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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    Exactly this is my 4th (and last) Honda and I never bought an extended warranty. Never had any problems with my past Honda. 60K to 80K seems to be the going rate for transmission failure in the Odyssey.

    Do you remember the case managers name? Was it Ron?

    I told him that I find that hard to believe (that there is not a know problem with the 2002), I said you probably take calls just like mine all day long. He didn't reply to that.

    Class action law suit would be nice...
  • mms3mms3 Posts: 5
    ok got call from them....they are ready to cover 50% of 3500 USD.

    do i have any chance to negotiate with them ? i said i am looking for 100% assistance on this issue, transmission were bad for these models, regardless how many miles you put on it....
  • scottr5scottr5 Posts: 2
    Okay, I'm just tuning in because at 98,500 miles, my 2002 Odyssey started slipping. We've already had the blinking "D" light and a transmission fluid change (which helped for a couple of weeks). Tonight it won't shift past 2nd/3rd gear. Tomorrow we have to call the dealership to get it fixed. What do I say? Is there a recall on any part of it? Help.
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    There was a recall on the 2002 for one part of the transmission, so if you have had that done you will probably be in the same boat as the rest of us. From what my case manager told me if you have proof that you have done all of the maintenance (tranmission flush every 35K or whatever it is) Honda will cover more. My case I didn't have any reciepts and didn't do maintenance at the dealership, so they only covered 25%. I paid $3000. Good luck. Also if you are the original owner you may get more. They told me since I was the 2nd owner there is no way to tell if the first owner did the maintenance.

    It just amazes me how many people have this problem, and they still try to deny (or lie) that there is an issue. Your case manager will say no there is nothing wrong with the 2002 transmission other than the recall on that specific part.

    We need a class action lawsuite like they did for the 1999-2001's. Anyone know how to get the ball rolling on that?

    Did anyone contact the attorney that did the one for 1999-2001's? Seems like I saw the number posted some where...
  • huipinghuiping Posts: 1
    I had a 2001 Honda Odyssey model. The transmission was failed two days ago. I am the original owner of the van and nobody ever info me that there was a recall for the transmission. When I called the dealership when the problem was happened, they even didn't tell me there is recall and they simply told me the warranty is expired and I had to pay between $3500 to $4000 to get it repaired. Then I decided to go with AAMCO which gives me a cheaper price. Then I found out the recall information from this message, but it was too late for me.

    Is anyone know the attorney number who handles the law-suite case for 1999-2001 model? I would like to see whether there is any chance that I can get re-reimbursed.

  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    I am pretty sure I saw the name and number in this thread. You might have to read from the begining and go though each page. :-( But I am 99% it is in here some where...

    Update on my 2002. I called Honda back and tried to get reimbursed again for the $3K, when I took my car back in to get the pressure switch fixed. The case manger called the dealership too see what the problem was and then called me back and said no we won't refund you any money but the pressure switch is covered. I had to pay for the solenoid replacement though. Then he told me that the service manger said my car was full of sludge and all the fluids were dirty. And that is why they would not cover more because the car was not taken care of. So I called the service manger right when I got off the phone, and she said she did not say that. She said she told him that one of the causes of the solenoid failure is engine sludge, but not in the case of my behicle. So they are grasping at anything to get out of paying for these transmission issues, they even are laying their way though it.

    The case manger also told me that there are no known problems with the 2002 transmission (sorry if I am repeating some of this). So I have printed over 200 complaints on just the 2002 from NHTSA's website, and several hundred posts from this board. I have a packet about 2 inches that will be going to both Honda American and Honda Japan. Probably won't do any good, but will make me feel better that I tried...

    Good luck.
  • mms3mms3 Posts: 5
    sending it to honda will definately help.

    in my case (Honda Accord 2000) they are willing to cover 60% of cost, i will end up paying 1300 for transimission. I have two questions ... if someone can with that

    1) are these transmission rebuilt ? honda told me that they cannot have new transmission they wil install rebuilt and warranty is 3ry/36,000.

    2) can you please provide me Honda japan contact. address, phone no, fax no.
    i plan to pursue my case with them for refund.

    also have tried BBB, they were helpful in my case.

  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    What did the BBB do? I heard they wouldn't help if your vehicle is out of warranty.

