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Is it possible to aggregate the tire issue discussion here or is there one someone with just the tire issue discussed?


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    I have a 2005 LR3 with about 18K miles - the original Goodyears are worn and have been very noisy since about 10K miles. I remember seeing similar complaints posted in the past regarding attempts to have Land Rover cover the cost of the replacements (tires on a $50K+ vehicle should not be this bad). Two questions (1) did anyone set a precedence by geeting reimbursed by LR, and (2) is there a concensus on what is the best replacement tire for the LR3? Thanks for your help.
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    I had teh same problem, (at 20k) you should inspect them very closley as they are probably worn to the point of being a hydroplane or blow out risk. There is a tech service bulletin about bush geometry whatever that is which refers to premature tire wear. The dealer's service manager was a dick about it so I had to turn up the heat, anyway Landrover Canada is paying for 50% of the cost of replacing the tires, Landrover has said not to rotate (not even front to back) the tires. I am going to investigate the reason as it makes no sense.
    Goodyear is coming out with a slightly lower speed rated tire (rubber not so soft) which will probably wear longer. All that said the Goodyears don't seem to be that great of a tire - when I lifted the old ones into my truck they were remarkably light. Heavier tire = more rubber = better tire. Subscribe to the land rover tech info site its well worth the money.
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    Mine went bad before 20K. The noise was terrible. Goodyear "prorated" them at their inflated prices, but it still came to $800. I wouldn't ever buy those tires if there was a bigger selection in the 19" size. Good luck...
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    I have a 2005 LR3 with about 18K miles - the original Goodyears are worn and have been very noisy since about 10K miles. I remember seeing similar complaints posted in the past regarding attempts to have Land Rover cover the cost of the replacements (tires on a $50K+ vehicle should not be this bad). Two questions (1) did anyone set a precedence by geeting reimbursed by LR

    I did - Budds in Oakville, ON just replaced the tires for me a few weeks ago, free of charge. Same issue exactly, noisy Goodyears. I have new Goodyears now/
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    That's a massive undertaking but this is a start! :)

    tidester, host
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    I've got the LR3 HSE with 19" rims.

    What rules do I need to follow to get something like a 16 or 17" steel rim with offroad or winter tires.

    I don't have the exact spec of the tire sizes with me, but just at a guess - 235/50/R19 would read to me like 235mm wide, side profile is 50% of that, rims size is 19" - so the total diameter would be 19" plus 117.5mm (4.6")for a grand total of 23.6 inches?

    If I wanted a 17" rim, I would need a side profile of 6.6 inches... or for a 16" rim, a side profile of 7.6 inches?

    I understand that I need to try and maintain the same outside diameter to keep the speedo and odometer accurate. not sure if a different tire will affect the traction systems / ABS / etc?

    I could just buy 19" off road tires, but I didn't want to switch tires on and off of the original rims all the time, and wanted to keep the winter/offroad tires on their own rims. If I'm buying new rims, buying a smaller rim and tire is cheaper than buying rubber alone for a 19" tire.

    Also, you can't deflate a 19" tire very much for offroading... with a 16 or 17" with a wide side profile, I can deflate them lots and get lots of extra grip.

    Can someone recommend a good tire solution for this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You have a slight error:
    235/50/19 would be 2 times 50 percent times 235 plus 19
    this equals 235 mm + 19 inches = 9.25 in + 19 in = 28.25 in
    That's too small.

    Factory tire is 255/55/19 = 1.1 times 255 + 19
    which is 280.5mm + 19 in = 11.04 in + 19 = 30.04 in

    You are limited to a minimum wheel size because of your brake rotors. I don't know what the limit is but it may be only 18 inches for an HSE or may be 19. That is the main reason I bought an SE and not an HSE. I don't know if the SE can use 17 inch wheels but I think it can't. You can be pretty certain though that you can't run 16 or 17 inchers on your HSE.
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    LR3s in Europe are avaliable with 17 inch alloy wheels. So you good potentialy get a 17 inch wheel and tire combo. You would have a hard time finding a 17 inch wheel with the correct aspect ratio and offset though.

    You could import a set of 17 inch wheels from europe...

    Would probably cost a lot of money though. res_and_options.htm
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    RIGHT! I forgot about the OTHER side of the tire...

    In either case, it looks like I'm going to have to get dirty to measure the size of the rotor this weekend and see what clearances I have.

    Followed the link by british_rover and the UK site has some weird acronyms that I'm not familiar with...

    for the HSE, the rims are stated as:
    "5 alloy wheels 19 inch ilo 18 inch style 2"

    I would assume that "ilo" is "in lieu of"?

    Does anyone know if there is a recommended minimum safe clearance between rotors and rims?


