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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Rebel7: you should have received a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on the '05 tranny. Go back to the dealer who installed it and ask for warranty coverage. If that is refused, continue through him or a local Honda dealer, using facts that you can find in this forum, and ask for a "goodwill" assistance offer from Honda. Frankly, its amazing that you got 148K miles on only two transmissions!! Good luck....g3guy
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    galush: the Ody tranny has a major design error, which Honda has not been able to correct. Starting with the 1999 models and continuing through 2008, all Ody models have essentially the same problem. Many posts on this forum show that even with pristine maintenance programs, the failures are the same. In some cases, there have been no problems at all, and in some, the tranny fails at a few thousand miles, so its a crap shoot. If you can take your van back to the dealer and show him some of the posts on this forum, you can ask for an extended warranty, or a trade to a different kind of vehicle. He has the right to refuse, as in "caveat emptor", but if he is a big dealer, he might offer some help, but don't count on it. You might be one of the (few) lucky ones, and never have a problem with the van, but don't count on that, either. You can buy an extended warranty from a third party, but that's not recommended, as few of them are willing to pay. Sorry I don't have any better news for you......g3guy
  • galush;
    Sorry you just bought into the honda tranny coverup. Check out my original complaint post # 758. You can get there directly from the bottom of the page where your post was posted. These trannys can't handle the van weight, I have gone through 2 in 102000 miles. #1 at 37800 miles and #2 at 102000. miles. 64000 on the 2nd tranny. They are a piece of crap and honda wants to handle each failure as if it is a unique case. Do a web search on Honda odyssey transmission problems you will get over 552000 responses in my book over half a million is quite a few unique cases. If you bought from a dealer with any kind of reputation to protect take it back and trade for something else. Good luck you. Jim H
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I heard that the older tranny was too much for a car the size, weight and engine power like the Ody. For 2007 model, a stronger tranny replaced the old one, one on the Ridgeline. Then the SOFT BRAKE issue. Isn't these things never ending?
  • Any idea about the failure percentage? I have a 2003 with oil jet patch and so far it'been OK with <50K miles. I am bit worried about this problem, since I do my own maintenance including tranny fluid change and may not have a good case should it happens. I am considering having dealers to do the fluid change from now on.
  • I hate to hear this. We also have a 2008 Odyssey and I have noticed some strange behavior in the transmission. If I am parked on an decline and shift out of park to reverse it makes a god aweful chunky/grinding noise. Also this the first standard that I have owned where the car can be in gear yet it will roll several feet before the gear seems to engage.

    I spoke with the dealer about this and he said that this is totally normal for this vehicle. Right...

    jcthoel, please keep me updated.
  • I had similar issues with our 07 Odyssey and they said it was normal also...Ha..Ha But to my surprise after about 15,0000 miles both of these issues improved. Then soon after we ended up getting an 08 because of the braking issue (lemon law) and have not had the problem yet with our 08. I have read that the transmission did change on the 07 & 08 model which I am hoping is a good thing. Our transmission also took a loooong time to engage when switching from reverse to drive. That also seemed to improve on its own. How many miles do you have on your 08?
  • I got the same story for my 2000 Odyssey with 130K miles when the check engine light came on. However, the transmission seems to shift properly so I am not sure what might be going on.
  • I just got my 08 EX last month..same issue when reverse to drive the trans makes a click/cling noise...seems to engage later. I haven't brought this to my dealer yet cause my van has bigger issues than that. Apparantly, a lot of 05-08 Odys have this pinging noise at accelaration from 1-2 gear shift and 2-3 gear shift. As Im reading the forums on this issue it seems like its some sort of a engine issue. It has to do with the valve timing.

    I hope u dont have this issue with ur van..if u do than share it with other owners under that specific forum...thx.
  • Hello there...u mentioned that u switch from 07' to 08' with a (lemon law)?? Just wondering after 15K miles how were u able to trade with the lemon law. Isn't the lemon law allowed to be practiced within a few K miles and 90 days or so? OR did u just trade ur older one for a new one?
  • No the lemon law is for like 2 years in MN. Was not even close on the mileage or the time limit.
  • 2001 Honda Odyssey, 3.5L engine. Mileage: 60557

    This is my first Honda and I bought from a Honda dealer late last year.

    I drive around 50 miles a week (from home to office).

    Around 2 weeks ago, started to have problems on shifting. Check engine light is on with the following three codes:

    P1457: Evap leak tank system
    P0740: TC clutch fail
    P0780: Shift malfunction

    I have been able to drive slowly and the problem comes when the engine is cold and the first half a mile or so, slow shifting at low speed. When I turn make a right turn TCS light comes and D4 starts to flash. However if I stop the van and restart it again, the problem goes away. Seems to shift ok in the high ways after the engine is hot.