    This web page shows the Honda corporate address in Japan:
  • mms3mms3 Posts: 5
    my vehicle is out warranty, BBB called dealership as well as honda case manager they could get down my part to 1200 from intial 1750 USD of total 3500.

    i think i will take this 1200 offer, my only confusion is they are playing with words like rebuild, remanufactured, transmission case is same internal parts new....makes me think again. so what they are offering is not new transmission but honda rebuilt with 3yr/36000 warranty.

    they are saying for such old vehicle they dont have new transmission. is it true ?
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    They told me the same, I got a remanufactured one with 3 year warranty. Should be fine. The service guy said most of the parts will be new inside the case.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862 only confusion is they are playing with words like rebuild, remanufactured, transmission case is same internal parts new....makes me think again. so what they are offering is not new transmission but honda rebuilt with 3yr/36000 warranty.

    Very rarely will anyone get a "new" transmission no matter where the work is done. The transmission housing/case is almost always re-used as it is a casting that very little can go wrong with. The housing is re-used and all new parts go inside the transmission. I would not worry about a re-used housing.
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    Someone has posted the link to the earlier model class-action lawsuit. There was also a very informative LA times article on this issue in our later year models. Reply here if you can't find it on edmunds since I could probably dig it up from my "file" somewhere. With that stuff in hand and some info from reading through these forums, and all maintenance records you have (from Honda or wherever), I'd advise:
    1. take your odyssey to your local honda dealer and ask them to check it out (pay the $50 or whatever they charge if you need to)...if they say it's the transmission, ask them if they would call american honda to see if they can "goodwill it". If they say it's not the tranny, but you think it still could be, go to another local honda dealer and get a 2nd opinion (that's what we had to do and it paid off).
    2. Once a honda dealer thinks it's your tranny, make sure their manager calls american honda to try to goodwill it -- if they won't, call american honda yourself, or perhaps even try a 3rd dealer. A lot of this depends on how much the dealer values your business.
    3. Be sure to tell them you're aware of the earlier model tranny lawsuit, and the LA times and other articles/forums that say a similar issue is going on with the 2002 models. Be sure to also tell them how long you & your family have owned honda's and how many, etc, etc...and how this customer loyalty is likely to fizzle if this isn't handled to your satisfaction. Be able to quickly highlight for them how good you've been about maintenance (even the non-dealer maintenance).

    When our 2002 Odyssey transmission failed, we were told it wasn't the trans at the 1st dealer, but the 2nd dealer found that it was, recommended replacement which is usually $3900, but only charged us $800. We didn't have extended warranty, we did to the oil kit injector replacement thing around 2004 as we were advised in a mailing from honda. We were pretty good about maintenance, but only about 1/2 or less at the dealer...and we had no idea we were supposed to be flushing the transmission fluid extra or whatever. We did the above and ended up with the $800 deal. We're kinda ok with the $800 -- definitely could've been worse. But we're angry that we weren't told we need to be religiously changing the transmission fluid to possibly avoid failure -- especially since we've had the van switch out of gear while driving with our baby in the car (the LA times article talks about some folks almost crashing because of this). We would've done those mitigating things if we'd known this was an issue! They advised us about the oil kit injector, why not send reminders out to get the transmission fluid flush done??? Good luck
  • panmaxpanmax Posts: 24
    "But we're angry that we weren't told we need to be religiously changing the transmission fluid to possibly avoid failure -- especially since we've had the van switch out of gear while driving with our baby in the car (the LA times article talks about some folks almost crashing because of this). We would've done those mitigating things if we'd known this was an issue! They advised us about the oil kit injector, why not send reminders out to get the transmission fluid flush done??? Good luck"

    Unfortunately, I did change the transmission fluid every 10 to 20 thousand miles and mine failed at 65000 miles. What a waste of time and effort waiting at the dealer to change fluid or changing in my garage. A 2002 Odyssey. No roof rack, no trailer hitch. I did get the oil kit at 30000 miles. I have to conclude that changing the fluid religiously does little or nothing to solve the problem. The oil kit injector does not solve the problem either. A junk design. My Ford was better.
  • Two weeks ago we purchased a 2008 Odyssey. Saturday morning, it drove itself into a shed after traveling up a hill and still in park!

    Situation: I was unhooking a trailer, my son was helping. I got in the van to pull the trailer forward a bit as we were on a hill and the trailer was stuck, seen as it was not latched down.. my fault, as soon as I moved it unhooked and started rolling away, I slammed the van into park, got out and ran after the trailer, got the trailer stoipeed, I then turned around and the van was driving off, not just slowly but picking up speed as it was driving up a hill and then drove into the neighbors shed. I tried my damnedest to catch it, it had to have been going about 15 miles per hour. I got to the van and it was in PARK. I had to turn the key of to get it to quit trying to inch it's way forward.

