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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • Yes, it runs like a top normally, the only thing I have ever changed on this is the fuel filter a couple of years ago and an alternator. Starting to rust now live in Michigan. Where and what is the O2 sensor???? Thanks, Jeff
  • have a 93 Jeep Cherokee Sport, was running fine then went to start it and it fired up then stalled out chugging etc. Changed fuel filter. I can hear the fuel pump kick on each time, when it stalls I also hear the fuel pump kick back on automatically. Did a fuel pressure test and it drops after start up and then kick backs up after it stalls.
    Please help with any suggestions you may have. Great jeep for 346K miles
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Have a look at

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  • Sounds like either a IAC (Idle Air Control) switch might be sticking. I'd also check hot and cold fuel pressure. Sometimes if theres a weak fuel pump it will pump fine while warm but if the pump is cold and the fuel pump vanes are shrunken(as everything swells when warm) your pump pressure will drop if the pump is worn. I'd also check pressure before and after the fuel filter. Another thing; if the cold start circuit for the injection is getting bad readings( O2 sensor old and worn, coolant temp sensor worn or air in the coolant system causing air pockets) you may not be able to get the thing to fire due to a lean condition.

    Just a thought.
  • < I tried to start my 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee this morning and it was hard to get it to run. when i pushed on the throttle it felt like it had a short in the electrical circuit , because it stumbled or ran rough for a little bit before it would run smooth . I opend the hood to see if i could see anything unusual. It was idling just fine , then i went to get my volt/ amp meter to check to system. The engine shut off and would not start again. I tried to see if I had power going to the coil but I could not get a reading. I tried to get a reading by cranking the engine over , but no reading / or power to the coil. I have no book or manuel to look at. Is this a pcm problem? How do i check the pcm out?
  • I have a &#145;98 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it started stalling out while being driven at least at 30MPH+ or as we come to a slow stop. Took it in to the shop, did a tune-up, examined fuel filter (no prob), replaced TPS (Throttle Position Sensor?), got the car back, drove about 4 miles and it stalled! Drove it back to shop, they kept for add&#146;l 3 days, did not stall on them (of course). They put the old TPS back in since it stalled on a new one thinking the old one was fine. Replaced the Ignition Coil. Just got it back today, drove about 2.5 miles stalled out on us 3x. I revved the engine, in neutral at 3500-4000 RPMs & it still stalled out! It feels like as if the fuel mixture is incorrect when it does about to stall out. I put in neutral, step on the gas & I&#146;m fighting w/it to not stall. In-laws had this similar matter w/their current Jeep about a year ago & replaced every single possible sensor there was & it lasted about a year, they are now having the same issue as us. since they replaced all the sensors, they had no clue what part was really the culprit. Anyone have any suggestions I can pass onto mechanic for my car? Thanks.
  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Tidester, thanks for the reply, we worked on it for a few hours yesterday, changed all the relays etc. Checked power going into fuel pump, when you turn on the ignition, we have power on one of the lines and the fuel pump turns on then shuts off in 1-2 seconds power goes out, try to turn over jeep starts then stalls and then the fuel pump turns back on automatically.???? I checked the codes on the engine lite and it is 3555 which I was told and looked up that its the "idle control valve" we haven't changed that because it doesn't make sense it just seems it runs out of fuel. I can pump the gas a little and gets more rpm's but just dies when it runs out of fuel. any other thoughts could the pump be bad? Thanks Jeff
  • oldbajaoldbaja Posts: 2
    Read your mesage on the low rpm ans stahling. Did you have the computer flahed by the dealer? Did it fix it ?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You didn't mention whether your check engine light is coming on. If not, then you can probably rule out electronic controls.

    Way back in our archives, people describing similar symptoms thought there might be a problem with the IAC (Intake AIr Control) and valve. You can browse through that discussion here:

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  • I posted the other day regarding my 04 stalling and idling very slow/low.

    I was trying to avoid going to the garage at all costs. I had told a family friend and he layed awake trying to figure out what was wrong with my Jeep. At 1 am we got a phone call.

    I was told to remove the negative battery cable for 30 minutes. I did this and my jeep is running like new. Evidently the computer had to be reset in order for the engine to run properly. I then proceeded in going on a 300 mile round trip and not once was there a hesitation, whereas the night before I was stalling at redlights.

