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Mitsubishi Montero



  • Hey 99 Trooper!...check posts 552,693,694,695,707,710 and 710...give this to your dealer, Hope this helps your cause!
  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    I know I should know what this is and you've all probably covered it before, but here goes anyway. Have '98 Montero. Odd noise. Think it's driveshaft or tranny, but not sure. Let's say you're cruising on the hwy not really torquing anything. Give it a little gas and you hear this noise. Can't really describe it. When you let off the gas, noise goes away. Is that driveshaft out of balance? I've got 45K miles on it. Obviously, the dealer won't take care of this, right? What do you guys think? Overall, love this vehicle.
  • ibrollinover4u...thanks for the references on the tranny prob! I have not had the "slip" since that one time it did I'm going to wait a little while to see if it happens again. I know I've been reading a little about the transmission being semi-intelligent and adjusting itself to the driver..does anyone know more specifically what it actually is doing?
  • regalaregala Posts: 45
    Our montero's are equipped with INVECS adaptive shift control mechanism where it learns from driver input. Based on what it learned, the transmission will automatically set itself either for economy or more power. Which means, early shifting=lower RPM=economy OR late shift=more power=less economical. If you're the only driver of the montero, the invecs system then shouldn't have any problems learning your driving style. It gets confused if there are 2 different driver inputs which might produce a tranny slip like problem.
  • Hi guys The brakes in my 01 Montero makes shhhhh
    noise every time I hit the brake pedal.
    To hear the sound there should be no noise.
    Is this accumulator problem? Should I take to
    dealer. It has 5k on it.
  • for the info regarding INVECS. Since my transmission slip problem happened while the car was less then 4 days old to me, perhaps that explains it...this car was a demo and maybe my driving style is different from the previous hasnt happened since, so we'll just have to wait and see!
  • Hi all..I ordered a factory hitch from the dealer and got it today. Took it to the local UHAUL to have it installed. I was surprised to see that they removed a big plastic piece from the underside of the car as well as what looks like a "sway bar" (which it isnt). Its the bar that went across the bottom that had the two tow hooks for the back of the truck...the hitch replaces where this is mounted too. Can anyone think of any reason for me to keep these two pieces?..or just throw them out?...
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    The hitch will perform the same secondary function as the bar they removed -- as protection if the rear end drags on a steep departure angle surface . You can toss the bar.

    The "plastic" piece, I'm not sure of what it is, but it could be a composite skid plate that should have been replaced to protect the 3rd seat foot-well or something else. Better check with the dealer or someone in the know on that one.

    Of course, if you never plan on going off-road, you probably won't ever need it anyway if a skid plate is what it is.
  • roadie4roadie4 Posts: 1
    Is that a good price? Thanks
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Your not talking about the black plastic cosmetic piece you can see from the back of the Montero. It sits just below the bumper are you?

    That should still be replaced. I put an aftermarket hitch and all that we left off was that metal bar, which is the tow hook bar.
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Was in the dealer to replace broken fog light (rock damage). Saw my saleman who stated that he had a video that Mitsu has put out but I didnt have time to watch it. He also stated that he felt Mitsu was coming out with something more soon.

    I suggested he tell his local rep to forward up a message to get some officail presence here. I dont know about the rest of you but it would be nice if a factory rep cruised the board here and answered various questions we might have.
  • burger5burger5 Posts: 7
    I've noticed in my '01 monte when the moonroof is fully open there is a terrible vibrating sound (sometimes ear pearcing)in the vehicle when traveling at least 45 m/h. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Yes, with the sun roof open and going fairly fast with no other windows open it is common to get an overpressure kind of feel on your ears.

    That was really bad on the Lexus 300 with any single window down. Its not so bad on the Monte. You can avoid with with by cracking another window.
  • dskidski Posts: 414
    >>Can anyone think of any reason for me to keep these two pieces?..or just throw them out?...<<

    Yeah I can. Send them to me. :)

    Those two parts were damaged on my Montero the first time I went off Road. Front Guard was dented and those two trim parts below the rear bumper where damaged beyond repair.

    The dealers just throw them away. My dealer keeps saying he's saving the next ones for me but hasn't had a trailer hitch install since, which is consistant with my luck.

  • magillamagilla Posts: 75
    my post, I'll update it and hopefully someone will benefit from it. Remember, my '98 makes a kind of whining noise when on the gas and no noise when off the gas. If it's tranny should still be under warranty. Anyway, called the service manager today. Explained and he said could be tranny, could be driveshaft (unlikely), could be (and here's the surprise) alternator or AC compressor. Wondering if all of you with models through 2000 notice this noise. Perhaps it just is and isn't a problem at all. Let me know guys...
  • brillmtbbrillmtb Posts: 543
    Well, despite CU report and all a brand new review (I forget the name of the mag now but its on the news stand now) ranked the Montero #4 behind the MDX, BMW and Lexus RX.