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    Just throwing out some tires I have found online:

    BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO (LT285/70R17 121Q)

    BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KX (37X12.5R17 116)

    They both have an "R17" at the end, which tells me they should work on a 17" rim - the KX also comes in a 20" size, but the sidewall is too tall.

    Also found a Pirelli Scorpion ATR (265/70R17)

    The outside diameter of these would be 31.6" - compared to the stock 19" rims with tire OD of 30.04

    Would that be close enough?
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    I would assume that "ilo" is "in lieu of"?

    Sounds right to me. ILO (I live online :shades:)
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    Means a tire with an unladen height of 37 inches and an unladen tread width of 12.5 inches. It is a Flotation tire measurment and is what was used for tires back before the P-Metric measuremnt system was invented.

    That tire is way too large for the LR3.
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    Has anyone had a tire problem and gone to LR Mission Viejo (CA) to get it solved? Thats my dealer and I am coming up on a service and warranty check. Just curious ??
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    For anyone looking to replace tires, here's my experience. I now have 20,000 miles on my 2005 LR3 and I knew the Goodyear Wranglers were noisy, but it wasn't as huge a concern for me as it was my wife. (After all, I grew up driving pick-ups with loud mudders.) After reading the posts I decided to take the plunge for new tires. When I inspected the Goodyears on the vehicle, sure enough, they were pretty worn. The thing that amazed me was that the tires were actually cupped. I did not expect to see this. I shopped around for Michelin Synchrone and was able to negotiate $237/tire (list around$300). After having them put on, I can't believe the difference! They are virtually silent and you can detect an obvious increase in grip. Although Michelin Synchrones are a bit pricey, I truly believe you get what you pay for. This was definitely worth it and I now have the confidence to drive in the snow this winter! :)
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    The Synchrones are a much much better tire and is the OEM tire on the Range Rover now instead of goodyears.

    I have no idea why rover does not put synchrones on the LR3 as well.
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    I just took my LR3 (2006) in for its 7500 mile check. There was cupping wear (is that the right way to say it?) on the goodyears. The service writer told me this was normal wear for this tire and that these tires do wear out faster than others. I asked him why LR uses these. He said they put them out for bid and thats what they ended up with - using the goodyears that we all "love" For the cupping he said the only thing we can do is rotate and balance. which i had them do. Then after he spoke to a tech he came back and said that LR Mission viejo (this is the dealer where i bought and service the car) would do an alignment under the warranty based on the bushing geometry TSB. While he couldnt or wouldnt state that the GYears suck when he reminded him that i had michelins on my '01 Disco II he said I was lucky. I dont know if the alignment under warranty will do anything but stall the inevitable. I plan on getting the synchrones as well once these become intolerable.
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    I have an 06 SE V8 with the 18 inch tires. I've ordered new tires but they are not yet available and delivery is just dragging on and on.
    The only tires I've found that I like that will fit are the 265/60/18 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor which is 30.5 inches in diameter and the 255/60/18 General Grabber AT2 which is 30 inches in diameter, the same as the factory tire. Both are still back ordered indefinitely.
    Here's my new plan:
    I like the Nitto Terra Graplers but the only size I'd get is the 285/60/18 which is 31.4 inches in diameter. It's been reported that these fit and don't rub except under excessive big dips at high speeds with a fully loaded truck - not a situation that I couldn't avoid. But, the spare tire is a very tight fit. There are 2 problems with the fit of the spare, the diameter is too big and it would take a lot of shoving to get it in, maybe even de-airing the tire. Even though I carry a compressor, de-airing would not be my first choice because if I leave it de-aired, my tire pressure warning light will come on. Only choice would be to de-air it, put it in place, and air it up. The other problem is the width of the tire. It would hit the towing reciever. But I found a fix for that. There are 2 rubber bumpers above the spare that can be removed and the tire can move up another half inch or so - you do need to pad one of the spokes of the wheel so it doesn't hit the mechanism up there, or orient the tire carefully.

    But here's my other idea: Buy 4 Nitto Terra Grapplers of the 285/60/18 size and one any brand spare of the 265/60/18 size (i.e the Goodrich Longtrail or the Goodyear Wrangler SRA) which are 30.5 inches in diameter. Then, if you need the spare, the difference will only be 0.9 inches in diameter when the Nittos are new, and will be even less as the Nittos wear down. Most likely this will work until I can get the flat fixed. The 30.5 inch tire should fit under as a spare and the flat Nitto would fit because it would be flat. Another choice for the spare is the 275/60/18 size though this is less common. The Michelin Pilot LTX, Bridgestone Dueler HT D684 and the Dunlop Grandtrek AT23 come in this size. Then the difference in diameters between the Nittos and the spare would only be 0.5 inches when the Nittos are new. It is 31 inches in diameeter and I think it would fit - I'm going to have my local tire store air up any 31 inch tire so I can try it in my spare tire carrier to see if it fits. Anybody out there got a 31 inch tire on a rim that they could try this? It doesn't need to be an 18 inch wheel, any size would work because we only care about the outside diameter fit.

