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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Maltsensation: there's so much good information in the earlier entries, I suggest that you go to page 1 and go all the way through. Not only will you find the references and documents you may need, you will find the different ways that we all have tried to get satisfaction, the problems we have all had, and what worked and what didn't. That will take you a couple of hours, but its time well spent. There's some excellent information in the entries. Be sure to go to // to see if you were covered in the 2004 settlement. Good luck; never give up......
  • irishcaseyirishcasey Posts: 36
    Maltsensation - I have a 99 Ody. Trans failed at about 155K. I had read this forum and was familiar with the recall. I also had consistent maintenance work done at the same dealer.
    I had to plead my case to the dealer service manager then talk to two customer reps at NA Honda. Tell them I had an 87 Accord, 92 Accord and had to get a new trans in the 87.
    Bottom line I paid $1,700 for replacement trans with 3 yr 36 month warranty.
    I hated to part with the cash but this is a lot cheaper than a new car. I hope to keep the car to 200K.
  • ddbarrettddbarrett Posts: 9
    I would like to find out if the TCS light coming on is an early indicator of a failing transmission?

    I bot a 2002 Honda Odysessy van at 33,000 miles. I took it on a trip a few weeks later and I got a TCS light that came on. I later took it to the dealer and the replaced something that was a recall. Now, at 50,000, the transmission won't go into 2nd or 3rd gear.

    The van was orginally purchased by the first owner and maintained at the Honda Dublin dealership in california (i have the records); however I bot the van at a non-honda dealership, a Chevy Dealer (with the certification of being checked by a qualifed technician). Honda of America won't pay for hardly anything---my cost would still be about $3,000.

    Honda says it's because they don't know the history of van, but I have the records---they don't want to see them. When pushed, they said it is because I didn't buy the van at a Honda dealer. I told them my experience of 5 previous Hondas, no problems, all over 200,000 miles and I bought them all at dealerships---this being the first that wasn't. Honda doesn't care about past purchases, only this vehicle.

