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    I have the Pirelli Zero's on my 2006 LR3.

    $1000 for the dealer to install 11 months ago and they're wearing out after 14,000 miles.

    Stay away from them.
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    Your dealer is recommending OE tires only. Your friend most likely has Toyo Open Country HT's or S/TII, the former being an All-Season, and the latter more of a Sport-truck tire. Pirelli just released a very good AT tire in 255/55-19, the ATR; which is the top-ranked AT tire by Consumer Reports. Michelin also makes the Lattitude in that size, as well as a new Dunlop, Bridgestone, and Continental. You now have many choices.

    I would recommend all of the above tires before the GY Wranglers and Pirelli Scorpions. You only need to stay above a 110 Load Index and HR speed rating to make LRNA happy. Do a quick search on and, as they both carry different brands.
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    The OE Goodyear Wranglers on my 2007 MY HSE (19" wheels) wore out at around 28000 miles. I researched and replaced with Pirelli ATR...have around 8,000 miles on these tires and find the difference to the OE tire phenominal. Better ride, quiet, and more sure footed on wet surfaces. Put them on and headed right out on a 3200 mile trip then on a hunting expedition through mud and prairie, so lots of climbing on slippery wet grass. The Pirelli's behaved admirally.

    Would highly recommend the ATR's over the Michelin Lattitude. Have a friend who installed these on his RR Sport and laments the decision, wishing he would have bought the Pirelli's.
  • kookmyer1kookmyer1 Member Posts: 5
    General AT Grabbers. I got 60,000+ on mine. Awesome tire. I have a 2006 LR3.
  • lr3looserlr3looser Member Posts: 9

    This may be helpful for those of you still suffering with LR3's! Love my new Audi Q7!
  • gillzgillz Member Posts: 15
    Lr3looser ? or did you mean 'loser' ?

    Seems that Land Rover and offroad enthusiasts deal with the little challenges of the vehicle because they are such a superior 4x4. The owners who [non-permissible content removed] or sue the manufacturer aren't cut out for the vehicle and bought more for a status symbol - then traded in for an Audi...3rd rate German machine !

    Just pulling your chain !! :D
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    I am sure the Volkswagen - meant Audi - is a nice car. Even with the tire issue and the credit i received for new tires, I am still very happy with my LR3. Bought it 3 years ago and there have been no issues. Have 52,500 on it. People still comment on how nice it is.
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    I'm really happy with the Michelin Latitude tires I replaced the OEM Goodyear ones with. I was tempted to just replace like-for-like, but I went with a strong recommendation from a tire guy I know. The ride is noticeably smoother and quieter.

    I was, however, a bit taken aback at how unevenly the tires wore out - especially since in places they had plenty of tread and in other places they were dangerously worn (down to the cord, in fact). The alignment had drifted way out. It turns out this is a known problem and there's a potential class action lawsuit over it. I don't know whether it will go anywhere, but it might be worth registering on the site for that just in case you end up being able to recoup some of the considerable cost of premature replacement.
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    I have a leaky tire on my '06 LR3. The dealer charges $77 for a patch and the local firestone tire shop charges $17. Is there any advantage to getting this type of service done at the dealer?
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    None at all. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the dealer sends the tire out or has a mobile unit come in and patch it. You are better off going to Firestone and saving the money.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Is there any advantage to getting this type of service done at the dealer?

    None, whatsoever! Use the $60 you save for something useful. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Thanks for the repsonses about the tire patch. Surprise surprise I need to replace all 4 tires (won't get into why...will save that for another post).

    Does anyone have experience with Kumho tires? They have excellent reviews on, are 112V rated with a 600A A treadwear rating as well. I'm planning on getting the Kumho Road Venture APT KL 51 put on my '06 LR3 this afternoon and just wanted a second opinion from this forum.
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    No experience with those, but I would be very much inclined to let yourself be guided by good reviews vs. going for a like-for-like replacement. I went with Michelin Latitude Tour HPs and was seriously impressed with the improvement in ride, handling, and steering. I am so glad I did that.

