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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • jvhwoodjvhwood Posts: 8
    First failure at 37800 miles missing 2 to 3 shift and high RPM setting check engine and Tranny error codes-Result local Honda dealer replaced tranny with Honda factory remanufactured Tranny. No charge. At this time Honda service manager recommended fluid change at 15000 mile intervals which we have done, and the addition of a tranny cooler. I installed a super duty cooler for vehicles up to 24000 lbs. The tranny also got 2 Honda fixes installed shortly after the install an oiler change and a sooner downshift change when encountering a hill.

    With all the above the 2nd tranny went to 102000 (64000) miles and then blew the driver side output seal. New seal installed and at 105000 miles the same seal is leaking again and tranny is short timing it getting ready to splatter. the differental that feeds the output shafts to the wheels is very noisy and lets the left output shaft wobble destroying the seal. I solved my Honda tranny problem last week permanently, by taking a lowball trade in offer on it and buying Toyota. We have had 3 Toyota's in the family with over 200000 miles on each one with no major problems.

    Goodluck to all you guys fighting the honda tranny problems, I'll never buy another piece of [non-permissible content removed] Honda product NEVER-NEVER-NEVER.
  • I have a similar transmission problem with me Odyssey 2002, which has only 87K miles. I just filed a complain with NHTSA (, ODI number is 10235354. There were 453 complains for Odyssey 2002 at the time I file my and most of them are transmission problems. I urge all of you to file a complain with NHTSA so they can have enough evident to take appropriated action against Honda Co. They will only offer to pay 25% of the cost and I have to pay $2979.25 to replace the transmission and the PCM module.
  • tuxmasktuxmask Posts: 21
    Call up Honda USA 800-999-1009 and complaint. I have 125k on my 99 Ody and they are willing to foot the bill for the transmission. I have to pay $600 for the labor.
    I told them I have a friend whom had received total compensation for his transmission
    repair from Honda. I've also complaint that I didn't receive any extend warranty letter from Honda. You need to have your transmission service in Honda though.
    Good luck.
  • s2006cws2006cw Posts: 1
    Here's my experience:

    At 76k miles I started to notice transmission slippage. I brought my 2002 Odyssey EX-L RES to the dealer and they could not find anything wrong. I continued to experience slippage. Sure, I was out of warranty for 2 years and 40k miles over, but this problem shouldn't be happening on a Honda product. I was mad as heck and did some research on this forum. I called American Honda and asked for some "goodwill" assistance. The case manager said they could possibly help at 50%, but I needed to bring the van to the dealer again for diagnoses. After some time, my TCS and engine malfunction light turned on and my transmission slippage continued to get worse. I took it down to the dealer for diagnoses and had a P0740 code (incorrect gear ratio) which the dealer said I needed a new re-built transmission at a cost of $3,800. The dealer was so rude saying that based on my service record (non-dealer services), mileage, etc, I should only be getting 1% goodwill from the local corporate parts representative. ?!##$ I could not believe this!! A subsequent call to the American Honda case manager was returned only to say they could raise the goodwill to 10% because I was a loyal Honda customer.

    By this time I was steaming mad and read messages in this forum and other forums about possible class action lawsuit. I read a message about writing to the parent company in Japan about my issue. That's when things started to change...
    A week after I sent my letter to Japan, I received a response from Japan apologizing for my troubles, however, my case was better handled through their distributor, American Honda. The next day,I received a call from American Honda indicating they would offer goodwill at 50%. That was sure better than the initial 10%. I proceeded to get the work done and had a re-built transmission installed at a cost of nearly $1,900. The re-built transmission works fine with a 3-yr warranty and now everything seemed back to normal. I was still disappointed to pay out money. But soon after the work was done, I received a call from American Honda that they reviewed my case again and would cover my transmission at no-cost. I was then reimbursed for my cost upon proof of payment.

