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Honda Odyssey Transmission Problems



  • Hi,

    Could you tell what exactly what you said to the Honda customer service hotline so that I can tell them the same thing. Please. My trans is also not working. It stopped working at about 104000 miles. Well it will still catch gear when its cold but once it warms up it loses its gears. So, will you please help me out?

  • I have a 2001 Odyssey with 53,000 miles. This week the local dealer replaced the transmission under warranty. When I got home and checked it out, I discovered it was a used transmssion and the gear shift lever is totally different and filthy. Is this supposed to be acceptable? Or, because I'm a woman, did I get taken?
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    The transmission probably was used, but reconditioned. I'm pretty sure that's the way they did all of the replacements. As for new shift lever, my wife had two trannies put in her '00 and both times the lever was the original, or at least the same as the original.
  • I am in the same boat. Your vehicle may be under warantee. Honda was hit with a lawsuit for odometer fraud and had to extend the warantee out to 105K. I am shipping mine back the US from the UK to have it is cheaper to send it back on a ship than it is to have it fixed over here. I have the same exact problem as you do. I get a fault code of P0740. It drives when cold but stops working when it warms up. Good luck. :lemon:
  • rik1rik1 Posts: 18
    Is Honda Goodwill Repair an actual program? My 2000 Odyssey (94,000 miles) had the CEL with the TCS light coming on when I drove over 50mph. The TCS light would go away when the engine was turned off. I had this problem earlier and had it fixed (EGR valve), so I basically let this problem go. When I brought it in for repair (Bay Ridge Honda) , I was told that I needed a new tranny. Of course, now I'm out of warranty and I'm looking at a large expense. Bay Ridge said they would call American Honda to see if anything can be done, but I want to prepare myself for the next step if I don't receive anything.

  • rik1rik1 Posts: 18
    Just an update on my previous update... Honda is willing to go 50/50 on the transmission, but due to additional work due bottoming out (engine mount,frame) the total I'll have to pay still comes out to 3,400. What do you think of my chances of getting Honda to pay the full 100% on the tranny? And should I hold off work until I find out or do I let them do the work and hope I'll get reimbursed?
  • WOW! Here it goes another one! Ours is 100K miles, all scheduled maintenance done, etc., etc., etc ... and we love it (up to now!) We got the Check Engine lamp on and very sluggish running. At one point during testing as recommended by the dealer (after replacing all the ATF and before any actual work on the transmission) it could not go over a very small ramp. It got like in neutral no matter what position we had the transmission on. I called the dealer who recommended this:

    1. Shut down the engine.
    2. Take the ignition key out for a few seconds (I did like 20 seconds).
    3. Start the engine.
    4. and it worked ... the transmission was working.

    I placed the transmission on 1st gear and it worked to at least move it home and later to the shop, hopefully, tomorrow.

    I`ll keep you posted.
  • We have a 2000 Odyssey with 130,000 miles. It has been services at Honda dealer (except timing chain 100K Service and 2-3 oil changes). At 100,812 miles I felt some hesitation into 2nd gear, at that time Honda Dealer rode 23 miles with laptop hooked and stated in report no DTCS stored. They told me the transmission is fine.

    Now a week ago, under hard acceleration when going into second gear rpm goes from 3500 to 4500. Slow acceleration driving is fine.

    What should I do? Take it to Honda dealer and see if they will share the cost if transmission is failing?

    Or take to the private shop that I trust. Jasper Engines lists one for $2,711.00

    I had a good relationship with dealer and Honda, They had replaced EGR and Catalytic Convertor with paying for material and dealer gave a goodwill on labor. I was 7,000 miles over warranty.

    Recently lost my job would like to avoid a nightmare of expenses.

  • I took the van to a Jasper Engine & Transmissions installer. They rode the van found no codes or could not repeat the problem.

    I think that the problem comes in the morning when transmission oil is cold.That's what they told me that the problem could be occurring at cold starts. The transmission oil was changed by Honda @ 13,000 miles ago. Jasper shop told me that the oil level is little high and color is darker than what is should be for a 13K mile change. He told me not the change the oil as it may accelerate the problem and the Honda oil contains a "detergent".

    I do not have any malfunctioning "Check Engine or flashing D light". Jasper Transmission is $4,200.00 installed with 3 year or 100K warranty. The shop can rebuilt locally for $2,700K with 3 year or 50K warranty with labor covered if rebuilt fails. Jasper has a labor coverage plan for $150 in case of a failure. The shop owner who has been in business for 20 years told me to go with Jasper if I want to keep the van for many years (which I really want since it is extremely clean inside and outside).