    They know about that many have received a high percentage of monetary help from HoAm, with almost double mileage that I have, but still, the issue is for them that I didn't buy it at a Honda dealer. It makes me very mad and makes me not ever want to buy a Honda again.
  • ddbarrettddbarrett Posts: 9
    No. 2002 are not covered---yet! Hopefully, there will be a class-action. Ours went out at only 50,000 and the dealer/HoAm won't do more than a few hundred dollars because we purchased it a non-honda dealer. But, we have all records of previous maintaince from a Honda Dealer.
  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    Hi to all Honda owners, well I have now the second Odyssey, it is a XL 2002 with 70.000 k on it, it is my wife’s car, I’m driving a 04 Accord (no complains) but lately my wife told me and I noticed too that the engine it is going crazy sometimes. For example suddenly the engine’s RPM goes from 2000 to 6 or 7ooo and the car it is just going like 45-60 mil/hour
    It’s there any one that experienced the same anomaly? Please let me know what you did to get rid of the problem. Thank you! :)
  • lavrishevolavrishevo Posts: 312
    You usually can't go wrong with a Lexus, except maybe the SUV. I know for a while their sedans were rated the most reliable cars out there.
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    Looks like I found my club to commiserate. Our van's at the dealer now to figure out what the problem is, but it's been lurching between 1st & 2nd, and 2nd & 3rd. Popped out of gear (rpm's went way up in "neutral" for a few seconds) on a few occasions. We'll keep y'all updated, but there are 700+ of us here. Maybe we should get together somehow and push Honda to give us a similar deal as the 99-01 folks got:
    I'm no lawyer, but it doesn't sound all that different to me.
  • shivamshivam Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 05 odyssey.
    No throttle response, power locks, rear sliding door and VSE light.
    What was the outcome?
    Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
  • dgram41dgram41 Posts: 1
    Hey y'all -- my 1999 Hon. Ody. needs a new transmission. Same problems switching into 2nd, 3rd, etc. I'm planning on driving this van into the ground. I'm the original owner - it has over 201,000 miles on it and the only preventive maintenance I've done is have the oil changed. I don't feel so bad now. I guess I must have gotten "one of the good ones". Good luck to all of you -- make Honda do the right thing -- remember that the "squeaky wheel gets the grease"! :shades:
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    When we first brought it to the dealer to check why the engine light was on, they said they couldn't find anything wrong & just turned off the engine light. Then a friend told me it might be the transmission and i looked around & found this & other forums. So, we brought it to another local dealer (didn't tell them anything to clue them in...just check the engine light). (By the way we bought our Ody in another state, so couldn't go back to that dealer.) They said it was the transmission of course. At that point, we at least knew they were competent. The manager there called American Honda and said they would pay 80% and we'd pay 20% of the $3,900 bill. I told him we appreciate all that he's doing to help, but, armed with info from these forums including that LA Times article, and our family's history of multiple Honda's owned, told him we know there is a manufacturing defect in this model (as there was in the '99 - '01 Odysseys for which they extended the warranty to 109,000 miles!), and we expect American Honda to "goodwill it" -- to replace the transmission at no charge to us with at least 3 years' warranty, as well as a loaner car while waiting. I also told him we got the oil injector kit installed as soon as notified in '04, and maintained the car very well -- often at the dealer. Curiously, he did ask if we were the original owners (which other posters have said they were asked -- maybe that carries some weight with them?) He said he'd email them and try. He apparently didn't get any further (or didn't try) as I didn't hear from him and we were charged $800 when we picked it up. I will now try going directly to American Honda for reimbursement, which probably will be a waste of time. I do appreciate the 80% off, but the fact remains that I've never had the transmission die on me at 80K in any car of any make, and there's obviously some defect in these models. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a Honda transmission to last well over 150K if not the life of the care. I don't think we should even be paying the $800, not to mention the week without our primary car being a big hassle. My friend got the extended warranty on his Ody because he knew this issue might come up, but it was $1400. As for us, we're grateful for the large discount, but feel that Honda's not handling this well -- are they just waiting for another class-action lawsuit? Especially for life-long customers who did everything right, we fill let down. If we're not fully reimbursed, we're going to avoid Honda in the future, and recommend our friends & family do the same.
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Cristian1, your RPM change is likely to be the torque converter in the transmission slipping. This is the best indication that the trans is about to quit, possibly locking up in the worst way. You can probably notice the tachometer waving at you when you hold a constant speed, especially when the trans is hot. You may also notice a hot oil smell when you park after driving the Ody for a while. Get to your Honda dealer quickly to record the problems, real ALL of the entries in this website about problems we have all had and how they were handled, and don't give up. I have 115,000 miles on my 2000 Ody, and its in the shop for its third transmission. The first failed at about 48K miles, before the class action suit for the '99-'01 models, and the second is failing now with the symptoms you describe. Keep after Honda until they offer something you are willing to accept.
  • xhonzixhonzi Posts: 7
    Thanks for the news on the temp sensor. We are having the same code (P0710 - Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor A Circuit) )come up on our 2002 Odyssey. We checked because the "D' has been flashing sometimes. We have not detected any abnormal gear switching (yet).

    How much did the replacement temp sensor cost you at the dealership?

  • jennwils3jennwils3 Posts: 4
    Hey, My 2003 odyssey failed last year and I had it replaced. I found out later that Honda should have covered it, but when I contacted them, they said that since they did not do the work that they would not cover any of the costs. I fought it and fought it , but they refused. At this point we are in need of getting a new car because we are still having problems and we don't have much confidence in the odyssey. I am going to contact the national highway traffic safety admin. and see if they can help. We are out about 3,200 for all the repairs and are crossing our fingers that it will work out. By the way, there were 6 Honda Odysseys at the transmission shop this last time we had it in. I could use some advice. I love my van otherwise and would like another one, but not if this is a trend for Honda.
  • jennwils3jennwils3 Posts: 4
    I have the same issue with my 2003. I have 100k now, but the transmission trouble started at 85k or so. Honda says since they did not do the repair that they will not pay. I feel like if this is a trend then they should be responsible for their faulty parts and engineering. There were 6 Odysseys at the transmission shop this last time mine was in the shop. We should push this it seems like there are a lot of us out there. Honda needs to hear our pain.
  • jennwils3jennwils3 Posts: 4
    Oh yeah, we are mad over here too. Honda needs to be responsible for this. The common denominator is Honda Odyssey and bad transmissions. You would think that after all the trouble in 1999 they would have remedied the problem, but from the amount of complaints on this site it seems that they did not.
  • madman5madman5 Posts: 1
    Yesterday my 2002 Honda Odyssey (59.8k miles) also had exactly same problem -(Transmission Code P0740). I can tell the engin lost power right after 30mph. Is this the area related to second gear (the problem area that Honda did transmission recall years ago)?

    The dealer said I have to pay $2250. With this low milage and after a company transmission recall service, I was mad.