    P.S. You might want to check out the class action lawsuit on LR3 tires wearing out prematurely. At the very least, be sure to take some photographs when the car is up on the lift at the tire dealer so at least you have those in-hand.
  • rocklr3rocklr3 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. Unfortunately, I bought the car used so I'm not sure if I'm elegible for any settlement. I didn't know much about tires when I was shopping, so I believed the dealer when he told me they were 6 months old. Now I know, and wish I had known, better. I just never thought a Land Rover dealership would be so shady. I don't mean to sound snobby, but I thought that once you reach a level of car, the dealerships are above hawking stories and lying to get the vehicles out the door. Guess I was wrong.

    Anyway, I still love the car, and was able to shop for a great deal on the tires. I got the lifetime alignment package from Firestone for $140 and can take the car in any time for re-alignment. I'm planning on taking it in every 5k miles to be on the safe side, since the car is so heavy.
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    They're not being shady, and you're doing the right thing. Since you bought it used, the fallout from the bushings settling and causing severe and uneven tire wear is already done. Having made sure your tires are right, you should be good from this point on.

    Having owned two Land Rovers (Discovery II + LR3), I would attest that problems tend to manifest themselves within the first 18 months and, past that point, they are tremendously reliable, fun and rewarding vehicles to own. So, enjoy - and best wishes :-)
  • fivestandfivestand Member Posts: 1
    My son and I bought 2006 LR3's at the same time and have had the same tire wear problems. He put the Kumho's on 4 months ago and had the front end realigned once again. He is very high on the Kumho's ride and price.

    I have tried to purchase the same recently and found the factory doesn't have any in inventory nor any dealer. I have ordered a set of 4 and it will cost $609 mounted and balanced. I will look into the lifetime Firestone alignment as talked about by another member.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
    When changing all four tires, is there any reason to prefer the dealership? Clearly its a complex car for suspension and allignment etc but could a Firestone etc. do as good a job? I assume it would null and void any parts of the warranty?

    And, I ask that for breaks as well?

  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    A year later I see this post, I have Latitude Tours, they have been great on dry pavement and decent off road. Found them slippery on wet pavement, felt almost unstable.
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    The comment from looser isnt true that the suspension destroys any tire. The dealer replaced my GYs in april of 07 with michelin latittude tours and they lasted till today - 40K miles plus. They were great and i had no alignment or other problems since getting rid of the GYs
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    I purchased a used 06 lr3 v8 se about a year ago.I NEVER considered buying one before, but I got a great deal on it and needed a safe and substantial vehicle for the wife and kids,so here I am. I Love the vehicle, not so much the costs associated with it ( I.e. brakes $1300 / front & rear, battery $321, heated w/shld $900 etc.) I accept and understand the costs of those items, not happily but I do. What I cannot get a grip on is every person I've spoken to that has any experience with this vehicle (owners, dealers, service techs) say that you burn through tires in no time at all and will NEVER get rated mileage out of any tire made due to performance size commands softer compounds and heavy weight of vehicle contradicts that with excessive wear. I got jacked by my local Big O Tire (LITTLETON, Co) as they STRONGLY recommended Pirelli scorpion zero's be put on the vehicle, which I did, I mean these guys do this everyday they should know right? Yeah,huh? you would think they would know their [non-permissible content removed] from a hole in the wall but... pirelli and big o can suck it til the cows come home. 18,000 mi. And I'm at 2/32 and 3/32 on wear. Big O's answer? Tough **** and oh by the way pirelli has absolutely NO WARRANTY for size 255/60/18 not mileage guarantee NOTHING. So, here I am with bald tires and getting the run around again. Does anyone have an honest answer to the question of which tire will perform best for all weather HIGHWAY driving in Colorado? I don't go off road and I just want to make sure that tires will last a REASONABLE amount of time. I am ridiculously vigilant in getting my rotation done at regularly scheduled intervals if not a little early. My local Land Rover dealer advised me that Absolutely under NO circumstances sh
    ould I attempt to put a bigger tire (275/65/18 or 285/60/18) on the vehicle as it will almost guarantee damage to air suspension harness. Please somebody, anybody help!!
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    Here is my thinking. I got 28k out of my original Wranglers but I drive carefully. This car does go though tires, its a 7000lb car and all warranties that exist are null and void on this car anyhow.