    This whole experience was getting to be ugly, but with persistence, it paid off. I hope my experience will give others some hope.
  • tomackleytomackley Posts: 1
    Have a 2002 odyssey just past warranty as well. Wondering if anyone is willing to give the contract info that they successfully used to get Honda of America to foot the bill for the transmission service, and perhaps what they sent/told Honda in order to get them to do it. Would really help in my upcoming battle to fix the tranny. Right now, I have their phone # 1-800-999-1009

    BTW, what if I had my services done elsewhere and not at Honda, and I didn't keep good records...
  • cvaskocvasko Posts: 2
    I had to replace my transmission at 51k miles and had to escalate to Honda America to have it replaced free of charge. Now, 67k miles later (118k total) was just told this morning that I need another transmission! They were kind enough to tell me that the replacement transmission was going to be $5400 (bull) and that they would be gracious and contribute $1650 and a 36k warranty. I'm livid. Escalating to Honda America AGAIN. Apparently their transmissions only last 50 - 60k; there is a majjor design flaw, they know it, but they won't stand behind their name. Even if I would pay for a new transmission, the $5400 they are quoting me is so far above market price it's ridiculous. My brother had to replace his transmission at 120k miles and he only paid $2300 at a dealership 50 miles away; I suspect my dealer is ripping me off. (I'm tempted to park the car in front of the dealership with a big LEMON sign on it.) Stay tuned.
  • jpc01jpc01 Posts: 4
    I'd go straight to Honda Tokyo in addition to Honda posted earlier that's how we got our results...we were in the UK but it was a US bought Ody and Honda US was worthless...below are some of the themes we used...hope it helps...good luck!

    -- I am a Honda owner of a 2001 Odyssey, VIN ____, and I need Honda to honor its warranty and fix my Odyssey's transmission... All of our interactions with the ____ branch come back to the issue that Honda - a huge multi-national corporation - will not honor the warranty of an American bought car which is in England.

    Since October, my wife and I have tried with much patience, grace and good faith in Honda's reputation for outstanding customer service, to resolve this issue through normal customer service channels. We have been extremely disappointed at every turn. We have been plagued with very poor and non-responsive customer service and the few answers we have received, over the phone, amount to bureaucratic mish mash that ultimately end with "we cannot help you." We have even proposed solutions to this problem to no avail.

    This poor customer service boggles my mind. The lack of support boggles my mind. ...The defect my Honda possesses is well documented. We've had the car evaluated by a ... Honda dealer, .. in [the] UK, but Honda will not authorize repairs or supply the part or labor. We are told we must pay for everything out of pocket and then apply for reimbursement. ... Honda will provide no guarantees. Honda will not put anything in writing. Honda has foisted this problem due to a Honda defect straight into our laps and turned away.

    I request an immediate reply to this letter acknowledging its receipt, and I look forward to Honda fixing my Honda Odyssey promptly and showing that its customer service is indeed much better than we have experienced.
  • esteezeesteeze Posts: 102
    I went for the 1st service (A1 - oil change and tire rotation) in our 07 Odyssey EX yesterday (at 5,200 miles / 7 months). The service tech found a minor transmission fluid leak.

    Looks like I'm off to the dealer tomorrow to have them look into the problem... not looking forward to it given all of the posts regarding transmission problems. Curiously, we had an 04 Odyssey EX for 40,000 miles/4 years, with NO transmission problems; now we have this after 7 months in an 07...
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    Well, I have not posted for a long time, but guess what, yesterday the green "D" started blinking again. Got a code reader, and it's P1740 again "Manufacturer Control Transmission". Same code I got in December at 87k miles. Now only 8 months into the new transmission and about 8k miles, and it's back at the dealer again. Let's see what happens this time.
  • esteezeesteeze Posts: 102
    I went for the 1st service (A1 - oil change and tire rotation) in our 07 Odyssey EX yesterday (at 5,200 miles / 7 months). The service tech found a minor transmission fluid leak.

    Looks like I'm off to the dealer tomorrow to have them look into the problem... not looking forward to it given all of the posts regarding transmission problems. Curiously, we had an 04 Odyssey EX for 40,000 miles/4 years, with NO transmission problems; now we have this after 7 months in an 07...

    Follow up:

    The dealer checked it out, but they were not able to find a leak. They told me that they looked around the area of the flywheel in particular. They also checked the fluid levels, and test drove the car for ~3 miles; everything seemed to check out.