    Just realized that Honda had extended warranty on this vehicle for 7 years or 100, 000 miles. When I called Honda dealer, they told me that the warranty expired 2 months ago. and the quote I got from Honda was $3400.00. I called Honda Motors and told them about the problem and that they should fix it. After a week (yesterday) they came back to me said that they would only cover 25% of the $3400 and my out of pocket expenses would be $2400.00. I bought the car used from a dealer and it had done around 56000 mile when I bought it. And the Honda dealer did not tell anything about the extended warranty. And the dealer told me that the offer from Honda company would be their last offer.

    I have not talked to Honda Motors after this and was wondering how should I handle this issue. I have also talked to a local transmission shop and they told me that they would rebuilt the transmission for around $1250.00 and give 1 year, 12000 mile warranty.

    Please advise what course of action I should be taking.

    Thanks for your help!
  • That stinks two months out of warranty. I would probably get the transmission fixed by Honda if I were you. Because they will give you a 3 year/36K miles warranty on it. From what I read many people have had 2 and 3 transmission put in.

    I just had one put in this summer. I am selling the chunk of junk as soon as the warranty is up (3 years).

    There is a new class action lawsuit in the works, but I don't know that it would help you since your vehicle was included in the first lawsuit.

    Everyone needs to call and give their information to the attorney. Takes 5 minutes, the secretary adds your contact info and vehicle to the database. Contact info is here: - ey-transmission-problems/page10.html

    You might try writing a letter to the president of Honda, I have heard that helped in some cases. Try to push the fact that you are barely out of warranty, and they should cover more...

    Good luck.
  • The (Check Engine) light started flashing a few days ago, when my 2000 Odyssey is started (5 flashes) then goes out. Honda dealer says that the 3rd Clutch pressure switch (Code P1739) has to be replaced, if problem not solved then tranny needs replacement; no talk about any other service or charge. Independent shop says switch needs to be replaced then electronics need to be checked... PLUS fluid and filter might as well be replaced since it will all come out at switch replacement.

    Which one is BSing me or not telling me the whole story? As it now stands, the dealer is cheaper than the independent--which I've never found to be the case. Maybe I shouldn't complain too much, as this is the first tranny problem in 101K miles!

    Thanks in advance for any comments!
  • IMHO, I wouldn't take it to the local mechanic--and here's why. Automatic transmissions are VERY complicated beasts that are best left to the experts. So now you have two choices: a Honda dealer or a transmissions shop. The dealer specializes in Hondas--but on all Honda models plus all Odyssey systems--not just transmissions. The tranny shop specializes in transmissions--but often on many different brands and models--not just Hondas. Bottom line is that neither shop would be as perfect as the NON-EXISTENT shop that only does 2000 Odyssey transmissions!

    Unless you have additional data on either shop (complaints at Better Business Bureau, word-of-mouth recommendations--or warnings to steer clear) it pretty much comes down to price. Good luck!
  • Do you mind if I ask what state you are in and if you won at arbitration or did Honda settle and give you a new van? We are in the middle of a lemon law suit now awaiting arbitration and our attorney seemd to think that even if we win....3rd tranny in 7 months on an 07 with multiple other issues, including brakes and 40 days in the shop...that Honda will appeal and we will be in court for 18 months to 2 years. Thanks
  • I'm very stressed after reading for more than an hour about odyssey tranny horrors. My 2002 has 79K. They did the recall 2nd gear jet at 13K miles. I don't have any tranny troubles, however my ck engine light and TCS light came on @ 18 mo. ago. Yes, I drove with that for a few months, all else was maintained ie: synthetic oil changes, coolant level ok and no tranny issues. The lights went off as I was pulling into the dealer to have the codes read(no kidding). They stayed off for over a year. Last week, they're back again(no noticable tranny woes.) Does a TCS light and ck engine light mean tranny problems?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    As soon as the CEL is on, take it to Autozone to scan the code for free and they should be able to tell you what the code(s) about.
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    Seminara (#835),
    Ours was a 2002 also with almost the same miles when we started getting the lights! The first dealer we went to checked it out said everything was fine...take it to 1 or 2 other Honda dealers and call American Honda's 800 number to tell them what's up (open a file). Ours ended up being the transmission and we had to have it replaced. They charged $3900, but "goodwill'ed it" down to us just paying $800. Keep after them though before you get stranded somewhere.
  • Same here, I have a 2002. I had to pay $3000. When you call Honda they will try to tell you there are no known problems with the 2002 transmission other than the recall work that you had done. Don't expect much unless you have all your maintenance reciepts.