    Next week I have an appointment with Honda Dealer to pay him $96 for testing transmission. However I doubt if they can found any code also if nothing is flashing? I don't know if I should pay them 100 dollars for finding nothing.

    There is no downshifting problem, only on occasion it takes a second to engage to get into 2nd gear with RPM jumping approx 1000 under pedal to the metal.

    Last time American Honda covered me after warranty for (EGR & Catalytic convertor) when I told them in my immediate family there are 4 Odysseys and 2 Acuras. One Acura had a transmission failure under 36K miles.
  • We bought our 2005 Honda Odyssey EX new in March 2005. Now with only 43,000 pampered miles and perfect maintenance, it supposedly needs a new transmission. Its a shame that I'm out of warranty, but the "identical" car in '06 carries a 5-year 50k and I'd be fully covered.

    It shows absolutely no codes and doesn't even light the trouble light, but the lockup function isn't working at 45mph when trying to maintain speed on level pavement. Honda did a data scan and it shows that it is alternating between 90% and 100% lockup. It does this about as fast as a heartbeat so the RPMs on the tach jump about a 100rpm every second.

    The tech says its not the PCM or the lockup solenoid or a pressure issue or anything else. They are basically saying it needs a new transmission I think because they don't field-replace torque converters. And the kicker is that the replacement would be a remanufactured transmission!!! That makes me nervous of a repeat, especially given that I probably have fewer miles than the vast majority of trannys that are remanufactured.

    I've tried to scan and search these threads for a couple days but there's not so much info on the latest generation vans.
    Any second opinions or insight how to get the best deal or alternatives to the dealer? I've thought about trying to replace the torque converter which I can get online for low $400s but I really don't have solid confidence just what the issue really is.

    As far as I can tell, this transmission has been discontinued after 2006 (only a two-year part) and now the Odyssey uses the same transmission as the Pilot, but I don't know if I can swap in a Pilot transmission without a new PCM and they may have even changed other components to accomodate the change?
  • Fast forward 10 months...I'm another 2005 owner with developing transmission issues and I just learned about this helpful forum and also learned to my shock that the best I can get from Honda is a remanufactured transmission.

    See my post #858 at
    link title
  • Can anyone tell more info about Honda Service Bulletin 06085, NHTSA item number 10021968 dated May 9 2008 updated 8/18/08 with summary: Warranty Extension: Vehicle warranty mileage. *KB 2002 through 2006 and some 2007 Fit models

    If this means that Honda intends to extend the mileage coverage, my transmission may be eligible for full replacement.
  • I would like to know, if that is the case, they need to pay me back for mine.

    It doesn't say what part if getting extended or to what mileage. Is there not a detailed description some where? I wonder if a dealership would know.
  • Just want to report our 2000 Honda oddyssey trannsmission is in failure. We have 104k on it with the original transmission replaced at 70k with a rebuilt the process of writing to Honda America to request help with replacing again. The transmision went out as my wife was in heavy traffic and barely avoided a major accident.

    Please, if you are in the same sit., send your vehicle info to the NHTSA as well as any lawyers covering past or present lawsuits.

    Thanks to all who have posted...we will report back Honda's reposnse.

    Not sure if we would ever buy a Honda again unless Honda decides to have a 10yr/100k powertrain warranty. Honda needs to decide if they are going to stand behind their products or not.
  • Hi Everyone,
    I own an 2001 Odyssey and sometimes I notice when I start the engine the tcs,abs and parking brake light stays on, I usually turns of the engine for a few seconds then restart and it usually comes off, has anyone here has any idea or experienced this problem before?.

    Thanks so much.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    I think faster than actual mileage odometers were installed to some Honda models. There's a law suit re this and I think Honda extends extra 5,000 miles in warranty due to this.
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm just curious if anyone here ever replaces their transmission fluid filter when changing the fluid? The Honda dealership says they doesn't change the filter but with so much transmission failures I'm just wondering if it might be a good idea to request the filter to be change during my next service.
    Thank you.
  • yak33yak33 Posts: 14
    Has Honda correctly addressed the failure issues that seem to plague earlier models? Is the latest Odyssey transmission different than these earlier failure-bound versions? Like others here I was shocked to see how many failures have occurred, as the Odyssey consistently gets excellent reviews and reliability scores.

    We just bought an August-built 2008 EX-L and am wondering if we're looking at a possible failure in the future.

    FWIW, today I talked to a very good friend who works only on Japanese-based cars (and has for 30 years now) and told me he has yet to work on or investigate a failure-bound odyssey transmission. However, he mentioned other Honda models with a record of tranny failures, and also that it's his policy to change transmission oil and filter earlier than factory recommendations. (I'm the same way with all my vehicles too and have for years - imo cheap insurance).

