Land Rover LR3 Tires and Wheels



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    I have about 500 miles on them (all on road I am sorry to say)! :cry:

    They are as quiet as the GY and handel well - I can not wait to take them off-road.
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    I replaced the rear tires with basically the same GY's as it was my understanding that this was a factory alignment issue. But c'mon 8000 miles and the same problem? Are GY's THAT bad? This has got to be something with the LR3 alignment that is still not resolved. I'm taking it up with the service manager and next land rover america. I'm starting to get fed up. I've had so many problems including the gas tank recall. I'm not ready to dish out more money for new tires after 8000 miles!
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    Ive been reading a bunch of reviews online, mostly by users and it seems that the GY are that bad. A tire guy told me if I had rotated every 5K i would have gotten more out of them. I rotated 2x in 17K miles. the rear are legally bald as of today.
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    Does anyone know if the Michelin Synchrone tires come in the size for an LR3 with the 18 inch wheel? I am getting mixed information on the web.
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    Anyone even considering an LR3 should check out this link. Click on complaint blog. I own one and wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy!!!
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    Well i guess reporting good news is warranted as well.

    I am at 18,500 and have not had major (or minor) problems except the tire issue. Two rear tires were just about legally bald at 17500. I paid $650 or so for four new Michelin Latitude 4x4 tires through the Dealer. (they retail i think at 240 a piece or thereabouts); i spoke with about 6 or 7 tire people at different tire dealers and some friends who are in the auto business. I heard the same thing over and over. Rotate at 5K miles - or every 5K and expect the Original Equipment tires to last just under 25K;

    Other than that the vehicle is great. one minor issue with a noise from the AC when it goes on and off but its fixable according to the dealer. I didnt expect a perfect vehicle from Land Rover. I am used to that. If you want a perfect vehicle get a toyota or a honda with all its gray plastic and foamy seats! I dont want a toyota or a honda (but i agree they are perfect from the standpoint of maintenance and lack of problems). The rest of the vehicles on the market of any kind all have problems according to the history of message boards from other cars makes manufact etc.

    I planning on getting my 3rd Land Rover soon and will probably get a 4th in two years as well.
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    We just bought a 2005 LR3 with 22,000 miles on Friday, not from a LR dealer. It's our 1st LR. Two people have commented that the back tires look like they aren't sitting straight. I started reading this forum to see what I could find out and now I'm freaked out! My tires look brand new and they are Kumho Solus. Does anyone have these or know anything about them? I'm not familiar w/them. So what's the bottom line? These trucks have an alignment problem and an original tire problem? And I need to have the tires rotated every 5k? I'm wondering if we should buy something else w/out so many problems...
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    Well, I just had my 22,500 mile free vehicle service -complete with a wash & detail, and a free loaner to drive ! I'm totally happy with Land Rover and the LR3. My tires are 60% worn and I've rotated twice. The brakes are still good too and I've had NO problems to complain about ! The same was true for my 2000 DII - it was perfect as well ! That is NOT something I can say about the Mercedes', BMW or Toyota's I've had (9 Benzes, 5 Toys, 1 BMW and numerous other vehicles). They were all nothing but problems - but not the LR's.
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    For optimum wear you should rotate the tire on any car every 5-7k miles. The LR3 weighs over 3 tons once you load it down with a couple of passengers and cargo so it is going to wear tires down faster then most other vehicles in its class. What is the tread wear raiting on the Kumhos?

    You can call a LR dealer give them your VIN and ask the TSB regarding rear tire Camber/Caster needs to be done.