    If you end up needing a new transmission, be sure to give your info to the lawyers that are working on the new class action lawsuit.

    You can find the attorney info here: ey-transmission-problems/page10.html
  • My nightmare has just begun.
    I have a 2002 Odyssey, 7 year warranty, 130,000 kms
    the warranty was up sept 17 2008, and on the suddenly convenient date of sept 27, the engine light came on.
    it was just a day after I had the oil changed so i thought it was a sensor reset issue or maybe a tech didnt screw something back on properly.
    I was wrong.
    they told me it would cost $3915 to replace the transmission because the code read "clutch failure" and shifting malfunction, which would call for replacement of the transmission.
    I was mortified.
    I seemed to recall having the vehicle in the shop back in '06, telling the guys at the Honda service center that the tranny seemed to "shift very hard" into 2nd gear. their answer to the prob was flushing the tranny twice, after which the van drove exactly the same, but the techs assured me that the shifting was "the nature of the beast". funny how 12 days after the warranty goes up, I seemed to be in need of e new $3915 part, rather than a double flush and a pat on the back.
    I called Honda Canada immediately after I git this news, explainng my situation, they said they would review my service history and get back to me as soon as possible.
    It's been a week.
    Nature of the beast.
  • That stinks, hopefully you have reciepts for you transmission flushes. Contact the attorneys, see my previous post #838

    I sent a letter to Honda America corporate and Japan. I just got a letter from Honda Japan, they said they would contact Honda America for me, but the final decision would be from Honda America.
  • The transmission in my 2002 Honda Odyssey needs to be replaced at 87,000 mile. I bought the 7 year extended warranty. It expired on Friday, Oct. 3rd. I didn't drive it on Friday. On Saturday, Oct 4th I started the car and the MIL was on and the D was blinking.
    I just brought it to the dealer. I have to pay for labor ($1200) Honda is paying for parts ($3800).
    How unbelievable is this?!!!!
  • Unbelieveable, it really makes me mad when I see new posts every other day of people having the same problem, and Honda tries to say there is no known issue with the transmission if you had the recall work done. Yet they still cover part of it. They need to be held accountable and cover 100% for everyone since they obviously have a faulty part.

    I hate to sound like a broken record, but contact the attorneys. The secretary that I talked to said she gets calls every day. Hopefully the more they get, the quicker the lawsuit will take place and we can all get our money back.
  • I just received a call from the dealer. It turns out the transmission is fine. A squirrel chewed through something called the "TCC Silenoid" (This is possible - I live on 5 very woodsy acres. For the last year the van as been outside (it was previously kept in the garage until a year ago when I replaced it with an Acura MDX) and this time of year squirrels are building nests. Now that it is out of warranty and I can't leave it outside because of the squirrels I will be bringing it to car max. Other than this problem it has been great for 7 years (and why I bought another Honda/Acura.) I "wasted" $1000 on the extended warranty.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    If Honda is providing the transmission which costs $3,800 and you're paying the labor of $1,200, They're paying for 75% of the transmission replacement which is pretty darn fair in my opinion. Few if any other car companies would do that especially for a vehicle that is very near 100,000 miles. :confuse:
  • I agree. I was happy they were willing to pay 75%. I was more upset it happened the day after the extended warranty expired. In the end it turned out not to be the transmission (see post #843). I had all scheduled maintenance done at the same dealer for 7 years. They offered me "the only pay labor deal" right from the start. They initatied calls to Honda without me even requesting it.
    I know a lot of people on this board have had a lot problems with their Odysseys, but mine was perfect for 7 years and 87,000 miles.
  • I opened a case with BBB and sent all my repair documents to them and they had contacted Honda and Honda decided to settle. They offered either to replace the vehicle or buy back. After all I had gone through I opted for buy back.

    Here's what I would suggest, open a case with BBB. You can do this online. Once they accept the case they will send you documenation that needs to be filled out. After you send it back to them it takes approximately 20 days for them to contact Honda and get back to you with the next steps.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for the advice. Note: mine is a 2003 not 2002 (oops). Autozone ran the codes for free. It came up with one code #1491 the ERG valve. The TCS light came on on the way to Honda.They said it was part of the ERG valve failure.These are extended warranty for 10 years or 84K mi. The dealer replaced this for free and cleaned the ports. They also changed the transmission fluid and said all was well. Is there any advantage to synthetic transmission oil in warding off any catastrophic failure?
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    If you think the transmission should be fixed by Honda Goodwill Repair, please make sure you contact the right parties...

    Out of warranty: Any repair performed after warranty
    expiration may be eligible for goodwill consideration by
    the District Parts and Service Manager or your Zone
    You must request consideration, and get a
    decision, before starting work.
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