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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have been experiencing the dreaded "engine randomly shuts off while driving" problem that seems to plague a lot of Jeep owners with high mileage. However, I'm not getting any codes that would indicate any problems(Just code 12) No check engine light... Nothing.

    I just took it for another test drive, and it stalled again about 4 miles up the road, however, instead of immediately pulling over, I decided to put my foot in the pedal, and the engine fired right back up and I went on driving.

    Before when it stalled out, I just pulled right over in fear that if I did anything else I could possibly damage something, but this time I just gave her some gas, and like a light switch it fired right back up.

    I feel like I'm chasing a gremlin. Replaced fuel filter/Dist cap & rotor/Plugs & wires... etc

    Throttle position sensor? Crank position sensor? MAP sensor?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • I had the same problem, after alont of time and money, i figured out what the problem was, the crankshaft postition sensor. Now, this was the very first this I did, and it did not resolve the issue, becuase the crk sensor in on the driverside of the bell housing on top, a few years ago i had a tranny job done, they put in a 1997 tranny in, my car is a 96 so beware what parts your working with.
  • Just wanted to update my orig. post. So my Jeep finally threw me a bone and the Check Engine light finally came on (prob be the only time I'm happy to see that So I checked it and its reading Code 21 (Problem with O2 sensor). I'm going to check the wires and more than likely replace the sensor this weekend. Crossing my fingers and hoping this is the reason for the failed emissions. Keep ya'll up to date after I fix it. ;)
  • I installed a new Crank position sensor now my jeep idles like crap. Sounds like it is missing really bad. Like a bad plug or just misfiring. I doubt its a plug or anything else besides the CKS because it idled just fine with the old one but was stalling while driving.
  • Ok I have a 95 jeep cherokee I just put a new motor in. the motor was from a 89 jeep cherokee, the intakes wasn't the same so I change the one of the old motor to the new one. The problem is it will crank but it wont start, but there's a trick it act like it wants to start when you first crank it, but after that it just cranks, but when I pull the fuel pump relay out and try to start it, it cranks a couple of times and then starts up and runs for about 20 to 50sec and runs really really rough, and then dies. Please some one help.
  • the problem is a crank sensor located on driver's side near the top of the transmission i know this cause i was having same problem i took it to the dealer to have it fixed cost was 299.00 but was worth it cause there were a bunch of re-call that needed to be fixed on my jeep good luck..
  • I have a 2000 (4.7) JGC limited. Intermitantly all gauges would bounce everywhere when trying to start it. If I would press the brake, all gauges would return to normal, and the vehicle would start. Never had an issue while driving. Now the battery is being drained, and sometimes the gauges would bounce even after the vehicle is shut off. I can jump it, but it will be drained the next time I jump in. I've read someone suggesting an ignition switch. Has anyone had this problem or have any idea what I can try? Thank you for any info!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    how old is the battery? could have bad cell in it
  • As ironic as it sounds, I had an issue with my 2000 JGC, which was a bad battery. My Jeep started popping off a P1474 error, yet there wasn't a problem with the exhaust that could be found.

    Then my battery started to have problems on Saturday. Slow cranking, then would turn over. Got worse and worse over Sunday and Monday. Went back to Walmart, who diagnosed a bad cell in the battery, and replaced it no charge (I purchased it there, about 1 yr ago).