    Which type of Solus model tire was it? Just glancing at the different kinds avaliable on Tire Rack I don't think any of them have the load rating sutiable for the LR3's mass. None of the ones that show up on tire rack are avaliable in size 17 or 18 though so maybe yours are different.
  • hmfighmfig Member Posts: 3
    They are Solus KH15, 255/60R18 108H. I know nothing about tires so I dn't know if they are the right ones for the LR or not, but I guess I need to find out!
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,457
    Hmmhh I can't find any US specs for that tire. Are you in Canada or something?
  • hmfighmfig Member Posts: 3
    No, I'm in the US. I looked for it on the Kumho site and they are listed if you search for tires under the size tab. But there wasn't much info. I'm wondering where these tires came from. Maybe they are a discontinued model or something. I just made an appt w/the LR dealer for Thurs to check out everything. I have a couple other minor things to get fixed. Can a normal tire place rotate and align this truck or does it require something special from the dealer?
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,457
    I think you are right they must be discontinued tires. Ask them to make sure they are up to the load raiting required for the LR3.

    As to rotate and alignment any good tire shop should be able to do it provided they have the newest equipment.
  • doug213doug213 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 LR3. The 4 tires on the vehicle started to wear around the 24000km mark. Al;l four tires need replacing. When I first heard the noise I took the vehicle into the dealer. They said right away that I need a wheel alignment. It seemed odd that they new the problem so quickly. When I asked if it was common the service person backpedaled and said no it is just probably that. After. Before I( went back to the dealer I researched the issue on the internet and found it is a very common problem. After confronting the service person upon my return he eventually said it does happen from time to time but that it was the Goodyear tires. If I switched brands the problem would go away. He also said that the dealer now recommends alignment inspections every 12,000 km's. Nice to tell me that now after the first set of tires are ruined. I sent an e-mail to Land Rover Canada explaining the situation. The person who was checking their e-mail accidentally replied instead of forwarding the e-mail. Her comments were "here is another one the same issue!!! After replying back to her she quickly tried to cover her tracks. Land Rover Canada was very polite and called the dealer but would do nothing to stand behind the vehicle. You bought you own it it's your problem and the dealers problem. They again said the alignment should be checked every 12,000 km's. My opinion was if they new this why are the owners not advised? I would prefer to pay $50 to have the alignment checked rather than having to buy new tires every year! It dissapoints me that a company like Land Rover does not support it's customers.
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    At LR Mission Viejo, they paid for 50% - put on a new set of Michelins. I talked to tire people and they all said rotate every 5,000 miles. I am going to do that and not expect more than 25K at best given the wieght of the vehicle.
  • gillzgillz Member Posts: 15
    I have a 2007 HSE with 8000mi. Also go to LR Mission Viejo (Calif) and took the opportunity to request tire rotation/balance at the same time as the 7500mi service. LRMV suggested full wheel alignment at the same time and said that the suspension can change as it 'settles in' causing premature tire wear...
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    I have a 2005 LR3 with 24000 miles. At 22000 I took it in and was told my back tires were bald on the inside. Apparently, the back end is very suseptible to going out of alignment because of the weight. I was told by the dealer there is nothing to do here and I paid for a new set. I would say that yours are new tires because the previous owner had the exact same issue. I saw another LR3 going down the road and the tires bend in at the top when this happens. So I would absolutely take it in and I would bet you a new set of tires your alignment is out just like mine was. So I am now selling mine too. Want to buy another one? I loved mine, but I do take mine off road sometimes. Nothing serious but like my fishing trips etc. What really drove me over the edge was LR NA and the response from everyone. I kept getting told " this is a heavy vehicle and the alignment goes out when you hit thing". I said, "I bought a Land Rover, not a car, so I could take it off road. Now you tell me that every time I go off road that I run the risk of having to pay $300 for the alignment to get fixed?" I made a huge deal and they paid for mine, but they say it isn't a warranty item. So if the wheels go in towards the top, you have a problem and get it in soon....

    Feel free to email me, I can give you dealers etc....

    I am looking for something else, I loved it but not enough to worry about whether it can get me where I need to go.