    Has anyone determined if a 17 inch Discovery wheel will fit on an 18 inch LR3? If so, that could be another option.

    What do you think of this plan??
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    I measured my spare tire wheel well. A 30.5 inch diameter tire should just fit. Not sure how hard it will be to jam in an inflated 31 inch one. I may be able to bend or cut the shield at the forward edge of the wheel well to improve the clearance.
    The rubber bumpers above the spare tire are actually 1.3 inches thick. With the bumpers removed, and the wheel spoke padded, there is about 1 1/2 inches of clearance between the factory tire and the trailer hitch receiver so the tire width will not be a problem.
    Here's a question. If the traction control system kicks in, is there an indicator light on the dash that illuminates? I have a 28.9 inch diameter spare right now (it's a long story). I plan to put it on with the other 3 factory tires at 30 inches tomorrow and take it out on the highway to see if it causes any problems or lights to come on. If it is OK, we'll know that the different sizes don't cause a problem.
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    This Link is from the UK site though the photos are from the US. It appears they are using stock tires. The photos are impressive what the LR3 can do.
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    OK I tested my LR3 with 3 factory Goodyear tires and one smaller spare tire on a rear wheel. The specs say the spare was 28.9 inch diameter and the other 3 are 30.0 inch diameter, but I measured a difference of about 15/16 ths of an inch.
    I drove up to about 65 MPH and saw no traction control light illuminate. I then turned a few tight circles in a parking lot with the smallest tire on the outside of the circle so it would have to turn even faster. The outside tire was probably on about a 50 foot circle and the inner on a 40 foot circle, so the outside tire turned 25 percent faster than the inner one. Still no light.
    So it looks like there should be no problem running the larger Nittos and a smaller spare tire.
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    I just got my new tires today. I bought the Nitto Terra Grappler, 285/60/18. They really look great on the LR - haven't tried them off road or in snow yet.
    I traded in my almost new factory Goodyears, but was only able to trade in two. I kept two, and did not have the fifth because I had an unrepairable flat in it.
    So I kept one as my spare and now have an extra one hanging around if anyone needs it. It should work ok as a spare even though it is smaller than the new tires because I tried out a spare that was smaller than the others and it didn't light any lights or kick in any traction controls even when I turned tight circles with the smaller one turning even faster.
    Anyway, my extra tire is the factory Goodyear, 255/60/18, 6000 miles on it but no noticable wear, no cupping, and never repaired. I can measure the tread depth and photograph it if anyone is interested.
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    I just purchased a 2006 LR3 SE and I'm looking to replace the spare donut with a real tire.
    So I am interested.
    Do you still have it?
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    My 2006 LR3 has 12k miles and the noise is bad. It's in with dealer now. They are saying that the noise is from cupping on the front tires and that this is "normal" treadwear for such a heavy vehicle.

    That does not sound right to me, cupping is typically an alignment problem. Before I head back to the dealer this afternoon, can anyone confirm whether LR Dealers are giving any relief ($$) for the problem?
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    Sorry it took so long to reply. Just saw your message.
    Yes, I still have it. I'll add my email to my profile to see if I can have you contact me directly, else I'll ask the host to help me figure out how to contact you, or you to me.
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    Cupping on the front tires at 12K miles is not normal. Your vehicle was/is out of alignment. Alignment and tires are not covered items, so don't expect any relief. :(

    LR was providing partial relief for uneven rear tire wear last year. Rear wear/cupping was caused by factory alignment spec, which was subsequently revised.
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    If Sparker330 is not interested I am.

  • lr3maybelr3maybe Member Posts: 134
    Hi David,
    Sparker 330 is planning to buy my tire but I'll let you know if the deal falls through.
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    I had the same problem on my 2005 LR3. The original set of Goodyears basically came apart at 12K.
    My local tire guy contacted Goodyear. Goodyear provided a new set of tires with me paying the shop for installation ect. The replacement set help up for about 30K. Cupping, road noise, handling issues and ect..
    Little Rock, AR, where I purchased the truck, Memphis and the New Orleans dealerships had nothing to add or offer.
    One of the salesmen in Memphis kindly offered a suggestion of a Cooper Tire. I do not have the size handy but will gladly pull the info for anyone interested. The Cooper are fairing better than the Goodyear but I have to constantly monitor the pressure. On the front I am finding that even a 2 pound difference in pressure will effect the handling. I religiously rotate and service the car. I did find the bushing comment in a posting interesting. Rover has a serious engineering issue here.
    I love this vehicle. I bought one of the early ones and have had only the usual recall issues that you would expect with a first model year car. The tire issue is very expensive and annoying.
    Your replies are welcome.

