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Mitsubishi Montero



  • For those interested I saw last week end that some dealer in the SF bay area is discounting the 2001 limited $6,500 off MSRP. Can't remember whom though.
  •'re not going to believe this but the "creaking" noise that sounded like it was coming from the brakes or suspension that I described in a previous post was actually the rear seat cargo cover! I had reclined the rear seats a bit so that they contacted the cargo cover and the movement of the seats and cover (especially when someone was sitting in them) caused the creaking. Strange but true....
  • Has anyone had problems with the paint chipping on the lower part of the monteros. Dealer said that some people have had problems and that they needed to order a part for it I have no idea what pairt it is. Also anyone found an answer to the handling I am thinking of diff springs to lower the monte.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Yes, I and a few others have had problems with paint flaking off the rocker panels. My rocker panels are Sudan Biege (The truck is pearl red).

    I am taking it in tomorrow to get the diff. switch replaced (it's leaking--see earlier posts) and I'll ask about the paint problem then..
  • Same here.. Mine were all over the rocker panel. Let us know what part they ordered for you.
  • Mine also is chipping off around the edges. Color is the Sudan Beige..
  • FWIW, my 99 Isuzu Trooper ALSO is doing the same thing on the plastic parts around the wheel wells..Seems paint can't stick to plastic very well..
  • Just returned from Europe and picked up the Pajero info from the dealer. They also had an accessory catalogue that has things like DVD Nav systems, a selection of bull bars, side bars, and all kinds of other stuff that I have not seen here in the US. I suppose it would fit the 2001 Montero fine as they looked identical. there is a 2 door model that looks the same as the Montero but shorter.

    There were many Monteros (2001 models as well) in Europe. I was supprised to see how many people drive them in Europe. More than I have seen in the US.

    I also found out why BMW and Mecedes make thier 4wd so small. The roads just dont make driving vehicles much larger any fun. Good luck driving a Sequoia or Sub over there.

    Anyway, I wish there was a why to get the pictures of the accessories to everyone to review.
  • "Has anyone put a Class 2 or 3 receiver hitch on their Montero? How much?"

    I installed a class 3 Draw-Tite hitch that I purchased on a recommendation from a post I found on this board. The install took about 20 min. The cost was about $180 including shipping. I believe that I ordered it from
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    You guys were dead right--it was the switch that was leaking. I phoned them ahead of time, to see if they had the part in stock, and they said they would not get the part until they checked out the vehicle. I explained to them that this was a common problem, asked them what else it could be, etc. etc....They insisted on seeing the truck first.

    So I brought it in. They checked it, told me they needed to replace a gasket and it would be in in one week. I asked the guy if he was sure it was the gasket and not the switch, and he assured me it was a leaky gasket.

    I brought it in friday, and they replaced--you guessed it--the switch. No more leak!! The guy threw some revisionist history on me about the "gasket"....Could of saved me a trip if they would've ordered the switch in the first place, but they refused (even after I pointed out that this was a fairly common problem with the Monte, and if they didn't use it on mine, they would probably have the opportunity to use it on someone else's).

    This is the first problem I've had with the Monte-still love the truck, but a little less enamored with the dealer. They still have not ever washed the car, despite the fact that they promised to do so after every service check--not a big deal, but it's mildly annoying, as they made such a big point about this before I bought it...
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I'm glad that the problem has been fixed. I have already 31K plus miles on my Monte and it still rides like brand new. So far I have only dealt 2 problems with it, the freewheel engage switch and an imbalanced propeller drive shaft. Tires may soon need to be changed. Hopefully I can get new ones before the winter comes.
  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    Glad I could help regarding the leak. It caught me unawares. With the paint chipping, is it due to stone chips? Have a lot of those on the silver paint. Replace panels?

    Anybody notice a louder whining noise when backing up? It seems that there are more tranny noises or from that area. Monte has 11,000 miles. Something I should look into?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Where were you in Europe? The roads in the Scandinavia we also found to be very narrow a few years ago. Same story in Italy, Greece, Monaco, Turkey where we were last month. Didn't see many Mitsubishi's in this part of Europe/Asia. Lots of brand names we never saw before. Can't remember them at the moment. Have to look at the photos.