    I may just follow up with the indy shop that pointed out the problem. They did show me what they thought was a leak at the time, but to me it didn't look too dramatic (I didn't really know what I was looking at anyway). I guess I was thinking that the leak would be obvious and straightforward for the dealer to see.
  • cvaskocvasko Posts: 2
    fast foward, transmission replacement (didn't need the ECMs after all) for a total of $3100- . Honda America representative was rude and insinuated that I did not keep up with the maintenance and therefore would not contribute anymore. I told them to go ahead and do the repairs (with the intent of suing them later). Guess what - I picked my car up from Honda Dealership (Leesburg, VA) 11:30 a.m., picked my 2 kids up, packed the car to take off for vacation. Approximately 40 miles (YES, F-O-R-T-Y) THE TRANSMISSION FAILED AGAIN. I pulled into another Honda dealership in Maryland and demanded a rental car and had to move all the luggage into the rental car (putting me 2 hours behind schedule ) and finally left the dealership. I received a phone call from them 15 minutes after I left and they told me that YES INDEED THE NEW (AND 3RD) TRANSMISSION HAD FAILED. Unbelievable! Needless to say I went batshit. Called Honda America who had received calls from both dealerships and knew me by name by now. They agreed to refund my $3100 from the 3rd transmssion and are paying for the 2nd car rental and now I have to wait another 3 days while my car is in Maryland waiting for the new transmission. Honda America had a whole different tune this time apologizing profusely probably just trying to fight off a lawsuit. So there you have it. Will follow up to Honda America and Japan and the National Transportation Highway Administration.
  • Hi

    I am want to share my experience.

    My odyssey also had the same problem of P0780- Shift malfunction. I was scared in the beginning because there was another Error Code along with it. To see if the P0780 was not a fluke, I erased it and continued driving normally. After 2-3 days of driving, I got the same code again with Flashing D4 light and vehicle not moving an inch even after full throttling. It was the exact same spot when I had got my first p0780.

    Just to prove it again, I erased the error code and drove ody again on the same road. Engine light again came up with D4 light flashing.
    Before taking car to dealer, I wanted to gain more knowledge about issues as few of my friends had given me alarming feedbacks.

    I happened to read this post and I was frozen as this was the only post which was exactly matching to my problem. The experience mentioned here was also eye-opening. I started looking at other oprtions apart from Honda dealer service center.

    But since I was using the service station for last 3 years, I decided to go to the same honda dealer. I called and fixed up the time.

    I went to dealer and showed my car. He told me to run diagnostic which would cost me $100. I was not sure whether to spend money and hence I shared my computer code with him. But he still wanted to run his tests to find out the root cause. Reluctantly I agreed to run diagnostic as he assured me that he would not charge me for it if there is genuine problem with transmission.

    After 40-45 minutes he came back with a round-red face and took me to his shop. He told me that the transmission was bad and needs to be replaced. As soon as he told this to me I started guessing the money he would ask for it. I asked asked him "how much will it cost?". He said " nothing.." I was pleasantly puzzled and re-confirmed with him. He again told .. "Zero Dollars... Honda is changing the transmission for free". He had called Honda assistance and asked them about the transmission.