    I called the dealer and they basically said no known issues so you are screwed.. I am calling Honda directly today.

    Has anyone experienced any issues with the Transmission in the 2008's?
  • My 2000 Honda Odyssey transmission failed yesterday. :mad: When I was on the highway at that time. It was hard to move from 1st to 2nd and to 3rd gear. I almost got an accident for this transmission problem. Do Goolge search then find this forum. Thank You everyone for your great contributions. I will take to Honda dealers for checking tomorrow. Will update soon. I GOT A LEMON. :lemon:
  • pat85pat85 Posts: 92
    my only confusion is they are playing with words like rebuild, remanufacture, transmission case is same internal parts new....makes me think again. so what they are offering is not new transmission but honda rebuilt with 3yr/36000 warranty

    I had a 99 Odyssey. with transmission problems.. Honda put in a transmission that was rebuilt by an independent, not Honda. Maybe they have changed. I did get the 36 K mile warranty on the rebuild.
    The Odyssey transmissions have always been bad. IMHO
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Pat85: what Honda is saying is that whenever possible, they send your old transmission to a shop, either Honda's or a contract shop, where the transmission case is opened, the innards removed, the case inspected and cleaned, and new or remanufactured/repaired innards installed. They don't repair your transmission at your dealer. It goes into the pile at the "re-manufacture shop", and is taken apart whenever. You will not get your old transmission back, but will get new or repaired parts inside someone else's case. That is not a problem for you, as you will get the new warranty no matter what, and a transmission case is a transmission case, as long as it hasn't been cracked or otherwise damaged. In that case, the whole thing is discarded. Not to worry if they send it to an independent; they are probably better than having Honda get another crack at screwing it up. I had my 2000 Ody transmission replaced recently, and am about 500 miles into the new warranty. Knock on wood, so far so good. I have noticed a significant increase in gas mileage (from 19 to 23 miles per gallon) because the remanufacturer transmission doesn't slip. That's the only silver lining in the whole deal. Good luck.....g3guy
  • cmb3cmb3 Posts: 1
    Can anyone buy a car anymore without serious issues!!!?? My car is an 06 Touring purchased in May of 07. I had this same noise about 6 months after my "Certified" purchase of $30K. The dealership I purchased my Honda from said there was a "recall" and replaced all the brakes. As I type this my car is in the shop again - for the brakes making a grinding noise on short distance frequent stops (like through a neighborhood). I don't hear it all the time, only if I get caught a series of lights, make frequent short distance stops.

    The dealership just called me to say my brakes are fine just a glaze on the roters, and the noise is normal, but I can change the brakes (even though they don't need it) if I want to get rid of the noise.
  • Thx rfreitas. This was the best posting I've found on this topic.

    I just put my 02 EX-L in today (91043 miles) due to slipping going into 3rd (intermittently so far, maybe 12 times in last 4 months). I'm the original owner, this is the dealer I bought it at, and have had about half of its services done there (including the recall and 2x tranny fluid flushes) and a major regular service last summer.

    I used all the "code language" this morning when I brought it in (this is my third Honda, last one was still going strong at 190K miles, bought the Odyssey here, yada yada yada), and told the service manager that no matter what I wanted to have a case opened with American Honda to have my case of "02 Odyssey Syndrome" on their records.

    I'll keep this forum posted on what they come back with. Good news is they gave me a Ridgeline as courtesy car, so however long it takes to get my way....
  • Thank you for the replies. We went to a Honda dealership where we had bought three used Hondas in the past (though not this particular Odyssey...). Since I do all the maintenance as it's needed, I had no records to show, so was willing to drive across town to show some loyalty. At first they said the prior owner had done the oil jet kit (we don't know if they did or didn't). Then they called the Honda district office and Honda offered to cover all but $925 for a rebuilt transmission (goodwill program). I opened a case at Honda North America to try to get the rest covered and the woman was surly and impossible to deal with. She threatened to cancel the goodwill deal I had going, so I quickly called the dealer and asked him to tack on a new timing belt, water pump, and tensioner (roughly $1000 worth of work, all of which are due soon. When I went to pick it up, my total bill was $1300 for ALL of that. He said he came down even farther on the transmission to help us out. I think it was a really good move to show them we weren't just interested in their dealership for a freebie. We showed them we'll continue to invest in them, and in return, they invested in us. We are very happy.