    Does the catlogue from the dealer mention a website that we might peruse on line?
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    "Paint chipping" is kind of a misnomer--I do have some chipping from rocks, and from door dings from girly-man RX-300's, but I have areas where it looks like the paint flakes off--I agree with one of the previous posts--it looks like the rocker panels just don't take the paint that well.

    I got into a discussion with the service department about what will now be referred to as the "Free wheel engage switch not a damn gasket" incident, and forgot to ask about the paint flaking off. Maybe it was a diversionary tactic by the dealer....Oh well...
  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    I just came from the NHTSA tech service data base and found over 5 pages of defect investigation/ Tech service bulletins or 21 plus for 2001 Montero.
    Go to: Delete-tsb- and add-recalls-to go to the recalls for the same.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I went to the NHTSA site and only two recalls were listed. One for a brake booster and one for the side mirror. Where are the rest you mention?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    We went to Germany, Austria area. Many 2001 Pajeros (identical to our Montero). The roads were small enough that anything bigger than the Montero would be problematic.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    I just returned from an extended trip. Can someone please restate the leaking switch issue for me. I would like to know what switch and where to look. I have the manuals so if you have the exact part name perhaps I can find a picture.

  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    OK, I think I found them. There appears to be two recalls. The mirror issue everyone knows about and the brake booster which has been discussed here as well.

    The vast majority of the tech service bull. are nothing more than page number updates, new wiring diagrams, change to valve lash adjustment, etc.

    There was one on the power seat possible causing static on the AM radio, metal burrs from the exhaust on pre 2/9/00 engines (VIN1Joo2592) possibly getting loose into the engine causing misfire and diagnostic trouble codes, possible leak from the "freewheel engage switch on the front differential" (this must be the switch issue everyone knows about). There was a TSB on driveshaft vibration but has anyone had any vibration problems?

    Anyway, that just about raps up all the reported issues. Not many it seems. I am going to check that switch.

    The main thing is that these are getting reported and that there are easy fixes to the few real problems.

    Thanks to everyone on this board and the objective discussions about the Montero. I think we need to keep the info coming, good and bad.
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Has anyone received notification of the recalls from Mistu or their dealers?? Refresh my memory on the brake booster brill, if you have a second..Is the notification for all Monte's or just specific build dates??

    Brill, with regard to the switch, you will know if its leaking if you have a heavy, clear (not engine) oil on your driveway. If you don't have any oil on your driveway, you don't have a leaky switch (or should I say that at least your Montero doesn't have a leaky switch).

    I'm not sure of the exact location of the switch, but it's near the front skid plates because these had oil on them. I had the skid plates wiped off when they replaced the switch, and the skid plates and driveway are clean since the switch was replaced (thanks for the tips vetmed and regala).
  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    For anybody that goes there, look for the tech service bulletins. I know some are not for every vehicle but I can as least be aware of potential problems. I found the loud power steering whine applicable and possible problems with the drive shaft.
    If you own one or more cars, look them up. I found several regarding my wife's 2000 Nissan Maxima. Great car but the engine blew one of the 4 crankshafts which forced Nissan to provide a new engine at 9,000 miles. No TSB on that one. Peace ASAP.
  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    I meant camshafts not crankshafts. Tords got wisted.
  • vjj110vjj110 Posts: 13
    Considering buying a used 2001 Montero Limited. I registered Carfax to check the history of each advertised car ($19.99, two-month unlimited usage, good deal, and it is really fun). I found out there are a lot of used Montero that dealers got from manufacturer sale (auction), and their history start from the sale. They usually have very attractive milage, about 5K-17K.

    Does anyone have the idea what these cars are for before the sale?
    Is it safe to buy this kind of car? Thanks.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Took Monte in for 22,500 mile service yesterday.

    Three recall items fixed --

    - Windshield wiper nuts replaced.

    - Power brake accumulator replaced.