    It is interesting that the leaders were all car based and the limitations of thier off road abilities were pointed out and the strength of the Monteros off road ability pointed out. They complemented the suspensions off road ability and stated what we already know that 40 more horses would put its on road performance with the others.

    I guess we will continue to lump the car based SUV with the more capable off road SUV's in reviews. To some extent I guess this helps people who dont already know what they want or what to look for.

    Anyway, good article to look at for any of you cruising the sites looking for SUV info.
  • Just to add to the above post, brillmtb is refering to "Car and Driver" magazine
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206

    Got the driver's side front finder plastic cladding sideswiped while my wife was putting the gas filling nozzel back on the pump.

    Damage was minimal, just about 12-16 inches of paint and the plastic slightly gouged. I thought a little rubbing with sand paper and crocus cloth and some paint was all it needed.

    But, no. The body shop (which by the way, does excellent work and is used by all the dealers in the Anaheim Auto Center) ordered new parts.

    First, the dealer could not tell from Mitsubishi inventory whether the subject cladding was one piece or two pieces with separate part numbers.

    Now, however that part(s) worked out, there is a seal or gasket that apparently goes between either the two parts or between the cladding and the metal work (unclear in talking with body shop where exactly it goes) that is on back order at Mitsubishi.

    Driving a 2001 Grand Vitara that is a little small for my 280 lbs fat a** and has virtually no room for all my "stuff" behind the rear seat.

    Told the bodyshop I need it by Friday one way or another, as hunting season for doves opens Saturday.

    PHOnos, 2001 Montero Limited; Rear A/C; White/Silver; August 2000; July build date; $34,500+TTL; Orange County, CA; 22,000 miles - no real problems
  • cct1cct1 Posts: 221
    Man what a cruel irony--last year you go driving on lunar landscapes, rock hopping giant sized boulders with only minor scratches, and someone idiot nails you at a gas station....Bet he was driving a Seqouia....
  • already discarded!...
  • I just went to the store today and in the September Issue of C&D I couldn't find the article mentioned above?..Anyone know what issue and or mag brill was talking about?...
  • It is Car and Driver Road Test Annual, called "2001 Ultimate Comparisons" Also says on the front cover, "47 vehicles ranked by the pros", and "10 Complete Comparison Tests: Sport Cars, Convertibles, Sport-Utilites, Luxury and Sports Sedans, Minivans." There's an add for Montero Sport on the back.
    I'm not sure whether it's September issue or not...not a subscriber, just happen to come across, but it should be on the stand until November 13.
  • thanks regala and standaman..I already have the original issue where that article appeared!...:)
  • We just picked up our 2001 Ltd last night. I'm looking for a class 3 hitch, the Mitsu price of $370+ (not including the $140+ for the wiring harness) seems a bit steep. Has anyone found a good after market product (e.g Draw-tite, etc...) that they like?
  • bryhoganbryhogan Posts: 23
    We installed a Draw-Tite hitch ourselves and paid about $150 w/shipping. If memory serves, we ordered it from

    The nice thing with the Draw-Tite is that it's specific to the Montero. Thus, it fits like a glove. Also, no drilling is required. This makes the job pretty easy. The one thing that helps the installation go easy is an l-o-n-g extension to a ratchet wrench AND an "L" adapter. (I doubt this is the technical name for it...)

    Best of luck!
  • If you still prefer the OEM style but don't want to get ripped off by the dealer, there are 2 sites that I know of that sells OEM parts. They are significantly less than dealers price.

  • I am so sorry I could not remember which mag and I am heading out for a long vacation. If I remember when I get back perhaps I can get it in here before it goes off the newstand.

    I will be checking at the airport on my way out.
  • At 5200 miles, average=16.9 mpg, best=21.4 mpg, worst=14.4 mpg..using mid-grade gas..... Also I have purchased a vehicle recovery strap, but directions on connecting to vehicles is vague at best. Can anyone direct me to a site that gives detailed instructions?
  • phonosphonos Posts: 206
    Picked the Monte up Wednesday, without the backordered cladding, to use over the weekend.

    Body shop called Thursday, cladding part came in.

    Back to body shop Friday afternoon. Part installed, everything good as new.

    Went home, parked Monte in garage, front end out, started loading gear for trip.

    Wife came home, pushed wrong button on garage door opener, garage door came down on Monte roof. Door reversed as it was supposed to, but . . ..

    Now have 1/2 inch deep dent and scratched roof.
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