you go down that road, DO NOT use Auto Computer Exchange from Davie Florida. I have heard nightmares about their products and customer support. Good Luck
  • My 95 Grand Cherokee idols VERY rough and accelerates slowly from 0 to 60. Once I get her above 60mph she is happy.
    There is also the smell of rich gas.
    We changed the fuel filter and filled it up with gas treatment and premium gas. Helped a little but did not fix the problem.
    Could this be the o2 sensor?
  • finisherfinisher Posts: 6
    1996 Grand Cherokee 4.0 engine. Over the past 4 - 5 months engine will hesitate/stall for a split second and then continue running fine. Some days problem will not occur at all. Occasionally at stop light engine will stall and restart w/o a problem. Hot or cold does not matter. Flat ground or climbing a hill does not matter. Example: While traveling at 65 mph with the cruise control set, engine will stall for a split second and then continue running fine. Lights, gauges, radio, cruise control set light will remain on and when engine restarts cruise control remains on and speed is maintained without resetting cruise control. New plugs, rotor, cap & wires. Check engine light does not flash or remain on. Any ideas? Dennis
  • jewlsjewls Posts: 3
    My husband just bought this 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. He knew that the sellers were having problems with it and they showed him all the things they had done to try and fix it lately. He still thought it was a good buy. We now have a "Headache"...or lemon!! The problem is, you can drive for an hour, even two hours. BUT if you stop for a minute the jeep starts spitting and sputtering, it then shuts off. You have to sit there for a good 10 minutes to restart it. It will restart right away but it will spit and sputter. After 10 minutes it starts fine. We checked the ecu (computer), supposedly it's fine. He just replaced the ignition coil (chrysler told us to) didn't seem to help. He did say that it runs a little better now that it's changed (or so he thinks). We are leaving for vacation in a few weeks (over 800 mile drive) and we have two small children. We don't want to be breaking down on the side of the road.

    There have been many things replaced but I will have to get a list. He just drove 3 hours away and called me to tell me that he had to add transmission fluid twice because it keeps running out and shutting off. I guess it sprayed all over the underneath of the Jeep, all the way up the back window! (The transmission has been replaced recently). Could it just be a seal bad? Another thing, he just mentioned the check engine light is on and flashing. We are going crazy over this whole situation!!

    PLEASE someone help us!!! :sick:
  • jewlsjewls Posts: 3
    I am just curious to see if you have figured out what is wrong with your JGC? I have the same problem and can't seem to find whats wrong! Thanks!!
  • osornioosornio Posts: 1
    It is a mystery to me, and it seems a mechanic and local dealearship as well. Here is my story.

    I have the V8 engine 2wd and it's a 2004 Jeep Gran Cherokee, it has about 73k miles and has been great ever since I bought it.

    I would say about almost a year ago the car wouldn't start out of the blue in the morning. I turned the key, all dash lights came on and when I turned the key nothing happened dead silence. No engine turn over or clicking nothing but silence. I thought the battery was dead so I tried turning the front ligts on (was still dark outside) and they were bright. I took the key out and tried again, nothing. Then I tried one last time and vrooom! started like a champ.

    I just thought to myself that was odd, anyway weeks went by no problems. Then happened again a month or so later (varying from 10 minutes to 20 min won't start after several tries), with almost identical results. I have also tried putting it in neutral and pressing brake with no results. Long story short, I have replaced the battery (made sure amperage was correct for that car), I replaced the starter and had a mechanic and local dealer look at it but both say they can't find anything wrong with it.

    Here are some clues and more experiences I have had. More recently the car would not start in the a.m. but this time 4 hours later and it would still not start, so i called the tow truck who tried himself and wouldn't start. He towed it to local mechanic and of course it started on first try there.

    The mechanic checked the starter relay and it is functioning fine. Lastly i notice a pattern, if I leave the car parked for more than 2 days without starting, then the 3rd day it tends to not want to start. Just yesterday the car wouldn't start in the morning so i took another car to work, when i came home it still wouldn't start until the fourth try turning the key vrooom! no problem or hesitation.

    If I start the car every day it starts more often with no issue but it is not gauranteed just left often. I am asking if other people have had this issue or if anyone has any ideas?

    I am honestly at my whits end of what to do to get this fixed.