    - this is new one, I think, they replaced the entire radiator assembly due to potential leak between the engine coolant system and transmission fluid cooling system. Apparently, a leak can develop between the two and cause severe damage to either the engine, transmission, or both.

    Per the dealer, these are the only recalls that applied to this 2001 Montero LTD build number.

    I mentioned the driver's side mirror distortion, but they didn't have any in parts department.

    So far, no noise from power steering assembly.
  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    I went to my dealer with my XLS and my TSB printouts. We went over them together and I needed:
    1. Brake accumulator for ABS brakes.

    2. Radiator Assembly as per Phonos entry #1193.

    3. Replace passenger side mirror which is a actual recall.

    4. Replaced windshield wiper nuts.
    Service manager said that Mitsu was in the process of notifying owners and I beat the rush?

    Service manager went out of his way to help and he is always that way. On the lot there is a red limited ($1,500 rebate) and two blue used ones with about 8,000 miles. One a XLS and one a limited. Dealer is Bianchi Mitsu. in Erie Pa.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    IF I can trust my dealer my Monte does not need any recall or TSB updates based on its build date or something they ran in the computer.

    This make me a little concerned because others are having things replaced and they are telling me that my vehicle doesnt need any of it.

    Did they catch these things on my build date and later or am I being mislead? I dont know.

    If anyone has the build date of there Montero and what the dealer did replace this would be very very helpful for the rest of us in order to keep our dealers "honest" shall we say.

  • vetmed3vetmed3 Posts: 38
    My build date was July 2000. I was told that owners would be notified some time by Mitsu. I jumped the gun and took my TSBs with me. All they have to do is look in their computer and they will know.

    Mitsu even sent 10 each of the above items to the dealers (#1194)since they knew owners would be coming in.

    Not satisfied with your dealer, call the 8oo number in your manual. Have your build date ready (on driver's door jamb) and your VIN.

    If the radiator leaks, it will get into the tranny and destroy it. The accumulator will keep your ABS brakes from working correctly. If it isn't working, you will hear a chirping from the left side of the dash.

    The windshield nuts will break off if there is a load on them like snow or leaves. Then you won't have a working wiper on that side. Good luck...
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    I got my recall notices today and it came under 2 seperate mailing. First one was the Hydraulic Brake Booster which states a recall for 01-02 MODELS BUILD BEFORE 06/20/01. Second was a notice regarding the radiator and the windshield nut but it states it is not a recall but a product improvement.

    My Montero's build date was 05/00. Two things have been replaced so far:

    Propeller drive shaft
    Freewheel engage switch

    Both of these replaced part were not a recall, which means, your dealer will not replace the part unless it is defective.
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    The Monte started making terrible noises after the above noted recall replacements.

    The problem was they were intermittent and not always reproducible.

    At first I thought they had replaced a "good" accumulator with a "bad" one -- hissing noise sounded like it was from the dash.

    Then, on stopping, it sounded like they had forgot to tighten something on the wheels when tires were rotated. Noise was like grinding on the brake rotors.

    And then, on acceleration, noise like the transmission was self-destructing.

    It seemed too much was wrong all of a sudden.

    When I started poking around under the hood, I discovered the engine electric cooling fan shroud had not been completely latched on the top center post (near the hood latch mechanism), after it was removed and replaced for the radiator replacement. A slight realignment, and it snapped into place.

    All noises (except the rear brake glaze squeaking that is "sometimes normal") disappeared (at least I think so -- it was late last night when I finally took it for the last short test drive).

    Apparently it was the shroud moving around (back and forth on starting and stopping) and being struck by the blades when the fan started.

    Mine has a July 2000 build date and the recall letter I received (the evening after I had already picked up the Monte) included the three items:


    -power brake accumulator

    -wiper nuts
  • igorbigorb Posts: 7
    I've got a 2001 XLS a week ago at the Chevrolet dealership. Love the car. There was the only one key with it. Is a keyless entry a standard option for this model? If so what do I have to do to make sure that it is present on my car? Do I have to go to a Mitsu dealer to get the remote?
    Also, where can I download the info about current recalls?
    Thanks in advance.
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