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Jeep Grand Cherokee Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, V8. We have been having starting problems intermittently over the past 6 months. When turning key the gauges and lights come on, but the engine does not turn over. No clicking noise etc. We let the car sit for 5 -15 minutes and it would crank like a champ. We replaced the starter a week ago and all was fine until yesterday. My wife had the same problem starting the car, letting it sit and it started as before. When coming home she tried to start it and it acted up again. We let it sit 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 Hours and nothing. Before I have it towed to the dealership. Does anyone have any answer for this problem?
  • Start with the simple things like the battery connections and ground connection. Make sure they're clean and tight.
  • i had a big problem too mtry the coil . mine was idling irregulary ,back firing, surging,not wanting to start runs great now
  • At 8:00 AM, I drove out to our dead Jeep GCL and tried to start it before calling for a tow and you guessed it. It started like a champ just as before. By they way I have tried both keys we have and have narrowed it down to a non key issue but could be the module on board issue. There is a possibility it could be a bad cellenoid on the new starter (low probability though). Some where there is no voltage getting to the starter.

    We are frustrated and back to square one. It will be hard for a shop to diagnose if it is currently running.

    Any suggestions or advise on what to do? Frustrated in DFW!
  • I have an 2003 Grand Cherokee and it has been parked for 3 months, when I tried to start it, it would start but will not keep running it just dies after a few seconds, it will restart just fine but still won't keep running, and when I try to give it gas to keep it running it just dies again. If you can give me a direction on what to look for or replace please do..

  • that would be your throtle body sensor which is behind the air filter. there are two sensors placed behind there on the top behind the air filter cover. it wasn't that hard for me to replace the one on my 2000 JGC. mine was having problems starting and staying started here and there then it just wouldnt idle and would cut off if i wasn't driving a certain speed. it was hell jsut to get it to go with out stalling, what is you RPMs saying when you first try to start it before it cuts off?
  • I am not sure since I am not there doing the starting. It just starts no problem but won't idle. I parked it 3.5 months ago and had the guy at the storage lot start it for me. He said it would go up to around 1000 and then drop off and dye. I am leaving tomorrow to albuquerque to work on it. I will try the throttle body sensor first. If you think of anything else that it might be please let me know as it has been some time since I worked on engines the last one being my 89 grand wagoneer that I rebuilt the 360 in, but this is a totally different thing now with computers and sensors and the such. I am hoping for something simple like what you described otherwise I will have it towed to the dealership on saturday and have to leave it with them until I get back up there next month. Thanks again.
  • Hey All,

    Been looking at some of your posts to see if they mirror my problem but none quite do. Just got off the phone with my neighborhood service station who couldn't figure out what was wrong. Here's the problem:

    On cold days (especially) engine stalls and cuts out even after its been running for a good 20-30 minutes. Seems to happen especially when I'm moving slowly (<20 mph) down a side street and go to make a turn. Also happens just sitting in park and sometimes when I go to move out at a traffic light or stop sign. Thought maybe there is a fuel system problem but mechanic said no because it starts right back up. He put it on their diagnostic machine and it's not showing any codes or problems. Asked what to do and he said probably it's an electrical problem and will need to go to the dealership (AHHH!!).

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice.

  • Just ran across your post. Have a question for you. When your Jeep would stall were you applying the brakes at the time?

    I'm having a stalling problem and my mechanic can't figure it out. Said basically take it to the dealer or wait for it to get worse!

    Anyway, thanks.