    Thanks to you all on this blog most of all. I would've paid much more had I gone in there blind. Thank you all.
  • mms3mms3 Posts: 5
    got my car back after they installed transmission. (re-manufacture)

    when i started my car for first time after transmission work this morning SRS light came up !!! not sure what it is....but makes me really mad at HONDA. after all that time and money i still have something pending in this car...

    does anyone here know what could be the reason for SRS light.

  • Follow up on my issue. 4th gear tranny oil pressure switch failure.

    Total cost to fix, including diagnostic was $380. Plus I had their courtesy car for the two days...

    Anyone out there who has intermittent slipping and roughness during constant torque (even pressure on engine at highway speed for instance), keep this in mind. the world may not be ending :)
  • You came out better than me. I spent $3000. I had no records too, but they assured me only people with all records are getting more than 25%.

    I got a call back today after they received my packet with printouts of this forum and complaints at the NHTSA, and they still assured me that everything I read on the internet is not true. You guys in the forum are just making this stuff up! There are no problems with the 2002 Odyssey Transmission!

    Time to get that class action lawsuit extended to the 2002's and beyond!

    Good bye Honda, hello Toyota.
  • FYI,

    I just came across this other forum: ey-transmission-problems/index.html

    Sounds like another class action lawsuit is underway for the 2002's and newer. This forum has phone numbers of the attorney to contact to join the class.
  • Thanks to this forum only had to pay half the cost of replacing the transmission!!! Aren't I lucky!!! My 2002 with 83K miles had problems a couple of weeks ago - check engine light on - transmission noises and slipping - brought it into Honda - same as everyone else - code says replace transmission. First estimate was $4000. I declined and told dealer I knew there are problems with this transmission and I was going to contact Honda. Dealer asked if I'd like them to contact Honda for me. Sure. Next estimate was for the warranty price of $2600 which Honda agree to cover half. Got a call later that from the Dealer that they also need to replace some electronic control module(?). Total cost was $1750.
    Hoping to get that money back someday when the class action/ recalls are finally implemented. At least I'll have a record that the dealer replaced it. My next stop is the NHTSA to add my complaint to the chorus.
  • You came out better than me. Did you have maintenance records?

    I called the lawyers that are working on the next class action lawsuit. They said they are still gathering data and everyone should call in to give them your contact information. It took 5 minutes, name, email, phone number etc. Sounds like the more people they get on the list the better. Click this link below this forum has the phone number to the lawyer Jared Stamell at Stamell & Schager, LLP. I don't think we can post phone numbers in this forum.... ey-transmission-problems/page10.html

    The secretary will enter you information into the database.

    Everyone call them!
  • My 2000 Odyssey with 140,000 miles on it had the check engine light on and my mechanic says it needs a new transmission to the tune of $2300. I'm going to ditch it and buy a 2009 Subaru Forester as the traction on the Odyssey (or lack thereof!) has annoyed me from day 1.

    Really though, I thought a Honda would last a lot longer than 140,000 miles. I've taken excellent - perfect - care of it. Kind of bugs me, especially since I just put on a wonderful set of Nokian WR tires on it less than a month ago!
  • My transmission was replaced at 65k, 90k but was under certified warranty. I know have over 90k and have had an intermitent SRS light come on. Last time it was on I drove 30 miles to the dealer, but when they restarted the car the light didn't come on so did not trigger a code, so nothing was done. I was told by Honda that it has something to do with the air bags. After reading these osts will also make sure my case is registered, also the transmission because the fuid is brown and I was told my several mechanics that with the new transmission that shouldn't be happening.
  • I'm the original owner of a 2000 Honda Odyssey with 148K miles. I had the transmission replaced in 2005, but now my service light is coming on, indicating that I need a new clutch converter. My question is should I try to negotiate with the authorized dealer who replaced my transmission--Route 23 Honda in New Jersey--or use a local mechanic who is trustworthy but may not have enough experience with this job?
    Thanks for feedback and advice
  • I just purchased a 2001 honda odyssey with 60000 miles. There is no problem with the transmission now but was wondering if there is something a can do to prevent these commom failures. Does adding an aftermarket tranny cooler prevent this failure? How commom is it for this transmission to fail?
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