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    I have 2005 LR3 HSE. Dealer told me that I need to replace two rear tires because alignment wasn't correct on the car. At that time, I only had 19K miles on it. it costs me about $700. I have contacted LR of USA and asked for reimbursement which they didn't approve. After that I called BBB Auto Line and opened a case for the above problem. LR didn't want to resolve it, so we went for arbitration which i won and got all my money back.
  • nesuvnesuv Member Posts: 10
    Just wanted to give everyone an update on my 05 HSE. At 20,000 I had my Goodyears replaced with Michelin Synchrones. A world of difference as the Goodyears were so loud I could not bear. I had LR rotate the tires @28,000 (why they didn't do alignment at that time is beyond me)and now at 34,000 I started hearing some noise again. I took it back to the tire place yesterday and the front alignment was way off. When they were done, I noticed that the vehicle was lowered. They must have accidentally lowered it while sifting through my change for quarters! I made them check the alignment at normal height and indeed the front was out of spec.
    My advice is to have alignment checked at all 3 levels. The specs are wide enough that if done properly it will vary but remain within spec. It needs to be perfect, like leveling one of those front load washing machines I just bought.
    Hope this helps :)
  • zoeyjrtzoeyjrt Member Posts: 6
    Taking our 05 LR3 in for 45k service this week. Overall, ours has been a truly excellent performer - though, like most on here, tire life is short compared to more pedestrian SUVs.

    Question: does any have an opinion about rotating front to back (same side) vs crossing the tires left rear to right front etc.?????

    St Louis
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    O.K. let's compare some numbers, my 2006 LR3 with orig tires and 25,000 miles had the following before realignment and new set of Michelin 19's put on (oh, and now my low coolant light is on as the temp is near 100F but at least I'm not leaking coolant and the level is fine) :

    Front left Front right
    -0.5 Camber(range -1.3 - 0.3) -0.9
    3.9 Caster (3.9 - 4.9) 4.1
    -.21bad Toe (-0.17 - 0.00) -0.17

    Total Front

    Cross Camber 0.4 (-0.8 - 0.8)
    Cross Caster -0.1 (-0.8 - 0.8)
    Total Toe -0.38bad (-0.33 - 0.00)

    Rear Left Rear Right

    -1.3 Camber (-1.8 - 0.3) -1.3
    0.11 Toe 0.00 - 0.17) -0.13bad

    Total Rear

    Total Toe -0.02bad ( 0.00 - 0.33)
    Thrust Angle 0.12bad (-0.10 - 0.10)


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    hi guys. new to the forum. the wranglers on my 06 lr3 started cupping on the back at 13k. i took it in 3 times this summer, and each time was told "it was still within spec". now i've got 18k, just came back from hilton head, and have flat spots on the inside rear.

    has anyone heard any more about the class action suite in calif. over this?

    i just want to get rid of the noise. any other tires wearing better on this model? love the car to death, but the wa-wa is getting to me!!!
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    If the wear is extensive they should do some % replacement. Call the Land Rover customer service desk and talk to the GM at the dealer. I did get a 50% deduct on a new set of michelins. very quiet and seem to be wearing correctly
  • lr3looserlr3looser Member Posts: 9
    I have a 2006 LR 3 same issue with noise at 12,000 miles. Dealer will do nothing and Land Rover USA said Goodyear is responsible and not them. It is an alignment issue. Alignment fron the factory, toe in is incorrect causing the excessive wear and cupping that leads to the noise.
  • lja3lja3 Member Posts: 1
    New to this forum, but wondering what you finally selected as a replacement for your LR3?

    I currently own a 2005 LR3 HSE which after a $3K repair (full brake & tire replacement) at 24.5K mi am very dissapointed with both my dealer and LR North America. (Yes, they were the Goodyear factory tires). Went through the Service Manger (did nothing except sit on the issue for 6 weeks)and 'Customer Care' at LRNA... but truly just a waste of time.