    If someone could enlighten me on this it would be appreciated.

  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Most of the problems you'll read about are the 99-04 models. Honda had a design flaw. Beginning in 07 they put the Ridgeline transmission in the Oddysey. Evidently it's a little more rugged design which has had few problems.

    There's nothing wrong with changing fluids more often in my book, but I don't think you have much to worry about with your 08.

    By the way, wise choice letting your wife make the call on van choices.
  • The Honda Odyssey doesn't have a transmission filter, that's why they recommend changing your fluid every 30,000 miles.
  • Our 2007 Hoda Odyssey (one year old) has had lousy gas mileage since day one. Dealer kept obfuscating about 'break in' and 'your mileage may vary' (12-15 MPG?). Lately developed occassionally what sounded like a gas knock on steroids (nearly a growl). Went to dealer (Memphis TN) ... conclusion is they are replacing the entire transmission.

    This is just FYI to folks reading this forum. Warranty replacement of the entire transmission after one year for a 2007 Honda Odyssey.

  • Wow. How many miles do you have on your 2007? I also have a 2007 EX, and while I do not have issues with noise etc, my MPG is also terrible. Hope that's not indicative of a future issue.
  • So I was wondering...what is required to upgrade an '05-'06 Odyssey EX to the '07+ transmission? I assume a new PCM?

    Does anybody know if this is possible?

    '07 transmission is part number 20021-R36-000
    '05 transmission is part number 20021-RGR-A01 (which is itself a replacement for the original 20021-RGR-A00)
    '07 Ridgeline trans is 20021-RJF-T10
    '07 Pilot trans is a 20021-PVL-050

    None are available in the US except as remanufactured parts by the way.
  • 01 odyessy..
    81000 mileage

    how would i know if the transmission having problem or doesn't shift in the right gear?

    would i feel it, while driving the car?

    oh, have another question.

    my steering wheel shake when i'm steping on my brake to stop. it doesn't matter if in the highway or street. when i brake, it shake.

    can anyone help out...
  • I have this same problem, the transmission shudders and shakes the car slightly when the car goes from 4th to 5th gear at low speeds, usually around 40mph. This problem is exacerbated when going over a slight incline or on a turn or anything that puts slightly more pressure on the engine/transmission during this shift. I have had it to the dealer 3 times and each time they jump in and go for a ride with me and it doesnt do it. I had the transmission oil changed which solved the problem for about 1000 miles then it came back. The car now has 68k miles on it and i am the original owner. This is my 5th new honda, my last was a 2002 odyssey. I thought these honda transmission problems were solved with the new 05 units. Mabye they are not, as i begin to seach on this problem it sounds like there are lots of folks that are starting to have this problem with 05 Odysseys. Im wondering if we will start seeing alot more of these transmission shudder problems as the 05 units start to get miles on them like mine. Im headed to the dealer again on Monday, hopefully it will do it this time when they drive it and honda will cover it. I would hate to think i would have to pony up for a new transmission on this new of a car that has had impeccable care. If so, this number 5 honda will be the last i ever buy, as I could have better luck with a just about any other brand.
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    my steering wheel shake when i'm steping on my brake to stop. it doesn't matter if in the highway or street.

    Your rotors are warped. They need to be turned or replaced. Shouldn't be that expensive.

    If there was a problem with your transmission shifting you likely would feel it. i.e slipping...slamming... engine racing.. hesitation
  • kominskykominsky Posts: 850
    "If there was a problem with your transmission shifting you likely would feel it. i.e slipping...slamming... engine racing.. hesitation"

    Both times the tranny went bad in my wife's '00 Ody, all the above symptoms were preceded by a "check engine" light.
  • Okay, I hope you guys can help me. I have a 2007 Ody with 13,300 miles. Yesterday, I was driving on local roads w/ traffic lights going anywhere from 40 to 60. I noticed a high pitch whirl sound coming from the engine when I would accelerate or decelerate to a stop. There was no sound when I was sitting at the light. I ran my errand and the car sat in a parking lot for a couple of hours. I did the reverse trip home and no sound. Could it be one of the belts? If so, isn't it early for me to having problems with the belt. I have an appt with the dealer on Monday. If I can't replicate the noise, am I wasting my time going to the dealer? Also, is this a warranty issue or are they going to argue wear and tear?
  • Is this true for all Odysseys or just '05+? I have an '06 with a tranny that just started whining and shifting a little differently. The fluid is slightly low. I've done some light towing. The car has 48K miles.

    Any thoughts?

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