    I went for Kumho tires. They were significantly cheaper than most others and feel great, actually better than the Wranglers. They are well engineered and perform well. No I do not expect them to last as long as some, but the additional cost of the "Name" brands is not reflected in huge extra distance. I could get two sets of these with change for one set of Pirellis and I am sure I will get close to the Pirelli or Michelin distance is not all of it.

    I did piles of research and these are tires widely used globally and have a very good safety record. They are lesser know in the USA so much cheaper.

    I am very pleased with them, after 5k they look fine, front have just rubbed away the small pimples when new but not at the back.

    $800 all set aligned and balanced and with free future rotation and balancing. Old ones disposed..blah blah....
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    Firstly, there is an issue with the bushings "settling", causing uneven tire wear and prematurely requiring replacement tires. Land Rover issued a service bulletin about it and there was even a class action lawsuit. The good news is that you're over it now because it's already had its effect, so here's what I recommend:

    After consulting some people that know what they're talking about, I put Michelin Latitude Tour XPs on the car about 18 months ago and they're holding up just great. Make sure you get a proper 4-wheel alignment done because you really need to given the bushing problem. It's not a luxury or a con - you really need it done.

    As for saving money, try calling up what seem to be the best independent service companies locally. Even if they don't handle Land Rover, you can ask them "what their recommendation would be" to get steered in the right direction. A side benefit of that is when you need tires they will tell you where to go and can get their discounted rate, which can be a really substantial saving.

    Best of luck.
  • vladnycvladnyc Member Posts: 6
    I replaced the OEM Goodyears on my 06 LR3 at 27,000 miles in July 2010. I didn't realize how noisy the worn Goodyears were. I now run P255/60R-18 Pirelli Scorpion ATR XL Great tire on road and offroad, and very quiet. $1,300 for all 4 installed. I now have 34k miles and they look like new.

    Certainly driving style matters but I think it's more that approx 80% of my miles are on highway with little braking. I've now clocked 34k miles and brakes are fine.
  • britman4britman4 Member Posts: 27
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    Quick Update on the KUMHO Venture. 10,000 miles done. Tyres look as new, ride is still much quieter and smoother than the Wranglers.

    Just had a pile of snow and they were excellent. Not a slip on loose or compacted snow or ice for that matter.