    My story is similar to so many folks here - very appaling to spend ~$60K w/ no recourse even though I know all about the TSBs in October about the alignment/brushing issue and even the one in April '07 with the tire reimbursement brackets. My dealer, whom I foolishly trusted, has been most underhanded and uncooperative. (Won't bore you with the details, because it's all been said before.) :(

    So - I'm planning on replacing my LR3 with something more safe and dependable and which has more than 1 dealer in a 40 mile radius. I've contacted the class action folks, NHTSA, and planning to follow up with the BBB. It is absolutely ridiculious the way LR is treating their customers.

    :mad: :lemon:
  • arcjonesarcjones Member Posts: 2
    I just brought my LR3 in to get roof rails and mentioned how my tires were going bald on the inside of the rear. Well wouldn't you know I need an alignment and a new set of tires on the rear. The service dept. said that LRNA won't do anything after 20,000 miles, (i am at 20,500) but the dealer will pay for one tire at $350 a pop! plus an alignment at $130. I am now educated as to this problem and a bit distressed. This is my fifth LR, (1 disco, 3 disco series II and my new LR3) and this is the first difficulty. I am looking at 2 other tires and having them installed and aligned by someone other than the dealership. Continental Cross Contact UHP which is used for the range sports, and the Avon Tech ST which has some very good customer reviews by Tirerack. Anyone have any new experiences or recommendations on waht to do? As far as I can tell I do not want to keep these goodyear wranglers on my truck.
    Thanks in advance for all comments. :confuse:
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    I asked around on this one (Tire folks at Big O and Discount Tire and some tire guy who used to do SUV tires at a similar store and given the wieght of the car and your mileage none of this is out of the ordinary. Expensive and annoying yes. I certainly was surprised after driving a Disco with its Michelins for 40K miles without any issue. That said the deal is on this car brakes and tires will go in the 25K range easily. Id still rather have a land rover after testing the competition. its as safe easily and far more interesting
  • ronosbornronosborn Member Posts: 1
    Hi i read your blog on ur lr3 tires. I was wondering how the Michelins are doing now? I have a lr3 06' with the goodyears they are cupping at they make the synchrones in a 18 inch tire?
  • jboiterjboiter Member Posts: 4
    hey thanks for the advice. i did take it back in, and let them look at it again. without asking, they came out and said they would put 2 new goodyear's on, no charge. i did pay for the 4wheel alignment. the only problem i see now is the tread pattern changed to the new wrangler. better looking for sure. we'll see how long they last. i'll probably need to get 2 fronts before too long. would you ever put your older rears onto the front, when you get new ones for the front? i've always replaced as a set... thanks again for the advice. jb
  • nesuvnesuv Member Posts: 10
    I've got about 20,000 on the Michelin Synchrones and so far no tire problems. I started to hear a little noise after around 10,000 so I brought it in to the tire place for rotation and the front wheels were out of alignment. When they brought it around I noticed the vehicle was lowered. I made them check the alignment again in the normal position and sure enough it was out. I believe the whole tire issue with LR3 may have something to do with the Goodyears not being good enough. But I also think the alignment plays a big part.
  • rmd07rmd07 Member Posts: 3
    In the market to replace the Goodyears on a 2005 LR3 SE with only 30K miles. I have read a lot of horror stories, but not a lot of success stories. Is there any solid evidence/recommendations on a good replacement tire. Only positives I have seen are the Micheline Synchrones and the Avon Tech ST.

  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    I have Michelin Latitude Tour on my LR3 (2006) have over 10K miles on them and no noise and no nothing no wear etc. getting them rotated for the 2nd time today. They are definately not an off road nor an all terrain tire. BUT i use them off road with no issue and no slip at all. I am on a rough slippery bumpy steep poorly maintained rock and crappy road base (in part), rutted 1.5 mile long road 5 times per week or so with no issue. Other 4 wheel drives slip on the steep part due to a series of ruts with loose road base in them and i dont.

