Firestone Wilderness Tires

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The Firestone Wildnerness tires are not an aggressive tire by any means. They don't grab like other tires, because they are a harder rubber. Goodyear AT tires grab much better and are a much softer tread, but only last about 1/2 as long. I guess it is all in what is more important to you. If you drive mainly street and how long a tire lasts is most important, the Wildnerness AT's seemed to be a decent tire. However, if you want performance and don't mind the extra wear, other tires are better suited. And, of course, nobody wants the tires recently noted on the news.


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    That may be true...but ask him to put it in writing and that you'll have it reviewed by your attorney for further followup. Betcha he won't. GM puts out bids with minimum specifications. Whoever is the lowest bidder out of the manufacturers gets the honor of placing their $10 tire on your truck. Makes you feel all warm and secure doesn't opinion.
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    I would lay money that you are right on that.
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    Since a number of Firestone topics are cropping up around Town Hall, I thought it would be a good idea to create a general Firestone Recall topic in the Maintenance and Repair conference.

    Here's the direct link to Maintenance & Repair Topic 1579, Firestone Tire Recall: Are mine a problem?

    Drive safely everyone. ;-)

    Town Hall Roving Host
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    In Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Columbia Firestone has recalled and REPLACED all 16 inch load range "D" and "E" tires. Why not in the USA? Maybe this problem is bigger than we were led to believe. Now they want us to believe that replacement workers hired during a strike "sabotaged" the tire molds. Come on, gives us credit for not being nieve! Us Industry at is best! NO INTEGRITY!
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    Sorry Pocahontas, I think thatwe'll keep it going here just fine.

    I have some "E" tires and I'm wondering where you heard about the replacement in SA.

    I've never trusted Firestone since the Steel Belted Radial 500 fiasco of the late '70s. I've been 'stuck' a few times with Firestone tires only because they came on the new vehicle. This latest go around has done nothing to restore my faith in the company. To their credit, once the parent (Bridgestone) company became involved the stonewalling came to an abrupt halt.

    Now, my question is this; If Firestone has been building fubar tires since '93 or '94, why would 2000 tires be any better? How can you trust?

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    Has anyone received a favorable response from ANY
    source (GM Dealer,Firestone,Sears etc.) regarding
    replacement of 16" Wilderness AT's? I have heard
    network news which states 'if any customer feels their tires are unsafe,and they cannot wait for the replacement program in their area,they can replace the tires at their own expense and Fire-
    stone will eventually have a reimbursement program
    However,no one in my area will say anything except
    that the 16" tires are not involved.Iam taking an Sierra w/4 adults and all the survival gear to last 2 weeks in Florida, and my guests are
    putting the pressure on me to get rid of these new
    "exploding" tires. And did I use as one excuse to get a NEW truck, gee the old truck needs tires....
    and NOW my NEW truck needs tires. Comments,please.
    I just read the #9&#10 posts, looks like a trip to
    the various vendors like Sears,NTB,Wards will take
    up my next day off.Still seeking info. Thanks.worm
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    I had the wilderness tires on my '98 explorer, here in Oregon, Les Schwab Tires replaced all 5 (including spare) tires. I could have had a comparable tire at N/C, but I put on "Wild Country"'s 30x9.5 instead. Cost me $150 for 5 new tires and I had 20K miles on the firestones.

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    I'm in an interesting spot. I've shopped for weeks for the right truck, and settled on a Chevy Silverado Ext cab 4x4. My dealer had it specially shipped in, and everything is perfect, except I immediately noticed that it had Firestone Wilderness ATs. The salesman was quick to point out that they were the P265/75R16 size, not the recalled 15 inch tires. This did little to ease my concerns (or especially my wife's!). We walked away without the truck until we could resolve the situation.

    I want the dealership to arrange for some different tires to be installed, but I don't want to eat the whole cost. I'm already paying an extra 300 bucks for the 16 inchers. I realize that a car dealer is not a tire dealer, and probably will have to outsource to a tire dealer to make this happen.

    Are there any Chevy or Ford shoppers out there who have worked this same issue with a dealer? What is the best way to approach it? What is a good tire to use instead of the AT for mostly on road/occasional dirt road use? I appreciate any help!
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    Wilderness AT's 265's 5000 mls no problems.
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    Oh yea supposedly the bad ones were made in decatur illinois. The AT's well all the ones i havce seen including mine were made in canada.