    Later I did not ask him a question about the problem. I handed over vehicle to him and fixed a drop off to my office.
  • dunstedunste Posts: 1
    My 2002 Honda Odyssey (94,000 miles) recently started experiencing transmission problems with no indicated faults (slipping when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear). After reading your forum and getting smart on 2002 transmission problems, I took the van to the dealer. After the first look, the dealer was unable to re-create the slippage, changed my transmission fluid (it was due anyway but I didn't have much confidence this would fix the problem). One week later, it began slipping again. We were going out of town for a week, so I left the van with the dealer for the entire week. While on vacation, I got a call from the dealer saying they had gotten the problem to repeat and were recommending a transmission replacement (new vice rebuilt) and computer replacement and quoted me $4400 for the job. They said the computer and transmission were a matched set and should be changed at the same time? When I questioned the known 2002 Odyssey transmission problems, I was told I would need to discuss any goodwill with Honda America (1-800-999-1111). Honda America has offered me 35% for parts only which lowers my cost to approx $3200. I plan to take it to AAMCO for a second opinion. My questions are: Does the computer have to be changed with the transmission? Is there a problem with going with a rebuilt vice new? What are your experiences with AAMCO? My uncle who is a Ford mechanic says $4400 seems high and that he has never heard of needing to replace the computer at the same time. What other action can I take to get Honda to cover more of the cost? I would prefer to have the work done at a dealer.
  • rruanrruan Posts: 1
    I live in LA, age is 47 and have a 2002 Honda Odyssey with a transmission problem, mileage is at 138000. Last Saturday 8/2/08 the transmission gave up on me. I know this because the gear is in D but would not move, I tried reverse, 1st, 2nd and it would not move at all. I was not expecting this to happen since it was replaced, for free when it had 59000. I would have thought that Honda, with its reliability reputation, would have came up with the solution to this transmission problems. Some of the post here indicated there was no recall for 2002 models, but I am sure there is because I received one when the milage was less then 30000 miles. They did not replace the transmission then, but they replaced it for free when it gave up on me at 59000 miles. I took it to Galpin Honda in San Fernando on 8/4/08, the workers over here are not friendly, knowledgable or helpful at all, they go about their business of charging the most and less in return. When I went in and told them the problem I was told the the transmission are never repaired and would have to be replaced if it goes bad. Verbal estimate before the van was diagnosed was at $2000 to $2600, I think he said to encourage me to have the van diagnosed there so even if I didn't have the work done there, they would have charged me the $96 for diagnosis. I left the van there and didn't get any call from them until I called at around 4:30 pm. They told me the transmission is bad, (dahhhhh), and it would have to be replaced not by a new one but a refurbished one total cost for the transnission, labor and tax is about $4000! I called Honda Corporate office in Torrance and filed a compliant with them. Still awaiting the outcome. I will post the result here when I get it.

    Link to Wikipedia and other sites (at the bottom of the page)
    ^ Honda Transmission Settlement
    ^ Odyssey Transmission Recall
    ^ OdyClub Forums - "Does Plus one seat fit touring?"
    ^ NHTSA - 2005 Honda Odyssey w/SAB
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    Dear Dunste: no, it is not required that the computer be replaced. I got the same recommendation from my local service manager, but went to AAMCO for the second opinion, as you have done. Their recommendation was to get the tranny replaced without the computer change and see what happens. I did, and it works fine. As to rebuilt vs. new, you'll get a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty from Honda either way, giving you time to dump the van and get something reliable. I love my 2000 Ody, but this is the third tranny for me, and that's enough. $4400 for the tranny change is robbery; I paid $600, but I had a cooperative service manager. You might try a different dealer, or contact Honda Japan. Their number is in some of the messages on this site. That has worked for several others who have written here. Keep after Honda, don't give up. Be courteous but firm, and have the computer checked by someone else. Honda has dropped way down the customer satisfaction list, and the main office may offer a better deal than your local guy. Good luck...G3guy
  • g3guyg3guy Posts: 31
    rruan: I paid $104.96 for the diagnosis at my local dealer, under the condition that if they did the replacement work, that amount would be taken off the total. They agreed, and it was. Honda paid for all but a total of $600 to replace my tranny with a rebuilt. Don't pay the full amount; fight it, courteously but firmly, using tactics described throughout this website. You might not get it all, but you'll get some of it. Good luck....G3guy
  • bjavierbjavier Posts: 1
    i had 2 transmission replacements on my 81 Ody, so i gave the car to my son & he ended up replacing another transmission @ 125000. I bought a 87 ody & now have 25k miles on it. i am experiencing a lag when shifting from reverse to drive. i hope its nothing serious. With all the problems, i will consider Toyota Sienna or a Nissan Quest.
  • jvhwoodjvhwood Posts: 8
    It would be great if we would all report our HONDA TRANSMISSION problems to All it takes is a few minutes your vin # and base details of your failure. I did 2 one each for both of my trans failures see post # 758 the more reports of failures the NHTSA receive the more ammo they have to get Honda to issue a recall and foot the bill. Also it will help any class action suit against Honda for selling these poorly designed transmissions and using the public as their testing grounds.
  • ljolleyljolley Posts: 3
    I am having the same issue with my 2008 Honda Odyssey. It has a crack or hole in the transmission. It has evaluated now by my mechanic (who couldn't believe that such a thing could even happen!) and by a Honda mechanic. I have a case number. They are going to get back to me...
    I would greatly appreciate any advise. How did you get them to buy the vehicle back? It sounds as though this is an issue for these cars. Has Honda admitted that?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.
  • I have a 2004 EXL RES with 79000. mi. Last night the D (in the gear desc) Light began flashing while we were driving. I looked it up in the book and it states possible trans problem, go to a dealership. Called dealership this am. Not the dealership where i bought it so they were not anxious to get me in. My regular mechanic (not the dealership) mentioned to me that there was some type of recall a few years back. I looked it up today, and I too called the 800 you listed above. i gave them my vin number and were told that convienently MY specific vehicle is not included in the recall or extended warranty. I am suspecting i will be getting the same code and will be buying a transmission tomorrow, if they can find the time.
    I purchased the vehicle brand new in January of 2004. I do not tow, or carry any thing other than kids and their stuff, and cannot understand why i would have to replace 1/5 of the total cost of the vehicle less than 5 years and under 100000.mi.
    If i am given this grim diagnosis, would you suggest I fight to get this paid for? this whole thing makes me sick. My husband was looking to purchase a new car in the next couple of months and I was pushing the ACCORD. FORGET THAT.....
  • ljolleyljolley Posts: 3
    I inadvertantly listed my honda odyssey as 2008 it is also a 2004. I just received word from American Honda that they would cover the cost of the transmission but not the labor. I had to negotiate with the dealer where I had to take it. They are looking into covering the labor. It is suspect that the 2004s are now having all these troubles - isn't there a way that we can all get together to fight this issue? It is enough to make you sick - I agree!!
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    I have a 2002 and had the same thing happen to me back in May of 2008 with 70K miles. They quoted me $4K also, then Honda agreed to pay some and I ended u paying $2500. For the remanufactured transmission from Honda with a 3 year 36K miles warranty. When I called Honda they assured me that it was better than a new one. Well gues what? Last weekend the new one started slipping. It is back in the shop today waiting for a call today....
  • mms3mms3 Posts: 5
    105K dealer quoted 4500.