    It my understanding that the Synchrones dont come in an 18 inch wheel but i dont know for sure. Ive heard good things about the nitto grapplers but they may make a bit more noise due to the tread.

    the tires i have now are ultra quiet
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    What size are these ssp1? The closest to stock size was a 265/60-18, but that only has a load index of 110? Has anyone asked LRNA if this is OK for LR3's. The manual and door sticker say 112 minimum for 18" tires, but in less litigous countries they specify minimum LI of 109 and H-speed rating.

    I'm trying to stay away from 275 and 285's, as that would necessitate replacing the spare.

    I'm looking at the Yokohama A/T-S in 265/60-18 LI of 110, which is why I'm asking about the LI. My dealer is absolutely clueless beyond the GY Wranglers.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,457
    One of my Co-workers put Pirellis on his 2005 LR3 SE but I don't remember what size/model. I will ask him tomorrow. He has been happy with them but doesn't have enough miles yet to see how they are wearing.

    I think he got the Scorpions.
  • bgsntthbgsntth Member Posts: 92
    Thanks BR!

    Most likely the Scorpion Zero's -

    I was hoping to find a good All-Terrain tire. The only one I know of in the OE size is the General Grabber AT2, but it seems a little too aggressive to put on my wife's truck. The Yoko A/T-S reviews have been good dry, wet, dirt/mud, hydroplane, noise. Where the General's are less so dry, wet and noise, but better off-road and in snow.
  • rmd07rmd07 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for all the info...the General Grabber AT2 has gotten a lot of good reviews; just not sure how noisy it is? The vehicle will spend most of its time on-road.

    Still have not been able to find out much about the Avon Tech ST. Seems to be a wide range of reviews; but most on the LR3 are very positive.
  • rmd07rmd07 Member Posts: 3
    The one other tire I am considering is the Toyo Open Country HT...overall reviews looked pretty good and believe Toyo is a reputable dealer.
  • ravenroverravenrover Member Posts: 1
    I purchased the Avon Tech ST tires for my 05 LR3 SE in March 2007. I have put over 8K on the tires and no issues. Tire wear is even, tire noise is minimal and handles very well. I had 22.5k miles on the Goodyear's and the inside had worn down to nothing on the rear tires. I had the dealership provide a free alignment with the new specs right before I put the Avon tires on.

    I highly recommend the Avon Tech ST tires for the LR3 SE. I do suggest anyone that replaces their tires to make sure they get an alignment done with the updated specs. I also keep the Psi in the tires at the recommended levels according to what is posted on the inside of the door.

    I have also been very happy with the LR3 with no problems except for tire wear which appears to be corrected. I average about 19 mpg highway and 15 mpg city driving.
  • arcjonesarcjones Member Posts: 2
    I finally got my new tires put on this past saturday. 22,500 miles on the goodyears and the belts were showing through. I have just less than a year on my lease left and picked up a one year alignment from tire kingdom. Bought the tires through tire rack and had them delivered. The LR3 never had an alignment! anyway... the truck rides completely different, much better. Probably more to do with the alignment, but the tires are nice. I will update as I wear them in.
  • dghavamidghavami Member Posts: 1
    Reading all about the lawsuits going on in California, I called Landrover to see what they would do for my tire issues, and I was told that the Goodyear’s were not supposed to last 24,000 miles and that I got more out of them than usual. That means you have to get a new set of tire even before your first set of break pads! I have been complaining about the tire noise and the jagged edges on the inside of the tires but can’t get Landrover to do anything. Finally last week I noticed the inside of the rear tires have worn to the white stuff under the rubber even though the outside part looks like new.

    Just switched to the Michelin 4x4 syncrone and hope they last longer than the Goodyear’s…..

    Hope someone will initiate an east coast lawsuit so they don’t get away with it……..