    It may sound crazy, but it is true. I don't know if this will help you, but it worked for me.

    When I did talk to the garage, the man said he could put it on a testing machine that would be a tell all for what is exactly wrong. That was going to be my next reluctant step.

    Another possible idea is the catalytic converter. I had this happen on another car and it acted very similiar to your issue. Since you replaced so many components, there is not much left to try to do.

    I have found that the best mechanics are the young backyard mechanics who breathe life into rides that have seen better days.
  • texgkingtexgking Posts: 6
    An update on the stalls. I replaced the Idle Control Module at the throttle body and cleaned and reseated that module in front of the coolant module (the one with one long bolt) and took it for a test drive. Ran fine for over 15 miles, thought I had it licked. Then after parking with the engine and AC running for about 10 minutes while I returned a book it, I drive about a block and it stalls. After a few minutes go by, it starts right up, goes another block stalls. I opened the hood, took a break and let it cool awhile. After maybe 20 minutes it starts right up and I make it home 10 miles, without stalling.
    Now I order the computer, when it arrives, Woops wrong item, this new one has 3 connectors mine only has one. I get a refund then call the dealer with the numbers off this module with one bolt and they tell me that is Not the PCM. The parts person does not have a picture, just comparing part numbers. So back to the jeep.
    That module that sits right in front of the coolant tank is Not the PCM. The PCM is up against the fire wall to the rear of the coolant tank. It is attached to a large metal plate and actually sits between that and the firewall, very hard to see. But look closely with a light and you can see It has three connectors plus a ground on the back,just exactly like the one I had ordered and took a refund. With a sheepish grin I return and get that PCM, the one with 3 connectors.
    The instructions tell you to ensure all relays are within limits or it may harm the module, so I also get a new Fuel Pump Relay. I think there are three relays with the same part number as the fuel pump relay. I replaced the relay and installed the new PCM. Test drove it over 100 miles, ran file. The next day another 50 ran fine. It's been cold lately so have not tested yet with AC going and long idles, but it appears to be running fine now.
    In total I replaced the TPC (36), ICM ($56), PCM ($125)Fuel Pump Relay ($16) and the battery connections plus cleaned lots of grounds. It appears to be fixed, I hope. Thru all of this I never had an engine light go on.
  • zs711zs711 Posts: 2
    I have a 95 JGC, v8, when I try starting it just turns over. Have to wait for fuel pump to kick on,was 1-2 min. suddenly 10-15 mins.Once pump reaches pressure it will start fine and runs perfect. used to restart fine once warm but acts up every time now.Got really bad over night
  • muff22muff22 Posts: 2
    brake pedal pulsed found bad left wheel bearing and put new rotors sti the same thinking abs or cv or front drive shaft please help!!! :confuse: :
  • frumundafrumunda Posts: 15
    Sounds like a bad Idle Air Control motor again. My suggestion is to read all of the posts in this category as it will shed some light on your issues. You may also want to look into your fuel system a bit deeper...when was your last fuel filter change, what your hot/cold fuel pressure is(have a mechanic do this), pressure test the pump, check your injectors, the works.

    When you can't start an injected engine when its cold, SOMETHING is not allowing the fuel mixture to either richen up (like when you use the choke on your lawnmower)or actually GET to the cylinders(like plugged injectors, or a blocked fuel filter). Sometimes, a wide open IAC will cause the engine to act this way. Also, if your mass air flow sensor/airspeed sensor is dirty or bad it will take time for the engine to fire up.

    Again, just my two cents.
  • ike21ike21 Posts: 14
    I keep posting this but none is reading past posts. You are smart to go with Idle air control sensor and the Throttle Position Sensor first since they are the easiest and cheapest to fix. If those do not work then it is 90% always the Camshaft Sensor that is making it stall. I know it sounds weird but that's how they made them 1999 and up. The 99's and up are never the fuel pump. The fuel pump is the only thing they made well on these Jeep GC's. If it keeps stalling change but the Camshaft Sensor. Harder but can be done yourself with a buddy and or small hands. lol
  • bradpansbradpans Posts: 3
    I finally solved the problem with stalling on my 1997 Jeep Cherokee Laredo...My mechanic replaced the ignition switch and coil...
  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Tidester, still not fixed, this is what I have done:

    Changed Fuel Pump
    Changed fuel presure regulator
    Changed idle control Valve
    Changed Computer (exact same one from Junk Yard)
    Chaned Fuel Filter

    Is there anything else you can think of on my 1993 Jeep Cherokee. Its starts, idles for a moment and I can give it gas and rpm's go up then just stalls like it's out of gas. Starts right back up then dies out again. There was something about a throttle positon sensor or something???? What is that. Thanks so much for anymore ideas. This is a straight 6cyl 4.0 Jeff
  • texgkingtexgking Posts: 6
    It appears to be fixed, but just in case where is the Camshaft Sensor located? I've put over 150 miles so far on it and no stalls. Hopefully it is now fixed.
    thanks for the info.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The throttle position sensor (TPS) is used as input to the electronic control unit (ECU) which adjusts things like ignition timing and fuel injection. It may be worth a look to see whether that is the problem.

    tidester, host
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  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Tidester, Well changed it all to include the TPS none of that but I did fix it.

    I couldn't believe it, about 4 years ago had the same issue but thought this was for the engine to fire. It was the ballast resistor (ceramic piece) mounted to the side of the engine compartment that just has two wires going to it. What I did was just take off a bunch of parts at the junk yard. Earlier I was on Auto Zone website just going over the trouble shooting for "stalling" it did mention that like 20 possibilities down the line. I didn't think anything of it but grabbed it at the last min. Well I was all pissed off after nothing worked and tossed a wrench in my tool bag and noticed that "ballast resistor" or ceramic piece and just plugged it in. Jeep ran like a charm after that.??? Thanks for all your help...Jeff
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for letting us know. I'm glad you got it fixed. I would never have thought of that! :)

    tidester, host
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  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Me either, thought that was just something to do with the ignition and firing. Something to think about if anyone else has this issue. 5.00 part and 1 week of trouble shooting. Actually runs better now too that I changed basically everything else., Have a good day...Jeff
  • zs711zs711 Posts: 2
    On start up jeep wont start, engine just turns over.wait for several minutes then hear ticking noise from" fuel pump" and "auto shut off" relays.once ticking stops, jeep will start and run just fine.would the pressure regulator cause the delay of solenoid activating ?started with just 1-2 min. delay now is 15+ min. delay for the pump to kick on.I have changed both relays.
  • sarge836sarge836 Posts: 12
    Could be an issue with your fuel pump, but check and see if you have a "white ceramic ballaster" mounted on the right side of the engine compartment, could be on the left, there will be two wires going to it, located on the ends of the ceramic piece. This controls voltage with the fuel system on my jeep and that is what the issue was. If you have one, just jump the two wires together to test it and if everything is fine then you will need to replace it right away. Also like you said could be the fuel pressure regulator but check the easy stuff first. Well they are both easy to change.
  • myposmypos Posts: 5
    make sure that you have your fuel pressure regulator installed correctly with both the large and small o rings and adjusted to the right torque.. i had the same problem and the regulator i got from auto zone was missing the smaller o ring causing the fuel pressure to drop and all the fuel drop back into the tank.
  • buddy98buddy98 Posts: 2
    Does this year model have a computerrized key??
  • I have a 1998 JGC that was running fine until yesterday. When I tried to start it in the morning the battery was dead so i jumped it with my other car and it started right up, buy as soon as I take my foot off the gas it dies. It will not idle at all. I don't know anything about cars and am hoping someone here will be able to help me figure this out. Oh yeah , it is a 6 cylinder 4X4
  • I have a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 six. It ran fine. I went out to start it and it turned over but would not run. Didn't even try to run. I can hear the fuel pump working at the tank. Haven't yet checked the spark. I forgot to mention in the earlier post that the guages also don't seem to be working. With the key on the needles don't move, but the indicator lights come on as normal and then go off. Because there was no warning and the guages aren't working I wonder if it is in the electronics. Anyone else have this happen?. Is this a well known happening? Suggestions?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    first i would check my fuses

    next eignition switch
  • loftlowloftlow Posts: 1
    We have a 2000 Grand Cherokee that has an intermitent issue with the engine hesitating and then reving while driving. It mostly happens after extend driving, approx 1 hr. The check engine light comes on and will stay on for a day or so then just go off. Any suggestions on what it might be.
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