    Thank You
  • cozalukcozaluk Posts: 1
    i have a 94 gc.. and have replaced everything. coil, ecm, fuel filters, plugs, ignition switch, distributor cap and rotor.. and now it shuts off while driving, sometimes restarts , sometimes doesnt, yesterday and today drove fine to sons school went to restart to leave NOTHING. cranks over. but no start.. dont know what else to do. someone told me crank shaft sensor. or ignition module. after about 30 minutes in will restart.. HELP
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would change the ignition switch could have bad contact inside
  • sufe70sufe70 Posts: 4
    I have a 99 JGC 4.0 with 118k. In Dec. she began giving me a no start issue.Very random. She would crank just not fire.Once I cranked it and stepped on the gas she would fire right up but would not hold idle. I could double peddle and get her going and once moving she was fine at stops she would idle.It did this 3 more times over a month period. I then parked it for the winter.
    Recently I began looking into it again.I replaced the battery because it died over the winter and was 6 years old. It cranked but again would not start unless givin gas.And would not idle until I held it at a steady RPM for a minute or so then slowly released my foot. I also noticed that if I stomp on the gas, when she decelerates she stalls out or bogs down to about 300 RPM and climbs back to about 750 RPM. I'm thinking TP sensor. I am not getting a engine light or any codes.I would think if I have a sensor problem I would be getting a code. This is really troubling. I also have now been hearing chirping from the cargo area leading me to question the fuel pump.Could the pump be making noise because it sat for a few months? Or is it most likely a sign it needs to be replaced?
  • finisherfinisher Posts: 6
    Thank you for the reply. Last week I changed the crankshaft position sensor and the problem has not come back. It is fairly easy to change. I had to get under the vehicle and remove the old one which is located on the driver side on top of the bell housing. Mine (1996) was held on with one 11 mm bolt and had a electrical connection located behind the distributor. Good luck.
  • sufe70sufe70 Posts: 4
    Just found out today by dealer that My 99 JGC is on a recall for OBD issues.
    Said most likely that is why I am not getting any codes for my Jeeps problems.
    He said the PCM gets bad data at some point and goes into sort of a state of limbo.It may still communicate with the engine and sensors but stops giving out diagnostic codes to the driver.Or it will give you a code but you'll never be able to clear it even after making the required repairs.
    I have heard many on here who were sold new PCM's and I am begining to wonder if all they had to do was contact a Jeep dealer? You see a small time mechanic who may be a very skilled mechanic but not a dedicated Mopar/Jeep mechanic is going to hook up diagnostics.If the PCM does not send data it's going to be condemned 10 out of 10 times.And almost all times a new one will either fix the jeeps problems or atleast now give out codes.But maybe the PCM was still good and only needed to be flashed by Jeep? Just a thought.
    Mines going in as soon as the mechanic down the road is done looking it over.
    So if your beating your head against the wall on a mysterious issue and not getting engine light or any codes. Check to see if your on a recall list for the OBD?
    If it is? they can flash it for free.As long as the PCM is good either it will cure the issues or atleast now give out data telling where to begin.
  • sufe70sufe70 Posts: 4
    Here is the OBD/PCM recalls for 99/00 There are also many other years that have various OBD or PCM recalls.
    So if your OBD is not giving you any codes for a ailing issue?Check your VIN with a dealer and if needed get the flashes done.Because without it your PCM cannot communicate with you acuratly.

    Emissions Recall No. 882 - REPROGRAM PCM: OBD READINESS CODES
    Recall Date: December 2000
    Emissions Recall No. 8591/8592 - REPROGRAM PCM: CATALYST MONITOR
    Recall Date: March 2000
  • ajcareyajcarey Posts: 1
    Iv got a 2001 JGC 4.7l and im having this problem where im getting a error p1686 (skim) but the dealer cant access the computer to reset the system??? Im not sure if i should replace the PCM or skim moduel or if it is the battery???
  • lewisjlewisj Posts: 1
    I have had nearly all of the same problems that most of you have had. Starting, low idle, running rough, and burning rich not passing emissions etc.. I have replaced the idle motor, o2 sensor, map sensor, chased wires, ground wires. up until recently the only code that would show was 52 (extremely rich). After 3 years and at my wits end, I finally decided to replace the PCM. I found one at a junk yard off of a 95. It has been about a week and it seems to have solved the problems (knock on wood). It idles at the proper RPM, better fuel economy, and thus far I haven't had any problems or codes. I hope that this might help others that are having similar problems. Good luck.
  • ihornsbyihornsby Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee that im having starting issues. This has been a intermittent issue. When I turn the key to start it, the dash lights come on but the engine does not turn over or anything. After several attempts to start by turning the ignition it finally will start. No starter drag or anything, a clean sounding start. it does this cold or hot. I checked the Battery and battery cables, they appear to be fine. sometimes it will start the first time, other times it takes 5-10 attempts. Thx for any help.
  • ihornsbyihornsby Posts: 4
    I have the same issue with my 01 Grand Cherokee. Did you ever figure out what is causing This?
  • lndancy84lndancy84 Posts: 1
    Ok here is the deal.. I was driving my 2002 JGC to Fl which is about a 5 hr drive from where I live. It is a lot of stopping and going. But after about 4 hours when we would get to a red light it was shaking bad when we were stopped. Now 2 weeks later it is still doing it. We thought maybe we had gotten bad gas. that wasnt the case. If you put it in N while stopped at a red light it is fine it doesnt shake. Also when you start to pull off from the light it hesitates. Please help me!! I just spent 536.00 on a thermometer and a radiator fan.. I would like to come out as cheap as possible.
  • I'm having the same trouble with my 2004 JGC. My malfunction light has been on and all of the sudden when I was just about to work on Monday, it was shaking badly and that light started blinking. I have had a mechanic look at it and he thinks its something with my computer. That sounds like an awfully costly job to fix. I'm wondering if it could be a sensor or something with the emissions. I need to fix this as soon as possible. I'm afraid to drive it and don't think I can get it back to my house as I work a half hour away from home. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • ihornsbyihornsby Posts: 4
    After Further checking, I am hearing a click sound when it trys to start. So I am thinking maybe a bad starter. i will change it out this weekend.
  • harpplayaharpplaya Posts: 1
    Hey Buddy,
    Did you ever figure out what the problem was? I have the exact same problem with my 96 GC 4.0 six. 191000 miles. Mine stopped in the middle of a 4 hour trip by the side of the highway though!

    To the response from tuggajb, my fuses are straight, would the ignition switch kill the vehicle and the guages while running down the highway?

    Thanks for any help all.
  • ihornsbyihornsby Posts: 4
    Ok, It ended up being a loose connection on the starter i guess, I took the starter off to be tested and it tested fine, i cleaned all connections and put the starter back on, its working fine.
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