    BTW in my office block we have 4 LR3s and all but 1 has the same issue at anything from 12,000 miles thru 22,000 miles.......
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    On my 06 LR3 i am over 10,000 on a new set of Michelins - they were just checked by a tire dealer who said there was no appreciable wear and what was there was even. Getting them rotated every 5K is key as well; i am only expecting 22000-25K on any tires on this heavy a vehicle and thats what independants have told me
  • lr3looserlr3looser Member Posts: 9
    Traded in my British junk LR3 for a good american Tahoe and I know I'll get 40,000 plus miles on my Goodyear tires. Also getting far better gas milage with 17 in the city. Could never get that on the LR3 even on the highway.
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    Here is a post from the Tahoe page. Just so you are prepared for more of the sanme:
    have had the following issues with my 2007 Tahoe, anyone else out there had the same issues? If so, what was the solution (if any)?

    1 - Trouble starting on occasion. Always eventually starts, but really labors. Check engine light comes on often (not always) and Onstar diagnosis the problem as an issue with the ignition system. Of course, the dealer can never replicate the problem.

    2- Complete loss of Nav / Sound / Onstar - Seen similar threads on this so I know others have experienced it.

    3 - Wiper/Washers go on by themselves and don't stop.

    4 - In the middle of a 95 degree SoCal day, the A/C wouldnt work and the light started blinking. According to the owners manual, that means its too cold outside for the A/C to work. Obviously, since it was 95 outside, something was wrong.

    I've had three Tahoes and I have loved them all, but all 3 have had lots of these annoying issues. Definitely considering another brand when my lease comes up.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Member Posts: 8,457
    Every car out there will have some kind of problem you just can't escape it.

    I have seen plenty of Tahoes with seriously cupped tires. It was actually a common problem on the last generation of Tahoe not sure if they solved it with the new model.
  • jblr3jblr3 Member Posts: 5
    I'm another LR3 owner with abnormal tire cupping and need to replace tires. I've heard Michelin Synchrones and Toyo Proxies are good replacements. Anyone have opinions on these two.

    I'd like to hear results from owners who had bad experience with the original Goodyears and replaced tires with another brand. Did your problems recur? For me, the primary annoyance is the unbearable road noise caused by the tire cupping!
  • ssp1ssp1 Member Posts: 115
    I had tire wear on the GYs at 18K. the dealer replaced them with Michelin Latitude Tour tires. they are not all terrain tires but i havent had any problems off road with them. Super quiet. I have put over 10K on the tires and just last week had then rotated for the 2nd time and the tire guy said there was no appreciable wear nor any unusual wear. I recommend rotating every 5K. And that tire issue was my only real issue with the car. Its been perfect since.
  • chrislr3chrislr3 Member Posts: 8
    I have an 07 LR3 with 19,000 miles on my GY's. I would like to swap them out for good snow & ice tires for the next few months. I will be driving on roads which will be snow covered 80% of the time and will be doing some off road snow driving. Are there any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
  • jblr3jblr3 Member Posts: 5
    Here is recent review of snow tires by consumer reports. No experience myself but I hope this is helpful. Number is out of possible 100. List is from best to worst.

    Michelin X-Ice
    Viking SnowTech (Conti)
    Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice
    Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50
    Mastercraft Glacier Grip II
    Gislaved Nordfrost 3
    Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2
    Cooper Weathermaster S/T 2
    Kelly Wintermark Magna Grip HT
    Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSI
    Hankook W404
  • douglr3douglr3 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 LR# HSE. I have had the same problem as most where the original tires started cupping around 24,000 kms so I had to replace them and have the alignment adjusted. I replaced the Goodyears with Pirelli Scorpions had another alignment and they have been great. I now have 50,000 kms on it. Today I took the LR3 in for service and had the alignment checked and it had to be redone again. This getting to be a joke. The worlds best 4 wheel drive and the thing cant hold an alignment. I feel sorry for anyone who buys one of these.
  • tzotzo Member Posts: 95
    after the piece of crap Goodyear OEM tires wear out. I have had great performance from the Pirelli tires in the deep snow up in the California Sierra mountains.

    Check these pics out for the kind of testing I took the Pirelli's through:
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