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    had about 3500 miles on it when the switch was made.

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    my '00 rado and paid the difference. Same experience with the '00 Denali...came with Firestone Firehawks 265/70R16. Told the dealer I don't want those tires and figure a cost to upgrade to Michelin LTX M/S 275/70R16. Dealer came back with a price of $25 per tire more to upgrade to Michelins balancing and mounting included. So figure on a $100 to do four cause the rim on the spare don't match the rest of the rims so it will always be a spare. Thought it was a pretty good deal...I guess what I'm saying is that the dealer can to it....It's whether yours wants to or not.

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    is the main cause of tire failure and it has been that way as long as they have been making balloon tires. Ford decided it was to their advantage to advise their customers to inflate their tires to pressures too low for safety. They said it was because the Explorer is less likely to roll over with softer tires, and that may or may not be true. I think the real reason was to make the Explorer ride better. If you ever buy a car that was used as a demo, and any car on the lot can be used that way now, you will probably find the tires are underinflated. They come that way to impress the potential buyer with the nice soft ride.
    Underinflation causes heat and that destroys tires. Shame on Ford for disregarding the safety of their customers.
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    What you have said is correct but doesn't go far enough. There is another very important factor in determining tire pressure and that is the loading on the tire. The 26 pounds that Ford is recommending for the Explorer is probably based upon an average tire load. If the Explorer is loaded with a family of 4 and the associated junk for a weekend outing the 26 pounds are probably too low.

    Also, the popular press is terrifying half the population by stating that the maximum inflation pressure for those Firestone tires is 35 pounds. While 35 pounds is the MAXIMUM it probably isn't needed because of the vehicle weight. People will go out and put 35 pounds in and suddenly discover that the vehicle bounces a bit and doesn't handle as well.

    I've checked the Firestone web site and didn't see any weight ratings for the tires so we can't tell what the inflation should be. And how many of us are anal enough to weigh our vehicles? How many of us are persistent enough to extract the pressure vs. load ratings for our tires? AND THEN put the correct pressure in the tires.

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    Well, I got the Silverado and it is sitting in the driveway, complete with a set of Michelin LTX M/S tires. I'm totally psyched about the truck, but didn't do so well on the tire exchange. In the end, it cost me $400 to change out the brand new FS Wilderness ATs for the LTXs. That is some major cash, but at least my wife will get in the truck with me now. Hmmm...maybe I should have kept the Firestones!!
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    Well,I am back from a week of shopping for new tires.My local vendors are out of stock.I want a tire with the same specs,load range,longevity etc.
    I will probably end up with Goodyears in the same size since they are a 114S rated tire and have a close tread design.A friend has +21K on his Silv-erado and they look good.I find it interesting that my local GMC dealer,which I have been to 10+ times in the last month....AND didn't know any-
    thing about the 16" tires....has replaced EVERY 16" AT with the following-Goodyear,Michelin,Dayton
    General and some other off brands.But they still don't know anything about a recall on MY tires. AND for anyone who did what I did,I paid $365 more on my window sticker to get the "GOOD" tires.If anyone gets real current info on the 16"
    tires(recall) please post here,as it is obvious it is greatly needed.Thanks~~~~~~worm2.
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    News story the other night about people walking away from car lots without buying because vehicles had Firestone tires - some even refused to take delivery on factory orders when truck came in with Firestone POS tires. I can't say that I blame them. This was even after dealers had checked tires and they were not on the recall list. I would guess dealers want to sell trucks and it would be hard to find many buyers who have not heard about the Firestone problem - who wants to take a chance. The only Firestone tires I have ever had came on my truck from the factory. Did have a set of Bridgestone Desert Duelers that went 58,000 - I hope my tires do get recalled - I would rather have a free new set of some other brand.
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    I have had only good experience with Bridgestone. firestone is another story-had a blow out on the rear of a stationwagon with 500's-absolute terror-made the promise to never never ever touch their trash again. Remember in college a marketing prof of mine who did some consulting for Ford-one of their recommendations to Ford was to drop firestone for Goodyear. He said the Ford execs got really hot when they made that recommendation. I understand the two families have intermarried and as they say blood is thicker than water.