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    The same thing happened to my truck. I took it to the dealer and my truck was not out of alignment. However, I had to pay half for my new tires and now 5K later it is happening again. I am pursing a complaint with Land Rover of America. I have had many problems with my Land Rover and I am considering highering an attorney to press for the lemon law. :lemon:
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    I am now in the same boat. I have been a very loyal defender of the problems with this vehicle but it is in the shop again and they called to tell me that I have to get new tires as the alignment was out. 20K miles and they said they rubber is almost gone on the inside rear. I told them this was unbelievable and to have the GM call me. It they can't do anything I will tell them to buy it from me as I can't afford the $1500 they want for new tires. They suggested the Grapplers, but can't guarantee that the alignement will hold out. Any suggestions? I am ready to sell it at this point.
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    I just bought a 2005 LR3 HSE with 16000 miles and the tire noise is horrible!!! The tires are cupped and are useless. Is the Michelin Syncrones the best choice?
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    Did you buy it from a LR dealer? I would assume they would put new tires on to resell it as a standard practice. Just curious.

    I have 14,500 and tire wear on the rear. I dont think there is a noise issue. I am going to take it in on tues and ask for new tires. They chose the tires and the wear issue is not related to anything but the tires they OEM'd on the car and sold. I hope this issue gets solved over time and I'd like to hear if other tires (like the Syncrones)are better and its not just the vehicle??. Otherwise I love the car and so does everyone else who rides in it
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    If it was a certfied Land Rover at a land rover dealer they should have replaced the tires.
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    I am buying the car from a friend...just waiting for the title. He bought from a Land Rover dealer,i called the dealer and they said that after 12,000 miles they will not deal with the tire issue. They did say that they would do a free aliegment but the Wrangler tires are clearly cupped but not completely worn but horribly noisy
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    There is a bulletin related to uneven tire wear for LR3s but it might only apply to original owners.

    I will look it up for you.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Make your email public and I will send you a copy of the bulletin.
  • paul77paul77 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks! technically he still is the original owner, we are still waiting for the title
  • paul77paul77 Member Posts: 6
    I am not sure what you mean by making the e-mail public
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    When you click on your profile it says email is private. If you go to the Display preferences link to the left of the screen there is an option to make your email public. It should show up at the bottom of the page that opens under email settings.
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  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,502
    Ok I just sent it a couple of minutes ago you should see it shortly.
  • paul77paul77 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks, You might have saved me a lot of time and money. Thanks for all the time!!
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    At 10,000 miles I was informed by service mgr that my rear tires were down to the wire, so land rover replaced them under warranty as they had factory allignment issue. they put the new ones in the front and rotated the front ones to the back. Then at 20,000 miles, I complained about horrible tire noise. The rear tires were cupped. I tried to get land rover to pay for replacement but no luck. So I payed for it, but now at 28,000 miles same problem again. These are new tires so I suspect that this is an allignment problem STILL! anybody have any suggestions?
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    I had the worst luck with Land Rover. I even sent a written complaint to Land Rover of America. They did nothing! So I went straight to BMW and traded it for an X3. It's smaller but I love it! I must admit that I miss my LR3 but I do not miss the hassle. Good luck with everything!
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    What brand of tires did you buy?

    I am at 16,500 miles. My rear tires are worn much more than the front. Since there is such a disparity with the rear tires it has to be something with how the car settles, aligns or whatever (discussed on here ad nauseum!). I hope Land Rover develops a better solution. The LR3 is too great of a vehicle for this problem to be present and affecting so many. I do go off road a bit for some wildlife conservation work i do (once a week and longer trips three times a year). I wouldnt take an X3 X5 or anything else with me. Even with the tire issue this is the only vehicle that i can pick up a client in and handle some of the terrain and weather i am in year round.

    LR still has to fix this problem however!
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    I don't remember the exact model but they were Goodyears. The same brand that came on the vehicle when I bought it. Apparently, Goodyear knows that it is a LR problem. They told me that the standard tire that comes on the vehicle cannot with stand the weight of the car. I just got tired of dealing with it and the service dept. wans't pleasent or willing to take care of the problems.
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    Can I ask what dealer you go to? Ive been told the same thing, that the GY tire is not a good solution for this vehicle.

    I wonder if anyone on this board has had experience (miles) with either the Nitto Grappler or Michelin Syncrhones. Those are the two suggested replacements.
  • jweaver2jweaver2 Member Posts: 4
    Land Rover of Richmond in Midlothian, Virginia.
  • dbregmandbregman Member Posts: 4
    I replaced the stock GY for the Nitto Terra Grapplers (285/60/R18) - so far I love them.
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    How many miles do you have on the Nittos' ? how is the ride on road (i know those are good off road tires)? Thanks
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