    opened case with honda, they are collecting service records. lets see what happens. out of warranty 93 months/109000 whichever comes first.

    planning to contact BBB.

    keep u posted.
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    To follow-up, the "4th gear pressure switch" failed, and was replaced at no-charge, since the replacement transmission was covered for 3-year/36k miles.
    Now it's just a waiting game until something else happens to it. I am not confident that it will hold up any better than the original transmission...

    Well, I have not posted for a long time, but guess what, yesterday the green "D" started blinking again. Got a code reader, and it's P1740 again "Manufacturer Control Transmission". Same code I got in December at 87k miles. Now only 8 months into the new transmission and about 8k miles, and it's back at the dealer again. Let's see what happens this time.
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    Did they make you pay for the first transmission?

    I had to pay $2500. I just called to re-open my case to see if they would reimburse me for the first one.
  • 2002odie2002odie Posts: 32
    Yes, I had to pay around $2500.00, you can see all of my drama on my previous postings from the beginning of this year...
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    Well, I just got the call. Pressure switch failure, which will be replaced under warranty. And a vtec solenoid needs to be replace which is not under warranty cost is $250.
  • rfreitasrfreitas Posts: 63
    I also called backed Honda and spoke with the rude case manager, who offered 25% last May when I had the new transmission put in (I paid $3000) and asked him why I didn't get 100% when several other people did. He said their cases were different and were not the 2002. He said there are no problems with the 2002 Odyssey Transmission other that the recall on the 2nd gear ratio. I asked him about all the posting on this forum and the complaints at NHTSA who have had the same issue as me on the 2002, and he said well we don't base our decisions on what you read on the internet.
  • ebotrdebotrd Posts: 5
    Nice, rfreitas. Basically got the same answer here...they told me they could've just paid 10% or nothing, so basically I should consider myself fortunate...I didn't have the extended warranty..."AHM-holes!" If I thought my Honda transmission was going to fail at 80K I might have bought the extended warranty -- or better, bought a Sienna or something. Of course, no one mentioned to me that prior models were having transmission issues when we bought this van.

    I guess all we can do is protest with our feet (or someone with some legal skill could help us form a class-action suit...)
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