  • myposmypos Posts: 5
    I have a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a rebuilt engine in it there are about 20,000 miles on the new engine and just turned the car over 249,000 the other day. Last week the water pump and the fuel pressure regulator were replaced and about a month ago i replaced the battery cables (and yes the whole wiring harness battery cables not just the ends). And now after the water pump was replaced the check engine light came on accompanied by a rough start. The engine turns over and over and over and then finally starts up soon to die with a jolt and a shake. It does this a few times until it stays running for a little bit longer then finally after about the fifth time i try to start it the car finally stays running. But it is idling rough and once i put it in drive it dies again. To make a long story short I finally get it running but just today it started to back fire while driving (we all know thats not a good thing) and it's having trouble finding the right gear to get optimum performance. PLEASE somebody tell me what the hell is wrong with this gd stupid POS! I don't want to put in a bunch of money to fix it being that it is only worth $700 I just want it to work and not die on me.
    :lemon: :sick: By big red needs some serious medical assistance so please reply if you know whats going on with her.
  • I have a 2001 JGC laredo V8 auto, that I just got,here's the problem, It starts great when cold but when it runs for a while and I shut it off and wait about 45min to a hour it starts hard ( Have to crank for around 10 12 seconds is this normal ) have to crank it longer then I did when it was cold sometimes longer then others, I changed the plugs, no distribitor or rotor. I get from reading in the forums it sounds like it might be the Crankshaft Position Sensor? Changed the CPS seems to run smoother but still starts hard when hot What if the battriey is smaller the the orignal? Thanks
  • Hey
    I to have a 2001 JGCL with the same problem, I know this a old post but did you ever resolve the problem?
  • not sure but heard that other people had the same prob, eventually the head gasket blew out on theirs and turned out was a warped head that just finally gave way...good luck
  • When I come to a stop with the car in gear my RPM's go from the normal 800ish down to around 200 or so and then back up. And a handful of times it has died. This only happens when in gear. (Its and automatic btw) And sometimes it stays at the noraml 800 RPMs with no problem. Other than that, the car drives fine. No problems when its in park, or when cruising down the highway. Its been having this problem for about a year now. Anyone have similar problems?
  • gcl1gcl1 Posts: 1
    My guess is that you have the 4.7L v-8. If so, the dealer may need to reflash the computer. I have had the problem only a couple of times, but the new flash should help it.
  • It could be a computer problem? I never thought of that. I just imagined it to be more mechanical than that. Although, I believe that it is a 4.0L strait 6. Its a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo.
  • tripper, did you ever figure out what the problem was? My Jeep is doing this as of this morning.


  • I've read most of the posts and nothing quite like this one. My GC stall at highway speeds, 20 miles per hour and even stop. Just stops when it want too. No codes in the system. I've changed the CPS as many people indicated that item was a common problem, new battery, cleaned the grounds, new battery terminals, 3/4 tank of gas. The dealership said I needed a new "brain" before they could trouble shoot it, because for some reason it would erase all codes whenever this problem occurred.
    One thing I have not seen mentioned is after mine stalls, you sit for maybe 1 or 2 minutes and each time you try to start it, it will crank, no start, but the fuel gage is reading below zero. The rest of the lights and gages work per normal at that point. Now after awhile when you turn the switch on, the fuel gage registers the 3/4 tank and it will always start right up!
    When I first drove yesterday after all the stated repairs, it ran fine for the first 15 miles, then quit about 8 times over the next 6 miles getting home. It alway starts after the fuel gage starts registering and has never failed to start. It is those honking horns at the light that get me..ha.
    Some one told me that the GC fuel gage ground was thru the ECU or PCU don't remember which, but I assume they mean the main "Brain".
    Even the manual code reading of turning on the switch 3 times only gets "done" code, nothing else.
    Also, not sure if this is realated but I get some beeps after the seatbelt warning etc. The last thing is two series of 3 beeps. Very distinctive beeps. Always 3beeps and short pause and 3 more. Ik can't seems to find anything about these beeps.
    Anyone have a solution to either of these problems? My next step is replacing the ECU, the local parts place needs the vin, mileage,etc so they can flash it before sending it to me. Anyone had any luck changing the ECU?