    I agree with something I read elsewhere that these tyres are engineered very well indeed.
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    I'm big on researching before I make any type of purchase. Based on my findings I chose to put Toyo tires on my 06' LR3. I drive a lot for work, highway and in the city. I live in Kansas City so we get a little bit of everything when it comes to weather, snow, ice, rain...
    I couldn't be happier with my tire purchase! 52,000mi on my LR3 when I bought the Toyos and now @ 99,000mi I am gong back for another set! They still have decent tread left but I travel extensively and do not want to risk loosing traction in the rain driving 80mi an hour. Bought them at Goodyear, they were $915, 4 tires, taxes, fees, rotation as recommended. I do keep up with the rotation schedule and all other maintenance requirements. I blow past everyone without a worry in the my Toyos!!! They were also very quiet and made for a smooth ride!
  • zodoublezodouble Member Posts: 1
    I got an '07 LR3 in the fall of '08 and have just finished with my third set of tires. Between LR Cherry Hill dispelling my concers ("service bulletins, oh those are just usually put out by the manufacturers and are not like they are recalls or anything", from one of the service dept managers) as to why I need all new tires after paying over $1000 for tires and alignment less than a year ago, I chose to go see their evil twin down the road at LR Princeton (engine light came on also by the way). They blew off the very irregular wear of the rear passenger tire (which I replaced at LRCH after I walke outside one morning to find the wire showing through the tire not long after having my 45K service done there) and just told me my alignment was severely off (I do no off roading and avoid potholes like the plague) and needed to align me and hustle (oops) I mean sell me four better brand Toyos (and do a flush for that engine light). $1300 later, I rode home last night to my steering wheel leaning a bit to the left slightly and a bumpier ride than my Wranglers. By the way, my engine light came back on as I pulled into home.
  • gwdbd1gwdbd1 Member Posts: 1
    Sorry for the late response and you may not like my answer, but Pirelli Scorpion ATR's , not the Scorpion Zeros!, have been a great solution for me on my 2006 LR3 HSE. Ive heard nothing but bad news about the 'Zeros' no matter what brand of car they are installed on. I replaced the OE Goodyears at 11K miles with the Pirelli ATR's. The Goodyears were absolutely terrible (a well known fact)...noise being the worst complaint...bad!! I now have 46K on the ATR's and I'm about ready to install a new set. They've been excellent in every respect...quiet and handle well on the highway, dry and wet, also good on snow and ice and off-road. I've driven with them in all conditions...still quiet and smooth on a 2,500 mi highway road trip last summer. Probably would have done better on the mileage had I been more diligent about rotating...just a little uneven wear now. The 'dealers' will all try to sell you on the 'Zeros' or Mich. 'Latitudes'....or even the new OE Continental 4'x4' Contacts...none of them a true all terrain tire. Who knows, perhaps you will want to test your LR's true capabilities someday?...might as well have that option.
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    For the love of Pete! I can't believe I've had such a hard time figuring out what kind/size/type/etc tires to replace the Wranglers on my truck, which are bare!

    Do I buy online & find a mechanic who can properly put them on my LR3?
    Do I pay through the nose at the dealership ( only 1 here in the Minneapolis area)?
    Do I go to a discounter like Sam's/Costco/Discount Tire & trust that they can properly install them?

    Currently I have 31k miles on my LR3 & am replacing the Goodyear Wrangler 255/60/R18 tires my truck came with. I have seen good recommendations about Toyo Open Country A/T's & Toyo Proxies, Kumho ( no specific tire size was noted) & Nitto Terra Grapplers.

    Anyone who is pleased with their tire choice? Or NOT pleased ( and why)
    Where did you buy them?
    Who installed them?
    What size?
    What was the cost to purchase/install/align?

    Thanks SO MUCH in advance!

    I drive on road 99% of the time, but do live in Minnesota & we get hit with a ton of snow.
  • greenarchergreenarcher Member Posts: 2
    This tire has 720+ tread wear A traction A for temp
    It's good for on pavement and also for slight off roading( I'm mean
    Slight) if you do of road a lot then get the toyo open country MT
    Or wrangler MTR. Toyo has a brute look and it will look good on
    You're LR3.
  • greenarchergreenarcher Member Posts: 2
    I will recommend toyo open country HT. It has a 720 tread wear A traction A Temp. This tire will look good on you're lr3. It is good on pavement
    And slight off road. I have mine for years and the treads still deep.
    They don't wear much.
  • jctitan08jctitan08 Member Posts: 3
    I bought an '06 LR3 SE 2+ years ago. It had the OEM wranglers which were very noisy and had a horrible wear pattern (inside rear was bald). Aligned vehicle at the dealer in Annapolis and had them install a set I ordered from (General Grabber AT/2). Hard to believe, but honestly a night & day difference on road noise! The All Terrain tire was so much quieter than the all-season Wranglers they replaced! Very happy with tires in 3 blizzards on the East coast, then we moved to California and have loved them in the record snow fall we had last year at Lake Tahoe / Sierra region. On road handling and noise are still like new (after 35,000 miles on them now)! Highly recommend the General Grabber AT/2's. We don't do "off-roading" on the Rubicon trail type stuff, but routinely head to the ski slopes and have even traversed "closed in winter due to no snow plowing" roads (inadvertently that is as we 'trusted' the GPS errantly down the "Mormom Emigrant Trail!") -- and we never got stuck... obviously a function of many things; tires, LR3!!!, etc.
  • lr3ownerlr3owner Member Posts: 1
    After much research and comparisons, I am going to try the Toyo Open Country HT's. I have gone through 2 sets of Goodyears since Dec 2007 have pushed this last set as far as I feel comfortable.