    I am happy to find a group where I can share my story and pain feeling, but what can we do?
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Since my July 3 '08 post, I have had a new (rebuilt) transmission installed in my 115,000-mile '00 Ody, paying 25% and Honda paying 75%. My net cost was just under $600. My van was covered by the lawsuit, but I was not notified of the settlement, and only found out about it from this website, which was found as a link from Edmunds, and from Googling "Honda Odyssey transmission problems". I was fortunate in having a helpful Service Director at my local dealer. I brought him all of the documents that were available in postings on this site, including the Final Decision of the Judge, which describes the vehicles covered by the Decision. I also contacted the dealer who had replaced the first transmission at 48,000 miles but before the lawsuit. That dealer faxed all of their records to my local dealer, proving that Honda knew about my problems before my original warranty ran out. Don't believe your dealer if he tells you that they only keep records for two years; mine were over 8 years old and they still had them in their computer archives. Anyway, I now have a rebuilt tranny with a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty, and you'd better believe that if I see a warning light on the dash, its going back for work. Also believe that sometime before three years or 36K miles, I will have a different vehicle, probably not from Honda. Good luck to all, and don't give up hope. If you have no luck with a dealer, go to another dealer. The key is the local Service Manager/Director. G3guy. PS: for all of you with 100,000 miles or more, now you can start worrying about your timing belt and water pump...
  • d5kidsd5kids Posts: 2
    I am glad I found this website. We drove home today after being away on vacation- about a 9 hr drive home. Our minivan was having some problems- I think between 4th and 5th gear. During the drive, the car seemed to get stuck at about 60mph...and couldn't get out of 4th... then all of a sudden the rpms jumped, and the car would speed up. At first I thought it was just the heavy load in the car, but it kept happening. We just kept watching the rpms... the speed of the car.... and hoped we would get home okay. Luckily it was only when the car was around that 60mph.... range. As soon as we got home I went online to see what info I could find. I was not aware of the recall, at least not that I can remember.
    Can someone tell me... if dealer finds it is the transmission going bad... will Honda cover the repair cost completely? How can I find out if my Odyssey is one of the recalls? We have over 100,000 miles.
  • jennwils3jennwils3 Posts: 4
    I had the same problems. I think the best thing to do is go to the dealer. Since you have 100,000 miles your car may not be under warranty anymore. What year is your Odyssey? The lawsuit and recall covers 1999-2001, but the 2002 and newer are not covered. That is where I am having problems. You can contact Honda Care (800-999-5901) for extended warranty service or the Honda Customer relations to get some help (800-999-1009). I have been fighting this since January and still have not gotten anywhere with reimbursement for my Transmission replacement in November of 2007. By the way my car was still under warranty, but since I did not know this and I had to have it towed to my mechanic who had it towed to a transmission repair shop, Honda says that they will not pay. I never got a warranty handbook when I bought my car from the dealership, so how was I supposed to know this. I am hoping that I will get some help soon. YOu can also make an official complaint at the National Highway Traffic safety Administration. They have about 75 complaints about 2003 Honda Odyssey transmissions and as you have seen there are 750 statements on the Edmunds website about Honda Odyssey transmissions. YOu will have to fight, but be persistant and try not to get mad, hopefully if you take it to the dealership they may work with you. Let them know that there is a recall for 2003s look up campaign number 04v176000 on the NHTSA website and it will give the details. A lot of other people said that Honda agreed to pay for the parts and they had to pay for labor, which helped. I would love it if I could even get that far. Best of luck and post your results so we all can see what happend.
  • d5kidsd5kids Posts: 2
    what is the year on your odyssey? I just came back from the dealer. So, they say.. $4000 to fix. There were no diagnostic codes.. or problems coming up, but they said they found tiny metal pieces in the transmission fluid! They also said they test drove it, and they also found the same problem that I mentioned to them. But.. when I drove to the dealer - I didn't have any issues- Nor did we have any issues like we did on our 9 hr drive home. I mean, after we got home, there wasn't that 'slipping' of the transmission. weird. Oh, and that $4000 includes fixing 3 broken engine mounts. I talked with the service guy about the recall, and other odyssey transmission problems that I have read about. He gave me no indication that he was going to give me a 'deal' or cut the cost at all. Just basically that our transmission is going bad, and that was the cost to change with a refursished one. Recalls were for 99-01 models, and he even said it possibly hurt some customers who were past that 109,000 mileage. I am thinking of going to another dealer to see what they say.
    We just had an oil change yesterday- at a different dealer. They mentioned 2 broken engine mounts, but today, they told me 3.