    NTHSA is evaluating the possibility of increasing the size of the recall-would hate to see Bridgestone sink due to firestone. Supposedly upwards of 40 million tires are up for a potential recall.
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    I was stung by the 500's also. I have F-stones on my super duty and am feeling none to comfortable.

    Here is my quandary. If my F-stones were recalled, (They haven't been, yet.) would I want to replace them with more F-stones that I don't trust? Is it worth $600 or so to replace the F-stones on my own for G-years? Then, what about the spare? Is an F-stone good enough for a spare?

    I'm sitting at about 42K miles and hoping that there will be some Labor Day tire sales.

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    I would like to think that the Fstone is good enough as a spare. I mean you can compare to those mini tires that some of the cars have. I'm sure the Fstones are better than those.
    Doesn't Michelin and Goodyear have ongoing programs regarding replacing Firestones? I thought that I read that they do. May be something worth looking into as they might give you something for yours.
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    If I was SURE that the 265's will be recalled sonner or later,I'd just go out and get new tires now,but them big tires are pretty expensive,and I really don't want to eat $400+ on tires I won't get partially,at least money back on.
    Myself,I'm not really worried about the tires,but the girlfriend/mother nonsense is really getting old.I took mom to dinner last night,she had a death grip on the dash handle the whole time we were moving.She's worse than the girlfriend,but not much.It's really getting old quick,maybe $400 is worth it to me,if it stops the nagging.I wish Fstone would just fold.It would lower my blood pressure a great deal!
    Since Billy(William Clay)Ford's mother is a Fstone,Ford will never break away from them.GM,that's another story...
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    Maybe it's time to listen to Mom. I got lucky on mine. Dealer screwed up and ended up replacing all 5 Fstone Firehawks with Michelins for free.
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    haha sounds like how i feel. My grandma is the one that keeps telling me about the tires. EVery other day its a new story. Maybe i can pull a hmmm ill get new tires if you will let that $1000 i owe you for the truck can slide haha
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    Now, my wife, who won't replace tires until the steel belts are showing is saying "Maybe there will be some Labor Day tire sales."

    I'm thinking of cutting the sidewalls out of the tires where it says F-stone and the size stuff and saving them, just in case. Also that way I KNOW that the tire dealer won't try to use the casings for retreads or sell the tires used to some poor unfortunate soul.

    I figure with tax and the miscellaneous used oats it will be in the $600 neighborhood.

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    Well,that might work to keep them from selling them in Russia or maybe China!I figured I could get four tires for around 425 plus tax.I have an
    old 265 size tire I could use for a spare,if I had to.If I didn't have a dead PC to replace,I would just go and get the tires,and get the "monkeys" off my back!
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    MyP265x75R16's Deathstone Wildass AT's are gone, replaced with LT265x75R16 Michelin LTX M/S truck tires like I should have gotten for the $386 in the first place. NTB wanted $780, local discount tire store wanted $680, purchased at SAM's Club for $546 (free mounting, balancing and rotation because it took more than 59 minutes). Now where is that recall so that I can dispose of the old ones. Any one interested in a set of slightly used tires (5000 miles). I'll make you a good deal FOB.
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    Did you look at Michelins LT A/T 's? I am having a hard time deciding between the LTX M&S and the AT.

    I plan to keep the "deathsones" on until at least 30K (or until they come apart) or get recalled.
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    The Death Stones are gone!

    Last night I stopped at:
    Just Tires - Couldn't find LT 265x75R16 in the Goodyear book.
    Sears - Said that Goodyears didn't come in load range "D" but he had some B-stones at $120.
    Wards - Could find the Wrangler HT in the book but only 2 tires in the building. He was going to go over to Santa Ana on Friday and he would look. Call him back....
    America's Tire Store - Got Wranglers in stock for $126. Installed in about 45 minutes. Jokingly suggested that he could get me a really good deal on some Firestones :). Hand torque the aluminum wheels, washed the green junk off the raised white letters, metal valve stems and new chrome valve caps. Includes a 40K mile replacement wty for anything except alignment problems. $676 out the door. The main reason I went to ATS was that awhile back I had a nail in the death stone. The fixed the flat from the inside (patch vs. plug) and rebalanced the tire, no charge. I said several times that I didn't buy the tires there. ATS just said no charge.