    You might want to have the battery and cables checked.
  • My 2006 Jeep Grand ch, V8 will turn off while driving, it is my main car I travle all day with kids, this is not safe! It may do it one week then not the next. I have taken it to the dealer and ran the tests on it and nothing is showing on the computer to show a problem. It will do it at random, it has happened at 35mph and today at 75 on the highway. No lights on the dash show. The dealer said until a light shows they can not know the problem. Help!!!!!
  • I have a 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, in the last few days i haven't been able to drive it. It starts, but after a few seconds it dies, has been always like that. What could be the possible problems. I thought it was the alarm system because before i had a problem in which the car wouldnt start, because i had lost the remote, but i'm just confused. Anybody has an idea what it might be?
  • the problem is with the crank shaft senor. change it and it will run.
  • jhonpjhonp Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 jeep grand cherokee a year ago I had the same problem turned out to be the tac censor located on to of the transmission on the bell housing. Not hard to replaced except for where its located a couple of extentions ans 1/4 " rachet and socket should help out.
  • jhonpjhonp Posts: 2
    2000 Jeep grand cherokee pushing 215,000. miles stills runs good but now at low idle in or out of gear it idles at or bellow 5,000 rpm sometimes so low that it stalls out. When I give it gas it runs good until the vehicle comes to a stop, then it dies. Temperature does seem to have an effect the colder the outside temp or if the eng is cold it seems to do it more often, It is not a consistent problem, but it occurs often. I took it to a shop a while back they said the check eng light threw out air intake censor problem, I replaced it twice each time it helps for a little while then goes back to same old pattern. Now whatever code its throwing out, the check eng light does not stay on all the time, its on and off. I am kind of tight on cash right now specially the way things are these days, Just getting the code read is going to cost over $100.00, am a diesel mechanic but gas engines are a headache! Does any body have any advice? Please :confuse: hellllpppppp!!!!!!!!
  • I have been experiencing the same thing and have had my Jeep in the shop since May and have not been able to drive it. I had them Change the crank shaft sensor, the cam shaft censor, and the temp censor, all with great expense and none of it worked. When it was put on the machine to see what was wrong it always came up as the crank shaft and cam sensors. I called my dad and he called everyone he knew with a jeep and low and behold the problem was a $30.00 part called the ignition coil. It took five minutes to put on. My Jeep is now running. Thank God! Hope this helps.
  • Auto zone $ 30.00 ignition coil you can put on yourself. This part does not show up on those machines. My car would come to a stop and die. I would drive and would stall, it was hesitant and not a consistant problem. My dad researched and found that several people have the same problem. Most people have changed their crank sensor and cam shafts twice before asking a friend with a Jeep if they knew what the problem was. It is the ignition coil that sends the right information to the car iginition system to function properly. Good Luck.
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    same problem.... 87,000 2000 grand cherokee 4.7l
    when i let off the gas it might stall. happens 1 to 4 times a day.
    GOT NO CODES.....
    so far i have
    replaced the crank shaft sensor - it stopped stalling for 3 days $130
    cleaned the throttle boddy free
    replaced the throttle position sensor $72
    replaced the idle air control sensor $132
    replaced the map manafold airflow sensor $125
    no luck it is still stalling.
    by the way i have done all the work myself. it was about 30 minutes for most parts NOT POSITIVE ON THE PARTS PRICES
    i just ordered a rebuilt ecu or pcu engine control unit. they program in the vin, mileage and part nbr so you gc will recognize it. $185
    we will see when that comes.....
  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    Did you figure this out? My 99 grand cherokee just did this yesterday. first thing, i started car but got strange abs light on, i gave gas, it went out, and i drove. after i shut off, i tried to start again, acted like no batterey, no cranking, no interior lights or dash lights, then gauges flipped to max, interior light worked, radio clock at 12:00, dash lights ok and started. i turned off and on a few times ok, then it does again.Battery is strong when system comes back up and starts right up, but acts like no battery or bad batterey when fail is happening. i read a similar post that someone said ignition coil, could it be a intermittent short? I had a new crank position sensor 3 months ago, that was a different problem, car cranked but would not fire for that problem. This one acts like battery is not on.
    Below is the post i am replying to.

    "I had the EXACT same problem yesterday. My issue began after the vehicle was running. I heard a loud pop from the radio speakers and observed the voltage gauge floating while driving. After I got home and turned the Jeep off, it would not crank. No interior or brake lights, nothing at all that indicated I even had a battery connected. All of my gauges were pulsing and flipping over wildly with or without the key in the ignition and I could hear a faint clicking noise timed perfectly with the pulsing of the gauges. I let it sit for about an hour and it finally looked normal on the dash and sure enough - it turned over fine and all my gauges are back to normal. Even the pre-sets on the radio are still there. The only noticeable difference is that my clock on the radio is wrong.
    Did you ever find out the problem?
    Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so - what's my next step in troubleshooting this issue?"
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    last time mine would not start, the battery cable was loose..... just a little but it was enough, cleaned the post and the cable reconnected and it has been fine since.
  • My 95 GC 5.7 auto. stalls predictably after a few miles. RIt restarts and stumbles and dies unless I pump the gas. After a couple restarts in less than a minute it will start and run. The last time it started I held the throttle at 2500 RPM and it ran and lost 500 RPM then went back to 2500 RPM a couple times as if there was some kind of switch being thrown. 30 seconds later it was fine. It won't do this again unless stone cold many hours later. No indicators as to the problem though the tach says the idle is 300 RPM. Cold RPM starts at 800-1000 RPM. Once it is through with it's warm up fit, it will run normally. My mech. is going nuts and says this is new to him. I started it at home last week and let it idle. In 20 minutes it stalled just like the driving probs. BTW, it never stalls while going down the road, only when coming to a stop sign or red light.
  • i have a 99 grand cherokee ltd 4.7. jeep runs fine at a high rpm and rough at low rpm and stalls when you put it in gear and try to drive. i have changed idle air control, throttle position sensor, gave it a tune up, cleaned fuel lines, and checked fuel pressure, even bought a new ECM. i dont know what else could be the problem. Any ideas???
  • alby3alby3 Posts: 46
    grand cherokee stalls or dies out.
    if you are not getting anu codes ..... that malkes me think ECU