    I am purchasing this set (4) of TOYO's at Tire Discounters and I am getting them mounted, balanced, and a 4 wheel alignment for $1K.
  • fstinnettfstinnett Member Posts: 1
    Which TOYOS did you buy?
  • vince777vince777 Member Posts: 3
    Hi every1. I'm trying to buy a 06 LR3. I have researched ML 350 and X5. Don't like the look of ML 350 too female but it may be more reliable. The consumer reviews on X5 is worst than LR3 on 06 models. I heard bmw should be a lil better than LR but in this model probably not. I live in California around the SF bay area. If the previous owners are always been in CA, I think it should be fine right? The price range for the 06 LR3 usually around $12000 with over 130k miles to $16000 with 70k to 80k miles on it. I'm hoping to get one for like around $14000 with 100k miles on it. I read many reviews and it feels like a lot of complaints about being in the shop a lot fixing endless problems. I definitively need the extended warranty. Some mention about the factory ext warranty. Where to get the lowest cost factory ext warranty? But im not planning to use this car for my commutes. I will mainly just use it for like weekend get away type of trips. I have a 05 Honda CR-V, yea it has so reliable that you just won't believe. It survived a serious front impact that engine was off the engine mount when it got 90k miles on it. Now its 188k miles. I spent almost $0 to fix the car. Replaced the radiator once, oil changed, brakes and light bulbs that was it. Of course I will not expect the 06 LR3 will be the same as my Honda. But I still like the look of LR3 with plenty of characters. I heard that the ext warranty will cost $3500 for 6 years and cover most of the major stuff with about $200 deductibles. So that will make the car $14000+$3500 = $17500. Is it still a good deal. My credit is good so most likely my APR will be low like 3% to 4%. I know some credit union maybe even lower like 2%.