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    d5kids: check the prices on local automotive repair shops to see what they would charge. The dealers will always be higher. A caution though, if you have the work done by someone other than Honda and there is a settlement later, you may not be able to collect from Honda. That's their current position on out-of-Honda repairs. Also, contact American Honda directly and start a file with them with a complaint. They will give you a case number; that will document your problem with them; they have the final approval on repairs paid by the company. $4000 is really high for a replacement of transmission; others posted here, and my own replacement, were closer to or under $3000. Last week, I paid 25% for the replacement on my 2000 Ody, and the total would calculate out to around $2400. Your dealer sounds like he's trying to boost you out of some wishes....G3guy
  • I have had 4 incidents with this van, after leaving driveway turning left and heading up a hill at 25mph making turn and attempting to stop- the engine reves up to about 3500rpm and brakes will not allow me to stop until I down shift, happened at 1500 miles, 4300, 4800, and at 5000 miles (this time I had driven about 10 miles went down a hill and backed into a parking space up a hill, foot on brake and engine reved to 5000 rpm and after getting it in park (engine still reving) had to turn the key to off to get it to stop. Any answers to this problem will help, feel unsafe driving it, but cannot duplicate it for the service people!!
  • fedup64fedup64 Posts: 2
    my 06 odyssey is 6 shuts down to 3 cyl when its eco mode....lately when it shifts back and forth, its been very jerky between the transitions. I took it to mike pruitt honda in akron ohio where i bought it and explained my problem. The mechanic felt the jerking and said he would reset the computer...........i went home..still wasnt better. I called service again. He said it needs a new pcm, thats some sort of module........he said bring the van baxk up so we can get the numbers to order the part. ( that made no sense to me, why i had to go back to get the numbers but i did it anyway) the service advisor said we ordered the part it will be 2 days to get it that was on a tues....friday i called them.........they wouldnt return my im mad. monday.....i call i talk to a guy he said oh ya its here bring your van in weds at 7:30 TO get it fixed............weds i go in ........sitting waiting for another hour plus of my time..........the service tech comes to me and says.....well we couldnt put your new pcm in because honda wont cover it because when we put it on the computer it didnt show a code.....needless to say i was pissed! i thought honda was a better company than this.................then the service lady said that it was a $1000 part and it wasnt jutified. the van is a 06 with 18,000 miles there is something wrong with the transmission and no one will do anything about it. the damn thing is under warranty what is the problem? just because a engine light didnt come on..............they say nothings wrong with it. 3 years ago i had a acura tl my transmission blew up in it, no lights came on...........then i found out there was a recall on transmissions for those needs to learn how to build a transmission...........they obviously have no clue.
  • fedup64fedup64 Posts: 2
    i have a 06 odyssey and my van has done a similar thing, if your engine light doesnt come on...........they wont fix it thats been my experience. honda has had problems with transmissions for years and years. i will never buy another one.
  • nonamernonamer Posts: 1
    my family went to the local Honda dealer they did it for under $500. our car problem was it jumped from 2nd to 3rd gear..
  • When I put my 2000 Honda Odyssey in reverse and step on the gas, it feels like the brake is on or at least in 2nd gear, and sometimes it will not move backward at all (especially if I am on an incline and trying to reverse uphill). My mechanic says I need a new transmission. He says the seals on the 2nd gear are leaking ( or at least that is what I took from the discussion). Should I insist that Honda pay for the new transmission? Is this a problem that Honda has known about it? Any advice is welcome.
  • xhonzixhonzi Posts: 7

    Consumer Guide Auto says:
    Automatic transmission problems prompted to company to extend warranty coverage to 7 years/100,000 miles. (2000-03)

    Is this true? If so, why are so many of us with 2002/2003 Odysseys under 100K having money problems. Or am I misunderstanding something here.

  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    It was definitely true for the 2000 models. My wife had one and we received a letter from Honda explaining the warranty extension. It was pretty fortunate since we had two trannies replace... one at 63K miles and one at 98K miles. Got rid of the van at 140K miles when we noticed the tranny starting to act strange again.

    I cannot, however, say that it was true for all of the model years you mention.
  • ndlxsndlxs Posts: 3
    The dealer right now is putting in my reman. transmission for my 1999 odyssey (115K miles). $2700 is what they are asking. I did get the P0740 code and the TCS light.

    Last September, however, I got the same code on the engine light; took it in, they said it was nothing. This would have been just 3 months after the class action settlement deadline for my purchase date, the last week of august 1999.

    Can someone guide me as to how I should ask Honda Corp; which key words to mention/etc.? Is it realistic to expect them to offer any goodwill assistance?
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