    I had same problem.... 87,000 2000 grand cherokee 4.7l
    when i let off the gas it might stall. happens 1 to 4 times a day.
    so far i have
    replaced the crank shaft sensor - it stopped stalling for 3 days $130
    cleaned the throttle boddy free
    replaced the throttle position sensor $72
    replaced the idle air control sensor $132
    replaced the map manafold airflow sensor $125
    no luck it is still stalling. not sure if i remember the prices
    right on these parts....
    by the way i have done all the work myself. it was about 30 minutes for most parts.
    i just ordered a rebuilt ecu or pcu engine control unit. they program in the vin, mileage and part nbr so you gc will recognize it. $185
    we will see when that comes.....

  • barryzbarryz Posts: 43
    Just reporting in on what fixed my problem i am replying to. After reading on different forums i gave this a try: I pulled the battery relay from the under hood fuse box(this is basically the same as disconnecting battery), then i disconnected all three computer plugs located on firewall behind coolant add bottle, and reconnected them. This is enough to clean any minor corrosion off pins of connectors which may perhaps cause a weak or intermittent signal from sensors to computer. So far 3 weeks later there has been no more issues.
  • Just got the Jeep back (95GC) and the crank sensor was going bad. At
    start-up, as it heated, it would become intermittant then work again once
    past a certain temp. After several days it began to stay internittant and
    could be more easily located. No engine service light would come on. The
    shop also found the throttle sensor was failing and a sensor having to do
    with water temp was bad. The engine runs now and feels normal in every way
    so it was at least one of those or all of those sensors that appears to be
    have been the problem. $390. and several shop hours. This rig came from
    Salt Lake City and there is corrosion on the engine aluminum parts. I
    bought some electrical contact cleaner and will carefully be separating the
    connections and reconnecting them per the advice I've read here. I've seen
    some signs of oxidation and the door speaker is going "intermittant" also.
    135,000 miles. Thanks all!
  • hello all.
    i have a 1994 JGC limited with a 4.0 6cyl. my wife was driving down the road when it all of a sudden just stalled and died. it would start back up then run for a couple of min and die again. when i got to here about 30 min later it ran for about 7 miles and died again. it acts like the fuel just shuts off. i changed the relay for the auto shut off still dies. no check engine light no nothing just dies. if any one can help i would be willing to try any thing.
  • would it crank over for a while before it would start?
  • Baker:

    If you read my problem/solution for my 95 GCL V8 (135K miles) it was the crankshaft sensor which caused my rig to act exactly like the symptoms you describe. It was very sporadic at first then deteriorated quickly and eventually making it "easy" to find. In the course of fixing that problem the mech found 2 other sensors going bad and replaced them too, the throttle control and water temp sensors. Runs great again. I had no engine light come on either. Hope it helps.
  • I am experiencing difficulty getting the vehicle started without keeping the accelerator peddle pressed down. Also whenever the peddle is released the vehicle stalls immediately.

    This problem began after I pressed the reset button on the "Overhead Console" . That was as a result of being unable to use the keyless remote transmitter to open the vehicle. The key was used to open the door but attempt to start the vehicle failed for it turned out the battery was dead. A new battery since be placed and the keyless remote works but the vehicle refuses to start and idle unless the accelerator pedal is hold down.

    Could you advise on what to do to solve that problem please.
  • All:
    Thought my mech had it licked but the '95GCL parked along side the road stalling at 40 mph on the way to the hospital. Nice. Restarted 5 or 6 times goosing the gas and it finally stayed running and resumed my trip with it choking and puking along the way. Got another appointment. Check engine light came on this time. This morning I had to make the same trip on a sheet of ice as the 2WD honda would not have made it. Passed 6-8 wrecks as 2WD folk spun into ditches and sailed into front yards. The GCL with new mixed tread tires was great on ice. Got to the hospital but it stalled in the parking lot but a minute later stayed going and got home. Gotta get this bug fixed so I can count on it because the traction of full time 4WD is unbeatable. Just hope I don't have to swap out stuff until its all new under the hood! Sorry I can't help!!!
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