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    see, select your tire size for comparison. I choose the M/S, because that is what SAM's Club had in stock and the A/T's are more of an off-road tire. I'll do very little to this off-roading. The truck was purchased for my son and grandson (6 years old).

    My Deathstones are in the basement waiting for the recall, my lawsuit against Firestone and GM to be filed, or my complaint with GM customer assistance is answered wherein they will refund my money ($386) for the purchase of these damn tires, or they swap them for some tire without the word 'stone' in it, ie Michelin, Goodyear, etc.
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    What of the WIlderness HTs? My brother still has Firestones on his personal truck but they are "HT" not AT. I replaced mine years ago but is there any news on his?
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    My death stones were not the ones being recalled. However, sometimes, at low speed, left turns the truck felt loose. It was not always a the same corner nor did it always feel loose going through the same corner multiple times. My guess is that part of the tread was starting to separate and if that part was on the bottom at the apex of the turn I would feel loose.

    I decided that it wasn't worth it and just replaced the death stones. This is the second time that Firestone has pulled this stone wall crap with bad tires. There is no way that I will ever own another vehicle with death stones.
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    Georgia has a $1.00 per tire recycle charge. If a new tire is mounted, then immediately replaced with another tire, the fee is charged. Therefore, here in GA, the 10 miles qualifies.

    Also I told you that I got the M/S (mud & snow) Michelin LTX. That is incorrect. I actually got the LTX A/T (all terrain) tire ($129.99 each plus free mounting, balancing, and lifetime rotation) since that is what SAM's club had in stock. These are noiser than the Wilderness AT were on my truck since they truly are an off road tire (not as bad as Nobbies however).

    rrichf, I will never own another Firestone or Bridgestone tire or anything made by these companies. Even if I have to eat the price of these tires, my family and I feel better about getting these things off of my truck. Now I have to worry about getting too close to the Ford Explorers and others with those tires as we travel down the road. We now notice every damn Explorer on the road and give them room or pass quickly.
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    an explorer is almost as bad as following a drunk driver...just don't know what they'll do.
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    I like the looks of the A/T better than the LTX M&S but don't want a loud tire. If you drive 60mph with the windows up and radio off can you hear the tire noise? At least the deathstones are quiet.
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    I just replaced the Wilderness AT's on my daughter's explorer with the Michelin LTX AT tires and was amazed at how much quieter her car ran. The Wilderness tires always had kind of a roar and a rough ride. The new Michelins almost(almost) felt like I was riding in a passenger car. My daughter had always complained about how bad her Explorer hydroplaned, I drove her car today in a downpour and could hardly feel the puddles when I went through them. I'm very impressed with these tires so far.
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    At 60 mph these tires are slightly noiser than the Wilderness AT's but not enough to be bother about. I never ride with the radio off, always have the heater/air conditioner blower on, so the sound is not noticed by me.
    On a wet road, they handle better than the Firestones. These are the first Michelin tires that I have ever owned. We shall see about treadwear, service life, etc...
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    Which Firestones did you have? I have the 265/75r16 Steeltex ATs, E rated, on mine. i couldn't quite tell from your posts, are these recalled?
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    Ok, Hi all. Just ordered a new 2001 GMC Sierra 2 weeks ago. Had a few words for the dealer regarding the firestone tires. Basically told him I don't want it if it has firestone on them. He claimed there was nothing they could do about that - which is BS because I'm sure they could go to a tire place and get me new tires. But, that's not the point.

    I'm only hoping the GM decides to stop using the firestones and replace their factory order tires with something good. I used to like firestone, but not with all the 'mishapps they are having. Anyone thing GM will wise up and switch tire manufacturers?

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    I don't think GM uses Firestone nearly as much as Ford does. I see most new GMs with Generals or Goodyears.

    You can refuse your truck if the dealer won't swap them. Truly, their new tires should be fine...but a very tarnished image.