    Thanks for your assistance.
  • Did you ever solve this entirely? Are you using the AC yet? My 2000 JGC Limited 4.7 got the same review from the dealer. Said the computer was not storing the codes and every time it quit it would reset itself.. I said adios too but have not solved the problem yet. ORiley's auto parts call the computer the ECU and is available for $145 or so. I'm about ready to try one I thing, mine quits 6-8 times in 20 miles. Gotta limp home. It alway starts after a couple minuted. BUT only after the fuel gage begins to register. If the fuel gage does not come up, it will crank but not start. Wait another minute, the gage registers, and it always starts. I did not have my AC turned on the other day and it still quit 5-6 times.
    Hope yours is fixed.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    i would check the fuses under the hood by the battery as i you lose power to the computer will erace the codes could just be croded contacts also i would just plug and unplug the ecm a cople times and see if that takes care of prob.
  • Thanks, I will try that before ordering one. Seems several people have had bad wires, bare wires etc in and around this item, mine seems quite clean, but you never can tell. I will pull it out and look closely for sure.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Posts: 646
    the pcm sets right in front of your coolent tank
    the wires that go into it are held in with a long bolt in the middle under the first cover you see what i did was loosen the bolt and unplug and plug in cople times then reassembled it took care of prob REMBER TO UNHOOK YOU BATTERY BEFORE DOING ANYTHING
  • my 2000 jeep stalls intermittantly when it does the rpms go up but it feels like the brakes are on if i stop the rpms drop low and are erratic and when i shut it off it acts like it resets itself and drives normal. in the mornings going to work the overdrive wont kick in but if i stop and shut it off it will work normal after that i had a computer check done on it and it came back- overdrive switch input low,- transmission fault present, - fuel system lean,- trans relay output always off,- trd link communication error i took it to a transmission shop and they replaced the coil pack the filters and new fluid it worked ok for a couple days and then went right back to doing what it did before any ideas thanks
  • I have a beloved 1998 JGC Ltd. It has a rebuilt engine that has approx. 75,000 miles on it! I just had the housing unit between the engine and radiator (?) replaced in December. I know the wires and hoses are aging.

    Problem: After approx 2 minutes of running, it will completely die if it is not given gas. If I am at a light/stop sign/slowing down, etc, I must keep foot on gas as I brake or it will sputter, no engine light, no warning- just die. Seems to do this whether gas tank is full or low, and whether it is warm or cold outside. It was doing this intermittently, but now does it all the time.

    Husband tried doing internal diagnostic check, but no luck. Anyone else w/ similar problem or ideas. We are going to buy a new car soon anyway, but I would love to pass my Jeep on to my nephew, but I want it to run for him! Thanks!
  • You are not alone. Our 2004 JGC did the same thing last week and then again this morning. The battery is less than a year old with no corrosion on the wires or terminals.
  • My problems began when a large tree branch fell on and around me while driving. I ran over some small branches. I heard a noise and check to see if I had a branch in a tire. Nothing. I was 40 miles from home. I got gas. The jeep sputtered for the first time since I had it. Shortly after the check engine light came on.

    A tester said it was a P035 issue. When I checked the jeep computer, it said the same thing. My son drove the jeep and the light went out. It came back on a couple weeks later. When I called the garage, the man said the jeep's computer is not accurate and neither was the tester my son used.

    Regardless, I chose not to visit the mechanic since the light went back off.

    I went to leave today and I had not driven the Jeep in a week. I found my passenger door open and a light left and it barely cranked over. It sounded like a really dead battery. By a miracle it started.

    The idle is very slow. It died once at a red light. I went to a parts store and saw a man in the parking lot. I told him my story. He crawled under and said there were no loose wires on my sensors.

    I feel like this is my fault because I did not go to the garage when the light went on, but I could not see paying him to tell me what was wrong when the Jeep was telling me what was wrong. I just wanted the sensor replaced. He wanted to do a whole anaylis. I did not see it that way.

    So now my beloved Jeep is running like crap. I have two long trips to make beginning in two days. My options are not looking so good.

    Will it hurt to run it like this until next week? Do you think it will leave me? I am thinking it could be the converter.

    I am sorry for such long details and I appreciate any advice.
  • I just replaced the distributor, coil, cam position sensor, crank position sensor, plugs, wires, fuel pump, cap and button. It will start sometimes but stalls imediatley. Check engine light will not come on. Im running out of ideas. HELP!!!!!!!!
  • I have a Jeep Cherokee sport 1993 346K miles, out of the blue I went to start it after just driving it, ideled about 2K then just kept stalling. I changed the fuel filter and still the same issue. Checked fuses. I can hear the fuel pump turn on when you turn the key.???????????? Did a fuel pressure check and upon turning the key it was I think around 30 and then it just started dropping, after it stalled the fuel pump kicks back on and the pressure jumps back up. Any Suggestions???? Please help
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    O2 sensor maybe? Whatever the problem is, I am impressed by the 346K number! :surprise:

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • fuel filter, looks like you missed that or just didn't type it
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