    Well....what do you guys think? Yea if $3500 for 6 years bumper to bumper, I should not worry too much right? Ill sell my honda and get a 06 toyota prius for my commute. Ill just use the LR3 for weekend hang out with girls or some mid range cross state vacation trips.
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    You should be fine. I've had two Land Rovers from new. The current one is a late 05 LR3 and the previous one was a Discovery. Both followed the same pattern of being in the shop a lot, but only in the first couple of years. In your case, someone else has gone through that stage for you :-) After that they've been super-reliable. In the last few years the only things that have needed attention have been replacing the tires and getting new front bushings, which are the kind of wear and tear items you'd expect with any vehicle. I can't recommend an extended warranty because I don't have one, but I do recommend finding a small independent shop with Land Rover expertise to have your servicing done at - you shouldn't have a problem finding one in the bay area, but if you do try asking other independent shops that specialize in Audi, BMW, etc for recommendations. Hope that helps.
  • sohna99sohna99 Member Posts: 50
    I have 2006 LR3 V6 with 3rd seat. I'm happy with it and have 68k miles. I will not sell mine for $14k or even $20k. The tires are expensive around $1100, changed twice in 68k miles already, changed batteries 3 times already, brakes are expensive. This vehicle is expensive for maintenance. I think you should stick with your baby Honda CRV :-) Think twice about maintenance and gas guzzler. I spend $65-$70 for filling up gas and the avg is around 14-18/mile depends on you drive in town or hwy.
  • lqqkieseelqqkiesee Member Posts: 1
    I bought a used 2005 LR3 and it needs new tires. The front tires are badly worn on the outer edges. While I was at the dealer having some work done I asked the Land Rover dealer what an alignment would cost and they quoted me $300 plus. That seemed like a lot of money to me. The Land Rover dealer said only LR should do the alignment for reasons I didn't understand. My question is this, are they just lookinf for the business or do I really need to have only LR do the alignment? Thx :mad:
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    Anyone can do it. My last one (which was a proper computer-controlled laser alignment) was $75 and the time before that it was free because I bought new tires.
  • orangepeel22orangepeel22 Member Posts: 1
    I'm a college student that is considering to buy a 2005/2006 LR3. I'm looking at spending about $13,000 for LR3. I have a Honda Civic I'm going to sell on my own that will allow me to get a small auto loan for the LR3. Obviously I will have a much larger gas bill, but I have no idea if I will be able to handle maintenance costs. This LR3 would be at 80k miles or more. This would be the first car I buy on my own. My parents will be signing the loan with me. I'm at a minimum wage job but this car would be my only responsibility. Am I crazy? Would I be getting too far over my head? :confuse:
  • jblr3jblr3 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2005 LR3 with 120K miles which I bought new. For many reasons, it's the best vehicle that I have ever owned but I would definitely NOT recommend it for you. In '05 or '06, Consumer Reports ranked as the "Most unreliable car in America". It was a first yr model and I would have agreed with that over the first several months but after that point, repairs were pretty routine. However, Land Rover repairs are very expensive and at the mileage you are looking at, repairs are inevitable. In addition to routine maintenance, I'll just give you an example of a few of my repairs between 80-120K. At 90K, transfer case replacement was $3K. At 110K, front end job was $2K. I can't see how a college student making minimum wage could ever handle repairs even close to what you may encounter in a vehicle like this. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  • wootbotwootbot Member Posts: 8
    I would recommend against it. There are too many things that could go wrong and when they do it's expensive. Even if you find a great independent shop with reasonable labor rates, the cost of the parts is still very high. It's fine when you have a chunk of money behind you and a decent income, but you're not in that position just yet (give it time!). My recommendation would be to find something that's fun and that you'll enjoy, but that is also a mainstream vehicle with good reliability and low repair costs. If you want a sport utility, you might want to consider a Jeep Wrangler - those are a blast and won't break the bank. Best of luck to you.
  • lr3looserlr3looser Member Posts: 9
    Yes, way to risky! Range Rovers are to expensive to keep running and has been previously noted have a terrible frequency of repair record. Terrible electrical issues that cost major dollars to trouble shoot!

    Your young, buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser! It will take you anywhere with good gas Milage and has a great record of reliabity, also will cost you less!
  • biggreyonebiggreyone Member Posts: 1
    I'm probably in the minority here, but we have had good luck with General tires purchased online via They have a network of installers and I haven't found anyone beating their prices. I've probably bought seven or eight sets of tires; various brands, sizes, etc. from them and have always been pleased.
    Like most folks, our factory tires wore out at 27m miles. We just replaced our first set of General Grabber 275/70/18 size at 85m miles with another set of the same style/size. It's a highway tire and we don't get much snow down south. It's also not a "recommended" size for the vehicle, but we've not had a problem with alignment or cupping.
    Hope that helps.
  • vince777vince777 Member Posts: 3
    You dont know how a college student can afford that? Man think again. I thought the 4 times tuition fees hikes will choke all the students parents to death in California. Haha...when I drive around SF State U dorm, you wont believe how many Benz, Bmw, Land rovers I see. And a lot of them still got money to smoke some weeds. Thats how they do college nowadays. Drive a Land Rover, smoke some good weeds, bang some random chicks, cheat on exams and still got an A.....hahahaha...thats sound a lot like you huh? I guess the students can't afford it, their parents can. Or they just took a huge student loan and know that they won't pay back anyways. Why not just use the student loan and have a good life. At the end, they GOV will bail out all the student loans anyways so you may as well get your LR3 for free on our GOV hahahahhahahah
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