    I read a report in US News and World about brands and strategy. They basically said the way Ford has handled this has made them look golden and Firestone look horrible. Because Ford finally 'quit holding hands' with Firestone and was the first to admit, yes there is a major problem. That just left Firestone looking like an idiot, being the only ones left in the world defending their tires. A public opinion poll done by US N/W said about 5% of the people blamed Ford, 80% blamed Firestone, and 10% blamed both.

    IMHO, its probably Ford and firestone equal fault, since obviously Ford was spec'ing out pressures on a product they didn't design. Its called concurrent design...they need to learn it.
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    The report also said the NTSB predicted 1.8 million 16" Firestone tires to be recalled in the near future.

    Anyone else have info? I happen to own a set of these....
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    when you said you called Firestone I am assuming you talked to a customer service rep who was in denial...or programmed by Firestone. Did you check if those tires were on the recall list? If not, could be a whole new bag of worms. Thank goodness you weren't driving an explorer. Guess the only thing left to do is to take it into the deathstone dealer who I'm sure will replace under warranty or recall.
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    Unfortunately, Firestone's denial will be the death of them.
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    On my 95 Gmc Truck, I had a set of 265's 16 inch Steeltex A/T's that gave me 70,000 mi with mo problems. Now I have a Y2K F250 Crew Cab with the same tires with 9000 mi. on them hoping for the same. These tires however have an E rating, which you don't find everyday in that size of a tire. Plus I have my fingers crossed, they were made in Canada. I priced out new tires of comparable rating and they are up towards $200 a tire. Hopefully the Canadains do good work. But again you can buy a bad tire anytime on any brand. How good are all these brands that they are spitting out to replace these Stones, are they getting all the safety checks or are they cutting corners to make there allotments on each shift. You will never know for a few years.
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    Actually the "800" number firestone person was much more helpful than the dealer
    The 800 guy told me to take it in for replacement.
    The dealer actually told me that I had caused the tread to come off. I insisted that the tread came off and the tire still was holding air. He told me that the tire went flat and I drove on it just to get free tires.
    I politely suggested that he freshen up his resume' ;-}
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    I have the exact same tire. I bought them 'used'. they still had the knobby's on them. I only paid $95 a tire for this huge E-rated tire. I hope i don't pay for it down the line.

    What air pressure do you run in your truck? I iimagine yours is about the same weight as mine.
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    good luck on this one now!!

    I'd dump the Firestones in a heartbeat. The chances of it failing are increased everyday as you drive on 'em. Dumped the ones on my Denali which had 3000 miles on 'em. Who wants to take a chance? Is it even worth it? Go figure that one.
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    I got it. Have you seen dumb and dumber? When that guy and girl break into their apartment and kill the bird what did Lloyd do with it? He Taped its head back on and sold it to a blind kidd. HMMM got me thinking take my tires off and sell em to a blind person. Think it would work


    (i am in no way making fun of blind people just popped into my head thought i would add humor)

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    Why did you buy a chevy, why not stick with a gmc, but then i guess the gm guys gotta make two trucks the same, put differant names and cross their fingers that one will skim thru with no problems.
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    close analysis but no cigar. I bought the new styled '00 Silverado first in 8/99. Had some problems with it '97.5 SC regal GS lease was aboout to expire and the Buick dealer also handled GMC line of trucks and SUV's. So...the new Yukons were based on the new truck platforms which I was having some problems with. The '00 Denali is based on the old C/K platform which has been around for about 10 years. Since the Denali is on a 3 year lease, figured go with a proven product and could always upgrade in 3 years to the newer Denali/Denali XL. I had some initial problems with the ride quality of the Denali with some minor vibrations. All was solved with new Michelin LTX M/S tires replacing Firestone Firehawks. When comparing side by side prior to mounting, the Firestone sidewalls were way softer than the Michelins while the tread appeared to be stiffer. The weight of the Firestones were substantially less than that of the Michelins.
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    I don't see how Ford should bear equal responsibilty as Firestone. Lord knows, many tires around this country are running on low pressure(Women frequently) and have never suffered from tread separation. It's a design/production flaw from Firestone. I'd bet you could run 75,000 miles at 28psi on Goodyears and not have the problems Firestone is.
    This is why all companies warrant their product with tires being excluded.
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